Mile Chapter 333: B Rank Hunter Party 6

Mile Vol 8-1

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Mira: 5 chapters

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T.N: Once again, behold of Shironeko’s “the attack of the clones”.

Mile Chapter 333: B Rank Hunter Party 6



『A rank party, “Mithril’s Roar”. Can I receive that joint-request with these girls?』(Glen)

『Yes, of course!』(Receptionist)


The receptionist is relieved.

Actually, it’s not like she wanted to hinder “Red Oath”. But as a guild receptionist, she needed to stop the beginners, who overestimate their abilities from making a common mistake and lose their lives.

She feels relieved that an A rank party has appeared here, they would lessen the damage due to the Dragon Species (Ancient Dragon and Earth Dragon) that appeared in succession. Because other B-rank parties seemed to have run away, the name and trust of this guild branch were about to fall to the ground.


Six people of an A-rank party. In addition, if there are 2-3 C rank parties joining in to assist, they will subjugate the Earth Dragon without fail.

If the appearance of the Ancient Dragons caused panic, the A rank Party might calm people. And if the Earth Dragon attacked the village, they can just repel or hunt it.

Even with the simultaneous appearance of the Ancient Dragon and the Earth Dragon, if they can minimize the damage, the name and credibility of this guild branch will rise rather than fall. It’s not unreasonable for the receptionist to be relieved.


『You lost to us. Didn’t you lose your credibility to become A rank?』(Rena)


Glen had a wry smile with what Rena said.


『No, people thought our fight as a handicap fight.
In order to prevent students from being injured and to draw out the student’s strength to create a show, everyone thought that we held our strength back to avoid an overwhelming ability difference.
It’s like “Theatrical Play” by unknown actors…
But only if it’s not against you girls…』(Glen)


As he is saying that, Glenn glances at his friends.

Two magicians and a young swordsman got depressed.

…caused severe injuries to her opponent but still lost (Pauline), intended to kill his opponent and about to get killed (Rena), was defeated even before his opponent going all out (Maevis).


Even if people thought the senior hunter held back, it’s still awkward for seniors who were close to rank A to lose against students.


『Glen, you are the same. She gave you the win!
So don’t talk big!
You lost easily to the next opponent…(Elder Magician)



One of the two members who didn’t fight at the graduation exam, the elder magician pointed out Glen’s failure.


『… Well, people thought that’s kind of a show.
A special service for beginners, to encourage them to work harder.
They don’t know that we actually lost… haa~…』(Glen)


Glenn shrugged his shoulders as he was saying so.


『Anyway, we became A rank party after some time passed.
That’s why we went on a “thank giving trip“…
To reflect what we have done, with the meaning of returning to the beginning and retraining ourselves…』(Glen)


Thank giving trip” doesn’t have a bad meaning. Literally, this is a journey to show their gratitude.

It’s a trip to thank those who have taken care of and who have become acquainted with their “training journey” at the beginning of their journey…

Of course, it’s also a disciplined journey, just like the “training trip”.

Unlike the “training trip”, it was a difficult visit, a trip to clean up requests in local cities and small villages where local hunters can not handle themselves with cheap rewards.  They are welcomed in the city and the village they visited.

A rank party doesn’t have problems with money so they can go on a “Thank giving trip”, making money isn’t really needed…

Of course, this is a limited-time service only during this trip.


However, only a few people can go on a “Thank giving trip” compared to those who go on a “training trip“?

Most hunters retire due to injury, illness, old age, etc. or die before becoming A-Rank.

What’s about S rank?

S-Rank is too little and isn’t well known. So, the actual top of the hunter is considered A-Rank.


『Well, anyway. We can accept the request now that you joined us』(Rena)


Rena should reconsider how to use words with big seniors.


『Yes. If the A rank party approves it, you can receive the request with them…』(Receptionist)

『No problem』(Glen)


With Glen approving, Red Oath can take the order for subjugating the Earth-Dragon.

…However, although it was “subjugation”, the request was actually “just to get rid of”.

However, if there is no profit from selling the material, you cannot earn 20 gold coins. The total amount of rewards is 20 gold coins for everyone instead of per person, it will be divided into several parties. Considering the damages, injuries, and other disadvantages of weapons and armor, it’s safer and more profitable if you are doing Orc subjugation.

Therefore, this is a remuneration amount based on the premise of “subjugation”, and it is a “sorry award” or “relief wage” for relief measures in case of failure.


『Let’s recruit 2 or 3 more parties.
Now that an A rank party has joined, veteran C Rank parties will be happy to join!』


Yes, because the profits from the sale of the material are large, if the A rank party becomes the main force, other C Rank hunters just need support from behind. It’s not strange to get many people, because there will be a lot of materials.

And in fact, there were several parties who were eating and drinking at the table to kill time. The reason why I am relaxed at this time is not to eat as much as possible, but to wait for such chances…, they are confident in their skills.

Yes, they would like to raise their name by participating in the subjugation of the Earth-Dragon.



『…there’s no need』(Glen)


The receptionist was dumbfounded by Glen’s simple words.


『Only us and these girls are enough.
I don’t need extra people.
As the number of hunters we need to protect increases, the number of tactics and our attack power will decrease』(Glen)



The receptionist was only surprised but other hunters were angry besides being surprised.


『Hey, what did you say?!
Certainly, compared with big-shot A-Rank hunters like you, we are weaker.
But no matter how good you are, one does not simply climb up to A-Rank without the help of other hunters.
How dare you disregard us like some luggage and take those C-Ranker minor hunter girls instead?!(Hunter)


One of the hunters in the room screamed and said, but the six of the “Mithril’s Roar” only laughed when they heard it.

And Glenn said.


『But you guys weren’t going to accept orders until you heard that we would participate.
While these young girls were going to do it by themselves in the first place…
We are just trying to “piggyback (help)” these girls because they are trying to get this request.
And you guys, you plan to join us, expecting us to “piggyback (carry?)” you.
And you said as if these girls are below you.
You know what, these girls are stronger than you, you know?
They are still C-Rank because of the minimum age rule, but they won’t lose to any B rank party…』(Glen)



If they were told so by the A rank party, they can’t refute any more. If they want to argue, they must have a mock fight against the “Red Oath”, and if they go for it, they might really lose.

If that happens, they can no longer continue to work as hunters in this city. They will have to leave this city and change the party name somewhere else.


『…It can’t be helped.
Hey, can’t you show me some tricks?
Anyway, do you have one or two tricks to silence your opponent at such times?』(Glen)

『He isn’t an enemy, Glen-san… Maevis-san, Copper Coin Slash!』(Mile)



In response to Glenn’s words, Mile instructed Maevis to perform the “Copper Coin Slash”.


『Can you give me a little space… Yes, that’s right.
Then, Glen-san, please throw a piece of copper coin toward me』(Maevis)


And Maevis perform the “Copper Coin Slash” as usual.

Mile Vol 5 Page 11



And local hunters were frozen.


『Can you give me another copper coin?』(Maevis)


This time, Glen takes out a copper coin from the drawstring bag and hands it to Maevis.

Then, Maevis folds the copper coin vertically, puts it between her thumb and forefinger of the left hand, and show it out towards everyone.


『Yo~ to』(Maevis)


The copper coin that was folded in half without any effort.




Furthermore, Maevis folds the copper coin one more time.




Fold it into one-fourth.

Mile Vol 10.11


It’s a Mystery Strength.

Or she is an Expert using some tricks or tips behind it.

It’s not really strange for a really strong man to fold a copper into half.

However, folding into one-fourth. It’s not. Absolutely not.

And the same for slashing the copper middle-air into 4 pieces.



『As always, you show off the arts that aren’t human… And you’re the weakest of all, surely you jest…』(Glen)


Maevis had a slightly troubled face hearing Glen said that.


『『『『『It’s impossible …』』』』』(Hunters)

The local veteran C rank hunters couldn’t say anything else.

Mile Vol 10.4
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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

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    • Unfortunately her other arm doesn’t have the grip she would need to be able to hold the slingshot when the nanotubing is pulled back. I also don’t want to deal with her destroying her other arm just to use it.


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