Mile Chapter 332: B Rank Hunter Party 5

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Dark Site

Mile Chapter 332: B Rank Hunter Party 5



The next morning, the B-rank party left immediately after breakfast.

Of course, they went to the forest to carry out the commissioned mission.

No matter how detailed they have heard from Mile, they can’t just report it to complete the mission. It’s necessary to confirm the site properly and confirm that the Ancient Dragons have completely left.

… Of course.


However, there’s a big difference between going without knowing anything and knowing the situation and knowing the exact location where the Ancient Dragons “light practice”.

There is a difference in the world between knowing nothing and wandering through the forest in vain and knowing what to check. Because they already knew what to report, they just needed to confirm it, the success of the commission mission is promised.


Moreover, if they do it well, they might be able to get a piece of scale left unchecked on the site. Based on what they heard from Red Oath. That’s not a low probability.

If that happens, you can expect to get a valuable scale, no matter how small it is.

Anyway, it’s an Ancient Dragon Scale, an Ancient Dragon Scale, you know! (T.N: raws repeat twice)

The merchants also thought the same thing, and it seems that they tried to ask Red Oath about the location of the site. But the girls refused with “If the site is devastated, it will interfere with the people who are receiving the survey request

And hunters were deeply grateful.


And of course, after they leave.


『Continued from last night …』(Merchant)


Mile was surrounded by merchants.


『Ah, yes yes (Hai~ hai~)…』(Mile)


Having permission from the chef, Mile with a cheerful attitude borrowed a place in the cafeteria where the morning business was over.


『As I said yesterday. I will only sell one cut piece and burned piece. I won’t sell the beautiful ones!』(Mile)



Maybe they feel regretful, maybe they grieve, the merchants bite their lips.
No matter how much trouble Mile caused by the commotion during dinner yesterday,
It’s not enough to provide an ancient dragon scale unconditionally.
Something like that is just like charging 100 million yen just because someone collides into you a little.

Yes, how Mile took responsibility was asking everyone to promise not to speak about this matter. In exchange, she would sell “the damaged Ancient Dragon Scales“.

Even from Mile’s perspective, it was just some craps, it’s still an “Ancient Dragon Scale”. It’s not some average item with an average price.

Even if you can’t make a shield out of a scale, it can be used in many ways:  part of the breastplate, a light-weight knife for concealment, amulet, etc.


Mile isn’t willing to let go of the beautiful scales.

That’s because, rather than selling to merchants and guilds around here, if she deals directly to a senior nobleman on some occasion, she might get the nobles to owe her a favor.

And, secretly to Maevis, there was a talk between three girls, Mile, Rena, and Pauline. They wanted to keep the best ones in the best condition for Maevis when she becomes a knight someday or when she returns home.

Maevis inevitably has less strength than a well-trained man… Apart from her current left arm.


Even Maevis sometimes used her sword with both hands, it’s still a one-handed sword.
She has never used a shield.

However, there may come a time when a shield is needed, having a shield with an Ancient Dragon scale will be the best and its presence alone will be useful to Maevis. “Let’s do it“. It was the conclusion of the three girls.

Only if Maevis’ prosthetic hand was the right arm.
It’s easy to control the sword with the right arm and a small hand shield on the left arm.
But it’s meaningless in the current situation.
The girls can’t suggest Maevis change the hand to use swords.


(Well, if we call that Ancient Dragon, we will be able to peel off some of his scales on the spot.) (Mile)


Mile was a pretty ruthless girl.


(T.N: Ha ha ha, I have been waiting for this since the readers from earlier chapters complained about Mile not killing those Ancient Dragons but I don’t want to spoiler. So, Did you see how wrong you were now?)




The merchants also left the inn after choosing the damaged Ancient Dragon Scales for each of them, they used their reserved money that they seem to have in preparation for such an occasion.

Of course, everyone was in a hurry to finish the original purpose for coming to the capital.


『Ah. They are hurrying up somewhere to raise money and ambushing the return of those hunters.
So that if the hunters have collected the rest of the scales, they will buy them.
Until the report to the guild is over, it will not be possible to sell it because it’s evidence. But after the report is over, it will normally be sold as an acquisition. So they might set a deal contract before reporting.
The merchants might be thinking so.
If reporting is over and the existence of scales is known, commercial enemies will gather.
But I don’t think that the value will be lifted by competing with many merchants, those hunters are veteran B rank hunters after all…』(Mile)


It is natural.

Mile’s group isn’t troubled with money, and they have recovered their negative points yesterday. They just sold the scales as a big service, including the meaning of apologizing…

Unintentional, normal hunters couldn’t provide such services.


『Well, it doesn’t matter to us. Pray for the merchants’ hard work』(Rena)


The story was over with Rena’s words.




『Eh, new requests are …』(Rena)


Red Oath” party is looking at the request board at the guild branch.

There are no other hunters looking at the request board.

That’s because…


『We came a little too late …』(Mile)


Yes, as Mile says, it’s already past the morning second bell. The new requests are posted early in the morning, there won’t be any good request left at this time.


Red Oath was pretty tired yesterday, but in the end, they didn’t work as hunters. …… Even though they only sold some spices and scales, they have earned a lot of money.

To the extent that they could take a vacation again. But they wanted to work even though it was delayed. If the guild doesn’t have a good request, they can do a regular request or material collection.

Red Oath thought so and looking at the request board leisurely …


『『『『……Eh?』』』』(Red Oath)


Even at such late time, a new request card was affixed to the board by the guild staff.

Of course, “Red Oath” looked at it right away. The other hunters also gathered together.


『Defeat the Earth Dragon as soon as possible. 20 pieces of gold coins』(Notice)


『『『『Oooh!』』』』(Red Oath)


The whole group of “Red Oath” raised their voices in awe.


Although it cannot be compared with an Ancient Dragon, it’s still a “Dragon species”.

It’s a rare target for subjugation, and 20 gold coins regardless of the number of participants are small as rewards, but it’s not bad considering the profits from the sale of materials.

The service industry in foreign countries is low in salary, but it’s good because you can make money. They don’t have to endure the customers who don’t pay, and unlike the registered country, the guild won’t complain.

(T.N: In case you forgot. The merchant wanted to buy rock-lizard cheap. The guild complains about too many rock-lizards)


Anyway, this is usually a request for 4 to 5 parties receiving together. That would be one gold coin per person and the profit on the sale of the material, but it’s still quite delicious.

If “Red Oath” receives it alone…


The girls noticed that there were several hunters and guild officials talked around.


『If a rare dragon species comes out now, it’s probably an Ancient Dragon …』(Hunter? Guild Staff?)

『I wonder so as well. Too good timing』(Hunter? Guild Staff?)

『Even an Earth Dragon alone is a big problem… Damn, those B rank guys, except for “Tomorrow’s glory” who received the survey of the Ancient Dragons, all of them have run away in the name of doing request…』(Hunter? Guild Staff?)


Apparently, other B-rank parties, which seem to be great, don’t show their face to the guild other than the party that undertook the case of the Ancient Dragon.

Probably, they worried about being caught by a guild official and get asked for a nomination request. Even if a nomination request is issued, they can still refuse, but as expected, if they refuse such a nomination request, their trust and prestige are lost at once. Therefore, they don’t come to the guild.

The other veteran C rank parties don’t want to receive it without a high-rank party. There’s no sign of receiving the request. They are just complaining.

The guild also doesn’t ask the veteran C rank parties. Maybe because it was too reckless to ask the C-rank party to hunt the Earth-Dragon.




Mile looked at the map attached together with the request… This punch picture is called “Map”, but the level of detail is really low…

As Mile confirmed it…, it was a completely different place from the forest where they fought the Ancient Dragons.


『Wasn’t that the place where the Ancient Dragons were waiting for?
They wouldn’t have known where we would leave the capital.
They flew over to only after we launched the fireball signal when we met the beastkins.
They were waiting in a misplaced place, maybe』(Rena)

『Ah, that may be true…』(Mile)


Mile was convinced with Rena’s theory.

Certainly, there’s no contradiction in the direction from which the Ancient Dragons came.


『Okay, shall we get this?』(Rena)

『『『Oh!』』』(Mile’s Trio)


『You cannot accept this request』(Receptionist)

『Eh? why……. There is no rank specified for this request.』(Rena)


Rena protests the receptionist.

Yes, there was no rank designation for this request. In other words, death is self-responsibility. That’s it. Therefore, the C rank party “Red Oath” should have been possible to receive the request. However…….


『It’s just not specified because it will be jointly ordered by multiple parties! Three B-rank parties and one veteran C-rank party… It’s not supposed to be accepted by one C-rank party!』(Receptionist)


Other hunters also looked at Red Oath, who got yelled at by the receptionist.

Certainly, there’s no one here who thinks that Red Oath is a strong party, considering the age structure of Red Oath. They even suspected their abilities of a C-rank party.

And Rena’s mood quickly got worse. And as Mile was angry about the danger of an explosion, someone voiced from behind.


『That’s why we’re going to take orders together.』(A certain hunter)


When the Mile turned around, there was a nostalgic face.


『『『Glen-san!』』』(Rena’s Trio)



Yeah, Mile hasn’t been good at remembering human faces since her previous life…

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    • I think from the previous translators/translations, He is named as Guren (eng is Glen) – the leader of Mithril’s Roar who faced the students at GradEx


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