Mile Chapter 330: B Rank Hunter Party 3

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Mile Chapter 330: B Rank Hunter Party 3



『Th-This is……』(Merchant)

『Hmmmm, it’s not the spices around here…』(Merchant)

『Cooking is also unusual. Is it an exotic dish…』(Merchant)


Passengers pushed the hunters out of the way and sampled the praised Mile’s dishes one after another. Apparently, most of them seem to be merchants.

Locals do not stay at inns and those who come to the capital to work usually stay at cheaper inns. There is no one who travels here to earn money will stay at a luxury inn.

And those who don’t care about that amount of money, those who prioritize safety and comfort over cash, and staying in a high-class-inn to keep their status and trustworthiness is part of their work. When it comes to those who think that there is, it was inevitably the merchants who came to the capital city from other cities for business. …Except for the higher-ranking hunters who are staying in regular lodges.


『Hmm? This dish is …』(Merchant)

『Oh, it’s boiled deer’s internal organs with spices and a seasoning called “Shoyu”…』(Mile)

『It’s definitely delicious. However, to use such expensive spices for something like the internal organs…』(Merchant)


Mile explains to the merchant-like person who was awe.


『Oh, the spices I used for it are cheap, with no spiciness or depth in the taste. That’s why I mix various things as a bulking agent to cover that area, but it takes time and effort. Instead, the cost is cheap though, ahaha​​…』(Mile)


Ginn!! (Eyes glanced SFX)


『『『『Hiii~~!』』』』(Red Oath)


“Red Oath”, yes, even Pauline screams from the merchant’s gaze… Yes, the expression that it seems to kill people, a perfect gaze.

Mile doesn’t understand well what she has said to the merchant now.

Didn’t she mention the danger when she first extracted capsaicin from Pauline’s hot magic?


…Yes, she felt good that her dishes were well-received by senior hunters and mid-level merchants who are accustomed to eating delicious foods. The other three of “Red Oath” worried that Mile would let it get to her head and neglected her alertness but they couldn’t tell her.

Even though she was smart in the past, it was about her studying. However, she got a die-hard failure that she wasn’t familiar with interpersonal interaction and thinking about the other person’s feelings.


『『『『『『How much can I get from all your stock?』』』』』』(Merchants)

Gin~!! (SFX)


The merchants greeted each other by their gazes at the same time with their words spoken out together.


『This is scary!』(Rena)

『Please spare me …』(Maevis)


Rena and Maevis are backing out.

As expected, Paulin seems to have a slightly worsened complexion.

Even if it’s Pauline, enduring all merchants’ killing gazes seemed to be too much for her.


『Ah, you can have business talks later with Pauline-san…』(Mile)


Mile casually pulled Pauline into the battlefield without worrying about Pauline’s feelings.

No, it’s a natural action for Mile, and there’s no wonder …


『No, but I’m grateful to eat delicious food』(Male Hunter 1)


At that time, one of the hunters who read the air, the man who first called out the “Red Oath”. Apparently, he seems to be a party leader. He talked to Mile.


『Tomorrow we are going to do a dangerous request which I don’t know if we can go home alive.
Now that we have a taste of these good foods, we won’t complain even if it’s our last dinner.
It was a satisfying meal.
Thank you, Young Miss…』(Male Hunter 1)

『『『『Eh?』』』』(Red Oath)


It’s not like there’s war or monster runaways (stampede), even senior hunters don’t need to do a job like “I don’t know if I can come home alive“.

If they receive such a thing, it won’t be enough no matter how many lives they have. Even a nomination request can be refused.


『Why why …』(Rena)


Yes, Rena can’t help but ask.


『Oh, it’s hard to refuse the nomination request we just received.
There’s no party of rank A or higher, and the other party of rank B has perceived danger.
Anyway, it’s an emergency that can destroy the surrounding towns and villages, including the capital, and the country itself.
If it’s nomination request, you can’t refuse as B rank hunters.
Position, will, … and belief!』(Male Hunter 1)

『『『『…………』』』』(Red Oath)


The girls understand.

Because they understand, they can’t say anything.

The other members of the party laughed out and picked up the tasting dishes.


Probably, they showed their faces to the guild without knowing the situation and was nominated by the guild. If they wanted to refuse, they should have refused.

However, they take it with pride.

They know that it’s a “Red Request”.

They are true hunters. The senior hunters.


Chirari~ (Glanced*)


Rena quickly looked at the other three.


Kokuri… (nodded*)




It was a rule.

Even though they were born and raised different, all four of them love adventure.


『What kind of request is that?』(Rena)


Rena was talking big to the senior hunters.

…No bad intention. There’s no bad intention, never.


『Oh, because the rumors are already widespread, nothing is secret or anything …
It is the Ancient Dragons.
This morning, there were witnesses that four ancient dragons flying around the nearby forest and surrounding areas.
Many people were witnessed and some of them were familiar.
Apparently, it was the Ancient Dragons, not a mistake.
Even though there’s only one Ancient Dragon in the mountainous area on the frontier, it’s already a big fuss. But now, there are four in the immediate vicinity of the capital city!!
If we won’t do well about this, the damage may not in our country alone.
Anyway, we need to get in touch with them, bring them into a peaceful conversation, safely and happily ask them to leave…
I don’t think I’m so lucky! Damn it!!』(Male Hunter 1)


As expected, it seems that it was impossible to say by himself. He put his head down on the table (Facedesk).


『『『『Ah ……』』』』(Red Oath)


All of the Red Oath realized.

The girls feel sorry for the hunters if they keep silent and let them wastefully go searching for days. The hunters are also in the worst mental state, preparing for death, which will be too hard.

So, unavoidably, after grabbing and understanding everyone, Mile spoke.


『Oh, that’s already solved …』(Mile)

『『『『『Eh?』』』』』(Hunter Party)

『If you talked about four Ancient Dragons, they have gone back to their village because their errand was over. It seems they had a little errand around this place. But after being done with it, they didn’t seem to have any use staying around here anymore so they went back. We happened to meet them in the forest and heard so』(Mile)

『『『『『Eeeeeee!!?』』』』』(Hunter Party)


Skeptical eyes, eyes, and eyes…

Well, No one would believe it normally.

So Mile took out the item from her item box.

Yes, after the Ancient Dragons returned, the girls recovered what was left in the battle.


『This is the pieces of evidence, “Ancient Dragon Scale” and a piece of “Ancient Dragon Meat”(Mile)



This time, not only the hunters, but also other customers, cooks, and everyone screamed. Maybe you can hear it outside the inn.


『『『『『『『『This is the Ancient Dragon Scale and Meat?!』』』』』』』』(Everyone)

『… No, something must have happened before that.
For the Ancient Dragon’s scale and Flesh to be spattered around!
It must be a big incident!
Maybe something like the Demon King appeared and the Ancient Dragon warriors challenged him in the final battle!』(Male Hunter 1)


As expected of the leader of the B rank party. He seemed to think far ahead than an average one.

But of course, the girls can’t tell the truth.


『Eh, after the errands are over, maybe they have a light practice among their friends?』(Mile)


However, the explanation of Mile was objected by the hunter leader.


『Why would they lightly practice here?!
And that “Ancient Dragon Scale” has been cut.
This one is half-burning.
This best scale has many small holes all over.
What’s more, what is this messed piece of Ancient Dragon meat?!』(Male Hunter 1)


The scales that have been burned by Rena and scratched to remove the flame.

The scales that have been cut by Maevis’ sword.

The scales and pieces of meat that were stabbed and scattered by Pauline’s drill warhead.


No one thought it was the result of a light practice among the Ancient Dragons.


『『『『………… It was a light practice』』』』(Red Oath)



And Mile thought.

The only way to overcome this useless situation is to do it.

Yeah, to break down the chaos, you just need to hit it with more chaos …

A Mile-special-made space-time destruction bomb released.


『Do you want to buy this?』(Mile)


And hell appeared on the ground…

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