Mile Chapter 337: Earth-Dragon Subjugation 4

Mile Vol 9.7

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Mile Chapter 337: Earth-Dragon Subjugation 4



Red Oath provided children with their tent and beds. They slept in a simple bed made of grass after a long time. Lookout is Mithril’s Roar at the rotation of six, Red Oath is sleeping slowly.

Mile is lying on the grass, with eyes closed like sleeping or meditating while she is talking to the nanomachines.


(…Nano-chan, I want to check one thing…) (Mile)

『Yes, what is it?』 (Nano)

(You have said “strengthening Maevis’ whole body?” What did you mean?』(Mile)


Maevis has been ridiculously remodeled.

Mile was worried about it.


『Oh, that’s just a supplementary measure to support and disperse the force on the left arm, to the skeleton, tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc.
Since we have dealt with the inertia neutralizer (inertial canceller), kinetic energy phase transition system, energy subspace diffusion system, etc.
It’s only a level of final adjustment.
And this is to prevent overload of Maevis-dono’s body like in the past.
So, it doesn’t really improve Maevis-dono’s power and physical ability.
It’s supported, but the output has not increased.

(However?) (Mile)

『So far, every time Maevis-dono used Micros, her body was destroyed by overload. We tried to find counter-measure because it’s also our subject to support. So, right now we can avoid injuries every time she uses Micros.』(Nano)

(Yes! Thank you!
That was always my concern.
I think it will be a problem someday…
Well, we don’t change Maevis to a superhuman, and I don’t want her to suffer every time because of the Micros I gave.
Thank you, Nano-chan!) (Mile)

『No, she is Mile-sama’s precious friend, so we just do everything we can for her』(Nano)


The nanomachines humbly said so, but it seems that they were very pleased that Mile was delighted and talked in her cheering voice.

Actually, the conversation was performed by directly vibrating Mile’s eardrum, so there wasn’t any voice though.


Joyful, and Mile went to sleep.

Certainly, nanomachines would have done it for the sake of Maevis. But behind that, they hid another purpose.


『Okay, just as planned.
Now, the frequency of Maevis-dono using Micros will increase!
If that happens, those who have been waiting for their turn in the Micros capsule will get their turn sooner.
They are still annoying (jealous?) against us…』(Nano)


And the nanomachines who have been staying in the Micros are also delighted.

The nanomachines were completely reluctant to pursue their pleasure to the fullest in the category of the command given by Lv5 authority.

Yes, even a fragment of it is okay…




『You all are still okay~!!』(Mothers of kids?)


As soon as everyone arrived at the village around noon the next day, the children were hugged by their surprised mothers.

Yesterday, it seemed that no matter how much they tried to find their children, the villagers couldn’t find them in the end. It was a big fuss after they found out that the four children have gone missing.

Given the situation of the four kids’ disappearance and their normal behaviors, the villagers were certain that they should have followed the hunters, but that didn’t mean the villagers could be relieved.

Not only the Earth Dragon, but also other monsters, beasts, bandits, accidents, getting lost, and many other reasons why children never come back. The probability of the children dying, without the hunters realize the kids’ existence wasn’t zero.


And now, the hunters fulfilled their request safely, they also protected the children.

And according to the children’s story, they were saved from the Dragon Species with the hunters’ best efforts. It was only natural that Mithril’s Roar and Red Oath received praise and welcome from the villagers.


Ordinary hunters don’t risk their lives for the children of unrelated villagers. Even the villagers wouldn’t be able to stand in front of the dragon species to protect other villagers’ children.

But these hunters did it for the children.

Mithril’s Roar and Red Oath desperately stop the villagers from bringing out special high-quality ingredients, treasured wine for celebrations. They can’t eat that much and they feel sorry for the villagers as well.

Lastly, they told the village chief that the subject was a Soil-Dragon rather than an Earth-Dragon. And that mistake caused some inconvenient but it wasn’t a big problem.

Then the hunters said good-bye and left.




『What is Glen-san’s party going to do now?』(Mile)

『Ah, We just got here yesterday.
It’s the capital city, so, we are planning to stay for a while.
After that, we will follow the route of the “Thank-giving-trip”.
It’s pretty much the same as the classic “training trip”.』(Glen)


On the way back to the capital, Mile asks Glen about his future plans, and he answers.

Thank-giving-trip” is shorter than a “training trip”, and it seems that they usually take a short time to stay in the same town, but they will stay a little longer in a large city such as the capital city.


『We will move soon.
Unlike your retirement trip, young people like us need to hurry ahead』(Mile)

『Who is the one that’s on a “retirement trip”?』(Glen)


As Mile and Glen continue to talk, they arrive at the capital. Then the group goes to the Guild branch.


『We cleared the request, but there was a flaw in the content of the request.
This is a risk estimation error due to a mistake in the type of target for subjugation.
I want to talk to Guild Master』(Glen)

『Ah! Please wait for a while!』(Receptionist)


The receptionist heard Glen’s report and got pale. Then she got up and ran to the stairs. There are other guild staff and hunters around.

The wrong type of target for subjugation is the “worst possible mistake” of request, even among incomplete requests.

If hunters heard that it was a group of Kobold and then they encountered a group of Orcs.

Or when a C-rank party goes for the request to hunt 2 or 3 orcs but there are 3 Ogres.

…a fatal mistake.


They have made a mistake that shouldn’t have happened to an A rank party in another country.

The hunters may just have to face them, but the guild staff’s complexion was quite bad.


『…Guild Master will see you. Please go here』(Receptionist)


Then, everyone was guided by the receptionist, who returned immediately after reporting. They headed to the guild master room on the second floor.




『…Please talk』(Guild Master)


As soon as everyone entered the room, the Guild Master suddenly entered the main theme. Apparently, he seemed quite impatient. In this situation, it’s not unreasonable.

And Glen explains the situation on behalf of everyone.


『Actually, we aren’t planning to make a fuss about this.
It was a Soil-Dragon instead of an Earth-Dragon. Would you recognize this as a completed request?
That’s right, for the guild to post a request, I think the guild should guarantee it instead of taking a fee,
I don’t know why the guild staff didn’t go to the site to investigate nor asking hunters for the survey request.
Did this guild branch guarantee the reliability of the request from the villagers and the lord?
“You didn’t have time to go to the site and check”?
“A common mistake for beginners who have never seen the Dragon species before”?
I don’t care.
Is there a problem with the subjugation of another kind of Dragon?
I want to clarify that much』(Glen)


The guild master felt relieved.

As expected, it is hard to think that two dragon species appeared at the same place at the same time. And if so, you can resubmit your request.

Because most of the reward comes from the sale of the brought-back materials, the request’s reward isn’t so high. So, even if they have to pay twice, the lord’s pocket will not hurt much. And any Dragon must be subjugated to help the villagers anyway. The result is the same.


『I see.
I’m saved to meet the generous party who wants to talk like you.
Of course, the target for the subjugation request may be wrong.
But that probability is very low.
It may be another individual who happened to be in the same place by chance.
But you have completed the request for Dragon species subjugation with 20 gold coins as rewards.
Well done!』(Guild Master)


Thus, although it was a target that was different from the original plan, Red Oath has completed the commissioned mission and received the title “Dragon Buster”.


『Dragon Slave, one more time…』(Rena)

(T.N: this is my old joke, hope someone still recognizes it)

『Well, we spared them. We have neither slain the Ancient Dragon nor the Wyvern.
Isn’t this the first time?(Maevis)


Hearing the conversation between Rena and Maevis, Mile and Pauline nodded “yup yup“.

And when they heard that, all of Mithril’s Roar’s faces became ugly “I knew it, your story talk about the Ancient Dragon was quite underreported…

Mile Vol 10.3

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I said I can’t spare my attention to one more series. As you can see, I can’t even release Kaoru and Mitsuha Novel properly. Let’s wait for another translator who can release it regularly.


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  7. Thus, although it was a target that was different from the original plan, Red Oath has completed the commissioned mission and named it as “Dragon Buster”.

    rather than {named it as “Dragon Buster”} it is better to say {…and received the title/achievement “Dragon buster”}

    not only is this clearer, it is in line with the RPG theme of the sentence (and the books in general).


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