Arge Chapter 194: Towards the empire

Arge Felnote
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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020. Sorry but I’m already late with the schedule of December 31st, 2019. This time, I make a more loosen schedule so that I may catch up.

Mile’s turn.  15+30=45 chapters. We will see someone we want to see.

Cathia’s Arc: 14+10=24 chapters

Taru: 5+3=8 chapters

Arge: 27 => 26+20=46 Chapters

Mira: 5+3=8 chapters

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Arge Chapter 194: Towards the empire


『Well then… uhm… thank you very much, everyone.』(Arge)


It’s finally the day we depart from Satsuki Cafe, we will be heading to the Empire.
After packing up my room, we had a final greeting to Satsuki Cafe employees.


『No no! It was a fun time, Arge-chan.
Please come and visit us again!
Yes, this is a souvenir cake!』(Satsuki)

『Wa… Thank you very much』(Arge)


Satsuki-san handed a large number of boxes over to me and I stored them in my Blood Box.

Blood box, the skill that dissolves things in my own blood, also has the effect of preventing the stored items from decaying. In other words, we could eat leisurely between trips.


『I will come again. Surely』(Arge)

『Fufu, I’m looking forward to it… There are some people I know in the empire… I think
Ginka-chan will help you』 (Satsuki)


『Yeah. She is a very nice child. If you meet, please send my regards』 (Satsuki)


The “Gin” in her name is catching me off guard.
However, Satsuki-san’s acquaintance isn’t a bad person. I’d better remember her name.


『I think it will be tough. But Arge-chan, you must have something in mind, right?』(Satsuki)

『Yeah. I sometimes think that I have to settle down things once and for all』(Arge)


I thought I was no longer related to Kuon family because I have been reincarnated and came to another world.
However, in fact, the reincarnations who came to this world weren’t only me, but another two Kuon family members.

One of them, Aoba-san is bowing down to Satsuki-san as her trademark bell rings.


『Satsuki-san, thank you for your support』(Aoba)

『No no, don’t worry! Aoba-san as well, please come again for sure!』(Satsuki)

『Yeah. I also like the cake here and I want to come again』(Aoba)


Aoba-san laughs carefreely, her face is much softer than when she was in the Kuon family.
When I met her before, I was somewhat worried about her reincarnation. But now I understand why Aoba-san was chosen as a reincarnation.


What’s wrong, Arge-san?
Is there something on my face?』(Aoba)

『That’s right, there are bells and flowers』(Arge)

『Fu fu, that’s right.
You can look more.
See, you are welcome to look anywhere other than my face.
Because flowers are something to be admired.』(Aoba)


Somehow she is in a good mood, Aoba-san turns around on the spot.
The flowers that decorated on her green skin swayed and had a sweet scent.


『Wafu, Arge-chan, I want you to come again!』(Kuro)

『Yes, I will come to play again』(Arge)

『Later. I’m waiting for you with delicious treats』(Shino)

『Yes, Shino-san』 (Arge)

『Please come and see me again.
Do not overdo it,
Good luck』(Fumitsuki)

『Thank you, Fumitsuki-san』 (Arge)


Satsuki Cafe’s employees also said their farewell.

It’s not just me, Felnote-san, Kuzuha-chan, Aoba-san, and Richelle-san also said their farewell.

I walked up to those who were a little further away and called out


『Thank you very much, Iris-san』(Arge)

『…Do you remember what I taught you?』(Iris)

『… I don’t understand it yet. But I remember』(Arge)

『Un~ I see. … Do not overdo it, okay?』(Iris)

『Ah …』(Arge)


When she hugs me, I have a tightened feeling in my chest.

…The people I’m grateful to have increased.

In the meantime, I was surrounded by many such people

They shed tears for me, shed blood for me, and take care of me.
It was a feeling that I didn’t have when I was in the Kuon family. No, it’s a feeling I didn’t know.

In my memory, I clearly recall the face of Aoba-san and Ryuko-chan who took care of me.
Since then, there was certainly someone who thought well of me, but I left that world without realizing it.


『…Thank you』(Arge)


Can I accept this appreciation this time?
I don’t know yet, but if I can do it someday, will I repay them a little?


『Somehow Iris-san has a Onee-san’s figure』(Arge)

『In fact, I live longer than you』 (Iris)

『Arge-san, ain’t I more of a Onee-san’s figure?!』(Aoba)

『What are you fighting, Aoba…』(Felnote)


Felnote-san has a slightly wry face, but just as she says, Aoba-san is a frame of “relative onee-chan”, so I don’t feel it is wrong.

…It can’t be helped.

She felt somewhat unsatisfied, so, let’s give her a little service.
So I left Iris-san. Turn around and came to Aoba-san.
Our height difference is obvious, and clearly, I am looking up at Aoba-san.




Paste the whole business smile to Aoba-san, who looks down on me with her cute face.


『Aoba Onee-chan♪』(Arge)



Somehow, Aoba-san collapsed.
I was just trying to meet her expectations, but what happened?


『Ah … Uhm, Aoba-san?』(Arge)

Why isn’t there a recorder in this world…
Ah, but if you can repeat it endlessly…

『…I don’t really understand. But we shouldn’t let everyone wait for the departure, right?』(Arge)

『I feel like Arge-chan has become a weapon now…』(Iris?)


Eh? Am I the bad one just now?

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  1. Aoba Onee-chan♪ – that was incredible success! Thanks for the chapters! Waiting for others… How much chapters totally in this novel?


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