Mile Chapter 331: B Rank Hunter Party 4

Mile bath

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Counting changed to December 31st.

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Mira: 5 chapters

Dark Site

Mile Chapter 331: B Rank Hunter Party 4



『Haa~, I’m tired…』(Mile)

『Whose fault is it?』(Rena)


Rena hits Mile as she says that.

Just before, an application for purchase from the merchants and subsequent disputes between the merchants broke out, it became a big fuss.


If you get a decent scale, process it into armor, and give it to the Royalty, you will become a famous store. A big store that was known among the royalty and nobility…


『Well then, can you pull it out later…?』(Rena?)




This is the changing room… Of course, in the bath.

The girls chose this inn in order to take a bath, and because of that, they were caught up in such a mess… they got involved…, Anyway, so that’s why they have to fully enjoy the bath to make up for it.

Rena and Mile were fast at changing, they went ahead of Maevis and Pauline to take a bath. Maevis and Pauline will come later.

Then, when Rena and Mile enter the bathroom …


『Oh, it’s you girls …』(Female hunter)


There was a guest.

Both travel merchants and senior hunters have overwhelmingly fewer women than men. So, the women’s bathroom isn’t very large, however, there is still room for 7-8 people at a time. The guests who came in before Mile were two female hunters from the B-rank party.

Everyone had apologized to each other for their rude attitude and Mile had provided information to prevent the hunters from wasting their time searching the forest, so their relationship should have been good.


It can not be helped.

Although it is inevitable, if you face it from the front, it will hit into your eyes.


『『…………』』(Rena and Mile)


Rena and Mile felt a little uncomfortable.

Of course, because they are all women there’s no way the 2 guests (B rank hunter women) do not understand the reason. After that, they divert their gaze with a slightly awkward face …


『Well, you are still a minor, so…』(Female Hunter)

『16 years old!』(Rena)

『『…………I’m sorry……』』(2 Female Hunters)

『『『『………………』』』』(4 girls)


The messy silent time is flowing…


『Rena, Mile, you don’t have to rush that much…』(Maevis?)


Maevis and Pauline came in.

And then.




This time, the two of the female hunters looked at Pauline and became awkward.

Apparently, Pauline is the only one who can only be seen as an Adult even she is between 15 and 16 years old.

And no matter how you look, the two female hunters seem to be around 30 years old.


『『『『『『…………』』』』』』』(6 girls)

Mile Vol 10

The bathroom was dominated by overcast air, including Maevis. And somehow Pauline felt uncomfortable.




In the cafeteria, the hunters who wanted to get more detailed information about the Ancient Dragon and the merchants who wanted to get the Ancient Dragon materials, it was extremely confused.

The Hunters are still calm. There’s no other competitor, and even if the request fails, their party won’t be annihilated. The nomination request they received with a tragic preparedness seems to end safely.

…They won’t cancel their request. They already got some information about the Ancient Dragon. However, it was just what they heard. It wasn’t enough and they need to confirm it with their own eyes. Otherwise, they can’t report the request.

Anyway, they can just ask the detail where the Ancient Dragon have “lightly practiced” later. There’s no other competitor.


The problem was the merchants.

Enemies, enemies, enemies, enemies, enemies.

All around, full of enemies.

Too many enemies and too delicious loot.

It’s good enough even if it is a Wyvern or Earth Dragon, it’s unlikely to even meet an Ancient Dragon.

And even if you meet, no one can fight against them.

Speaking human language, intelligence superior to humans, huge and strong body, and magical power beyond human imagination, powerful attack magic that can be released repeatedly.

Also, if you attack an Ancient Dragon, it means a declaration of war on the entire race of Ancient Dragons. The country will perish for an instant.

And then there will be a request for an explanation from the Ancient Dragon and an apology for the whole human being.

…… How do you explain the situation when the other party (country) has been destroyed?

Well, if there was something wrong with the Ancient Dragon, they would reply “I didn’t know it”, or very rarely, the Ancient Dragon would say “I’m sorry”.

It seems that the Ancient Dragon had said “sorry” in the past, but that won’t happen once every few decades or hundreds of years.



…But now, we have the “Ancient Dragon Scale“.

After peeling from the body, it seems that the scale has lost a little of its original strength. Still, it’s strong enough and lightweight. And above all, from its nominal value and rare value, an Armor made by it is the greatest one in history.

However, they are merchants from mid-sized and above, who stay at the luxury hotel.
They won’t fight like ordinary merchants.






Red Oath” and the hunters left the merchants silently at that place.

(This part seems to be what Red Oath and the female hunters remember)


『Please come to our room later. I want to hear more details about the location of the site. After all, we have to give a convincing explanation to the guild.
Of course, I will pay key money, and I will provide you with alcohol and snacks during the explanation.』(Female Hunter)


When the girls were about to get out of the bath, one female hunter asked them to do so.


『It’s okay, we don’t need money. But please change alcohol to fruit juice』(Rena)


Rena also seemed not willing to make small changes. Pauline doesn’t protest either. Apparently, Pauline doesn’t seem to be angry even if they don’t earn money from hunter work.


Then, everyone talks for a while in the hunter’s room. And when Mile’s group returns to their room…


『『『『Gee!』』』』(Red Oath)


The merchants were waiting in front of the room.


『… we will move to another inn tomorrow』(Rena? Pauline?)

『It’s not good to stay in an unsuitable place』(Maevis?)

『We are good at cheap hotels …』(Mile)


Even though it was a luxury inn with a lot of effort, it was an unforgettable stay just by relaxing for a little luxury meal and a little bath.

They could take a comfortable rest.


『『『Mile~~~……』』』(Rena’s Trio)

『Sorry, I’m sorry …』(Mile)

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  1. Why! Why did you show that crying shironeko. We come to this novle for quirky fun not heartache.


  2. some people read the comments to see other people’s reaction to the chapter, others read it to see if shironeko has been usurped from her first commenter seat. XD

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  3. Red Oath should try to master the art of disguise, since they might become wanted. Then again, it’s rather hard to disguise that large part of Pauline.
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!


  4. “Speaking human language, coughintelligence superior to humanscough, huge and strong body, and magical power beyond human imagination, powerful attack magic that can be released repeatedly.” …
    Mile ?
    Is that you ?! xD
    Thanks for the average chapter as always ^^


  5. [Of course, because they are all the same woman, the two female hunters aren’t sure of the reason]

    The above is wrongly translated. Its actually the opposite. because the sentence is written as a double negative

    “Of course because they are all women theres no way the 2 guests(B rank hunter women) do not understand the reason.

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