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Mira Chapter 62: Japanese style

(T.N: I will keep all “little sister” as “Imouto”, big sister as “Onee-chan” or “Onee-san”. I will also keep some of Mira’s unique speaks as Romanji with explaining instead of using Shakespearean)


Mira became a little tired because of the long story, she headed to the washroom with a wooden basin and a bath chair in one corner.

When she put hot water on the wooden basin and dipped in a towel, her hair was suddenly released.


『Nan~ja (what’s that). Oh, It’s you. Do you need something else?』(Mira)


When Mira looked up, there was the figure of Aselia that folded the ribbon on Mira’s hair neatly. In addition, there was a more powerful chest approached.


『Because you had told a precious story. I want to thank you somehow, let me wash your hair and back!』(Aselia)


The story was greatly diverted along the way, but the reason she approached Mira in the first place was that she wanted to take care of Mira like her Imouto.

And now, Aselia approaches Mira with an appropriate excuse without forgetting her original intention.

Although she is fundamentally different from Mariana, Mira feels her slightly raised of tension is somewhat similar. There’s no reason for Mira to refuse because it feels good to have people wash her head.


『As you wish』(Mira)


Getting Mira’s approval, Aselia begins to wash her silver hair with the spirited shower. The touch is very familiar and her fingertips that touch the scalp directly tickle a little, but Mira closes eyes with the comfort that resembles pleasure.

As a result, Aselia enjoyed her nostalgic older sister-san feeling, and Mira was left with a completely relaxed expression.


Once you have washed your body and cooled it down, you can immerse yourself in hot water and enjoy the garden.

The deer sounds that reverberated at regular intervals were very pleasing to Mira. Mira was too relaxed, she was immersed in it until she felt somewhat drunk.

It was about an hour and a half after she came to the public bath that she was fully satisfied.


(It’s time to go up and have dinner) (Mira)


Mira fully enjoyed the large public bath, stood up with the sound of the next deer jumped. Then Aselia followed Mira and help Mira wipe her body. Aselia swung her towel like nunchaku and took a lot of moisture from her body.

And they leave the bathroom together.


Upon leaving the dressing room, Aselia headed for the shelves in the corner of the room and put on her clothes like other bathers.

Mira is standing in front of the figure in the dressing room and drying her hair intangible while observing carefully. Mira admires again how quickly the hair was dried.


(What a strange sight!) (Mira)


Her silver hair has restrained each other in the wet state regain the silky texture in tens of seconds. If she lightens her hair gently, it will spread like powdered snow and splash on her skin. Looking at the mirror, the girl in the mirror is very fascinating, and Mira is happy when her breasts are covered with her hair.


『I’m “sexy”』(Mira)


It was the moment she discovered her new self.

Mira then unlocks the locker and removes the bath towel. She enjoyed the reverberation immediately after bathing while being satisfied with the touch with a very soft fabric.


『Eh (Are~)? You still didn’t change yet』(Aselia)


Aselia, who has finished changing her clothes quickly, appears on the side of Mira and spoke. She wears a pale purple yukata, and the valley that can be glimpsed from the open collar is more sensational than Mirai’s eyes.


『Umu … Well, that』(Mira)


When she returned to her glance, Mira took out her bag and picked up her underwear. Then Aselia saw a bag that suddenly appeared like a magic trick, and raised her voice.


『Amazing, Amazing! This is the item box for the operator’s bracelet. I want to have it soon as well!』(Aselia)


When Mira clears the bag, she lifts her cheeks and swipes the silver bracelet with her hand. For Aselia who is one step close to the C rank, the bracelet of the operator, which can be said to be a high-rank testament, is the most desired target.


『I can’t change my clothes』(Mira)

『Oh, sorry』(Aselia)


When Mira said that, Aselia let go of Mira’s hand and said: “I’ll also get it soon”.

Aselia showed a joyful smile and holding her fist strongly. Mira was very fond of the attitude of trying hard to become stronger. She supported Aselia, although she didn’t speak out.


『Eh (Are~)? Isn’t Mira-chan wearing a yukata?』(Aselia)


Aselia asks Mira who brought out the usual dress from the locker.


『Well, I don’t have a yukata on hands!』(Mira)


As Mira looks back, Aselia rushes from the spot. The destination was a shelf at the end of the dressing room. She opened it and picked up what was in it then she came back vigorously.


『If it’s Mira-chan, it’s about this size』(Aselia)


Aselia offered a yukata with a gentle shade of light green.


『Can I use it without permission?』(Mira)

『Yeah, because it’s for changing clothes』(Aselia)


It is a change of clothes prepared by the inn and is kept in a dressing room by size. In addition, Aselia explains that it is prepared not only for size but also for other races such as Meow. Mira was impressed with that and received the yukata.


(And… how do you wear it?) (Mira)


Sure, when you come to a Ryokan, you should be able to wear a yukata. But Mira didn’t know how to wear a kimono.

She just tightened the belt through the sleeves. Mira thought she wore it properly. The length, etc. is just as good as Aselia thinks, and it just covers the back of the hand.

And then, when she tried to close the collar and fasten it with the belt she received together.


『Wait a minute. The collar is reversed』(Aselia)


Saying that, Aselia turned to the front of Mira and began dressing carefully. The sleeves with heels are stretched neatly, and the collars are combined to make it very neat. Finally, when she tightens the band and lightly adjusts it, she goes back one step to have the whole picture of Mira into view.


『Okay. Now complete』(Aselia)


She smiles at the workmanship and gently strokes Mira’s head. The gesture had the impression of a Onee-chan and for Aselia, it was an unconscious action. Despite being completely treated like a kid, Mira didn’t push the hand on her head away but she sighed as if it was okay for a long time sensation and the calm atmosphere of Aselia.


(Some things just don’t work. I’m an adult, you know.) (Mira)


After changing clothes and leaving the dressing room, there are a souvenir shop and table tennis. The guests, who relaxed after the bath, weren’t doing anything. They just spent a moment of coffee. This is where the light of the lanterns shines and Mira feels lost in a different space. Whether it is the original world or the current reality or its boundary. Under such circumstances, she picked up a familiar piece with a stick on a round flat plate.


(This is completely table tennis… The owner here is definitely a former player) (Mira)


The concept of a ryokan that is based on the good old-fashioned classics of the original world, called the interior of a Japanese. And a classic table tennis table is definitely the work of those who know it.

Mira enjoys the benefits of not only the technology but also the wonders of the original players in the cultural field.


『Yes, Mira-chan. This is my gratitude. This is the best for bathing』(Aselia)


Aselia returned from the shop in a sprint and gave out one of the purchased bottles as she said so to Mira.


『Oh, that’s nice!』(Mira)


In the bottle Mira received, it was written 『Milk Coffee』 in brown letters. This is also a classic after bathing.


『Oh, do you want to play table tennis?』(Aselia)


Aselia keeps an eye on the racket that Mira has in her hand and squints like a hawk that finds a prey.


『No, that’s not why (~nja ga~na~)』(Mira)


Aselia disappeared even before Mira finished and returned with a racket.


『Do you know how to play?』(Mira)

『Of course. I’m pretty strong!』(Aselia)


Aselia picks up the racket and swings lightly. Two large mountains sway due to crustal movements along with the sound of the sharp wind. Aselia looked happy, Aselia turned to Mira with an innocent smile.


『Have you played it before, Mira-chan?』(Aselia)

『Umu, that’s right. However, you are quite familiar with this place.
you know how to wear a yukata,
Do you come here often?』(Mira)


Yukata, hot milk coffee and table tennis, none originally existed in this world. But Aselia is already familiar with the place. Mira felt good that Aselia is familiar with the culture of her country.


『This is my first time staying at this ryokan. But the Japanese style is common』(Aselia)

『Japanese Style…』(Mira)

『I like the Japanese style.
It’s kind of like a unique emotion, so it’s really calm.
I know not only yukata but also kimono.
My teacher taught me.
Ah, my teacher is the person who taught me the Japanese ceremony.』(Aselia)


Aselia speaks with a cheerful expression whether she likes it. Mira is surprised at whether the culture of her country is infiltrated as a Japanese style, but she is slightly happy with the familiarity of that culture. She feels like she met a foreigner who loved Japan.


『Now, Mira-chan. Let’s drink before it’s cold. It’s common to put your hands on your hips and drink a lot』(Aselia)


Saying, Aselia takes that pose. Then, urge Mira to do the same with her gaze. When she smiles with a bitter smile in her pure line of sight, Mira takes the same posture as Aselia’s familiar pose. Both legs spread with the shoulder-width, putting left hand on hip and drinking coffee milk all at once.


(This feels wrong…) (Mira)


With a slight resentment to the teacher who taught Aselia the Japanese style, Mira drank the sweet coffee milk.


『Mira-chan, too, will get on the train tomorrow?』 (Aselia)

『Umu, Souja~ yo~ (that’s right)』(Mira)

『As expected. Which way are you going?』(Aselia)

『I’m going to Alice. What will you do? Have you decided to get a shield instead of a spirit sword?』(Mira)


The two girls talk about what they will do while putting away the empty bottles into the collecting case at the store. Most of the guests staying in front of the station were railway train users, and Aselia also planned to take a flight to “Oz Stein” tomorrow.

However, she got a source of information that there are stores where spirit swords are sold. Aselia after talking to Mira decided to get a red shield instead of a spirit sword. So for now, she doesn’t have to go to that store anymore.


『Solomon-sama’s home territory, I’m going to Lunatic Lake. I’ve heard that there is a market for attributed equipments. I may find it if I search there』(Aselia)

『Huh, was there such a place?』(Mira)


Mira, who hasn’t looked around the capital yet, smiles happily and adds that market to some sightseeing (waiting list).


『May I ask you to tell me the story of Solomon-sama when I get to rank C?』(Aselia)


A little conservative, but with the utmost thought, Aselia asked.


『I~ja~rou~ (It’s fine). Then, if you become C rank, as a celebration, I’ll teach you how to train the way he had been doing』(Mira)

『Really!? Hooray! I’ll do my best!』(Aselia)


When Aselia expresses joy throughout her body in response to an unexpected response, Mira’s concentrate somehow nailed to the exposing collar.


『By the way, Mira-chan is traveling alone, right?』(Aselia)

『Umu, Sou~ja~ na~ (Yeah, that’s right)』(Mira)


Mira responds by slightly diverting her gaze to avoid unnaturalness. Even Mira, who has gradually been getting used to breasts, seems to be unable to talk while still staring.


『Do you go to Alice on request? Are you okay by yourself?』(Aselia)


The ability can be judged from the standards guaranteed by the union called C rank. And Aselia knows that Mira, who is a celestial race, is older than her. But Aselia is stimulated by her Onee-san’s heart, she asks Mira so.

Mira simply stated without worrying.


『Shinpai mu~yo~ja (Don’t worry). I’m not losing to younger people』(Mira)


She had such an invincible smile.


『See you again!』(Aselia)

『Umu, Mata~ Itsuka~ ja~ na~ (Yeah, we meet again someday)』(Mira)


Once again, after Aselia got the agreement to keep contact via the union, she ran away refreshingly with her motivated eyes shining brightly. Mira reminds her to put a shield textbook in her baggage and read it carefully later.

After Mira sees Aselia’s lively appearance going away, she stands in front of the sketch on the wall and glares at it.


(Where was my room…?) (Mira)


Because she was followed Aselia to the middle of the place, she didn’t remember the directions at all. She was looking for the place『Between the sky』 written on the key of the room she received.

Finally, Mira learns the path to the room and starts walking.


When I returned to my room, Nakai-san was in the middle of preparing the meal on the table. Then Nakai-san greets Mira.


『Welcome back. The meal will be ready soon, so please wait for a moment』(Nakai)



While saying so, Nakai-san moves the tableware from the tray. Mira sits in front of the table and waiting. The containers show vibrant colors, they are all pottery and have the beauty that can be enjoyed even by amateurs.

Dishes are lined up such as bowls, pickles that are not affected by temperature, and eggs.

Mira sat and looked at the middle of the room where preparations were going on, then a voice came from outside and the main characters were carried in. It starts with tempura, miso soup, boiled food, and white rice.

Mira was thrilled by the many dishes that invite nostalgia. It has a gorgeous assortment of dishes, and it is a wonderful assortment of items that are not ashamed of the Japanese name.


『Do you need a description of the food?』(Nakai)

『Umu, please!』(Mira)


After the meals are prepared on the table, Meow (race) Nakai asks Mira so. Mira responds immediately to it. There’s a concern about what kind of ingredients are being reproduced in this world.


『From here.
Eggs made from garden bird’s eggs with smoked black tuna broth.
Next to that Frost Bison meat with soy sauce, sugar, it’s a dish called Yamato boiled in ginger.(Nakai)


Nakai-san gradually improved in tone, it was as if she had made the dishes by herself, lining up her thoughts on each dish and her feelings at cooking.

After that, the Meow Nakai, who began to get more excited, started to talk about things that were not related to the dishes. A freshly-picked, fresh-fished style flower shape is difficult in this store far from the sea, and the dried fish is delicious but the life is not as good.

Only until when the other Meow (Race) Nakai brought food in, she was forced to suspend.


『Please enjoy your meal slowly.
If you ring that bell after eating, we will come to collect the tableware. Well then, please excuse us』(Nakai)


Nakai sat down, bowed elegantly in a straight posture then she went out of the sky room with the other Meow race.

Immediately after that, from the other side of the door, “How many times have I told you not to do it?” and “I’m sorry” voice rang.

When she heard about a bell, Mira turned his eyes on it, there was a hanging scroll with the word “peace of mind” in a light color. Aside from that, there was a bell in the same shape that Solomon used when calling Suleiman.

After confirming that, Mira wiped the table with a cloth.


(“peace of mind”…! It’s not a word to write on the scroll!) (Mira)


Mira blew the miso soup in her mouth while pondering about the hanging scroll that seemed ridiculous.


After that, there was no problem, Mira enjoyed a peaceful time while enjoying Japanese food after a long time.

After pouring hot water from a metal container into the teapot together with the tea leaves, she poured it into the teacup and enjoyed it with a relaxed expression. When she was satisfied with the scent of the tea leaves spreading through her nasal passages, she sipped a lot of it and stuck her tongue out.




Mira exhales in the cold air after the meal.

She rang the bell with her fingers, she couldn’t hear the sound but there was certainly sounds, and after a while, two Nakai came to collect the tableware.


『The futon was laid in the next room.
Please call me with the bell when you get up in the morning.
I will bring in the breakfast』(Nakai)

『Umu, I understand』(Mira)


Meow Nakai sits next to the door of the next room, lightly opens it and shows it to Mira. It seemed that they have prepared a bed. A futon was laid on the tatami mat. A quilt with a gorgeous dragon design. It seemed to be comfortable.

When Nakai finished putting the tableware away, Mira sipped the second cup of tea. Mira Mira stretched greatly.


『Let’s sleep』(Mira)


When she stood up and opened the bathroom door, there was a Japanese-style toilet. Mira impressed with the Japanese style so far, and raised the hem of her yukata.

After completing the work, Mira was steadily preparing to go to bed with the amenity toothbrush prepared in the bathroom.


After everything, she went into the futon and lied on her back, turn her face and gazed out the window with the wooden frame.

There’s no noise late at night, but in the sky, a star that seems to be congested blinks. When she meditated, this time would be wrapped in silence. There was a slight smell of incense, and the water sound slightly resonated in her ears.

Wrapped in a light and soft blanket, Mira’s breath begin to play a restful tone.

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Mira vol 5

Mira Chapter 63: Travel companion


In the morning, when the sun shines like a haze, Mira is slumbering in the tatami room with a faint Japanese sign. Suddenly, she hears the sound of a bell that melts into the sky.


『Nuo… Nani~ no~ oto~ ja (what is that sound)?』(Mira)


Mira still has her face buried in the blanket. The sound resonated over and over, it could be heard from the outside. And when the sound stopped.


『We will give you information on Continental Railway operations.
The left circuit line departed from Woodholm Station at 8:15.
The estimated time of arrival at this station is 12:45. I Repeat ──』(Broadcast)


It was the broadcast that was sent from the station to convey the status of the railway operation. Since the arrival time of the railway isn’t accurate in minutes as in Japan, it is broadcast to the whole city.

After listening to the broadcast, Mira opens the menu and checking the current time, it was written as 8:30.


(Remaining 4 hours and a little) (Mira)


Mira stood up from the blanket, walked lightly to the window. She rubs her eyes on the back of her hands and has a panoramic view of the outside. The cityscape where many people of various races and costumes come and go in the morning sun. As she looks up, you can see the large station and many people who come and go like a kite at the entrance.

Mira looked at the waves of such people vaguely recalled the night when she arrived at the station.

When she arrived at the silver side, the station yard I looked from the sky was large and it would take a lot of time if she looked around on foot.

Before getting on the board, Mira was really excited to go for sightseeing, she moved away from the window and took off the yukata.

She washes her face in a washroom that is similar to a hand watershed, a Japanese-style toilet, and change into her magic robe set,


『That’s right, that’s right』(Mira)


While whispering, she rang the bell with her finger. She remembered Nakai saying that with this as a signal breakfast would be carried in.

After changing clothes, sip tea and sit on a cushion. Mira doesn’t do anything in a tranquil hour but leans and drinks.


『How peaceful』(Mira)


The so-called lazy-around appearance.


『Good morning. I bring breakfast』(Nakai)


While calming down, Mira heard the voice came from the hallway. Mira stood up, unlocked the door and welcomed the Nakai in.

The breakfast arranged on the table is a classic Japanese food that is thoroughly studied and well prepared.

Mira sat down and confirmed that this breakfast was also delicious. After receiving instructions on cooking from the same Nakai as last night, Mira started mixing natto first.


After Mira is satisfied with the breakfast, she grabs the ribbon that had been tying her hair the other day and start tying it in front of the mirror. She can’t tie her hair well like Mariana did.


(Nuo… The twin tails are the most cute) (Mira)


Mira is struggling, thinking about what she should do because of her ideal appearance. About three weeks after coming to this world, she started to get used to herself.

After trial and error, Mira has somehow decided on her hairstyle, and Mira is excited about her appearance.

She was ready and looked around the room to see if there were anything left behind.


After getting lost a little, Mira found the counter. Passing in front of the shoebox room on the way, seeing the uptown entrance and returning the bag. Because the shoebox and room key are the same, it was explained that she had to collect her shoes before returning them to the counter.


『Sewa~ ni~ natta~ (I have been taken care of)』(Mira)


Mira has changed her own shoes, returns the key to the counter.


『Thank you for using our Ryokan… By the way, Dear customer, it seems that it’s hard to tie, but are you planning to go out with that hair?』(Receptionist)


The receptionist receives the key with a sales smile, looks uneasy about Mira, and asks Mira as she cannot be patient. Mira leans slightly and touches her hair to see if it works.

She didn’t solve anything in particular and pondering about the attitude of the receptionist.


『I’m going to do that, but something strange?』(Mira)


Mira has no idea, so she asks back. Then the receptionist “May you excuse me for a moment?” gently smiled as she brought the mirror in the counter. Unlike the sale smile, it was a full expression of motherhood.

Then the receptionist took off Mira’s hair ribbon. Mira wasn’t aware of it, her hair only looked fine from the front, there was a position where it was devastating gathered up and down and that was obvious from others.

While worrying about the difference, Mira let the receptionist arrange her hair again. The appearance in the mirror is certainly so impressive that after finishing, the receptionist can brush Mira’s silver hair with her fingertips, the condition of Mira’s hair flutters like silk.


『This is all right』(Receptionist)

『Thank you. It took a lot of time』(Mira)


Mira left the Ryokan, “Star Moon (Hoshi Tsuki) Manor” passing with the cheerful smile of the receptionist.


Mira headed straight to Silverside Station and looked up again at the large building. It is about the same size as the school building seen at Arkait Gakuen and stands majestically in the sunlight.

Mira entered the premises from the entrance of the busy station. The store continues to the depths like a shopping street, but the front is lined with people who seem to be the staff of the station, and there is a counter written as the reception.

Mira heads to one of the railroad reception.


『Can I ask a question?』(Mira)

『Yes, please ask me anything』(Receptionist)


The Receptionist responds with a smile to the girl, who shook her twin tails and peeked at the slightly higher counter. It was a slightly more polite response than usual. But Mira feels that the job requires to be kind.


『I want to use the train, but I’d like to know how to get on』(Mira)

First of all, I will explain the ticket.
There are three types of tickets for each seat class, everything is sold here.』(Receptionist)


The Receptionist answers the question with a smile and puts three tickets on the tray so that Mira can see it. The colors are white, pale blue, and red. The material wasn’t paper, but a material similar to a dungeon permit.


『From here, economy class, premium class, first class.
One piece is required for each station, and the price is 5,000 riffs, 10,000 riffs, and 20,000 riffs.』(Receptionist)

『Hum, one at one station …』(Mira)

(It seems that the system is slightly different from the original world) (Mira)


Mira looked at three tickets. The difference is the letters written as color. Economy class is easy to imagine. However, Mira, an ordinary household, has a longing for the words premium class and first class.


『I want to go to Alice Farius, how many train stations from here?』(Mira)

『From the silver side, there are five stations. It’s a total of 25,000 riffs in economy class』(Receptionist)


Mira is pointing at the first-class ticket to the receptionist who answers with a smile.


『Okay, five of these please』(Mira)


Mira put out ten Mithril coins equivalent to 100,000 riffs on the tray. The Receptionist is a little amazed, but she immediately regains her smile and checks the fee.


『Yes, certainly. This is the first-class ticket. Please check it』(Receptionist)



Mira receives 5 small tickets and puts it into her waist pouch. When the Receptionist watches Mira’s gesture, she talks.


『First class tickets are expensive, so it’s best not to show them in public』(Receptionist)


That’s why she reminds Mira. Mira is convinced that this is true.


『That’s right, I will be careful』(Mira)


Upon receiving the advice, Mira shifted the waist pouch slightly toward her abdomen.

Then she thanked Receptionist and looked forward to how much the first class would be. Mira went out to the streets where the shops lined up.


As Mira checks the time on the menu, it’s a little over 9 o’clock. Mira remembered that the arrival time of the train was in the late 12 o’clock, she could spend time for now. When she actually stepped in, she thrilled in front of a larger section of the station premises than expected.

Stores line up in two layers like a shopping street that handles miscellaneous products, and when she comes here, it feels like she can find anything here.

The remaining time is 3 and nearly half an hour. Mira jumped to the nearest store to enjoy shopping until it was time.

The first sign is “Moon and Silver Tower Specialty Products Silver Side Station”. It is a souvenir shop. The store is large and has many customers, so it seems to be thriving.


『Nu …』(Mira)


Nine kinds of child-sized robes are lined up in a prominent place in the store, and Mira who sees them jerks slightly.

It is, of course, the sage robe replica. Mira looks so spectacular because it is neatly arranged, but Mira focused on the stock.


(Why there are only three replicas of my robes…) (Mira)


There are five or more items on display, including exhibits and replicas folded in stock. There is clearly a sense of discrimination in the Luminaria robe.


(It must have been sold … I’m very popular …) (Mira)


She told herself so strongly, and Mira left the scene.

After passing through the sewing-related shelves, the shelves with the grocery items continues further. It’s no exaggeration to say that the food that you can enjoy in each region is a classic souvenir. Mira went through the products that seemed a little expensive.

The first thing she saw was a classic cookie. The one sold here is a muscat cookie made from flourished muscat grown in the kingdom of Arkite, with a jam in the center of a plain cookie. The sweet and sour taste of a jam that shines beautifully like emerald is a popular dish.

Next to it is Muscat Candy and Muscat Drink.

Mira goes to the next shelf. The souvenirs that can be said to be classic are also arranged in the area of ​​the shelf. A pennant was written with nine wise men, a pin badge engraved with the two names of the nine wise men and King Solomon, a mini lantern written with the kingdom of Arkite, a capital Lunatic Lake model with craftsmanship, and a silver tower with craftsmanship Figurine. When Mira checked it, only things that were difficult to handle were gathered in one place. However, contrary to Mira’s perception, the area has the most customers.

Mira left the souvenir shop after purchasing six hundred riffs of Muscat cookies.

The next store Mira visited was a bookstore. Perhaps because it’s popular, there are many well-dressed customers such as a surgeon, the man of the muscular warrior who seems to be with him is looking at the shelf with a cool expression.

Mira picked up a book that had been stacked. On the cover page was written “Introduction to Magic”, and the content was an introduction to the title, such as a magical catalyst for beginners’ learning and so-on.


If you look at it, you can find introductory books on all the techniques. The last page comes with an introductory pamphlet for Arkite Gakuen, which will convey your willingness to learn more.

Gently returning to the stack, Mira laughed at the martial arts instruction book placed next to the book. This is also an introductory book that describes the basics of weapon handling such as swordsmanship and martial arts. Of course, if you open the backmost page, you will find pamphlets for each dojo.


(I’m so sad …) (Mira) (T.N: No summoner book)


Mira is going deeper into the store, rather than being impressed.

There are books such as monster encyclopedias and botanical illustrations, as well as heroic encyclopedias for tourist information.

There were picture books on the back shelf. There is also a children’s literature headed by the story of the nine wise men who Emera spoke passionately at the lowest level of the ancient temple Nebulapolis, as well as novels of multi-sama genres.

Furthermore, there are various adult titles that are out of reach of Mira, and the customers and clerk in the store are watching over Mira’s back reaching desperately. Many others who leaked an unsatisfactory sigh in the figure of the girl who gave up and lowered their hands, rushed to the girl and stepped on the book at the next moment.



(Nuu~… I made people worried) (Mira)


Mira was infidelity, but she found an incredible book in the far corner.

It’is not an adult noble literature. There were mass entertainment and comic books. Such a culture will be influenced by the former player.

Naturally, there is no title that Mira remembers and all covers are fresh.


(There are so many comics for the first time … I’m looking forward to excavation!) (Mira)


Excavation work. In other words, find an interesting comic that suits you. Mira picks up from one end and takes a glance at the cover and synopsis.

The girls seemed to be in a good mood on the comic bookshelves, was distracted by the thought, people were finally relieved.

Eventually, Mira picked up a number of remarkable comics and bought a map of the surrounding area of ​​the Alice Farius saint country.


Look around many other stores. Aimed at adventurer-branch of Dinoir Shokai, which sells various useful tools, is worth seeing, and there are many other souvenir shops, general merchandise stores, and medicine stores continue on. Everything was different from the standard items, and it was something that could be enjoyed by just looking.


It was around when Mira started to go around with this and that. A familiar bell sound jumped into Mira’s ear as she escaped from a store clerk.


『I will inform you about the operation of the Continental Railway. The left circulation line is running smoothly towards this station. It will arrive one hour later. Repeat ──』(Broadcast)

『One hour …』(Mira)


When Mira hears the announcement and confirms the time, she resumes visiting the store.

As if the broadcast was signaled, people flowed from the nearest stairs to the second layer. There are many restaurants on the upper floor. and there are many shops selling Station lunch and shops specializing in Station lunch.

Many types come together but the fragrance stimulates the belly as Mira walks in the whole area. The blissful moment of pecking the Station lunch in front of the passing scenery.

When she noticed, Mira began to examine the many Station lunch on the eaves.

The first is a Western-style restaurant with a bright pastel atmosphere. It is usually run as a restaurant but sells Station lunch at the storefront before the arrival of the railway. The contents are mainly meat, fish, and vegetable sandwiches, and the colorful content seems to be popular among women.

In fact, there are many female customers. When Mira escapes out of the woman group, she goes to the next store.


In the second layer, where the number of people gradually increases, Mira visited a shop called 『Poka Poka Bento』.

This shop only handles Station lunches and the variations were mainly common such as fried lunch boxes, paste lunch boxes, grilled meat lunch boxes, and meatball lunch boxes. Because it is cheap and large in volume, the customer base is mostly adventurers, and hard warriors and others are buying two paste lunches.


(Bento looks delicious just by looking at it. It has a mysterious charm.) (Mira)


Mira came to the next store while pulling her hair. There are many high-end stores, many of the products are elaborate. Omelet lunch with demiglace sauce, roll cabbage lunch cooked in tomato soup, scotch egg lunch with herbs, etc.


『This is craftsmanship』(Mira)


Mira looks at a sample of a semi-cooked omelet rice bento. She brings the tip of her nose close to the edge, her cheek melts due to the scent of Demigrass sauce and butter.

But there may still be better Station lunch. Mira put omelet rice in one of the candidates and headed to the next. Unknown to Mira, the sales record of the omelet rice was raised by the customers who witness the smile of an angelic girl that day.

The next store was very similar to Moon Star Manor, where Mira stayed overnight. Probably based on the Japanese-style formula. The goods sold by the kimono-welding salesgirls, it was a little different from the classification of Station lunch which is just rice balls with various ingredients. There are more than ten kinds of ingredients, and side dishes are garnished with pickles and tea. For tea, the container and contents were sold separately.


(Here as well, fried chicken …) (Mira)


Rice balls are prepared in many kinds, from classic to those with a different world sense. It seems to be prosperous.

The store next to it is the same line as the rice ball store. The products we were selling were Station lunch (mainly cooked rice) such as mushroom rice, bamboo shoot rice, and chestnut rice. The accompanying side meals also make it stand out in an iron plate.


(Boiled bamboo shoots eaten in the countryside were exquisite) (Mira)


Memorize the second candidate and peek into the next store, and then next store.

Even the cheapest of the high-class Station lunch restaurant is 2,000-riff. The charcoal-grilled restaurant that offers abundant skewers, a fast food classic burger restaurant, and a sushi bento that has three types of Shochiku plums. Many stores as such continued further.

And Mira looked into the dozens of classic restaurants for the Been. The cheapest one is 500 riffs, and the highest one is 1,300 riffs. Speaking of its contents, it is a lunch box that combines white rice with many side dishes. In a sense, it is a complete form of Station lunch, which is simple but packed with many side dishes and can be enjoyed with both the tongue and eyes.

There are many side dishes that Mira is familiar with, which give Mira a sense of security on the first railway trip in the world.

Mira stuck to the sample and confirmed the difference due to price differences. There are various types and numbers of cheap and high, side dishes, but there are major differences in the main meat and fish. The cheaper ones are white fries, but when they get higher, they change to salmon grilled and mini hamburgers.

Meals that are packed in lunch boxes.

At last, Mira decided to buy a lunch box with the highest price.

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Mira Chapter 64: Cedric Di Noir


『We inform you of the operation of the Continental Railway.
The left circulation line will arrive at this station shortly.
Please note that the stop time is one hour from arrival. ──Repeat』(Broadcast)


After purchasing the Station lunch, Mira went down further, the broadcast echoed on the premises.


『Fumu, it’s about time』(Mira)


Mira looks at the guide map while holding a paper bag with a box lunch box, and walks toward the center through repeated broadcasts.

At the same time, adventurer-like people began to move as a lump. Because economy class is free seating, good seats come with a first-come-first-served basis.

As she goes through a wide corridor made of marble, the passage is divided into straight and right turns.

Mira glances at the wooden signboard hung from the ceiling and turns right.

In the middle of the passage, there was a silver pillar that was as wide as three Mira who joined hands. As Mira approached, a part of the pillar opened, and a man wearing a uniform of the station staff stood there, looked at Mira.


『From here on, the Car will be dedicated to the first class. Are you sure you want to check the ticket?』(Station Staff)


He seems to be a middle-aged man around fifty, he speaks gently to Mira with a smile without prejudge.


(I wonder if this is the ticket gate …) (Mira)


Mira takes a first-class ticket out of her waist pouch and passes one of them. After checking the ticket, the station staff pressed a special stamp on it and returned it to Mira.


『Since there is a ticket confirmation in the car, please present the ticket with this mark. Then have a good trip』(Station Staff)

『Umu』 (Mira)


The ticket is engraved with a sign like a hologram, and the letter “Silver Side” emerges with the light.


(How elaborate) (Mira)


Mira looks at such a ticket with interest and then returns it to her waist pouch.

Beyond the ticket-gate is the first-class waiting room. Leather sofas and chairs are provided, and well-dressed men and women are relaxing in each place. A large space well-decorated by vibrant and a fireplace without fire quietly.

Mira puts her breasts up a little and sits down on a nearby sofa. At the same time, curious eyes are poured into the girl.

Everyone in the first-class waiting room must have good standings. There are aristocratic children, butlers, good merchants, executives of the organization, etc., and all of them offer escorts with appropriate strength.

The girl who appeared there was so beautiful that even if she said to be the royal family, people would believe right away. But there is not even one butler, maid, guardian, or adult.

It would be inevitable that the mysterious girl wearing a fashionable outfit gathers attention.

Mira feels a little uncomfortable, she rolls up her left arm sleeve and opens the menu. Currently at 12:37. After confirming the time, she tries to take out an Apple Au Lait.


(Nuo… The number is running out) (Mira)


Every time something happened, Mira took out an Apple Au Lait from the inventory, she didn’t pay attention that it was already running out.

Then a gentleman man walks to Mira, who was thinking about buying Apple Au Lait somewhere around the place.


『Greeting, young lady』(gentleman)

『Umu, greeting』(Mira)


Returning the greetings, Mira glances at the man.

He wears a gray large bag in his hand, he looks young and has no characteristics of a long-lived species. Slightly reddish maroon hair leaks out of a deep green Tyrolean hat.

Behind the man was a male and female escort wielding swords.

Mira thinks that a man, who calls out to a beautiful girl like herself without any context, is suspicious.


『Excuse me for the sudden. I am Cedric, who works for the “Grimmdart” company』(Cedric)

『Mira~ja (The name is Mira)』(Mira)


Cedric introduces himself as if to explain. Mira relaxed a little and replied briefly. Behind Cedric, two of the escorts nod. A tall and strong man was standing proudly but the woman smiled slightly when she met Mira’s eyes.


『Then, Nani~yo~ ja (What do you need)?』(Mira)


After confirming the escort’s ability, Mira turns back to the man and asks him while looking up.


『I just saw your operator’s bracelet by chance and Mira-sama appears to be a senior adventurer.
The adventurers who use the first class are rare so I want to speak with you.
No, it’s my bad habit that I want to hear when I’m curious』(Cedric)

『Fumu, so that’s why』(Mira)

『Yes, only advanced adventurers ride in the first class, they are those who are extremely disliked to have contact with others or have circumstances』(Cedric)

『So, You were worried about me.
But sorry. I don’t have any circumstances.
It’s my first trip with the railroad, I was just a little inspiring』(Mira)

『It’s also great. You know how to use money』(Cedric)


In response to Mira, Cedric raised the tone of the voice by a semitone and took a palm-sized case out of the coat.


『Please take one』(Cedric)


Cedric handed out one card saying so. The group name Di Noir group, the coat of arms of the horse and the eagle, and the name of the man, the letter is Cedric Di Noir, were there.


『Di Noir … It’s an unheard name』(Mira)


When Mira receives the card, that is, the business card, she traces what is written on it and says what she thought.


『Haven’t you heard of it?
This was what I did but I was self-confident.
Actually, our company mainly deals with products for adventurers, but as long as you can enjoy money like you, I thought that you would definitely like our products as well.』(Cedric)

『I see. Products for adventurers…』(Mira)


Hearing Cedric’s words, Mira recalls a relaxed odor used by the Emera. The tools that were created for the demand of the real world, they are recognized as one of the major changes in this world.


『Oh, did I get you interested?
Then, as a sign of being acquaintance, allow me to give Mira-sama a promising new product from Dinoir Firm』(Cedric)


Cedric opened his bag, took out something that was astonishingly big to show off. It was about one tatami size, covered with a blue cloth on the front, the back was made of black and durable material. At first glance, it looks like a thick plate but it’s well decorated, and if you look closely it looks like a bag.


『What is this (nan~ja)? Rather, is the bag an item box?』(Mira)


Certainly, he brought something big out of the bag. However, Cedric doesn’t wear the armlet of the operator, so he can’t use the item box function. However, the operator’s bracelet with the function of the item box is made by people. If so, it would be possible to make a bag with that technology.

Mira focuses more on the bag in Cedric’s hand than on the new product lying in front of him.


『Yes, that’s right. It is a diversion of the operator’s bracelet technology used by advanced adventurers. Well, it’s a custom-made item, so there’s only one in this world』(Cedric)

『Ho~u, a custom-made product』(Mira)


Operator bracelets are used by adventurers in the form of rentals, but their production costs are considered great. Cedric must possess great influence to have such an expensive product in the form of a bag as his personal belongings. But Mira doesn’t know much about it, so she doesn’t realize how precious it is.


『Rather than that, I want you to pay attention to this new product』(Cedric)

『That’s true. What is this (nan~ ja?)?』(Mira)

『This is the latest sleeping bag』(Cedric)


A new product that keeps you safe on the ground. When Mira turns her gaze at the mysterious object, Cedric puts his hand on the cut (hole/zipper) with a good expression. After a little lifting and turning, the blue plate-like object quickly changed to look like a bed mat and the other part changed its form like a pillow.


『Ho~u… this is rather interesting』(Mira)

『You seem to be interested. Allow me to explain in detail』(Cedric)


So Cedric began to talk about the new product scheduled to be released a month later, the features of sleeping bags for advanced adventurers.


『As you can see, this sleeping bag is out of the question for normal people to carry around.
No adventurer will use such a bulky thing.
But what if they can use the item box?
I was interested in the operator bracelet used by senior adventurers.
It is no exaggeration to say that this bag was made to verify its convenience. I was impressed with such wonderful technology and planned to make it a business』(Cedric)


A new product that Cedric thought of that was made for adventurers, assumed the use of item boxes.

As for production, Mira can only remember refinement. That’s not because it’s useful to people but because it was a result of her simple thought and action. Mira naturally listened to Cedric’s insatiable attitude as a merchant.


『I gathered information relying on a lot of messengers.
What would adventurers want?
And the first sleeping bag was developed.
This is for promising adventurers like Mira-sama』(Cedric)


Cedric after making his long introduction started talking his business to enumerate the features of the new sleeping bag.
Since the capacity of the item box depends on the weight, it must be thoroughly reduced in weight. Certainly, it was possible to lift even for someone as small as Mira.
Next, cleanliness. Cedric gave a demonstration and disassembled the sleeping bag for each part. You can wash each part individually.

Then, next was the insect repellent process that Cedric noticed from the information of the adventurers.
This is the most annoying problem for female adventurers.
It would certainly not be comfortable to have a grotesque insect in your sleeping bag when you wake up in the morning.

Cedric has incorporated an insect repellent device that uses a magic tube as a power source that the Dinoir Company handles. Cedric demonstrated but there wasn’t visible to the eye. It was a plain impression.


『I’m confident but how does this sleeping bag look from Mira-sama, a very promising adventurer’s POV?』(Cedric)


After completing the explanation, Cedric changes his facial expression and turns his ears to not miss a phrase. On the other hand, since Mira has never had an adventure like an adventurer, she smiles and talks.


『Fu~mu~, it seems comfortable』(Mira)

『That’s true! As expected of Mira-sama. I promise a comfortable sleep that never disappoints you!』(Cedric)


Mira can’t say anything because she has never been forced to do anything. Mira tried to continue but after seeing Cedric’s delight quickly responded to the word “looks comfortable”, she couldn’t speak anymore.

Mira swallows her words and confirms the feel of the sleeping bag. The surface is covered with a strong cloth and when she put her hand through the gap, the cloth is soft and comfortable. The bottom is elastic and certainly better than a cheap sleeping bag.


『Is this really okay?』(Mira)

『Of course. If it can be used at a relay point (advertising) for other adventurers, etc.』(Cedric)

『I see (Naruhodo~ no~u), something like that』(Mira)


Currently, Cedric was on a round tour of the continent by rail and visiting adventurer societies across the country. His purpose was to advertise new products, especially to famous adventurers who were going to be his customers.

Then, a beautiful girl who is an advanced adventurer and has good money to ride the first-class train. Maybe he doesn’t have enough advertising personnel to prosper so much. That’s why Cedric called Mira directly. Mira herself felt overwhelmed somehow but she was thankful to receive it as there was no particular condition.


『At Dinoir Co., we also sell other products. Meeting Mira-sama here is something like fate, so I would like Mira-sama to have a handful of products that our company that I proud of. And this is a special coupon』(Cedric)

『Nu… Well, I may remember when I need it』(Mira)


The female escort was slightly jerking her cheeks from the side.


『The train will arrive at No. 7 left circulation line soon.
Dear customers, please make sure that you don’t cross the white line』(Broadcast)


A bell sounds as a reminder following a familiar broadcast. The tone inspires Mira’s expectation and Cedric has a (business?) smile on the girl.


『This must be the first time Mira-sama gets on the railroad. How about looking at the moment of arrival once? I have seen it several times, but it was very powerful』(Cedric)


After completing his missionary activities, Cedric told Mira about experiencing the surprises he had learned as a person, not as a merchant.


『Hoho~u, if you say so, let’s see』(Mira)


Cedric and the female escort woman have a soft smile. Mira is also interested in that like a child.


『Well then. Thank you for the sleeping bag』(Mira)

『Yes, see you again. Please come to any of our stores if you need repair or refill magic tubes for repellent insects then it’s running out, we will handle them.』(Cedric)


Mira waved her hand as if she was in a hurry and jumped to the platform from the back door of the waiting room.

Cedric sees the back of the impressive girl and confirms his bag stock.


(I just gave it over but what about the results?) (Cedric)


Cedric began to consider further new products while feeling a strange sense of accomplishment in this fateful encounter.



Mira went to her platform where the train hasn’t arrived yet, she raised her impression out of the sight beyond her imagination. The sky-covered arch was far enough to look up, and the top of the platform partitioned for the first class was cut off like a cliff, and in front of it, the thick white line from the broadcast was visible on the floor painted black.


(I feel like the scale is too big …) (Mira)


It is a vast place where you can believe that it is a warehouse for military weapons.

Mira feels a sense of discomfort in the space that is quite different from the impression of the station in her memory as she ponders whether the train is really coming.

When waiting for the arrival of a train with a station employee wearing a uniform, the sound of a high-pitched bell sounds. A heavy rumbling sound, similar to that of a whisper, began to cover the inside of the platform as if it was crawling through the air.

Mira still couldn’t see anything past the partition that separates the premium class but she felt with her skin that something was approaching with overwhelming pressure.

A powerful but some warm whistle sounds from far away. Soon after, it appeared into the platform with the sound of the compressed air erupting and the scoring of the metal.

It was indeed a lump of iron.

The wind film struck by the body rolls backward and passes as if stroking the platform. The girl’s silver hair plays like powder snow in the sky, and flies undisturbed with the train in front of her.


『Is this a train …?』(Mira)


Arriving at the platform, its black body becomes more prominent. The overall shape is similar to a steam locomotive. Even though a black chimney stopped at the top, a little steam was still rising. But the size is unusual. It was like having a wheel on a three-story condominium.


『Left circulation line, the train will departure at 14:00, one hour later. Please be careful not to be late. Repeat…』 (Broadcast)


At the same time as the broadcast, the door of the car body opened with a noise and a beautifully decorated girl descended as if flying.


『I’m first. So Gordon, what will we ride next?』(Side-Drill Blonde Noble Girl)

『Yes, Milady. It’s a carriage from this city』(Gordon)

『Carriage again!? I’m sick of it』(Side-Drill Blonde Noble Girl)


A white-haired gentleman called Gordon follows a girl who speaks loudly. The carving (scar? wrinkles?) is deep with the seasons (aged?), it was full of the charm of a man different from youth.


『What are you…(doing)?』(Side-Drill Blonde Noble Girl)


『I’m talking to you. Y~O~U!』(Side-Drill Blonde Noble Girl)

『Nu, do you mean me?』(Mira)


Suddenly, the girl screams before Mira. Her eyebrows were picked up and she seemed to be slightly angry. Mira now glances at the girl. The girl’s long blonde hair is rolled up on the side, she is wearing a frilled outfit, standing like a wealthy lady.


『You looked at me a while ago. I hate that. Can you stop it?』(Side-Drill Blonde Noble Girl)


The blonde girl says that with her arms crossed and her chest bent. Mira ponders to her words.


(What are you talking about …?) (Mira)


Mira didn’t remember watching at all until the girl talked. She traced her memory just before and remembered her actions. And she got the answer.


『Oh, I didn’t look at you at all. I was watching that person. He is so handsome that I can’t help but admire』(Mira)


Mira was watching Gordon refraining behind the girl. The old gentleman was close to her ideal (Gandalf), and his decorations are suitable for the age, such as monoculars, and accents of casual accessories, somethings that she still wants to do even with a young girl body like Mira.


『Wha… what…』(Side-Drill Blonde Noble Girl)

『Oya, me?
It’s an honor when I am told by such a beautiful lady like you.』(Gordon)


Gordon thanked Mira like a gentleman and softly smiled while gently calming (cheering?) the shocked noble lady.


『I’m sorry if I caused you trouble because I was interested. Well then, I bid you adieu』(Mira)


After Mira returns with a small bow, she passes by the side of the two and gets on the train. At that time, the scent that slightly wraps Gordon praises the tip of the nose and admire its perfection.


(Is it a perfume just now?
Slight incense that not too strong.
That’s wonderful.) (Mira)


Gentlemen not only decorate themselves but also care about others. Mira notices that and, at the same time, crawls her neck and turns her nose to check her body odor.


『U~mu, I don’t know』 (Mira)


The staff members waiting in the car stared awkwardly at the appearance of Mira turning her clothes around and checking.

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Mira Chapter 65: Railway travel


『Can I collect my ticket?』(Railway Staff)


One of the staff spoke to the girl, who had no sign of returning from checking her body odor until now. Mira finally noticed it and raised her face, she handed over the stamped ticket without delay.


(Doing such a thing in front of the staff… They might think of me as a pervert…) (Mira)

『Thanks. Do you have a request for left and right car?』(Staff)

『Nu, is there something different?』(Mira)

『Yes, the left vehicle has many majestic mountain ranges, and the right vehicle has a spectacular view that extends far beyond』(Staff)

『I see, so that’s how it is』(Mira)


After checking the continental map she knew in her brain, Mira replied with “the right car”. There was no reason there, she just somehow chose the right.


Then I will guide you to your room』(Staff)



Guided by the clerk with the sales smile on his face, Mira goes up the staircase with a marvelous shade of marble.


(This is also gorgeous again) (Mira)


Mira revived from her embarrassment and took a look again at the first-class car.

The walls are white like the skin of a young child, no furniture is found. Instead, a crafted lamp illuminates the back and the carpet laid in the passage is as if roses were laid and dyed the floor in vivid red. It is the same as the thoroughness of a royal castle.


『Your room is on this side』(Staff)

『U~mu, thank for your hard work』(Mira)


The staff member goes through the hallway and gets to the front of the door where the grain is clear, he opens the door with a special card key, lightly bowing and using his hands to welcome Mira in.

Mira steps into her room.


『The top floor of the first class is a playroom. In addition to play, there are restaurants and so on. Well then, please enjoy your stay』(Staff)


With a polite and calm voice, the staff went away without the sound of the door closing behind. But Mira doesn’t really care much about the sound (noise) but is awe at the sight that spreads in front of her eyes.


『As expected of the first class!』(Mira)


The first thing she noticed was a big outlook as if the entire wall had been removed. She can get a panoramic view of the sky and the platform of the station.

The room is also in good condition with a solid table, the leather sofa just like Solomon’s office.

When Mira glanced, there was another door, which was a restroom. It’s so bright that she can’t imagine it being on a train.

There is a familiar bell on the table and Mira understands that it’s for calling an attendant.

Mira put the curtain lunch box she had on the table and started checking the room in earnest.

There are many drinks on the shelves, all of which are charged separately, but the corresponding items are lined up. Mira had no knowledge of it, so she thought it would be a kind of event price.

There are other rail-related documents such as price lists and route maps, famous stories and Bibles on the shelves.


After completing the confirmation, Mira sits down on the sofa and takes out the curtain lunch box from the paper bag. However, she stopped her hand and looked towards the window.


(It would be better to watch the flowing scenery after all…) (Mira)


Mira thought so, put the lunch on the table, open the menu, and check the time to departure.


『Thirty minutes …』 (Mira)


It was a delicate time to wait. Mira opened up the item section to took out an Apple au Lait in order to soothe her slightly aching abdomen


『Nu~, this is』(Mira)


The first parcel in the appropriate place in the item column. Mira received from Amaratte before departure.

Mira doesn’t even leave the vehicle, takes out the package with Apple au Lait and puts it on the packaging.


『That girl, what does she want me to do…』(Mira)


Out of the open wrapping paper were pants with a slightly transparent side, a total lace camisole with a cup, and black adult underwear with a set of knee socks and a garter belt.

After denationalizing herself wearing the bewitching design, Mira resealed the wrapping paper and put it in one corner of the item box to hide.


After that, she doesn’t do anything, just looks down on the platform and watch Cedric get on for a while. And the bell that she is familiar with is ringing along with the broadcast.


『Left circulation line will now depart. Please grab on a nearby handrail because it will shake. Repeat ──』(Broadcast)


When the broadcast was over, the sound of the bell rang as well as the bells around the town. In addition, the whistle raises its voice and informs the departure.

Rhythm is engraved as a cylinder pushed up by a huge steam sings, and the body changes from static to dynamic. The wheels go up are modulated from the Andante and when the tempo is raised, it eventually reaches Presto. While listening to the pleasant tone, Mira was looking at the city flowing from a high point of view.

(T.N: So many katakana, forgive me if there are mistakes for the true English words for steam-train refer)


(The figure looked heavy but it’s unexpectedly fast) (Mira)


The train travels on the rails at an unimaginable speed. Immediately the scene below the window flowed backward which made it not visible anymore.

In a few minutes, the silver side was projected backwards, and the train quickly jumped out into a region full of nature. The area around the rail is leveled and managed by human hands, but it’s slightly off, there is still an area with ​​monsters and animals. The car body is specially processed to avoid animals, and it makes the wind noise louder than just running. If you look side by side, it will look like a giant iron beast.

In Mira’s field of view, the border between blue and green can be clearly seen, and the infinitely transparent sky blue has a white color without itchiness.

From time to time, Mira’s eyes chased after the birds flying up to the sky and finally, she picked up the inner lunch box.


『It’s an unbearable moment.』(Mira)


With a smile, Mira opens its lid. The scent that was trapped in the moment spreads all over her nasal cavity.

At last, she enjoys the scenery she wants to see from the window.

When Mira ate a side meal, chewed white rice in her mouth, she tried to reach out for a drink but then she stopped.


『Apple au Lait would not fit!』(Mira)


Apple au lait that melts the acidity of apples moderately and harmonizes the sweetness of honey and milk. Mira wasn’t usually worried about eating and drinking, but this time she shows her commitment.

Mira regrets having forgotten to buy tea at the station, after picking the Apple au Lait, she puts it back and stands up.


(There were a lot of drinks in place. I wish they had tea) (Mira)


Mira was reminded that drinks were placed around here and headed to the shelf. The shelves for paid beverages were large, and the bottles lined up like a mosaic.


『Umu~…』 (Mira)


Mira searched for tea but couldn’t find it. There was only liquor.

Mira thinks for a moment and picks up an Ale or Wine from Apple Me. She checked the price list, put a silver coin on the tray and returned to the table.


(Speaking of which, this is my first Wine since I came to this world) (Mira)


Mira thought so as she was pouring ale into a glass. She cheered alone, raised the glass and enjoyed the journey with the scenery and lunch.


『Our train will arrive at Riverfall Station soon. Please be careful not to leave anything behind』(Broadcast)



The girl lies on the sofa, wakes up and lifts herself up with the voice of the car broadcast.


『That voice …』(Mira)


Mira’s warm cheeks have pink color. She turns her gaze out of the window without thinking as if she fell asleep. There is the figure of herself lit by a faint light floats in the air and the back is filled with the darkness (reflection from glass).

The train travels without getting lost in the darkness without the moon and the stars, it begins to slow down and arrive at the next station.


『Thank you for your ride. The next left circulation line is scheduled to depart at 9:00 tomorrow morning』(Broadcast)


Mira has no luggage, she quickly put away the three empty bottles and listens to the in-car broadcast while looking at the town underneath. Even on a late-night, the place was bright as if daylight had settled. Mira looked up and the passengers got off the train.


As she passes through the station, she can see a square that is slightly larger than the Silverside. There are countless inns here in front of the station, and there are some inns with strange signs that stand out.


『Where should I stay today?』(Mira)


Once the people overflowing from the train go out to the plaza, they will spread from there looking for an inn. Mira didn’t retighten the loose cheeks and slid into it.


About 20 minutes since she started searching for inns. Mira checks in at an inn with a theater.

The main theater was adjacent to the cafeteria. It was an inn with a slightly grown-up atmosphere where she could enjoy a meal while watching a play.

There is a stage that goes up at the end of a cafeteria reminiscent of a classical party venue, where there is a play every night.

The reason why Mira chose this inn is that today’s performance is a story related to the nine wise men. She was wondering how she was communicating.

Mira is now sitting near the center of the cafeteria and has been waiting for the drama to begin.


When the audience seats start to fill up and the vacant seats become inconspicuous, the place gradually begins to calm down.

After a while, when the meal was carried, the Narrator moved to the stage, the light that filled the cafeteria was turned off and the applaud can be heard all at once.


『Trucking back Over 30 years ago, persecuted surgeons were living in one country and connecting their lives. This is the story of the heroes who will be revered as Nine Sages with respect and awe in the future.』(Narrator)


In a narrative tone, the man’s introduction tightens the spot at once. As the performance started, the curtain rose as the place fills with musical notes, and the youth wearing the king’s costumes and the nine others wearing robes were standing on the stage.


『As expected they are going to attack again. Then we will take the initiative. The battle this time will be a prelude to make our name spread throughout the continent. I’ll show them the power of Art Masters (Elders) (He talks in the old profound language)』(Solomon’s Actor)

『As our king wishes』(9 Sages’ Actors)


A young man who acts as the king sharply narrows his eyes and shakes his right hand. Nine people answer with all their voices as they give a bow with the right hand on their chest. This is a military ceremony of the Arkite kingdom.

This time, the first game of the Arkite kingdom, which made the name of the 9 Wise men known throughout the continent, was a drama of the Elder Ward Defense Battle. And this first act is developed in the scene where the king and the later nine wise men challenge the first game and plan the strategy.

Mira was watching the stage with high excitement while cutting the meat into the places.


(Solomon’s words when they first declared war weren’t that dignified!) (Mira)


The actual words of Solomon are “Uwa, they are really coming after all.
What should we do? Everyone is doing their best, but isn’t the front line in a tough spot with just the 9 of you, sages? The soldiers are not growing up much, Uuuu~”


The actual military ceremony compared with the play…
This is how the youth’s dream is…) (Mira)


In addition, the nine Sages are set by vigorous members when they win the Elder War defense, we didn’t get into shape yet at that time.

However, there’s no reason to tell that truth that unless they are (friend) players. Mira enjoyed the stage comfortably, the battle filling with imagination was the best part of the play.


The drama is one of the showcases of Act, where Danbalf’s Holy Knight maintains the front, and Luminaria falls from the back. The scene that shows the power of the Sages the most during defense warfare.


(I’m so cool!) (Mira)


The stage is developed with the surgical tools and music developed for the stage. But Mira was more focused on the performer of Danbalf. Whether the age of the actor is of the elder age, he is a veteran and suits the role. His every move was brilliant and played the role of a skilled Sage. It’s no exaggeration to say that he looks more of a Sage than Mira, which was Danbalf herself.

Mira sends cheering to the Actor with the Danbalf role. The performer then casually returns to Mira with a smile. It’s a stunning flow that comes from a solid margin and accumulated experience.

Speaking of Mira, she was able to meet the ideal image of a man twice, and she was in good spirits.




The play ends with applause. In the cafeteria where the lights returned, Mira ate the dessert cake with a full smile.

On the stage, the orchestra that swelled the play is now playing a gentle song as the water flows. It will calm down gently while leaving the lingering finish of the last scene.

After finishing eating the cake, Mira tried to take out a drink and then frowned her eyebrows.


『Nuo~…… That ’s right』(Mira)


Mira remembers that her stock is running low as she squeezes the empty bottles of Apple au Lait. Then she got up with both hands on the table, she approached the cafeteria and spoke to the chef there.

(T.N: When you remember something, you might slam your hands on the table and get up)


『May I have a bit of your time? Do you handle Apple au Lait like these bottles here?』(Mira)


With that said, Mira puts the Apple au Lait bottle she drank earlier on the counter. After a long time, a woman who was washing turned her face to Mira’s voice.


『Are you okay?』(Bartender)


『Your face is red, is it fever?』(Bartender)


The woman is worried, she tries to check Mira’s forehead. However, she doesn’t feel particularly hot. Mira tilted her head.


『I am very healthy. More importantly, are you handle Apple au Lait?』(Mira)

『We don’t handle Apple Apple. But we have Sweet Berry, which is delicious around here.』(Bartender)

『Oh, do you sell it in bottles? How much is it?』(Mira)


Mira, whose voice is slightly higher than usual, points to the woman when she picks up the bottle.

The woman finally came up with the reason why Mira has a red face. “Ah, she is drunk.”


『We are selling it, but today’s portion is already sold out. The bottles will be sold for 200 riffs tomorrow morning, you can pre-order them. What will you do?』(Bartender)


The woman talks gently to Mira like cute mischief child rather than a hangover guest. Mira opens the item column and checks the stock of Apple au lait then raises her face.


『I will ask for 20』(Mira)

『Yes, twenty. Then please come to pick it up tomorrow』(Bartender)



Mira returned to her room after she ordered a Sweet Berry au Lait to replace Apple au Lait. The woman wrote 20 Sweet Berry au Lait on the order form.


The room she stays today is very mediocre but simply furnished.

After returning, Mira goes straight to the shower, takes off her clothes, and bathes in hot water from her head.

Mira, who is more uplifting than usual because of intoxication, had a sweet smile on her appearance in the mirror.



Early in the morning, Mira wakes up to be hangover halfway through the broadcast of the train’s operation information, which leaves about an hour later. When she gets up from the bed without wearing a single string, she clearly recognizes the reverberation of the dreamy sound with the consciousness of being intoxicated, as if she was floating in the heat.


『One hour …』(Mira)


Mira sowed, collected the loose clothes and picked up underwear from her bag.

Mira dressed up and went down the stairs to the cafeteria.

Then it became a battlefield. Most of the people in the cafeteria are passengers on the railroad, and like Mira, they are listening to the broadcast and rushing into the cafeteria.

Mira received 20 Sweet Berry au Lait that had been ordered at the counter and handed over 4 thousand riffs with breakfast.


Twenty minutes left until departure. After sewing out the waves of people coming and going in front of the station, Mira goes to the station.


(It’s really crowded) (Mira)


Riverfall Station is wider than the Silver Side and is divided into multiple blocks. There are souvenir shops near the entrance. While trying to get a small miracle, Mira looks for a store that sells Station Lunch.

Then, at the store near the campus, she managed to purchase chestnut rice and green tea, then she rushed to the waiting line.


Unlike the economy class, which is still crowded with passengers, the first class is much calmer. Mira was able to get on in the remaining five minutes, gave a ticket before being told by one of the staff in the car.


『Thank you for using us today. There are left and right vehicles. Do you have any preference?』(Staff)

『That’s right, I will use the left』(Mira)

『Understood. Then I will guide you to your room』(Staff)


This is only her second time but Mira responds as if she is a regular. The staff looked at her with a smile.

From the left vehicle, an unmanned place is confirmed in the back of the wide rail. Unlike the first class, it’s made of stone as it is, and it is a simple but vast space, and it’s not difficult to imagine that it will overflow with that many people in time.

The rails on the front were thick like a log, and it seemed to represent the strength of the train on board.


(If it’s so big, the foundation will be suitable) (Mira)


With a different waiting time than yesterday, Mira spent time until departure, following the station staff from time to time visiting unattended rooms.



The train departs from Riverfall and arrives at the next station, Baloche City, in less than five hours.

While the stop time was only one hour, but it was short to visit the premises, Mira slammed the books on the bookshelf.


(Well, is it a special feature of the station town’s inn? Isn’t it fun to try out a good inn?) (Mira)


While thinking so, Mira was on the way back to the sofa with the book in hand, then she heard the sound of hitting the door faintly. Mira opened the door and the attendant who led her to the room stood there.


『Excuse me. We have arrived at Beloche City, will Dear Customer go to the next station?』(Staff)

『Yeah, that’s the plan … oh, I see』(Mira)


As Mira answer, she recalls the purchase of a ticket. One ticket is equivalent to one station, and one more ticket is required to go to the next station.


『I have the ticket but do I have to get out and stamp it?』(Mira)


After taking the first-class ticket from the waist pouch, Mira asked so.


『No, if you have it, you can leave it there.』(Staff)


The attendant answered so gently. In response to this, Mira asks about the next station and gives out the ticket.


『Have a nice trip』(Staff)


As the attendant walks away, Mira spreads the book on the sofa and starts looking for an inn that fits the taste at the next station.


Eventually, the train started to move, and two days later, Mira arrived at the land of the Alice Farius Holy Land. (アリスファリウス: Arisu Fariusu)

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Mira Chapter 66: The world is compassion


Alice Farius Holy Land. It’s a great country that worshiped the goddess of charity, one of the three gods that are believed in the Shmegofe (シュメゴーフェ: Shumegōfe) region.

The station street in this country is younger than the capital city, but even as a newfound city, it was full of momentum because it was the gateway from the railway.

Furthermore, there is only the only sacred country. Everywhere in shops, private houses, there are engraved signs that represent the goddess of charity, and you can see several churches just by walking around.


Mira arrived at the station street Holy Gate the night before and spent the night at the hotel in front of the station.

From one place to another, the bell tower of the cathedral is missing, and there are no buildings, including the station, beyond the height of the bell tower. Mira looks at one of these churches and wonders if she will be able to learn Sacred Art (Holy attribute skill/magic) in a newly built one. Anyway, she will surely come to this country someday. There are so many places in the Alice Farius Holy Land about Sacred Art.

This time, Mira plans to ask about the substitution of the tower of Martial Arts. And then, when she moves to a less crowded place, she summons her Pegasus.

Pegasus emerged from the magic circle, rushed into Mira’s chest immediately after looking around. Pegasus presses his face longer than usual. Recently he was summoned every day but then he was worried because Mira stopped suddenly for the past few days.

However, Mira doesn’t realize his feeling and ends up just stroking him like a spoiled child.

Pegasus wasn’t immediately noticeable because it was a less crowded place and the pure whiteness of the city. However, in the Alice Farius Saint Kingdom, Pegasus is regarded as an angel of God, and people gradually begin to gather.

It was shortly after that Pegasus with a girl took off from a path full of birds.




Under Mira’s eyes, a grassland reflecting wind waves spreads out in full view. And in the far front, a muddy mountain range continues to the edge of the horizon. The destination of this time, the abandoned city of Tenjo, is in a basin beyond the mountain range.

Pegasus traveling to the north on the station street Holy Gate with Mira on his back is visibly in good spirits. He doesn’t chase the birds away while flying with Mira. At first, there are only a few of them, but now there are countless birds gathered flying around. And they cross the sky like an orchestra parade.


『Today, there are a lot of accompanying people. This is also going to be a fun trip』(Mira)


Pegasus is happy when Mira says so casually.

Then the birds began to form a formation for each species, widened their wings, fluttered high in the sky, flipped and glide. A rare joint air show was held on the spot, such as formation flight that could not be destroyed even if the formation was changed in small increments.


『It’s amazing!』(Mira)


Mira sends a kite to the birds that swim freely to play. Pegasus confirms that Mira is in a good mood and he shines his wings strongly. The overflowing light glitters like gold powder and spreads to the surroundings, the sound resembling the sound of a bell, melts into the sky, and soaks in the birds.

It was the blessing light given by the spirit beast. It was given by Pegasus as a reward that pleased his Lord.


『It was a beautiful light. So you can do something like this?』(Mira)


Mira, who has never seen a spiritual beast provide blessing, thought it was also a Pegasus-style play with birds.

As a result of Pegasus felt even better with his master’s word, he sprinkled the light of blessing even more. The blessing of birds became stronger, and Mira doesn’t know that they will get well for generations.



As Mira approached the mountain range and gradually deepened the forest, the number of monsters swirling over the sky increased, so Pegasus scattered the birds a while ago. Now Mira and Pegasus are just flying to jump over the stunning high mountains.

It was a steep slope that would kill you if you fall and deviated from the regular route to the abandoned city. But Mira thought there would be no problem if she flew over on the Pegasus.


(This is okay …) (Mira)


However, the precipice continues to be high, and the forest at the foot of the mountain looks blurry. The higher the altitude, the colder she can feel on her skin through the clothes.

It is one of the three major mountain ranges of the Earth continent and it’s even higher compared with how Mira saw it from afar. The top of the mountain was still invisible through the clouds and looked down on Mira as if to reject everything.

From such a harsh situation, Mira finally leaned back to Pegasus with a slight headache.


『Pegasus, let’s go back… Would you please go down first?』(Mira)


Mira tells Pegasus with her distorting expression and a hurting head. Then when Pegasus realized it, his eyes became sad and more painfully than Mira as he drove down to the forest.

When Pegasus descended in a slightly open area of ​​the oak forest and wrapped Mira on his wings, the glaring rainbow veil overflowed from the wings. The light that covers a part of the gloomy forest in a flash is Pegasus’s greatest healing power. The surrounding particles of light will heal the wounds by removing the darkness of the animals that live in them.

However, there was no dramatic change in Mira’s symptoms but she was slightly relaxed.


『I feel a little easier. Thank you』(Mira)


Said Mira, touching Pegasus’s neck. Mira has some symptoms but she thinks the symptoms will heal if she returns to the flat ground and rests in a forest of stable environment.

After that, when she calms down, she thinks about what to do after this.

Abandoned heavens cannot be reached from the sky. What remains is a regular route through the dungeon from the ground.

But when Mira started to make plans.


『(What’s wrong, what happened!?) Nan~ja~nan~ja,-dōshi~tan~ja!?』(Mira)


As Pegasus was panicking, he began to shake Mira’s body violently with his face and mouth.

Mira opened her eyes and looked around thinking of an emergency, but Mira’s eyes only saw a dreamy forest somewhere with an aurora.

When Mira fully wakes up, this doesn’t seem to be the case, Pegasus has a sigh of relief and buries in Mira’s chest.


『Fu~mu, you are still such a spoiled boy』(Mira)


For a while, Mira rested on Pegasus again and slowly relaxed on the spot until she recovered.


(If I go through the dungeon, I might need a passport …) (Mira)


The road leading to the abandoned city is a dungeon called “Stairway to the Sky”. If all the dungeons were managed by the union, it was necessary to have a passport issued. Then it will be necessary to return to the town where the union is located.

The light from Pegasus calms down and the forest is back to its usual gloomy air. That’s when Mira got back on track and was looking for a nearby city by expanding the map.

From the gaps between the trees, there are the signs appear and disappear slowly but at a constant tempo. When Mira checked it using Bio-Sensing, she was able to confirm two reactions that were as large as humans.


(What are people doing in such a place? Are they adventurers, maybe?
Chimera Clausen or Isuzu Federation? Or they could be hunters) (Mira)


Pegasus spread his wings walks in front of Mira.

If you listened carefully, the footsteps were approaching straight to this place with a clear outline are now.


『This is truely…』(Black-Armored Man)


When the footsteps approached the distance Mira can see, one of the main footsteps rushes and jumps out of the forest, he speaks in awe in front of Pegasus who standing there.

The man wore a black-armored armor on his body and had a bloody red sheath sword on his waist. It’s a figure that was just like a spear model. He may be one step before middle age but his face is rugged like a shaved rock. But he has rounded eyes in awe, his humanity might not bad. However, Pegasus, who has nothing to do with that, twists himself to protect Mira while scolding the man.


『Hey, don’t start running suddenly.
…And did you see, he is on guard now?』(Intelligent-looking man)

『Mu~, my bad』(Black-Armored Man)


Another man behind the swordsman man, wearing a weapon that emphasizes lightness. His leather armor is green like a crinkled tree, protects only the critical point, and the quiver is lowered on the waist. You can see some feather arrows, but there are dozens of arrows that are thick and long to shoot with a bow. At first glance, he looks like a hunter and has calm eyes that make him feel intelligent even with a ferocious face.


『He looks like about to attack. Did you do something?』(Intelligent-looking man)

『No, I’m just impressed with this godly appearance』(Black-Armored Man)

『I heard that Pegasus has a mild temper』(Intelligent-looking man)


Two men exploring the situation by exchanging words in front of Pegasus, a threatened threat. Then, in their ears.


『Who are you?』(Mira)


Yes, a little hallucinating voice like playing a glass bell came out of nowhere.


『This voice is… is it Pegasus-sama?』(Black-Armored Man)

『No… behind him』(Intelligent-looking man)


The Intelligent-looking man notices the girl standing behind as he salutes Pegasus to pay respect. The Black-Armored man, who was standing in front of Pegasus, was in a completely blind spot, but after he was told he noticed there was certainly a girl there.


『Such a… Heavenly Maiden…』(Black-Armored Man)


Even though in a gloomy forest where moths are piled up, the girl has a lustrous silver hair that seems to bounce, white skin that can even be touched, and its beautiful, pretty face. And above all, she stands beside the Pegasus like some now of the human world.


『No, I’m Mira. I’m an adventurer. And what about you two?』(Mira)


While the young maiden touches the Pegasus to soothe him, the girl goes one step further and asks. It was a dreamy voice that strikes the eardrum clearly.


『My name is Heinrich. I’m also an adventurer.』(Heinrich)

『Gilbert. I’m… like a scholar?』(Gilbert)


Three people finished self-introduction and started talking again.


(He is obviously a samurai. Heinrich isn’t a name that suit him…) (Mira)

(T.N: Raw is Samurai)


Pegasus relaxed vigilance with the two men’s attitudes but was still worried about Mira as he spread his wings. Gilbert agrees with that figure. Originally, the reason why the mild Pegasus was so alerted was based on the intention of simply protecting his master, the girl named Mira.


『I’m sorry to make you surprised.
While we were aiming for our destination, we just saw the light suddenly expanding in the forest and came to confirm the cause.』


Gilbert explains that he isn’t hostile while raising his hands slightly. His word is certainly something that Mira remembers and she thinks that the light they saw was definitely the healing light scattered by Pegasus.


『That’s how it is. Was that light coming from him?』(Gilbert)

『Yeah, that’s right. Looks like he tried to cure me』(Mira)


After answering Gilbert’s question, Mira gently embraced her arm around Pegasus’s neck.

The Pegasus sprinkles and pampers, Heinrich shifts his gaze to the girl with a thin and long sigh.


『As expected of Pegasus-sama』(Heinrich)


Heinrich is awe as if to be convinced.


『Trying to cure?
With how strong that light is, it must be really serious.
Are you all right now?
I have some medicine so I’ll share it』(Gilbert)


Gilbert suggests that the amount of light that was shining dazzlingly even from a distance may have been to cure a really serious injury with a mysterious expression.

But of course, Mira was not injured. So, she felt a little awkward


『Oh, I’m not injured.
I just tried to get on the Pegasus and cross this mountain, but I felt sick on the way.
I just got off and took a break.
He just tried to take care of me.』(Mira)

『Flying mountains?
What a mess… It’s probably a kind of altitude sickness.
This mountain is over 3,000 meters above sea level.
It’s reckless to fly over.』(Gilbert)

『Altitude sickness…? Well, I forgot.』(Mira)


The altitude of the mountain range that surrounds the abandoned celestial city is about 3,500 meters. If you ride Pegasus, you will go up to thin air with an overwhelmingly faster speed than normal climbing, so it was inevitable when you neglected measures.

Mira has visited the abandoned city many times. This is because once she enters the area, she can ride directly on the floating island. However, this experience became a trap and there was not enough recognition about the altitude.

Now that it has become a reality, elements are intermingled, making the former general exception.


『I don’t understand well but if you want to cross the mountain, why not go through the tunnel that connects the sacred roads?
If you are an adventurer, tolls and taxes will not be a big deal』(Heinrich)


Heinrich’s policy was to leave Gilbert with the difficult conversations, but it’s clear to anyone that it’s quicker or easier to cross a high and steep mountain from above or just tunnel through the ground. Therefore, Heinrich said the words that came to mind.

The answer returned to that question was beyond the expectation of Heinrich but in the category of Gilbert’s expectation.


『My destination is not the other side, but the abandoned city.
If it was flying, it would be quick.
Speaking of that, do you know where the union of the city issued the “Stairway to the Sky” passport?』(Mira)


Mira thought that an adventurer in the area would definitely be more familiar than her.


『If it’s “Stairway to the Sky”, the Rowin union is the closest to the southeast. But the required rank is B, but is it okay?』(Gilbert)

『Nan… ja~ to~… (What…)!?』(Mira)


In the last word of Gilbert, Mira has a half-finished face. Mira’s current rank is C, which is just taken for the dungeon pass, so no work has been done to raise the rank. Even with Solomon’s power, the limit is C.

Mira, who was cut off the way to go, hangs down like a flower.

Just as it is difficult to move up from D to C rank, there is a corresponding challenge to go from C to B. It ’s not an easy road. When Gilbert learns that Mira may be lacking in rank, he notices her arm. It’s an operator’s bracelet.


『Is Mira-san rank C?』(Gilbert)

『Yeah, that’s right』(Mira)


When looking for something and Gilbert says so, Mira raises her gaze. Then Gilbert points to Heinrich.

『I’m also C rank, but Henry (nickname) is A rank. We are also planning to “Stairway to the Sky”. He already has a passport. We can piggyback if you like』(Gilbert)


Gilbert’s proposal was a ship. Mira tried to jump in immediately, but after a short break, she raised doubts about the incredible truth.


『I’m thankful for the offer, but is it really good?』(Mira)

『Oh, as you can see, we are both warrior classes. No matter how many ranks A there is, I thought I was a little impatient to challenge the B rank dungeon.
Apparently, Mira-san is an Art Master.
Furthermore, you are C rank.
It’s much better than just going with two people.』(Gilbert)

『Fumu~ I see.』(Mira)


The reason that Gilbert said is certainly straightforward. Unless Gilbert himself misleads the ranks. Nonetheless, for Mira, who has nothing to do so far, taking that idea is another option.


『Speaking of which, what kind of Art Master are you?
If you’re a magician or a saint, it’s very helpful.』(Gilbert)


Gilbert sends his gaze to Mira as he hopes. How many times will she see it? Mira answered the question as usual.


『The summoner!』(Mira)


Declared. The sound of a long-lasting insect resounded from nowhere, and the voice of a ridiculous bird passed through the sky.


『I see. Summoner, is it? So you made a lot of effort to reach C rank. Maybe the Pegasus is a summoning technique?』(Gilbert)


Gilbert suddenly becomes crisp, but he finds a possibility in the form of a spirit beast snuggling up with Mira. For Pegasus, it’s because it has the power of A rank. And Mira’s words answered that possibility.


『Yeah, that’s right』(Mira)


As Mira gently touches and slides the surface of the Pegasus, the Pegasus flutters the wings as if clearing the mist, embodying that joy.

The appearance of a spiritual beast that is quite nostalgic was reminiscent of Mira being the only sorcerer.


『I see, I wondered how it was, but it looks like there are no problem.』(Gilbert)

『It’s amazing to summon Pegasus-sama』(Heinrich)


When Gilbert turns his gaze to Pegasus again, he adds a safe color to his expression. Heinrich was grateful whenever he met with Pegasus.


『At least you can protect yourself』(Gilbert)

『It’s unnecessary worry. I can protect all of us just fine』(Mira)

『As long as you are reliable』(Gilbert)


Gilbert gave up and shrugged his shoulder lightly as he recalled the rumors that recently flowed, his face slowly changed into smiling with Mira’s confident invincibility.


『I’ve got the story together. Let’s go. From here, it’s about 30 minutes to the “Stairway to the Sky”(Gilbert)


Gilbert looks around and uses the map function to mark the appropriate point and calculates the time required to reach the destination dungeon.


『Fumu~, it’s a subtle distance』(Mira)


That said, Mira turns her hand to Pegasus to send him back. Immediately after that, Pegasus pushed back Mira’s hand as if to refuse it.


『Mu…,nan~ja, dōshitan~ ja… What is it? What’s wrong?』(Mira)


Every time Mira tried to the Pegasus, he turns to the left or to the right to dodge.


『Umu~. You are really a spoiled boy.
However, there are three people now, we can’t ride on your back』(Mira)


Mira crawls at Pegasus’s ears as she says so, but no matter how Mira says, Pegasus just shakes his head. Heinrich was watching the scene from the side and talked.


『Maybe Pegasus-sama suspected the two of us? I can get the feeling of worrying about his Lord.』(Heinrich)


Mira looks at the Pegasus’ eyes and waits for his response.

The Pegasus stared at Mira to affirm it. Its eyes are not like a child who is hungry for affection, but a sapphire that shines like a strong will. When Mira asked “is that so?”, Pegasus nodded.


『Well certainly. In such a forest, one loli (young lady) and two unknown men. To be honest, it’s a suspicious composition from anyone. I understand his worries.』(Gilbert)


Gilbert leans against a nearby tree with his arms crossed and says so.


『Hmm, was that reason?
But don’t worry about that trivial thing.
Even both of them together still are still no match for me.
You know?』(Mira)


Mira speaks powerfully as she touches Pegasus’ head with her hand. In other words, both Gilbert and Heinrich aren’t a threat. That’s what it means.

Gilbert laughs at how to persuade “Yes, you don’t have to worry about it”, but Heinrich, who had the pride of a samurai only in his skill, wasn’t silent.


『I won’t keep silent on that remark.
Pegasus-sama certainly has the ability to do so, but you are overconfident in your skill.
What can you do alone against the two of us?』(Heinrich)

(Good grief, stop making the situation more complicated now) (Gilbert)


While thinking so, Gilbert looks up to heaven as Heinrich’s bad habit came out. Samurai men hate being able to look down on their arms whether they are lying or joking. Heinrich, whose rocky face was even stronger, bowed once again when he met eyes with Pegasus despite such an attitude.


『Fumu~, surely your arm looks good.
And if something goes wrong, what do you want to do to me?』(Mira)

(T.N: Mira’s phrase can be used for a perverted meaning as well)


Immediately after he was convinced that Heinrich’s abilities, which were confirmed lightly, were above average, Mira returned a joke.


『About that, I…』(Heinrich)


Heinrich began to explain by moving his hands suspiciously while peeking at Mira, who looks like a heaven girl at first glance but slowly turns to a little devil.


『Harry. You are completely frustrated』(Gilbert)


Gilbert sighs, calls out to keep his friends from behaving shamefully. Although he is trying to hide his obvious grin.


『Wha… What did you say?!』(Heinrich)


Heinrich, who had been imagining how to manage Mira in his brain, is brought back to reality. And in the figure of Mira with a devilish smile, Heinrich showed a missing face that could only be described with dots and lines.


(Staying with this guy seems to have a lot of fun!) (Mira)


Gilbert laughs at how much delusion Heinrich has developed from Mira’s joke.

Mira points to them and this time speaks to Pegasus in a low voice.


『See? They look like no bad guys.
So please be assured』(Mira)


Pegasus judged the two men safe but he was reluctantly being sent back by Mira.


『Well, please rest assured I don’t swing that way』(Gilbert)

『Me too!』(Heinrich)


Heinrich shouts as if biting Gilbert.


『Mira-dono, I only suggested the most likely general view』(Heinrich)

『I know, I know. Samurai are strict and serious.』(Mira)


Mira follows that and glances at Heinrich who started making excuses.


『Yes, that’s right!
I just hope you understand.
Even if I’m losing this sword, I guarantee the safety of Mira-dono.』

(T.N: In case you don’t know, for Samurai, their katana is the life and soul)


Heinrich raises his voice while putting his hands on the sheath.

Thus, Mira had the means to enter the stairs to the sky, the road leading to the abandoned city.

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