Mile Chapter 322: Death Struggle 2

Mile Vol 10.7
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Mile Chapter 322: Death Struggle 2

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『You… (Kisama = the lowest way of “you”)』(AD)


Another Ancient Dragon stood up and faced Mile along with his friend.

The two Ancient Dragons seemed to realize everything. All the reports from Beldetes that they didn’t believe and made fun of were all true. These humans have the fighting power to be able to defeat “one foolish Ancient Dragon who made fun of his opponents and was off-guard” with a simultaneous attack.

However, they still have two members left and they aren’t stupid or off-guard…

And of course, no matter how stupid they are, they wouldn’t ridicule the humans who defeated one of them in a short moment.


『We must heal Lucred quickly, so there’s not much room for it. Don’t think badly of us』(AD)

『”Phase Beam“!』(Mile)

Chi ~yun! (SFX)
Pashi~! (SFX)


The beam attack released by Mile was repelled by the magic barrier from the Ancient Dragon. Rather than blocking it head-on, it was diverted by the large angled barrier.


Do~hi~yun! (SFX)

『Lattice Force, Barrier!』(Mile)

Gu~on!! (SFX)


The Ancient Dragon fired a lump of fire instead of a torrent of flames, it struck on Mile’s barrier. Since this is a type of barrier that covers the affected area instead of a single-place type. Maybe it’s called the Origin of Bulletproof (避弾経始) or Sloped armor. Anyway, it’s an efficient form of defense


『Thunder Bolt!』(Mile)

Don! (SFX)


The Ancient Dragon was struck by lightning from overhead but he stood quietly.

Perhaps from the moment, he realized that all the reports of Beldetes were true, he considered all the descriptions of combat with enemies in the reports and paid attention to the lightning dropped from directly above, and he prepared a counter-measure.

Did he detect a change in magic (signs of nanomachine activity)?
Did he sense the accumulation of electricity?
Or was it a wild instinct?
A magical barrier had been cast above his head.

He didn’t know “thunder magic” is magic-based like “fire magic, an attack by magical power” or “an attack by the physical phenomenon of electricity
Anyway, it seems that “thunder magic” can be repelled by the magic barrier.





While Mile earned time, Pauline and Rena finished casting and released their attack magic. It was the same as the previous one, which was effective enough to take down the first Ancient Dragon.


Shun! (SFX)
Ga~kun! (SFX)


Rena’s flame magic disappeared, and Pauline’s rock trap drastically slowed down as the flame magic disappeared, and then it was struck down by the tail of the Ancient Dragon.

Apparently, it seems that the Ancient Dragon can cast not only the magic barrier but also a physical barrier that was unknown to humans.

Their physical barrier seems not to be as perfect as Mile’s Lattice Force Barrier, but it seems to be able to slow down the physical attacks by earth magic to some extent. It could only offset a considerable amount of kinetic energy from the large mass magic but it might be able to completely block the smaller mass magic attacks.


『It’s no use. Unless we are off-guard, it’s unlikely that an Ancient Dragon can be harmed by human beings.
Hundreds of years ago, there was a legend that a young Ancient Dragon had lost against humans. But that was just some youngster who wanted to play with humans, fighting against thousands of troops at the same time and was shot by countless metal ammunition. If it’s just 4 human beings, what can you do?』(AD)

『Mile, are you going?』(Rena)

『…Their barrier can deflect my attack as well as your attack…
And if two of them are attacking at the same time, this barrier will probably be penetrated …(Mile)


Rena’s trio asked Mile in the barrier, but Mile’s response meant “checkmate

And the other Ancient Dragon wanted to hurry up and heal his fallen friend also joined attacking.


Go~oo! (SFX)


A continuous torrent of flame.



Doshun! (SFX)


A lump of Fire was released at Mile’s barrier again.


『No good, my barrier will break with their next attack,
Retreat to the right side of the rock!』(Mile)


The barrier is unlikely able to keep up anymore.

However, during such a crisis, you should make use of the rocky battlefield.
If the barrier and the rock mass are used together, the defense power will be slightly increased. And beyond that, the Ancient Dragons can’t hide behind the rocks with their giant body. Even if it has only a slight effect, if you accumulate a lot of such things, it may be a final push/advantage to win or lose.

Even if the effect is only 20%, if you do 4 times of such tricks, 1.2 times 1.2 times 1.2 times 1.2 times. Yes, twice the effect will be obtained.

To fight a mighty enemy, you need to put all the power of information, technology, traps, tricks, and everything else. In this way, the effects are gradually added.

Dragon breath is the kind of magic that even though it’s breath, it’s not necessary to exhale. But the Ancient Dragons inhale and exhale at the time of their use, whether it’s their own beliefs or for some reason.

… In other words, there was a lag between 2 times of Dragon Breathes.

Mile intends to go back to the rocks to reestablish her defense when the Ancient Dragon inhales for the breath, and then immediately fight back. And of course, other people also understand that.

Immediately after a few Flame Grenades hit the barrier, the Flame flow was interrupted.


(Lucky! The time between the Flame Breath and Flame Grenade coincided!) (Mile)


That was unexpected luck.




Everyone rushed to the right side, behind the rock as Mile shouted.

Meanwhile, the two Ancient Dragons started breathing in.


(Okay. It’s okay, we are on time! After we get behind cover, I will cast the barrier right away…) (Mile)


Koketa~ (Falling SFX)


Pauline, who has the weakest physical ability among the four, tripped on the rocky terrain and slammed her face into the ground.
It seems that Pauline took quite some damage from falling in the rocky terrain and could not get up quickly.

Rena and Mile are lighter so they run ahead of Pauline without being aware of her fall. They only realized it after they reached the shade and looked back.
In that emergency event, Maevis, who was serving as a shield, help Pauline get up.
As she saw the Ancient Dragon Breathed, she pushed Pauline toward Mile,
…and was bathed in the Ancient Dragon’s Breath.



『『『AHHHHHHHHHH!!』』』(Mile’s Trio)


Maevis screams in agony and Mile’s group scream even more than that.
Pauline was pushed into cover and looked back at Maevis.

Flame Breath wasn’t applied to her whole body. Maevis desperately parried just before directly hit by the flame, most of her body managed to avoid the flame flow… Except for her left arm.




While screaming, Maevis desperately rushed into the shade of the rock.
It hurt but if she fell in that place, she would just die. So she ignored the pain and moved to a safe place. That was the iron rule for those who engage in battle to survive.




『Ma… Maevis, your hand…, your left hand…』(Pauline)


As Pauline looked Maevis after she reached the shade, Pauline was stunned.


『Your hand… because of me, Maevis’ left hand…
Maevis’ dream to become a Knight, because of me, it’s my fault…』(Pauline)


Yes, Maevis’ left arm disappeared from around the elbow.
There was nothing at the tip of the left elbow, which was burnt black.



『Pain numbness,
Temperature conduction cutoff,
Heating partial cooling,
Stop cell destruction!』(Mile)


Mile desperately cast magic to stop the pain and prevent damage,
Because she hasn’t dealt with such large-scale site defects, she doesn’t know what to do.

Rena doesn’t move as she is dumbstruck.
Pauline is pale and confused.

Mile desperately continues her magic for first aid.


『It… it’s my fault…, Maevis’ dream, your dream …』(Pauline)


Thanks to Mile, Maevis finally got rid of her pain, she smiled and said the upset Pauline


『… It ’s not a big deal compared to Pauline’s life …』(Maevis)



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  1. sifat itu yang saya tidak suka dari mile, dia selalu menahan diri bahkan saat melawan 2 naga kuno, dan berakibat maevis yang terluka ╮(╯_╰)╭
    thanks for the chapter.


  2. Another long list:
    “fun of it were” -> {fun of were}
    “think bad of us” -> {think badly of us}
    “barrier has been cast” -> {barrier had been cast}
    “also the physical barrier” -> {also a physical barrier}
    “big Mass Magic but and it” -> {the large mass magic but it}
    “the small Mass magic” -> {the smaller earth/mass magic attacks}
    “young Ancient Dragon was lost against” -> {young Ancient Dragon had lost against}
    “them are attacked at the” -> {them are attacking at the}
    “for such crisis time” -> {during such crisis}
    “the Ancient Dragon can’t” -> {the Ancient Dragons can’t}
    “may be a final decision to win” -> {may be a final push/advantage to win}
    “traps, evil, and everything” -> {traps, tricks, and everything}
    “Dragon inhale breathing” -> {Dragon inhales for the breath}
    “immediately fights back” -> {immediately fight back}
    “the right of the rock” -> {the right, behind a/the rock}
    “we get behind the shade” -> {we get behind cover}
    “was tripped on” -> {tripped on}
    “that Paulin took quite” -> {that Pauline took quite}
    “get up,” -> {get up.}
    “pushed behind the shade and” -> {pushed into cover and}
    “if she felt at that place” -> {if she fell in that place}
    “Rena doesn’t move and is solidified” -> {Rena doesn’t move as she is shaken/dumbstruck}

    There may be more, but I couldn’t check too much, I have to read the next chapter ASAP.
    Thanks for the translation! God bless you!

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  3. Serious lazy writing here.
    Really?? she tripped?!! The most common (laughable) cliché you can get!!
    Make it that Pauline is just slower than Mile thought, or basically anything else!!
    I would have thrown my phone away … If I didn’t need it that badly.
    That fact made me so angry that I couldn’t sympathize with Mavis situation afterward.


  4. LMAO 『It’s no use. Unless we are off-guard, it’s unlikely that an Ancient Dragon can be harmed by human beings.
    Hundreds of years ago, there was a legend that a young Ancient Dragon had lost against humans. But that was just some youngster who wanted to play with humans, fighting against thousands of troops at the same time and was shot by countless metal ammunition. If it’s just 4 human beings, what can you do?』
    Isn’t that a reference to Funa’s other work Saving 80,000 Gold coins for Retirement a.k.a Mitsuha?


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