Arge Chapter 191: Wake up with a nostalgic voice

Arge Felnote
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Arge Chapter 191: Wake up with a nostalgic voice



I regained a little awareness as I was waking up, it’s fluffy and comfortable.

This slumber time is one of the times I feel relieved.


『Nmm~…Nyuffu, a little more』(Arge)

『――Wake up!!』(nostalgic voice)


With a yelling voice, I was dragged down from the futon.

Surprisingly, when I stood up, the person who held the sheet in her hand was a familiar person.


『Felnote-san…? 』(Arge)

『Yes, that’s right. Honestly, you are still lazy as usual…』(Felnote)


Felnote-san, my former housemate, complained to me so with troubled eyes.


『Uhm… Ah. Maybe Mutsuki-san…』(Arge)

『That’s right. He finished his preparation and he took us here… We had been worried ever since, you know?』(Felnote)


Back then, at the place called the Demon Continent, I got separated from everyone without a word. I thought it was dangerous to everyone so I acted.

As a result, I survived, came here and had a new trip with Aoba-san, my acquaintance before reincarnation. Mutsuki-san, the lord of the Demon Continent, promised to bring everyone here and he has been working on it.

The fact that Felnote-san is now in front of my eys is probably because Mutsuki-san has brought her here.


『…I’m sorry, Felnote-san. I have gone without saying anything』(Arge)

『…I know it was an emergency at that time. But I think it would be nice to explain a little more』(Felnote)


In response to my apology, Felnote-san told me without hiding her unsettled feeling.

Actually, the fact that I’m still alive is like a coincidence. That moment could be an eternal parting. It is natural that she gets angry.


『…I’m really worried… A lot… Stupid (Baka)』(Felnote)


Felnote-san hugged me as she said that. She must have been really upset enough to do that.

I can see that Felnote-san’s body is trembling. She didn’t shed tears but I understood that I made her worry a lot.


『This time you must properly explain』(Felnote)

『…Yes. I understand』(Arge)

『Hmm. Well, then it’s okay. I’m sure you have been told (scold?) a lot by Kuzuha as well』(Felnote)

『She was crying rather than being angry…』(Arge)

『That’s natural. Please take care of your friends』(Felnote)


Felnote-san was already smiling happily, though she hit me on the forehead.

While I’m holding my head, she holds out her hand to me.


『Let’s go then? I want to hear the story so far.』(Felnote)

『I understand』(Arge)


Somehow, my feeling of wanting to keep sleeping has disappeared a little.

A few months after reborn as a vampire girl, Argento Vampyr, my feeling has changed.

It has become a little confusing.

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    • yeah, pretty short chapter, but, do rejoice, i looked at the raws, and the next chapter should be around 3 times the length of this one

      … however the following one is then half that, not a lot of consistency in the chapters lengths i’m afraid

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