Sei Manga Chapter 13 Part 3/4

Sei Cover vol 2
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Page 14

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Page 15

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Page 16

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Page 17

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Page 18

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Page 19

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Page 14

本日より訓練に 回復魔法の支援が一 入ることになった
Good work.
Starting today, our training will have recovery magic support.

訓練は、 いつも通り 行ってもらう。
違うことは、 お前達に 回復魔法が飛んで くることだけだ
All of you will be training as usual.
The only difference is that you will get recovery magic support.

より実戦を 想定した訓練 だと考えてくれ
Think of it as a more realistic training

支援魔法は ここにいるセイ殿が 担当する。
Sei-dono will be the one who supports us with healing magic

皆の中にも 会ったことが ある者が 多いと思う。
I think many of you have met her before

Page 15

知っている者も いるだろうがセイ殿の支援魔法は折り紙付きだ
Some of you may know, but Sei-dono’s healing magic support is omnipotent.

安心して 訓練に 励むように
That’s why you can practice with a peace of mind.

That’s it. Training resumed!

Yes, captain.

Page 16

私のやることは 怪我をした人や 体力の減った人へ 回復魔法をかけること…
My job is to cast recovery magic to people who get injured or who lose physical strength as soon as possible…

Page 17


速さと同時に 魔力操作にも 気をつける
I need to manage the amount of magical power as well as casting speed




減った体力量を 見極めて素早く回復するだけの魔力を貯める…
Concentrate magical power to recover their lost physical strength and wound…

魔力操作が上達すれば 短い時間でも 回復できるように なるはず…!
If I improve my magic skills, I should be able to heal people in a short time…!

Page 18

Stop training!

Good work

どうだった? セイ
How was it? Sei

まだ発動も 魔力操作も 遅いですが…
Yes, my casting speed and targeting are still slow, but…

手応えは ありました!
My skills definitely improved!

Page 19

これから どんどん 成長しますよ!
I will improve more and more from now on!

我々の訓練中は ここへの出入りは自由にしてかまわない
いつでも来て 練習してくれ
You can freely come and practice your healing magic during our training anytime

ありがとう ございます
Is that true?
Thank you very much.

そうして講義の後 通い続ける」 こと一週間!
That’s how I keep going there to practice after the lecture!

Stay tuned to the next update!

Sei 2
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  1. Nice! Sei releases!

    Thanks for the hard work LoliMamoritai

    Sei will eventually have to go on the monster subjugation quests, so it’s better if she knows how to heal the entire squad at the same time


  2. Sei is SOOO gonna make them unkillable machines if she goes out on monster subjugation xD
    Thanks for the great work as always ^^


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