Mile Chapter 318: (CLIFF HANGER) Ancient Dragon Again

Mile Vol 10.7
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Mile Chapter 318: (CLIFF HANGER) Ancient Dragon Again

T.N: Cliff hanger, you have been warned.


The next day, there was no good request, so “Red Oath” walked in the forest like always to do the usual quest, then they suddenly stopped…


『… I wonder if it’s okay now?』(Pauline)

『Ah, it’s okay, I guess?』(Rena)

『It’s the right time』(Maevis)

『Then, shall we?
Now, Enemy Spotted No. 2! Ready~ set (Se~no~)』(Mile)

『『『『 Isn’t it about time (soro~soro~) for you to come out?
You don’t even realize that we have noticed, such an idiot duo!』』』』(Red Oath)


The girls talked in sync.
Of course, the name and number of “quote/speech/line” is something everyone has agreed upon and has practiced many times.

This’s why the “Red Oath” dialogue is often fit with the situation, sometimes it’s just a coincidence, but most of it is the result of practice.

When Mile suggested practicing the dialogue, Maevis got excited “because it was cool”, Rena and Pauline also agreed. So everyone memorized a lot of fixed dialogue. There are lines used when understanding the whole picture, lines used to trick the enemy, etc.
After a while, two figures appeared from the trees behind their backs. One of them looks human but has a large hat and the other clearly has Kemonomimi (animal ears).


『『『『Dog Beastkin…』』』』(Red Oath)

『We are Wolf!!』(Wolf)


This is also a “prepared line“.
Wolf-based beastkins are very reluctant to be mistaken for the dogs. Knowing that, when fighting wolf-based beastkins, the strategy is to first call them dog on purpose and disturb your opponent’s calmness. Of course, the inventor was Pauline.



『Turn Around!』(Maevis?)


『DAMN IT ALL~~~!』(Wolf)


The other man who grabs the arm of the wolf beastkin, whose blood vessel seems about to explode, and is desperately trying to stop him. It was a little too effective. But the talk can’t continue at this rate.
Because it can’t be helped, Rena talked to the other one while ignoring the wolf.


『The one over there, the human person. Why are you guys…』(Rena)

『I’m not human! I am a beastkin!!』(Cat)


The other man took off his hat and struck the ground in angry.
And on his head is the Nekomimi (cat ears).
Apparently, mistaking a beastkin for a human was far more humiliating than mistaking a wolf beastkin for a dog beastkin.


『『『『We don’t know~~』』』』(Red Oath)


And Mile’s group sang “No. 3 Refusal Rejection


『… So, was an ancient dragon looking for us?』(Mile)



Finally, the two beastkins seemed to clam their anger and explain the situation with Mile. They didn’t intend to fight in the first place. But the beastkins duo was also including the scolding.

…… However, it seems the beastkins also didn’t know “Why did the ancient dragon ask for such a thing?

Anyway, there’s no information other than the client. And since the client would come to meet the girls after the beastkins found them, there was no need to know about it.


『With a little disguise, we would look like humans, we could collect information in the city, and based on that, we followed your odor trail. Because your unique smell hasn’t changed a little bit, it was fairly easy to follow』(Wolf)


Apparently, these two beastkins seem to be the one the girls met before at the site of the excavation. So it seems that they remembered Mile and her smell. Therefore, they were chosen as the search/tracker.


『Eh …』(Mile)


Mile is stunned. “Stunned, a salad oil set!
If you are told to have a bad smell, a strange smell, there are no girls who aren’t upset.


『No, no! That’s not it! It just your smell is a little different from normal humans. You don’t smell! It’s a good smell!』(Wolf)


As expected, the wolf beastkin tries to make excuses desperately for Mile, who seemed quite shocked, after thinking that it was a big apocalypse to say that the girl had a “unique smell”. However, that desperation further hurts Mile.


『Since you are away from humans, there’s no wonder that you have a unique smell. Don’t worry about it!』(Rena)

『…Rena, that’s not how to comfort someone…』(Maevis)


Maevis murmured.






『…Then, back to the story…』(Pauline)


Finally, Mile was revived, Pauline took the initiative to continue the talk.


『So what are you going to do when you find us?』(Pauline)


Then two beastkins made a slightly bad face.


『Ah…, my bad…, but could I ask you to cast two fireballs straight up into the sky…』(Wolf?)


『No, that’s the signal to call the ancient dragon, who was hiding in the vicinity. But we can’t use magic…』(Wolf?)


Apparently, they chose magic as the signal, something that they couldn’t use.


『『『『…Idiot (baka)?』』』』(Red Oath)

We were originally told to call him after getting your consent, so that’s fine!
It would be hard to prepare for the smoke by burning firewood one by one!』(Wolf)




『…Then, should I cast now?』(Mile)



Rena, Pauline, and Mavis also nodded. Then Mile launched two fireballs toward the sky.
And after a while, one ancient dragon came flying. It seems that he only flew as high as the height of the trees so that he couldn’t be seen from far away.

Landing before Mile, the ancient dragon started talking.


“Long time no see, mysterious person …” (Beldetes)

『『『『……Who?』』』』(Red Oath)

“It’s me, Beldetes!” (Beldetes)


The ancient dragon, Beldetes, who seemed to be completely forgotten. However…


『No, it’s impossible for us to recognize!
Regardless of the humanoid being, the face of the same kind of fish and birds is the same, and the face of the ancient dragon is indistinguishable!
Do you also recognize our faces?
Are you just based on our clothes, smell, or magical power?(Rena)

“Uh ……” (Beldetes)


Beldetes couldn’t argue with Rena.
Apparently, it seemed to be true.


『So, what is it for?』(Rena)


In response to Rena’s straight question, Beldetes also answered straight.


“…there’s a bit of a problem. You have to die.” (Beldetes)

『『『『EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH!!』』』』(Red Oath)


Naturally, the four members of “Red Oath” screamed.


『That’s not “a little”!』(Rena)



Pauline shrugged her shoulders behind Rena, who rebutted against Beldetes.

Mile Vol 10.2
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  1. Well, at least Mile is the most merciful out of 3 FUNA sensei’s heroine so there’s no need to worry about ancient dragon will gone extinct. It’s not like I care tho unless they can transform into loli.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, that’s an above average ability. Only the ones who have a lot of strength can do that… and by a lot, I mean more than half the strength of the strongest dragon. Then again, Mile has that ability built in and permanently active, so what do I know?


  2. I didn’t believe in cliffhanger warning, cause most of the previous ones were quite light, barely counted as cliff.

    Well, this time that decision was a mistake. Time to go into ncode to read raws 😦


  3. Yay I’m one of the first ten comments! TYVM for the chapter! Can’t wait to see how average this is going to get. xD


  4. Also what’s the whole “Stunned, a salad oil set!” about? Is it a joke lost in translation or am I just missing something?


    • That’s FUNA sensei “Favourite Joke”
      Maybe from her personal experience.

      In Japan, when you buy thing, you will get a ticket (point).
      When you gather enough ticket (point), you can spin a “roulette” like thing to get reward. (depend on color of the ball)

      Sometimes the seller raised climax by “Amazing, this customer get the special prize…”
      And then he “A salad oil set” or “A toilet paper set”, etc.
      And you stunned there.

      My guess is FUNA sensei got that kind of experience.
      FUNA sensei also seemed to get “I came from Fire Department” trick.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I came from the Fire department is used by tons of authors, it almost like basic “Japanese culture” knowledge. On the other hand, salad oil set is Funa-sensei’s unique thingie. Nowhere else i heard this, apart from Funa. But in exchange, if it’s Funa – that mention would be in every single project in existence. XD

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    That could mean the girls have to pretend to die, or they will be killed. But considering how the fight had gone last time, I would think the dragon would bring backup if they wanted to kill the girls. And no, I don’t think the beastkins are enough to be called backup if the girls were serious.


    • LOL it’s not like she’s Mistuha who will have them all gunned down with out a shred of hesitation (Lawful Evil). Or even Kaoru who will try to talk it out then kill them, or do screw them over so horribly they wish they where dead(Chaotic Evil). Mile will just crush their minds, heart, and soul by showing off how average she is(Chaotic Neutral).


  6. Oh, wow, unless the dragon is bad at talking and he meant something else, we are going to see some dragon steak soon, and a certain average party with red theme will get some dragon equipment.
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Now now, this is not a cliff, as far as i know, the next thing they would do is playing with the dragons 🤣🤣 like the old times

    Mile is not Thunder Princess afterall 😅😅


  8. I was going through some tough time I was stressing over something I had no control over and it was eating away at me. Thank you for this cliffhanger that can hopefully redirect the negative thoughts to speculation on the next part of the story. I really needed this.


  9. The dragons are going to know the true meaning of average.

    Thanks for the cliffhanger! XD


  10. Thanks for the chapter and all your work translating this web novel thus far. I’ve just reached this point after a few days of binging this novel from the beginning and my only issue has to do with a minor problem with your site.

    In the last twenty-or-so chapters there have been quite a few that don’t have working “next” buttons. When someone is doing what I was doing and was reading 300+ chapters straight through, that becomes troublesome. I wasn’t sure if you were aware of the problem though.

    Liked by 1 person

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