Mile Chapter 323: Death Struggle 3

Mile Vol 9.10
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Mile Chapter 322: Death Struggle 3

(T.N: Sorry but for this chapter, I will use strong language)


Gan~ya~ri (SFX)


Pauline’s face is distorted.

Sadness. Regret. Self-hatred. Sorry.

…and intense anger, hatred.

The day Pauline avenged her father and her family, she thought that her anger and hatred would disappear from her heart.
There’s no need to turn her body and mind into a demon to pierce the enemy’s heart anymore…

But now…

This twisted, raging heart.
Boiled, fluttered and crawling lava.

Pauline stood up like a ghost.
Then walk out of the rocks and expose herself in front of the enemy.


『What, do you want to surrender?
It’s no use no matter what you do.
After destroying the rest of you, I will tell the humans about you…』(AD)


At that time, Paulin raised her face and stared at the Ancient Dragon from the front.

(T.N: Un-related but I suggest you listen to this music)




The Ancient Dragon leaked a voice that seemed to be involuntarily.
An Ancient Dragon raised a frightened voice before a human …
The aura from her body and her face at that time was hella scary.


『Shut your damn mouth, this rotten lizard…』(Rena)


And another figure appeared from behind the rock.


『Burn, Burn, Burn, BURN…
Those who are trying to take away my precious things will burn out to nothingness…』(Rena)


Rena glared at the Ancient Dragons with feverish eyes. She didn’t look very sane.


『What, what…Just what the hell is this…?』(AD)




Maevis grabbed the area around her elbow and left arm with her right hand, Mile spoke to her while paying attention to covering Rena and Pauline at any time.


『Maevis-san, about your left arm …』(Mile)

『Yes, I know.
I know that no matter how good the healing magic is, a lost body part will never be restored.
But what I said earlier is true.
If I could save my friend’s life, one of my arms is not a great price.
If it’s to save Mile and the other two, I won’t regret losing another arm!(Maevis)



Gradually, Mile wiped the tears in the corner of Maevis’ eyes…


『…Which would you like to choose?
Restoring your original arm with healing magic over a month
or using the magical golem arm for now?(Mile)

『……………… Eh? 』(Maevis)


Meavis’ eyes became points/dots. No, this is a realistic world, people’s eyes can’t become dots. But Mile can’t come up with any other description, other than the eyes became dots.

As expected, no matter how many nanomachines are used, it still takes some time to regenerate the arm completely from the cross-section with natural cell growth. Cells can’t be born from nothing, and it takes a considerable amount of time to collect necessary components from the body of Maevis, activate the cells, and perform various treatments. This is not the same as attaching cuts or fixing broken bones.

On the other hand, if an engineering artifact was created using Nano-muscles or Nano-artificial nerves, it could be created in an instant.


『… Is that Golem arm ready to use? In other words, can it be used in this battle…?』(Maevis)

『Yes. Red blood isn’t flowing through it, but you can move that Golem Arm on your own will just like a normal arm. It’s different from the prosthetic hand!』(Mile)


As she heard it, Maevis spent no time to think, she gave an immediate response.


『 If I can’t fight now, it doesn’t make any sense to learn any good skills later.
So, I’ll choose that non-real arm!』(Meavis)

『…Maevis-san, I knew you would answer so…』(Mile)


Mile was smiling and looked at Maevis’ face.
And Mile raised the ground about 10 cm of rock with magic.


『Insert your left arm into this and concentrate with your eyes closed』(Mile)


It is necessary to extract the necessary components from the bedrock and to procure the missing material by transfer or perform the molecular transformation so that the nanomachines can be fully operational.

And it was a consideration not to show the manufacturing process to Maevis. Mainly thinking about Maevis’ mental health…

As for Mile, she made various pre-adjustments with nanomachines to deal with injuries that would result in a significant loss of body part. Therefore, what can be done as magic, which can’t be done, and its conditions have been confirmed in various patterns.
In addition, before talking to Maevis, she re-confirmed it with the nanomachine again in mind conversation.


『Cyborg Artificial Limbs, Ancient Japan Human biography (倭人伝). Prosthetic body. Don’t betray everyone’s Prosthetic body (みんなの義体)…』(Mile)


Mile began to cast suspicious spells.


『Cobra’s left arm. Morimura Ayumi’s left arm. Strengthen muscle many times. Strengthen the power of flesh many times. The following is double Meat remodeling surgery chart…』(Mile)


Mile spoke various keywords she remembered, the image is emitted with intense thought wave output and hits the surrounding nanomachines.
And under the rocky,『that』 was rapidly formed…






『What are you going to do now? Now that we have become cautious, there’s nothing you can do anymore…』(AD)

『Spin, Spin, Spin more… Packed with more hot…』(Pauline)

『Thickening, Thickening, more thickening…』(Rena)


And without caring about whatever the Ancient Dragon,
Pauline and Rena keep chanting…


『Did you lose sanity because of fear and despair?
…Is it more merciful if I erase you at once…?(AD)

『That’s right. The previous swordsman has lost one arm,
The future as a swordsman would have been cut off.
If you decide to fight to the end, it might leave a good tale.(AD)


The Two Ancient Dragons seemed to make fun of the girls.

And Paulin became terrific (dreadful).


『Damn lizard bastards. Who ask you to run your mouth? It’s time to die!
Hot Explosive Charged Drill!』(Pauline)


Pauline showed her true character.


My magic barrier can prevent both magical attacks and real (physical) attacks, (AD and this world don’t know the word physics)
You’ve seen it with your eyes!
It’s meaningless if we know about your incoming attack magic.
Barrier unfold!』 (AD)


Both Ancient Dragons cast the magic barrier together. They thought it should be enough to bounce off the attack with only one of them. But just in case, they decided to put together a barrier that wouldn’t allow anything to enter.

Let the humans clearly understand the meaninglessness of their attack and then let them choose how to die. Honored death or surrender.


『Zero Zero Magic. Second Form, “Dragon Destruction“!!』(Pauline)


However, contrary to the advanced spell of Pauline, there was no bullet nor vortex of magic, nothing has occurred. The spell of Pauline made the Ancient Dragons wondering a little, without any signs.


『Magical Shot!』(Pauline)

Do~hi~yu do~hyu~dohyu! (SFX)



Several drill-type warheads of about 20-30 cm jumped out of the ground.

…Inside the magic barrier, from the side of the Ancient Dragon.

Apparently, it wasn’t formed in the air, but a part of the ground was changed in the shape of a drill, and it seemed to rotate at high speed on the ground.

Therefore, when viewed from directly above, it looks like only a part of the normal ground, and it seems that the Ancient Dragons didn’t notice because it was hard for them to see the ground under their feet from the size and shape of their body.


Dosudosudosudo! (SFX)


Ordinarily, rocky spears and warheads cannot penetrate the dragon scales and flesh, but the drill-shaped warheads are pointed, swirled, rotating at high speed, and it contains a lot of speed and magical power.


『Guwa! Why…?』(AD)


The Ancient Dragon who was attacked by the drill warheads looks surprised, it’s no wonder.

The magic is triggered by the thought wave of the caster. With the work of nanomachines “Zero Zero Magic, First Form” was also starting to rotate the rocks near Pauline.

Then, Pauline thought she may activate magic on the other side of the magic barrier instead of on her side of the magic barrier. She wouldn’t need to bother about the barrier as she shot her magic from the inside of the barrier…

However, if it was normal, the nanomachines near the Ancient Dragon would react to the thought wave of the Ancient Dragon, there should be only a few nanomachines react to the human thought with lower Authority and thought wavelength than the Ancient Dragon, not to mention from a distance.

Yes, if normal.
In the past, nanomachines told Mile why Rena’s magic is powerful for her mediocre power.


『We call it “strong emotion“. What to say…
It was just like the thought wave was boiling?
Even nanomachines with very low sensitivity will react …』(Nano)


Yes. Now, Pauline’s head was boiling…


『This isn’t the first time I’m fighting an Ancient Dragon.
Did you think that I won’t prepare a countermeasure against your magic barrier in preparation for the next battle against Ancient Dragons?』(Pauline)


No, for ordinary human beings, fighting against the Ancient Dragon once is sufficient for a lifetime. They should be either dead at that time or they would never approach the Ancient Dragon again.

At least, there should have been no human being ready for the rematch.

And Pauline’s tone has returned to normal.

No, she hasn’t calmed down.

She was the same as Mile. When the anger exceeds a certain limit, her heart suddenly cools down and her way of speaking became polite and had a mocking tone.


…Yes, she didn’t think that her opponent is a living being, but only a “thing“. A “thing” to crush and discard.
She didn’t have to get angry with a “thing“.


『 What clever thinking…
But this kind of thing will just scratch my outer skin.
It doesn’t mean anything!』(AD)


If the Ancient Dragon is really that strong,
His friend wouldn’t show a lot of discomfort by getting hit by some small rock even through his magic-enhanced scales.
But his voice was only trembling a little.


However, Pauline starts laughing.


『Haa? I told you “Did you think that I won’t prepare a countermeasure against the Ancient Dragon“, didn’t I?
Wasn’t it obvious that I would come up with some kinds of attack method?』(Pauline)

『What …? 』(AD)




Pauline put the word 『Hot Explosive』 in the middle of her spell.

However, Pauline can’t make gunpowder to explode the warhead. This is only named after Mile’s advice to bring its power of explosion to the warhead.

And the keyword “explosion” simply broke and crushed the drill-type warhead made of rock.
… to release the『Red Thing』packed in it …

Mile Vol 10.4
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    “involuntarily entangled.” -> {involuntarily.}
    “the lost body part” -> {a lost body part}
    “it wouldn’t be a great price for one of my arms” -> {one of my arms is not be a great price}
    “this is the real world” -> {this is the real/a realistic world}
    “other depiction, other than eyes” -> {other description, other than the eyes}
    “or attaching broken bones” -> {or fixing broken bones}
    “and meditate your eyes” -> {and meditate/concentrare with your eyes closed}
    “components in the bedrock” -> {components from the bedrock/ground/earth}
    “in the brain conversation” -> {in the brain-to-nano conversation}/{in mind conversation}
    “erase you at a glance” -> {erase you at once}
    “rotated at high speed” -> {rotating at high speed}
    “it contended a lot” -> {it contains a lot}
    “the thought wave was boiled” -> {the thought wave was boiling}
    “head was boiled” -> {head was boiling}
    “I don’t prepare” -> {I won’t prepare}
    “battle with the Ancient Dragon?” -> {battle against Ancient Dragons?}
    “she wasn’t calm down” -> {she hasn’t calmed down}
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    • Spoiler:

      Because this world doesn’t have “machine” concept yet so Mile use “Golem” for Maevis to easy to understand.

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