Arge Chapter 192: Resume after meeting

Arge Felnote
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Arge Chapter 192: Resume after meeting



『……I see』(Felnote)

After listening to my story, Felnote-san nodded.

A few days after the imperial attack. As originally promised, Mutsuki-san brought everyone here.

We were discussing with my traveling companion, a large number of people, including Akisame-san, the politician of the Republic, and his follower, Habotan-san.

Traveling merchant Zeno-kun talks with a troubled face.


『That declaration of war reached the Demon Continent』(Zeno)


Declaration of war on virtually all the world made by Kurogane-san, a reincarnator in the empire.

For me as a reincarnation from the same Kuon house, it was terrible and annoying.

It seems that I have to rest a little to relax or take a nap.


『They are willing to attack the commercial guilds and Cyril Bank, which means they don’t even care about the economy. It’s essentially like killing indiscriminately』(Zeno)


『Since he said he won’t kill anyone other than who opposes them, which means he is going to make new money and economic system』(Akisame)

『That would be terribly troublesome for me as a merchant …』(Zeno)

『Ah. I think it’s fine to say it now』(Akisame)


Akisame-san raised his hand in a light tone without breaking his usual smile.


『It’s the information I got.
Apparently, the Imperial Invasion has already begun.
In the last few days, it seems that several tribes and small countries around the empire have been destroyed.
The borders of the kingdom and the republic have already been broken.
In short, the border between the countries is gone.
Habotan, report』(Akisame)

『Imperial forces seem only taking things (Rob) if the people don’t resist to the empire,
but those who oppose are mercilessly killed as if they were showing off.
The Republic’s army was also…
honestly, the results aren’t very good』(Habotan)

『…Uhm, is it okay to discuss this to us, outsiders?』(Felnote)

『We already form the joint-front with the kingdom, so there’s no need to worry. Oh Odd-Eye Holy Knight』(Akisame)

『…Former! There’s nothing I can say about this situation』(Felnote)

Shironeko Gif 19

Felnote-san has a frightening face when Akisame’s-san brought up her own title, but she didn’t completely deny it.

She turned her eyes in a different direction and asked.


『So… Arge has received a request from His Majesty…
Ah, uh …
I’m sorry, it’s my old habit…
Whenever his Majesty is involved, I’m a little worked-up』(Felnote)

『Ah, no. It ’s okay. As Felnote-san says, I and Aoba-san were asked by the king』(Arge)

『Yes. Gin… Arge-san and I were told to get to the capital of the Empire and deal with the Emperor.』(Aoba)

『… Isn’t that a forced assassin job?』(Felnote)


Felnote-san awkwardly looks at Aoba-san.

As usual, Aoba-san didn’t break her smile, the bell on her head ringed as she smiled.


『Although it’s just an emerging country, as the Queen of Alraune, we have a cooperative relationship with the Kingdom.
Arge-san was an old acquaintance who helped me.
Ain’t that right, Arge-san?』(Aoba)

『Uh, yes. That’s how it is』(Arge)

Since old acquaintances are not wrong evaluations, I don’t have anything to object.

Even if it was a long time ago, even before our reincarnation. But if I start to talk about it now, it will be confusing, so I will keep it quiet about it.


『I understand the circumstances, but that’s why it’s dangerous…』(Felnote)

『*Ara*, if you think so, it would be helpful if you would come along.
You look like someone with a name (famous?)』

『I’ll do that even if you don’t tell me.
Even if I’m not a mandate from his majesty, but when my kingdom has given this girl a role (request), it’s natural for me to protect her.
Personally, I decided to take care of that…』(Felnote)

『Then, I will write about it in a letter sending to the Kingdom.
Habotan, prepare the document.』(Akisame)

『Akisame-sama, please do it yourself …』(Habotan)


I was thinking about Elsie-san as I watched the conversation progress.

……It seems better not to say.


Elsie-san, the so-called living disaster golden vampire.

She promised to cooperate, but it seemed more like for her own purpose, more than anything else.

Felnote-san was so angry, I shouldn’t mention her name.


『Uhm, Arge-sama. Is it okay to continue the story?』(Richelle)

『Ah, yes. No problem』(Arge)

『Is that so? Then it’s good…』(Richelle)


The only dark elf, Richelle-san, who doesn’t understand the language, seems a little anxious.

For her, who speaks the ancient spiritual language, the meeting, that is taking place right now, is incomprehensible.

This discussion is also important for her because the Dark Elves have been taken away by the Empire. However, she must have felt uneasy because she couldn’t understand our words.


『I think the Republic will have a common front with the Kingdom.
It hasn’t been officially decided yet, but the four great families and I agree with it.
The kingdom also gave their approval』(Akisame)

『So, it seems easy to take advantage of the confusion and go to the Imperial capital.
Please tell the king that we will continue to work』


After hearing Aoba-san, Akisame-san whispers in a light tone and writes something on the note at hand.

Then, a person suddenly appeared to take the note in that gap time of discussions.


『Yes, yes. For the time when we have difficult talks, we’d better have some sweets. Everyone, please have some』(Satsuki)

Satsuki-san brings the cake and tea for everyone while saying that with a smile as usual.

I felt that the refreshing scent of tea and the sweet smell of freshly baked cakes eased the tension a little.


『Thank you, Satsuki-san. I’m sorry for borrowing your place』(Akisame)

『No, there’s no need to refrain. I was the one who changed Akisame-kun’s diapers after all』(Satsuki)

『Satsuki-san, how many decades did you think it was. Talking about it now is…』(Akisame)

『Excuse me, Satsuki-san. Can you tell me more about that story later …』(Habotan)

『Unn~, Habotan should calm down a bit』(Satsuki)


Satsuki-san smiles and puts a cake set in front of everyone.


『I say it once.
Our employees will help with recovery and self-defense.
But the war is off-limit, get it?』

Shironeko No good

『To be honest. I hope Satsuki-san would help us about it as well』(Akisame)

『It’s nonsense is to bring weapons to the clerk of the coffee shop.
Each of them has a role.
Above all, I don’t want my employees to do anything dangerous as much as possible』(Satsuki)


Although I didn’t watch directly at the battle of the other day, Satsuki’s employees were chasing away the leaders of the hound unit.

It’s not unreasonable that Akisame-san wants some help, but Satsuki-san doesn’t seem to give in.


『Now, shall we take a break? Come on, have a cup of tea while it’s still warm』(Satsuki)

『Thank you, Satsuki-san』(Arge)

I tilt the cup after saying thanks to Satsuki-san. I’m thirsty more than I thought.

I understand that this is an important story, but I don’t like this serious atmosphere.

I want to end early and take a nap slowly.

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Don’t worry, Shironeko.

In the worst case that no-one takes over Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, I can slowly translate it in Q1 2020. (I Still prefer another translator to pick it though, for faster release speed)

As I said, right now I’m working with 3 months schedule.

Besides, Arge and Cathia Web Novels are already finished, after their last chapter, I can take over 2 more series.



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  2. Thanks for this chapter there are times that this WN would be named somehow Lazy vampire take a nap jejeje


  3. Ugh… If possible, someone please can give me some information? I try reading final chapter, but can’t understand Felnote’s future… MTL don’t give this. Other characters – understandable.


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