Mile Chapter 329: B Rank Hunter Party 2

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Mile Chapter 329: B Rank Hunter Party 2



『Then, this is a sign of apology …』(Mile)


Mile stood up, walked up to the hunters’ table, took a few dishes from the item box and placed them on their table…


『Heating magic!』(Mile)


Mile worries that people might be suspicious if the food is still warm and shouts out in order to make people think the food has been reheated with magic. It’s just a word, it doesn’t actually do anything.


『Storage magic?』(Male Hunter 1)


One of the hunters, the man who first spoke to Mile’s group, shouted.


『If you have storage magic, you can make a lot of money depending on the capacity and how you use it.
…No, I’m sorry. Really…』(Male Hunter 1)


The other two hunters also realized their mistake and looked bad.

It would be a violation of manners to bring in food in the cafeteria, but these hunters have already eaten most of the food, and it’s unlikely that they will order more. Moreover, since it was only a little tasting, the inn wouldn’t mind this much.

Yes, Mile really disliked it. Having other people thinking that they were bad, idiots… Although she has already apologized.

In the first place, Mile doesn’t hide her storage magic with the guild anyway, so there is no problem even if she uses it here. This is also to prove that “Red Oath” isn’t a poor party that is troubled with money.

Besides, with the taste of the dishes that Mile made. It will prove that Rena’s group is some amateurs who are harsh with judgment about foods.
……Although they have already apologized.


『…But what is heating magic?』(Female Hunter 1)

『The magic that heats and warms the food』(Mile)

『No, I understand that …』(Female Hunter 1)


Mile deliberately answers to distract the hunters. She doesn’t explain anything about the settings for misrepresenting anything.
The female hunter realized that Mile had no intention of explaining, she gave up and had a bite from the dish that Mile gave.


『…! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 』(Female Hunter 1)


Then Mile stopped that female hunter with addicted eyes, who tried to keep eating the same dish over and over.


『It’s just tasting, if you eat it like a full-course meal, it’s going to be a hindrance to the store!
Besides, other people can’t taste if you eat that much. And then, you won’t be able to taste other dishes!』(Mile)


The female hunter retracted her hand, wondering about Mile’s words.


『…What about this dish?』(Female Hunter 1)


『It’s a deep-fried rock lizard. Sprinkled with special seasoning powder I made on the pretreated rock lizard meat and cooked with hot air magic』(Mile)

『EHHH, cook with magic?!』(Male Hunters)


This time, it was the male hunters, who raised their surprised voice.


『The Flame Magician can ignite the firewood, but one does not simply maintain their flame magic over time to cook.
Unless it’s a magician with ridiculous magical power.
It should be…, hey. No way…』(Male Hunter)


The male hunter suddenly toned down while scolding.
Then, he stabbed fried chicken with a fork and carried it to his mouth.


『Uo?! Uwaaaaa?! What is… This?!』(Male Hunter)


And the male hunter became healthy (lively) again. (T.N: The raw is “Genki”)


『It’s juicy, soothing and crunchy! It’s not oily, stewed or baked, hardened. It has a spicy and luxurious spicy taste.
What is this, what is this?! If you eat this kind of food, 70 points for the meal just now is overestimate』(Male Hunter)

(Okay, “mission complete”!) (Mile) (T.N: in EN)


Mile seemed to be satisfied with achieving her goal.


『Let’s have a taste of other dishes』(Hunter)


Other hunters also reach out to other dishes.



『This, this is…!?』(Hunter)



The voices of awe come up one after another.


(Um…um, yes, yes …) (Mile)


Mile is overjoyed and has a proud face, Rena’s trio looks at Mile with a troubled face.
And then they suddenly notice…


『Uwa!』(Rena? Mile?)


Unexpectedly, other customers stood up and surrounded Mile and hunters’ seats.


『What’s wrong…』(Mile)


One of them asked Mile.


『Excuse me, would it be possible for us to have a taste, too…Of course, I will pay for it!』(Customer)


And other customers also joined in, it became a fuss.


『No, no. I feel sorry for the shopkeeper when the tasting becomes so large…』(Mile)


When Mile said and refused, a man called out from behind.


『It’s okay. The current customers are all those who have already finished their meal orders.
However, I have one condition that I’d like to try it out as well.』(Chef)


Apparently, this man seems to be the chef here. And from the content of the story, he must be also the person in charge here.
If Mile refuses here, the chef won’t be convinced.

The escape route was blocked …


『Uuu… well then, I will give out the samples free of charge for the chef because I have troubled him with “carrying foods in the dining room“.
I will also give other customers samples free of charge as an apology for our previous commotion.
However, there will be a charge if you want to have ingredients and spices to cook later.』(Mile)


Actually, Mile doesn’t have a hobby of making small money with sample food.
Rather than just hunting prey or resale, Mile is happy when other people praise the foods she made are delicious.
However, Mile is scared of Pauline.
She won’t know what Pauline will say if she gave out free samples during a great business chance.

And then she realized she didn’t have enough stock of the current dishes on the table now, she thought she should serve additional foods from the item box. The foods Red Oath have made too much when they were travel for outdoor activities, etc. There are various foods have been stored in the Item Box forever with no time passing.


『『『『『Eh…』』』』』(Chef + Customers)


The customers and the chef were surprised by the additional dishes that Mile pulled out.
They already knew that Mile has Storage. But if it’s this amount, it’s not an average Storage but a legendary one.

And then, maybe because she brought great amount of “dishes came out from storage”. This time, Miles inadvertently forgot to chant the “Heating Magical Spell”. Lucky for her that people paid attention to her Storage Capacity and her foods.


『『『Ah …』』』(Rena’s Trio)


Rena’s Trio noticed Mile’s mistake but Mile herself wasn’t yet aware of her mistake. Rena’s Trio can’t point it out here. On the contrary, it only draws attention.

So Rena had to watch it silently. The customers had their own thoughts, they might already realize it now but they kept silently, staring at Mile and dishes. As expected, they are people who stay in a luxury inn. If this is a cheap inn, it will become chaos with the guests made a big fuss.

Of course, these guests were curious, wanting to eat the acclaimed food from B rank hunters who are regulars of this inn.

“Don’t put your face on the table” (Proverb? Sorry I don’t understand it well)

It’s different from the bottom layer of merchants, those who are doing business.
Then why did they do such a manner violation that they wouldn’t normally do?

…… Of course, it was because they smelled the smell of gold.

No matter how much your position and reputation grows, you can be said to be a big store owner. And even if you get to interact with aristocrats and celebrities. Still, if it’s for money, they still do it even with manner violation and embarrassment.

Never forget your profit (business chance).
That’s the merchant.

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  1. Now she will have a chief stick to her begging for her teachings xD
    Thanks for the average food as always ^^


  2. Oh, another average day, with an average amount of colossal damage to common sense, to the culinary tradition in the region, all in an average day of work, on average. Yeah, Mile/Misato/Adele is making a new meaning for the word average, and we like it 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you, take care, and have a great weekend!


  3. Apologies are one thing but your palate and common sense are another matter.

    After tasting such a thing how can they even go back.

    Thanks for the chapter.


  4. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    If anyone is stupid enough and tried to target Mile for her storage, they will find out how “average” the party is. I doubt even S rank parties can take out ancient dragons.


  5. Seeing common sense gets crumbled is like an ordinary occurence…

    Thanks for the new chapter.

    Also, is this the birth of improved cuisine in isekai? Tune out the next episode of Average Cook Mile…


  6. “Don’t put your face on the table” is not a proverb. in fact the line doent mean that at all.


    it’s a continuation of the previous line. Read together with the previous line, all it’s saying is that:
    all the customers were curious about the food so geartly praised by this well known group of B rank hunters, they too wanted to try it, but couldnt possibly just get up from their seats and push their way into another person’s table (and by extension conversation, social circle etc)

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