Mile Chapter 324: Death Struggle 4

Mile Vol 10.2
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Mile Chapter 324: Death Struggle 4



In parallel with Pauline’s hot magic attack,
Rena was also unleashing her anger and hatred toward the enemy.


『… Burn our enemies … Dragon Flame Grenade!』(Rena)


And a Flame Grenade appeared right next to Rena.




Different from Pauline’s high-speed attack, the mass of flame was flying towards another Ancient Dragon with slow speed.


『Just a mere magical bullet, my barrier will be more effective against magic than (physical) real attack』(AD) (T.N: this world doesn’t have physics concept yet)

Bo~o! (SFX)


Contrary to what the Ancient Dragon said, the Flame Grenade kept flying straight, although its speed was slowed down for a moment.




The Ancient Dragon swung his tail quickly to destroy the Flame Bullet, but before the tail hit, the Flame Bullet split. And as it is, a piece of Flame Bullet hit the body of the Ancient Dragon.


『Hmm, something like this is nothing for my scales…』(AD)


If it’s such a small magic bullet, he can easily repel it with his scales and outer skin strengthened by magic.
It was supposed to be so, but the Flame clung to his body and didn’t disappear.


『Ku~u, this is…』(AD)


Even if he shook his body or removed it by hand, the flame would not disappear. On the contrary, it clung to his hand and the flame spread throughout his body.


『Water Ball!』(AD)


The Ancient Dragon made a water ball with water magic and dropped it on his body.


『Why, why won’t it disappear?』(AD)


This magic was fundamentally different from Fireballs and Flame Bullets, which are ordinary fire magic that produces flames.

On Earth, it’s a combination of naphtha, crude gasoline, and a thickener to add viscosity (naphthenic acid and aluminum salt of palmitic acid extracted from palm oil) Napalm bullets, which are made of a mixture called 『Napalm

But they were created by magic with reference to materials of this world similar to it, and it was difficult to get it off after it stuck on you. It was a frightening greasy incendiary whose fire didn’t extinguish even when you applied water… In other words, it’s not a magic bullet, but a real (chemical) bullet.


『Fu~n (snicker). This me is a magic genius.
Did you think that I didn’t have a countermeasure against the opponent that I fought against once?
Do not look down on humans!』(Rena)

『U~ga, a~ga~ga, gyo~ee~e!!!』(AD)

『Uwaa, hot~ hot~ hot~ HOT. Burning~ burning~ burning~ my scales are hot, my body is burning…』(AD)



There is no other word that is appropriate for such a scene.


The Ancient Dragon desperately rolled around the ground to extinguish the flame that burned his body.
However, it just made the flame spread around with severe pain.

And the last of them still fainted with white eyes, he still couldn’t move. However, he is still a dragon with strong vitality, so he is probably not dead yet.


Then when Rena and Pauline began chanting their next great magic.
The Ancient Dragon, who was rolling around due to Pauline’s attack started moving.
He suppressed the severe pain for a moment, he rushed toward Rena and Pauline and raised his tail.




Rena and Pauline, who are slow and vulnerable to close combat, can’t move in time. They only just started casting magic, they wouldn’t made it in time nor they could switch to other magic.

The two girls just stood there and stared at the tail swung down towards them.


Za~shu! (SFX)


A tail fell in front of the two.
…Of course, it was no longer connected to the body of the Ancient Dragon.


『Secret EX True God Speed Slash, Third Form, “Dragon Slayer Slash“』(Maevis)

Mile Vol 10.10

『『Maevis!!』』(Rena + Pauline)


Rena and Pauline rushed to Maevis, who laughed happily and showed her white teeth.


『Was good!
I was really happy to make it in time for the show…』(Maevis)


And Maevis ruined the cool skill name and scene with her honest words.


『A…ah, your… your arms! What’s with that arm?!』(Rena)


Because Pauline was stunned looking at Maevis’ left arm, Rena asked that instead…


『With the power of friendship, the knight’s body is immortal!』(Maevis)

『Idiot (Baka)…』(Rena)


Rena smiles with a happy face. Tears overflow from Pauline’s eyes.
And Pauline said ruthless words.


『For now, let’s finish the Ancient Dragons first. We can talk later…』(Pauline)


The Ancient Dragon whose tail was cut off rolled around again, this time he screamed “no tail! There is no tail!!“. He desperately screamed and looked confused, but no one knows when he might attack again.

Certainly, the risk factor should be eliminated quickly.



『Now, Let’s finish them with magic…』(Rena)


Taking a glance at Mile, who came out of the cover after Maevis, Rena said so.


『Wait, please! Let me confirm their intention of surrender. I beg you!』(Beldetes)


Beldetes, who was watching the battle a little away, hurriedly rushed in.


『The winner is clear!
If all three of them surrender, I want you to spare their lives!』(Beldetes)


Certainly, killing these three now doesn’t make much sense…

Rather, the situation is likely to get worse as the Ancient Dragon Clan will hold a grudge.
There should be many Ancient Dragons in the Ancient Dragon clan. Even if the girls reduced the number of them by three, their fighting power wouldn’t change much. It might be better to spare their lives to avoid the grudge.

In addition, maybe because Beldetes intended to do this negotiation role, he accompanied the other three as a guide and didn’t get involved in the battle. It’s worthy of admiration as a young man to endure the verbal abuse from his friends and accompany them to save their lives.

… Although he may have called himself as Youngman, he is probably several hundred years old.
Rena looked at everyone and confirmed everyone’s intention.


『…Can’t be helped.
Well, if all of them acknowledge a complete defeat and promise never taking any action against us, I will spare them. Don’t miss it, understand?(Rena)

『Thank you! Wait a minute!』(Beldetes)


And then, Beldetes managed to get the consent of the two who rolled around and crying.


『One of them has no consciousness, so please be patient.
Since he was already about to be killed, please consider that he surrendered.
Three of us will surely convince him later.
If he doesn’t agree, we swear that we will take responsibility.』(Beldetes)


Since the other two are still rolling around while spilling here, Rena’s group is okay with it.
Besides, it’s unlike that the third one will try to fight alone after listening to the results of his friends’ fights.
If he doesn’t get healed with healing magic soon, even a rugged ancient dragon will be in danger.


『Then… eliminate impurities in the body, Disassemble!
Healing power, repair body damage, heal wounds …』(Mile)


Mile removes capsaicin from Pauline’s victim and then heals the first Ancient Dragon with healing magic.
The victim of Pauline only needs to remove the capsaicin. As for physical damage, except for the tail that has been cut off, he only got some bruises, and the Ancient Dragon can cure himself with his healing magic.

On the other hand, although he is a sturdy and strong Ancient Dragon, with his breathing is still stable, the first Ancient Dragon was in a terrible state so he had to get treated. Especially, it was quite a thing that the viscera protruded greatly after being cut by Mavis. As a result, Mile seriously focused on healing magic.

Rena’s victim can be healed by removing the sticky flammable material with an enhanced version of Rena’s body-cleaning magic, and Pauline’s healing magic on the burn.

Like a cluster bomb, it was divided into many parts, but each one wasn’t a large amount of burning agent. But when he rolled around, the burn spread further on the surface area of the Ancient Dragon. The heat hasn’t reached the internal organs. So, if he didn’t panic, there was no need to worry about his life now that the fire is gone.

However, it would have been dangerous if the fire continued to burn.

Anyway, the Ancient Dragons seemed able to escape from the crisis of death and other grave aftereffects.
… except for their mental sequelae (trauma /PTSD).

Mile Vol 10.10
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Only Post battle left.


    • It’s a medical term meaning the long-term injuries/defects left from a disease or trauma. In this case long term psychological trauma, from the severity and shocking nature of their injuries.

      Basically Red Oath gave them PTSD.

      Liked by 6 people

    • I find this to be another case where authors go out of their way to seemingly have their characters remain “pure” and avoid killing in unreasonable situations.

      -The dragons are arrogant to the point they look down on other species and believe they should resign themselves to whatever fate a superior being gives them. This is a wakeup call to them.

      -They’re “elite warriors” and pride themselves on that, but look down on opportunities that are clearly holding their own. Then they get mad when they or their friend is injured by an opponent. “Elite warriors” should take pride in perishing in battle anyway.

      -The dragons came there to kill and took every opportunity they could to do so, but Beldetes jumps in at the end speaking as if sparing the defeated dragons after their side instigated the fight is the morally just thing to do. Didn’t see him jump in for the girls after Maevis got her arm blasted. His biased interference is so disrespectful to the girls that they should’ve finished off his friends after he said that.

      -Sparing the dragons doesn’t make the girls look good or change the situation. They came there for revenge for their honor and lost, staining their honor more. The arrogant types tend to be petty and bite back after stuff like this.

      -The leader dragon still hates the girls and believes them to be lesser beings. Sparing the elites isn’t going to make him open to discussion. He’s just gonna be even more angry they lost, rinse, and repeat.

      The girls didn’t one-sidedly win this fight, they struggled. They don’t have the leeway for consideration for the enemy. If Maevis died, I wonder if there’d still be all this mercy to give? I just really dislike when characters are written to behave like saints in situations where retaliation is fully justified and pacifism could lead to tragic consequences (cut to revenge-minded dragons burning towns).

      Liked by 1 person

      • No.
        After this, Mile realized holding back may harm her friends.
        Or Mile just got tired of it.

        The next fight, SHE INSTANTLY DEFEAT the whole army of ELITE ANCIENT DRAGONS along with the ANCIENT DRAGON BRAT CHIEF.

        I repeat INSTANTLY.

        Details will be omitted. Wait until that chapter.

        By the way, Mile or rather Red Oath treated the AD as PET after this.
        The AD doesn’t go along with the girls but they meet the girls some times.

        And treating AD like PET is the the BEST WAY to mind-break other people’s common sense.

        I know you feel annoyed about this.
        But this is an event to BREAK more people’s COMMON SENSE and cause CHAOS.
        Please vent your anger in those chapters.

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    • Did she keep the stronger cyborg arm or did she regrow it?
      There was this chapter “many years later” and I must’ve missed that.
      And the cybernetic arm on the picture looks totally normal (plus a hand gaunlet), so maybe Mile overdid it.


  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Of course red oath doesn’t kill anyone, they just leave their victims extremely traumatized and questioning reality because they are too average, wich is actually a fate worse than death.


  2. Unless the girls deal with this new chief of the ADs, then nothing has been solved and next time they will be attacked by an even larger group of dragons, which won’t underestimate them ever again. If there’s any logic in this story, that’s what’s going to happen (if they don’t deal with the chief). So, here’s to hoping that that’s what’s going to happen next.

    Now, I don’t really care how they’re going to deal with the chief, they can spare him if they want. But they need to deal with him one way or another.


  3. Didn’t get to see Mile anger mode R.I.P x'(.
    But we got to see Maevis cooking skill with dragon steak ;D
    Anyway , thanks for the average (not so much ) beating .Expection mile’s average visit to the idiot chief xD


    • Don’t worry, episode one of the anime is out, and in it, you can (briefly) see anger mode Mile.


  4. bad, i was looking for roast dragon, dragon soup, dragon sandwich and dragon steak. but with only one tail, perhaps just soup??


  5. Thank you for the dark mode.
    I just watched the new anime and …
    …I say I’d NOT watch that if I wasn’t a Mile fan.
    WTF is this Nano-chan cat thing? Ugly. Maybe I missed it while reading, but I’ve always pictured Nano as a nano-cloud, not a magical-girl-pokemon-cat.
    And (I may have mixed it with other novels) hadn’t Mile met the trio in Hunter School by imitating their magic chanting (identical as Rena) and physical (50 pullups and mock-fights) ?
    And how she started so many chapters from the begining, with only a brief retrospection.
    And I’ve always thought she was the Complete Average (mediana) between the weakest organism (eg single-cell organism) and the most powerful entity in the mortal universe. But anime states she is like “half of Ancient Dragon”…


  6. I was a bit disappointed looking at the picture.
    That’s a plain-normal looking arm…
    I was hoping for something more cyborgish.


    • The same.
      I actually thought that the other hand is cybernetic (the one with a gaunlet armour), but then it came to me that it is the other arm (one that was annihilated by AD)


  7. And again, and once more, a huge list:
    “mass of flame flying towards” -> {mass of flame was flying towards}
    “magical than the (physical) real attack” -> {a magic than a (physical) real attack}
    “its speed was slow down” -> {its speed was slowed down}
    “and drop it on his” -> {and dropped it on his}
    “On the Earth” -> {On Earth}
    “a mixture of words called” -> {a mixture called} ~~~~ also please add a full stop at the end of the sentence;
    “reference to the material” -> {reference to a material/substance}
    “incendiary that the fire” -> {incendiary whose fire/flame}
    “Fu~n (snicker), This me is a magic genius,” -> {Fu~n (snicker). This me is a magic genius.}
    “There is other word” -> {That is another/a word}
    “is appropriate such a” -> {is appropriate for such a}
    “flame that burns his” -> {flame that burned his}
    “was still faint with” -> {was still fainted with}
    “vitality, he is probably” -> {vitality, so he is probably}
    “combat, they can’t move” -> {combat, can’t move}
    “it’s not connected to” -> {it was no longer connected to}
    “stab the Ancient Dragon first” -> {stab the Ancient Dragons first}
    “Dragon that was cut off the tail rolled” -> {Dragon whose tail was cut off rolled}
    “Took a glance at Mile” -> {Taking a glance at Mile}
    “victory has been clear” -> {winner has been made clear}/{winner is clear}
    “situation will be likely to get worse” -> {situation is likely to get worse}
    “There will be many” -> {There should be many}
    “and didn’t involve in” -> {and didn’t get involved in}
    “fight with him alone after” -> {fight alone after}
    “will soon be in danger” -> {will be in danger}
    “Dragon, his breathing” -> {Dragon, with his breathing}
    “state if he didn’t get” -> {state so he had to get}
    “and great aftereffects.” -> {and other grave aftereffects.}

    Oh, burning dragons to death(defeat), kinda ironic, no wonder they will get PTSD. However, not killing even one is pretty much a HUGE MISSED STEAK 😅
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you! Awesome rush, by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. In the end, there was no Dragon Steak, very sad state of affair if you ask me. Also, no possibility to use dragon scales, bones, blood, hearts, etc. Such a huge loss for winning the fight, these dragons should pay compensations.


  9. Crap! I read too much xianxia, it feels stupid to let them live and leave, it feels like they should kill all 4 dragons now even the messenger.


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