Mile Chapter 319: (CLIFF HANGER) Death Game

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Mile Chapter 319: (CLIFF HANGER) Death Game



『What do you mean!』(Rena)


Rena glared dagger at Beldetes made him shudder.


“…Actually, the village leader has changed.” (Beldetes)


According to Beldetes, the Ancient Dragon Elder had been the Chief just until the other day.
The Elder is the oldest, but the Elder is just the clan’s advisor and wisdom holder, that role seems to be different from the Chief.
Then the Chief role was replaced by a young ancient dragon.


『Why was such a young one suddenly becoming the Chief? Is the ancient dragon race also choosing ruler like the human race with the hereditary system?』(Rena)

『That’s not the case.
We choose the Chief based on Age wisdom, ability, result, and Dragon-Ambition.
If it’s normal, no one can take the Chief role from Elder』 (Beldetes)

『Dragon-Ambition?』 (Rena)

(T.N: This joke lost in translation, I can’t shorten it in EN)

『…Maybe it’s a dragon version of “Human-Ambition”』(Mile)


Mile gently told the confused Rena.


『Ah… I see. So that’s the case if it’s “normal”? Then, is there an unusual time?』(Rena)

『Sometimes, in the ancient dragon, there will be “someone who can exchange words with the magical spirits“.
In other words, the “chosen one”.
In that case, he will be chosen as the “Chief” after reaching a certain stage of growth.
Due to Age wisdom, ability, and Dragon-Ambition, etc. problems, the Elder will remain as “Chief assistant” and takes care of most things.
In other words, the “Chief” only received the status in name at that time.
Afterward, until he accumulates enough experience, he will be the real “Chief” and can make decisions with the Elder as his advisor…』(Beldetes)


Maybe, it’s like Shrine maiden and Shinto priest.
So, it is up to the “Chief” to lead the tribe and leave the knowledge to the Elder.


(That’s…, hey, Nano-chan?) (Mile)

『Yes, it’s a level 3 individual. Unlike other creatures including humans, Ancient dragons are privilege level 2 from the beginning, so there are individuals who are born with or later become level 3. And when that individual realizes that he can communicate with us, he often thinks of us as “magical spirits”.
If we are asked a question, we will return an answer if it’s not a forbidden matter, but we will not explain anything that we have not been asked …』(Nano)

(That means,
Ancient dragons with no scientific knowledge cannot ask appropriate questions,
They don’t understand the concept of nanomachines, so they can only recognize it as “magical spirits“…) (Mile)


But still, he has an overwhelming advantage in the use of magic compared to others. After all, he can give specific instructions verbally.


(But Nano-chan, didn’t you talk almost everything to me?) (Mile)

『That’s because Mile-sama is “authority level 5″…』(Nano)

(Oh, I see …) (Mile)


Mile was convinced. But it wasn’t just that.
Well, she had met and talked with their “Maker“. Compared with humans, they have taught Adel/Mile a lot of things, just like Misato’s parents in the countryside, who she hadn’t met for ages. It was probably a service for Mile.


『And, this time there was a young man who could talk with the spirits as well.
Somehow, unlike the “Chosen one” so far, he has a magnitude of magical power.
Furthermore, his affinity with the spirit is very strong.』(Beldetes)

(Oh …) (Mile)


Mile felt like she understood the reason.
And maybe even if I asked Nano-chan, they wouldn’t tell me.
They used to say that they wouldn’t provide information about other powers.
But what they just told was just general knowledge, so it wasn’t a problem.
Thinking so, Mile gave up asking the nanomachines from the beginning.

If they are willing to teach, they should have spoken to her on their own. That’s why it’s a pain to ask nanomachines every time and had to rely on herself.


『And he was “carried” by the Elders.
At a young age, he also assumed the position of a “Chief“.
A troublesome and stupid one…』(Beldetes)

『And, he threw a tantrum with lines like
“The power of the Ancient Dragon is the best in the world!”
or “The Foolish Lower Creatures must bow down before us”, etc.』(Mile)

“How did you understand it?” (Beldetes)


Mile elucidated from the side and Beldetes shouted with his eyes wide opened.


『Yes, I understand it well. Isn’t it a “young mistake”?』(Mile)

『U… uhm…
Usually, such a childish way of thinking will be graduated early.
But for some reason, it seems that he is still stuck to that kind of thought…
But, our nephew is the “Chief” now and we must follow.
…in addition, I’m still young. I must follow his order without complaining.
I’m sorry…』(Beldetes)


Beldetes seemed to understand things properly.

…Or rather, it seems natural that the ancient dragon seems to have better intelligence than humans. Beldetes, who calls himself “young”, in the ancient dragon’s sense, seems to have an old age compared to humans.

And even though the Ancient Dragon adults were there, they thought that the young Ancient Dragon would eventually grow up and be frightened by his black history so far. Well, it happened all the time.

For the ancient dragons, decades and hundreds of years will be instant, and even if humans and other creatures suffer a little inconvenience or die, there will be no problem for the ancient dragons…


『『『『Will you be satisfied getting killed for that reason and only one word “I’m sorry”?!』』』』(Red Oath)

“Yes, isn’t that true?” (Beldetes)


Even Beldetes seemed to think that no one would accept it easily.
…It is natural.


『In the first place,
Just because some stupid young has become the “Chief“, why do we have to die?
We have nothing to do with the old dragon!』(Rena)


Rena snapped again.


『That’s true…
Actually, the details of the last time have been reported to the upper layer. Of course, a record has been kept.
Apparently, when he became the “Chief” and read it. He was like…
“What the hell is this? Human beings are fighting against the Ancient Dragons?
Moreover, you lost to the humans!
I can’t forgive you!
The power of the ancient dragon is absolute,
Don’t you go destroying our legend!!”…』(Beldetes)

『Ah, that’s fine. We understood all of it…』(Rena)

“I’m not done …” (Beldetes)


Beldetes retorted with an unsatisfied face. Even though he has a lizard face, humans can clearly understand his emotions…


『…But we can’t stay silent and get ourselves killed. What should we do with you this time?』(Rena)

“NO, NO, NO, STOP! THAT’S NOT IT” (Beldetes)


Beldetes desperately denies anything.
…If you think about it, last time, the three of them didn’t stand a chance against Mile. So there was no way he wanted to fight Mile again.


“I would like to avoid it by all means! It was foolish to challenge the opponent, who I stood no chance against. If words were spread that I lost to human beings, not once but twice, everyone would treat me like a fool for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t be able to endure it… ” (Beldetes)

『…My bad…』(Rena)


It seems to be a considerable humiliation, Rena honestly apologized after seeing Beldetes shed tears with his shaking body.


『… Then what will happen?』(Mile)


When Mile asked from the side, Beldetes said with a regretful face again.


『Three people who have excelled in the battle will be coming together.
I just gave them a guide and I wasn’t directly related to this matter.
Because they planned to kill you, so of course, you can kill all three of them.
They just reap what they sow, we can’t appeal to the human government.
I mean…
Three ancient dragons have come to attack the humans and got killed. Please punish those humans
Do you think the Ancient Dragon can appear before the humans to say that?』 (Beldetes)

『『『『Yeah, no way (Nai wa)』』』』(Red Oath)


The four girls were talked in sync again. As usual…


“… So far, I’ve said this way so that you can feel free to fight… But actually, I don’t think you can win.”  (Beldetes)

『Eh? But you know the power of Mile…』(Rena)


Beldetes shook his head against Rena’s words.


“We were no doubt lost. But that doesn’t matter.
At that time we were a young liaison, an apprentice, a young girl who just came to play around.
In comparison, we were like a novice liaison of 16-year-old, 13-year-old apprentice, a 10-year-old daughter of an aristocrat.
Even we are Ancient Dragons, not everyone is good at fighting.
However, the three Ancient Dragons this time are equivalent to skilled soldiers aged 25 to 26 years old.
Do you understand the difference?” (Beldetes)

『『『『Eh ……』』』』(Red Oath)


The four of “Red Oath” ‘s face complexion changed with the explanation from Beldetes.


“Looks like it’s almost time-out.
Now, you should go away from here and return to the village.
If you don’t rush, you’ll get caught up in the battle and die.(Beldetes)


Beldetes said sp to the beastkins, the two bowed down and ran away with full power.


“… It looks like they have come” (Beldetes)


Then, after a while, three ancient dragons appeared from the trees in the forest.

Mile Vol 10.2
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  3. I hope Mile goes the “Princess Shrine Maiden of Thunder” route and kills the dragons and then goes and kills the moron of a chief that the dragons now have. Because if she lets them live, then she’s just digging not only her own grave, but her friends’ graves as well, since an arrogant brat like that chief won’t stop just because you defeated him or his subordinates, but instead will get even more aggressive and continue to attack you until either you kill them, or they kill you.


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    Thanks for the chapter! May God bless you, take care, and have a great day!


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