All update will be released on Chrismas

A batch of them.

Fow now I have:

  • 5 Taru chapters ready
  • 3 Mira chapters ready (2 is under translating)
  • 1 Mitsuha Manga chapter ready
  • 1 Kaoru Manga chapter ready
  • Trying to translate Cathy but I wonder if I can finish in time for chrismas



  1. I was getting worried that something happened. Glad to see you’re doing ok and thanks for the notice.


  2. Big update on the holidays is fine, even more so when Mira gets some love. Great to hear everything seems ok (?).


  3. So happy you are still here. Thanx for all you do! Also please more taru and mira, them the best!


  4. it is not that lolimamoritai is missing but the TL are ready to give us TL presents for christmas this year, i can’t wait to have you release the batch on this christmas

    but you get me worried that you are abandoned every TL

    glad to have your notice.


  5. I want more chapter from Taru too, there is a lot of potential story, for example there are no too many IRL scenes between taru and his/her friends


  6. I cried tears of relief and joy after reading this. I almost lost hope in Mira and Taru ever being updated. Ty for continuing the translation on both of them, as well is the continued work on mile and arge


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