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Taru Chapter 31: Unknown

(T.N: I will change all “young girl” word to “Loli”, all “-chan” without a name to “little”)


I am Unknown (Anon).
Anon means “anonymous” or “unidentified”, but in my case “unknown” is true.
My real name is Yasuno Kumori.

I am grateful to Ishigami-san, the head of the orphanage who picked me up after my parents abandoned me. She is the parent of everyone and the one who gave me that name. But I still don’t have the feeling that it is my name.

Well, I don’t care much about that story anymore?

This year, I became a high school first-grader. I’m addicted to Clan-Clan, a VR game that is currently hot.

In this game, you can color your clothes freely.
Since young, I had the feeling that “I don’t want to wear the same clothes as anyone else” and from the time of junior high school student, I started to wear “unusual” fashion.

I didn’t have it at first, but it became a half-hearted look, and I immediately realized that after hearing the murmur from classmates I encountered on a holiday. I’m proud that I have improved my sense.

Somehow, in the future, I want to become a designer and play an active role in the world. So, Clan-Clan, which allows me to try different color combinations at no cost, has become a god tool for me.

Of course, other than the dyeing elements, this game is full of fun elements, but I think that I should avoid going side road as much as possible and focus on the path as a coloring shop efficiently.

Each person has a reason to play online games, but I was fascinated by colors.

And above all, in Clan-Clan, everyone is equal regardless of their birth or family.

For me, who is an Anon, that may be the reason I can feel most calm when playing this game.




What kind of excursion is this?
At this place, somehow I was supposed to protect two amateur lolies (younger girl).

Of course, it goes without saying that my interest-oriented proposal is the reason for this.


『My condition is the two of you accompanying me to collect materials to create the color』(Anon)


The bewitching Anon that I play doesn’t usually tell customers this condition.
But I must say that was no sudden proposal.

In “Tsukino Tea (EN)”, where Clan-Clan players conducted “player-kill” every day, only a few players care about the color of their equipment.
Substantial strength rather than appearance. That is the world where priority is given.

In such a gray world, the customers who care about their appearance and request dyeing of equipment were valuable.


『To where?』(Taru)


The client this time tilts her head with a blank stare.
Yes, the client this time is a pretty loli, who no-one could believe she is that iron-blooded George’s acquaintance.

Even if she isn’t an acquaintance of Iron-Blood George, anyone will be interested in her.
A Silver-haired Little Princess as if she came from the fairyland.

(T.N: Anon uses “hime-dono” instead of “hime-sama”)

A face structure that can be seen as a real module at a glance that doesn’t exist in Character Creation.

She is an innocent beauty loli.

And the other one is a blonde loli in the form of a priestess, snuggling up with such a beautiful princess. She also has a lot of equipment and I cannot help expecting her future as promising for the same woman. She has probably built her character with her real module.

It’s very different from me in both reality and virtual.

As a person who usually runs a business that is out of the ordinary way as a color shop, I don’t have the room to detour and I want to work together efficiently. But if there was a request from such a duo, I want to take action together. That’s it.


『To a scary place. The rumored (Kyojin) Titan’s graveyard』(Anon)

I deliberately try to tell the destination, including teasing, to the lolies who are scared of ghosts and the like.
I don’t want to force them so I include a nuance that it might be a scary place for children.


『Let’s go! I will follow you to the end of the earth!』(Taru)


Contrary to my expectation, the Silver-haired Little Princess energetically replied so.




Contrary to my expectations, these two are strange.
There was a time when I thought that Iron-Blood George’s acquaintances would have moderate combat power.

A few minutes after starting the “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard” strategy.

First of all, the Silver-haired Little Princess is quicker than her Level should be. Even so, she only dealt a little damage to the skeleton, the so-called mob monster. Her movement itself isn’t bad but the DPS is low even though her attacks are aiming at their weak point.

And the accompanying blonde loli, who isn’t vanguard in both her stats and dress, isn’t using her magic but swinging her mace around. Of course, Strike weapons are effective for skeleton-type monsters but she should be able to deal more damage with magic as a rearguard. The farther we process, the less likely their tactic will work.

I thought that she was preserving MP, but Clan-Clan has quick MP auto-recovery outside of combat. Therefore, she should use the magic from the beginning and capture the dungeon more efficiently.


『Hooray (Yatta)!』(Taru)

『Yes, Tenshi-sama』(Mina)


Seeing two lolies who are delighted after killing a MOB. It doesn’t seem like they have planned anything else, they have fought seriously.

At last, I started to feel uneasy about the fighting ability of these two lolies.
I think we can’t get to the target material this time.
Rather than collecting materials, shouldn’t my goal now change to return safely with these children?


『As expected, there’s nothing here』(Anon)


I already know that the target “skeleton dark gray paint” does not drop from the skeletons. Anyway, because they are just mob-enemies, the skeletons here have been hunting all the time.

However, in front of two lolies who don’t hide their excitement of finding color on their first adventure, I will refrain from making such comments.
If “skeleton dark gray paint” really drops here, I’m expecting it to be farther away, but this PT can’t seem to go that far.


『No. But at least, I knew it is a nutrient material. Also, are the skeletons here the Titans? No, it seems that he was a slave』(Taru)


Even so, strangely, Silver-haired Little Princess (*) has a quick look at the material. Furthermore, her answer/analysis is sharp. Did she hear that in advance that this place is a Titan’s graveyard?

(*T.N: 銀髪ちゃん / Ginpatsu-chan means “Silver Hair -chan”, silver hair isn’t a name so I can’t use it with -chan. Little/Small silver hair sounds weird. That’s why I change it to “Silver-haired Little Princess” what Anon thought of Taru when they first met)


『Hoo~, so that’s the reason…』(Anon)


It ’s my first time that the skeletons here were Titan’s slaves,
This is a convincing conclusion. Because there’s a big skeleton that can only be called a Skeleton Titan.

When I’m indulging in such thoughts, Silver-haired Little Princess takes a strange action again.
Suddenly, she takes out the cute lunch box and starts putting the “white bone”, collected from the skeleton. Moreover, she was doing suspicious things such as piercing with a fork, knife, spoon, cutting and hitting.


『Fumun … I tried to strengthen the material, but there seems to be no change in particular』(Taru)

『Strengthen? Do you strengthen the material?』(Anon)


I feel like I have heard a ridiculous remark now.


『Yes. Ah, it’s a skeleton』(Taru)


Apparently, Silver-haired Little Princess has learned alchemy skills.
The so-called garbage skill from the player community.

However, as I listened to the story from Silver-haired Little Princess, the image of alchemy changed from what I had heard. And because it could strengthen the material, it turned into a very interesting one.

I wanted to work with these mysterious beautiful lolies a little more, so I decided to go deeper.




『Hannari, beautiful large flower ring』(Anon)

(T.N: She talks about the fireworks)


Witnessing the production’s tone.
I spoke my impression without realizing.

Even if it was an inefficient adventure, wouldn’t it be nice to be killed in this scene? I thought so.


『Anon-san, now!』(Taru)


As the storm of sparks plunged on us, Silver-haired Little Princess has given instructions to the dumbfounded me.

It seems that the fireworks, launched by Silver-haired Little Princess, blow off the head of the Undead Titan, the “IL-Wight Walker”, cause some damage and aggro/upset him. In other words, isn’t it now a chance to slaughter the Undead Titan?

Next to Silver-haired Little Princess was the figure of the Blonde Little Priestess (* same note), who was eagerly starting to cast spells.

From an efficiency perspective, it’s a good idea to quickly kill the monster with minimal equipment and item wear.
Anyway, with this PT’s firepower, it’s almost impossible to scrape the HP of the Undead Titan.

I don’t really like it, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to just give up on the side of the little kids who are working hard. I move by such a sense of duty.


『Remnant Sword, Sixteen Nights』(Anon)


I release the second-highest firepower ability in my sword skills.
The blade is dyed in jet black and cuts the opponent 16 times.

I can’t move while I’m executing this ability attack, so it’s a double-edged sword if I use it on an unbearable opponent. However, the Undead Titan, who lost his head, temporarily couldn’t act normal and he received all my attacks without any resistance.

However, my attacks only finished cutting about 20% of his HP.
20% with Silver-haired Little Princess’ fireworks and 20% with all my abilities hit.

Naginata generally has a lower source of skill damage than a spear.
The spear in which the main attack purpose is piercing has high firepower. Naginata has a wide range of attacking the surface, so-called wiping it out, but the damage is inferior to that of a spear.
It’s an excellent weapon for one-to-many, but it’s not the best weapon for one-on-one combat.

Even if he already lost his head, if I repeat the same technique against him, I will be counterattacked and I will be killed.

For now.




Again, contrary to expectations.
It’s hard to see why we are still alive against Undead Titan.


『Oh, this one is really huge up close!』(Taru)


The Silver-haired Little Princess dares to enter into the enemy’s attack range.

The opponent’s HP may have lost nearly half but his offensive power didn’t affect much besides his sight. Blonde Little Priestess can use attack magic, she still continues to shoot basic magic.

However, they are desperately avoiding the attacks of the Undead Titan who swung his hand and feet to the ground to crush the little children.

In the first place, the Undead Titan is slow. But that doesn’t mean they can keep up with the pursuit.

With the Undead Titan’s size, even his normal attacks can be overwhelming. Normally, we should bring twice or triple the number of players to share roles.

It is very difficult to avoid with a small number of people.



『Haa~ haa~』(Taru)


Silver-haired Little Princess is quick on her feet.
Because her enemy is dull, Silver-haired Little Princess can keep moving to avoid him.

Taru-shi’s avoidance rate is not overwhelmingly faster than the opponent.
Rather, it is a situation that is avoided at the last minute.


『Haa~ haa~ haa~. Mina, next!』(Taru)

『Yes! Tenshi-sama』(Mina)


That player skill at that age.
Isn’t she doing well? No, she may just be desperate.

Is it a pattern that children are more concentrated than adults because they are pure?


『Mina, are you okay? 』(Taru)

『Ye… yes.』(Mina)


In order to prevent the monster change his target to Blonde-chan, she makes sure to attack immediately after Blonde-chan’s magic hits and repeats withdrawing.

For the Undead Titan, he may only think of her as an awkward little animal that rolls around his feet, but as expected, he is still attacking the Silver-haired Little Princess. During that time, Blonde-chan begins to chanting while going back slightly and preparing to attack the enemy.

I’m similar, I can’t do it perfectly, my HP is already in the red zone. With just one shot, my HP was cut by 70%. It was a misjudgment but my HP was cut off to 30%.

However, my HP instantly recovers completely. I’ve never heard of such a high-performance recovery item.


『Are you okay?』(Taru)


This is something that has been going on since the last time, but Silver-haired Little Princess keeps using the expensive potions for me? Use it like water without hesitation.

Even if we kill Undead Titan here, there aren’t many items or materials dropping. If you subtract the number of potions you use, you’re in the red.

It’s not decent.
It’s inefficient.

However, seeing the smile of Silver-haired Little Princess when she talked to me while keeping close eyes on the enemy.

We could absolutely defeat this huge enemy with this member.


『Is it fun?』(Anon)


Unexpectedly, I ask Silver-haired Little Princess, who shines under the moonlight.




Sincerely, Silver-haired Little Princess is happy to be able to adventure with this member.


『I’m scared but if Tenshi-sama is together with me then it’s okay』(Mina)


Blonde Little Priestess doesn’t have a strong will, but with all she has, she gives a clumsy smile, trying to help the Silver-haired Little Princess.

Is this love?

Unlike me.


『Anon-san, just a little bit, can you attract (aggro) him?』(Taru)


But it’s not like I don’t involve here.
For some reason, Taru-shi looks desperately and asking me so.

I conceal my mouth naturally with the sleeves.

For some reason, I feel happy that this child relies on me.


『I have always been tied by the efficiency… My heart is stiff』(Anon)


Certainly, it’s fun.



『Okay, leave it to me』(Anon)


I have consumed most of my MP, but now I have to use it.


『”Released, Ayahara”』(Anon)


The unique ability of my Naginata “Ayahara (Spiritual Weapon)”.
It enchants the weapon with the Holy Attribute by consuming the MP, a unique ability that is useful for undead monsters.

My partner, not only the blade but also the handle, is wrapped in a pale white aura.
And then I swung it toward the huge skeleton.
The white blade was not aimed at the body but at the right arm of Undead Titan.

At the moment when the blade and arm collide, dazzling white light is generated with a dry sound.

A phenomenon that is impossible in terms of mass occurs. The huge enemy is bounced back from its cut arm.

This ability is not an attack ability, but a substitute for knocking back an undead monster that touches the blade regardless of the mass difference.

Even if there was no damage, this ability has saved me many pinch times.

The effect of dwelling on the weapon is only 10 seconds.
5 seconds have already passed.

I swung my weapon one more time so that the monster cannot get close to me and put him back greatly.


『Taru-shi! I can’t hold him much longer than this!』(Anon)


When I alerted her, the scene burned into my eyes.

Taru-shi started playing a clear cherry blossom flute around her mouth.

The Silver Hair Princess blows a magic flute under the moonlight at the Titan’s graveyard.

The tone.
Moon and silver.


『Pi ~~~~~~ Piropi ~~~ Piro~~』(Taru’s flute)


It seems not.

Contract to Taru-shi’s deaf-tone, only the visuals were beautiful.
She may not have musical talent.


《Moonlight’s Flute》 was activated』 (System Log)

The logs are flowing.
Once again, she uses an unknown item, I try to hide my bitter smile.

The night when we fight with them is really cool.



Taru Vol 2
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Chapter 32: Silver Alchemist Princess

Although it was a deaf tone, the benefit of her action for battle was dramatic.


《Moonlight’s Flute》 was activated』(System Log)

『2 minutes Speed +40 Magic +100
《Condition: Weather Moonlight Night》 MP80 recovery, first hit with a critical bonus buff』(System Log)


Yes, the moment when the log flows.


『Small light (Fire)!』(Mina)


The Blonde Little Priestess used her magic attack.

With the benefits of Magic Power +100 and the additional effect of critical hits, the HP of Undead Titan has decreased by 20-30%.
The remaining HP of the enemy is less than 30%.

I stopped hiding my mouth open in surprise.

It’s my first time seeing monsters of that level get that much damage with beginner-level magic.


『Anon-san! Now!』(Taru)


Silver-haired Little Angel instructs me like pushing my back.
Now that my MP was restored, I put everything on the next attack.


『“Eight phases, Devil Possession Cut”!』(Anon)


Activating my Naginata skill without delay.

The swung down Naginata shines in a dull color upon hit.
Next, the thrust from the cut down also carries the effect of purification. The ability that adds an excellent sacred attribute dealing extra damage to the undead.

The drawback of this attack is that my body stiffens for a few seconds after activating the ability.


『I can’t move …』(Anon)


The best ability I have used with all my power.

The undead was cut, staggered.

I looked overhead in a mix of tension and fear.

The skeleton could realize my position despite not having a head.
The Titan starts counterattacking and swings his big palm toward me, who is defenseless.

As expected, I couldn’t finish him.
The HP of the Undead Titan was less than 10%, but I couldn’t do anything.

I could hear Blonde Little Priestess chanting magic again.
But she won’t make it in time. However, with her enhanced magic, maybe she can defeat this huge enemy?

I looked at the big palm that swung down at me, a sure-death.


『It was fun and I’m glad』(Anon)


And the moment I smile…

A flash of silver.
No, the flowing silver hair.


“Gakiin~!” (SFX)


She attacked the enemy’s arm from the side with a Kodachi. Her weak attack got the benefit of a critical hit, the Titan’s hand was barely shifted its trajection.

The huge palm with an orbit shifted right next to me.

Hair’s breadth


『Hara~ Hara』(Anon)


My hair dances with wind pressure.


『Anon-san! 』(Taru)


Silver-haired Little Princess checked my safety as she continued to strike the Titan’s knee.
I use my smile as an answer to her, who has protected me.
At the same time, the fire goes up to protect Silver-haired Little Princess.


『Small light (Fire)!』(Mina)


A flame of the beginner magic scale burns the Undead Titan.

As expected, it seems that the magic of Blonde Little Priestess with magic power +100 gave an effective hit to the Undead Titan and burn the remained HP.


“Ooooooooooooooo” (Titan)


Burning by the flame of Blonde Little Priestess, the corpse falls down with death cry.

The Undead Titan disappeared without a trace.


『Hara~ hara~… what a surprise』(Anon)


I never dreamed that these members would be able to subdue that monster.
It was a fun battle just like “I don’t have time to dream a shallow dream”.


『Are you okay? 』(Taru)


Taru-shi asks me with a cheerful smile like a boy.

Such a little girl daringly attacked the enemy.
She stares at me with a clear expression.


『Taru-shi ……』(Anon)


I was starting to be attracted to Taru-shi.


“Titan’s bone” x2 dropped』(System Log)
“Chaser’s Skull” dropped』(System Log)
Titan’s Crest dropped』(System Log)

『Oh! New materials dropped!』(Taru)


Unexpectedly, the log of the drop item flowed, and Taru-shi shouted. I took my eyes off her.
Erasing the fluffy emotions, regaining calmness.


“Bakikiki~… Bakiki~ …… Baki~” (SFX)


Furthermore, strange noises that were unfamiliar continued to occur.

The tombstones, which were raised like a maze to block the way, crack to the left and right with a creepy sound.
Like creating a new path.


『What is this?』(Taru)


Taru-shi asked in surprised voice.

The phenomenon that rarely occurs when killing Undead Titan.

This monster takes advantage of its large body, gets over the wall of the tombstone that acts like a maze to attack players. This may be the reward for the players who pushed through the obstacles, the path leading to the innermost part of the dungeon.

No way, to think we can activate it with these members. However, it’s impossible to proceed further.
We can’t win the boss monster in the back with this PT.

(TL;DR: defeat mid-boss get the shortcut to the boss)


『Let’s explore!』(Taru)

『Let’s take a look!』(Mina)


However, the two girls want to go ahead even after hearing my explanation.
Look at their eyes shine brightly, I can’t protest.


『We will just take a glance at the area』(Anon)


I decided to accompany them with style
We have come so far, it’s like dying and living together.




『Nothing …』(Taru)


An open area with a series of grave markers.
There was nothing there.

We couldn’t find the gigantic/colossus Titan.


『From the look of this, it has been defeated』(Anon)


Probably it was defeated by other players.
It will take 15-30 minutes to respawn the boss monster, but I think it’s no good to stay here.


『Here is the end of this dungeon …? 』(Taru)


Taru-shi is observing everywhere.


『At this moment, this place is recognized as the innermost of this dungeon. Well, that “Demon/Oni/鬼” seems to be the last boss』


Taru-shi approaches the stone wall, which is said to be the dead-end of the dungeon.

It’s a big gravestone. The width is 3 meters and the height is over 6 meters.
The Silver-haired Little Princess reads out the letters written there.


『The glory of our Titans is immortal.
Our path will only appear to those who have the great light in their will that illuminates the earth』(Notice)


She looks back to me with a smile full of joy.


『The road is still going on!
How do you open it?
No way, the Titan?!
It’s the Titan, right?
As expected, it must be the Titans, right?
Anon-san, it’s a great discovery!』(Taru)


I don’t know what she interpreted, but I can tell that she enjoys this Clan-Clan game.
When I see that innocent figure, I smile unintentionally.

She performed alchemy with a mysterious gesture.
Sometimes it goes beyond my imagination.

Sometimes she bravely tries to help her companion with her willingness to sacrifice herself.
Occasionally, she appears innocent and unprotected.


『Who are you, I wonder?』(Anon)


Suddenly, such a question naturally comes to mind.

Taru-shi shook became uneasy for a moment.
And after thinking for a while.


『I’m me』(Taru)


She replies so.
It was like a silver angel smiling from far away.


『And sometimes, I’m a rare alchemist』(Taru)


She continues with a cheerful boyish face.


『Is it so…?』(Anon)


I am Yasuno Kumori and my player name is Anon.
Unidentified. A sixteen-year-old high school student whose origin is anonymous.

I hate to be the same as others and seeking for my own original color.
I’ve been wearing them.
If I keep doing so, I may find it.

I had been thinking so since I was little and I suddenly came up with the idea when I reached 16 years old.

If I stand out, people who have abandoned me might try to find me someday.

The days Ishigami-san picked me up and spending time with everyone in the orphanage are satisfying. I learned that families are irreplaceable.

But that’s why. I wonder why I was thrown away.

I don’t know who have given birth to me.
I don’t want to feel inferior because I don’t know who I am.

When I hear my classmates talking about their parents, I feel a little tingling.


But in this world, Clan-Clan, everyone is equal.

The world of games is another world that is far from being real.
So it doesn’t matter what the player’s reality is or what kind of person they are.

In Clan-Clan, everyone is nobody.

No-one. So, I can rest assured.


However, when Taru-shi told me that “I’m me” in this world. It was as if I was running away.

I am me.
It may not be necessary to care about your roots or who you were born from.


『Hara~ Hara, I see. Well, it’s no use idling around here, Oh Silver-Hair Alchemist Princess』(Anon)


I laugh at me as if my shoulders were a little unloaded.


『What’s that?』(Taru)


Silver-Hair Alchemist Princess.
Even she puffed off her chest, her small figure didn’t change much.

Her figure is lighting up my clouded heart like the sun.


『Ah, then how about Taru-chan, Mina-chan. Want to be/add “Friend”?』(Anon)

(T.N: Because Friend is in English, Anon might mean “add friend” to “be friends”)


I invited her with my usual tone.


『Yes… Ha… Eh!? Your tone has changed!? Ah, of course, yes』(Taru)

『Uhm… Yes. If you are fine with me』(Mina)


When I saw the girls having trouble with replies, I thought that this adventure was really fun.



Taru Vol 2
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Chapter 33: The Fruit of Gold, the Expensive Fruit

(T.N: Fruit stands for the fruit of hard work)

Eventually, we couldn’t find the “Skeleton Dark Gray Paint” as the dyeing material, so we returned to the pioneering city of Michel Angelo and decided to stop for today.


『Taru-shi, Mina-shi, I’m happy to be “Friend”. See you again』(Anon)


When Anon-san arrives in the city, she reverted herself to Anon-san who is acting as her character and exchanged farewell greetings.


『See you again, Anon-san』(Taru)

『See you again, Anon-san』(Mina)


Mina repeats my line like an echo.

After that, we went to Skill ☆ Shop George to carefully examine the four new materials that were newly collected at the “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard”.


『I will go as well』(Mina)


Mina naturally follows me.

This store clerk was an NPC woman who George hired.

She isn’t “Okama”, right?
Actually, I don’t have a problem with it. If that shocking pink eyeshadow Okama isn’t there, I won’t get startled out of nowhere.


『Anyway, I will have a look at the new materials …』(Taru)

『Good luck with alchemy』(Mina)


“White bone” x16.
“Titan’s bone” x2.
“Chaser’s Skull” x1.
“Titan’s Crest” x 1.


The details of “White bone” have been investigated during the search for “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard”.

First of all, “Titan’s bone”.

Activating the ability “Appraisal Eye” and read the explanation column of each material in detail.


“Titan’s bone”
“The remains of a glorious Titan.
It has been a long time, so it is extremely fragile, especially resistant to heat.
It can be processed as a material for various weapons and armor,
Invented by the dragon group who preyed on the Titans in the ancient times,
It seems to be used to make Titan’s Broth Soup.“』(Text)


Dragon Group.
And Titan’s broth soup…
There are many words that have attracted interest.

Unfortunately, alchemy can’t make weapons and armor and I don’t even have cooking skills.
But I can use it for a test.

Put the “Titan’s bone” into the synthetic pot.
Although it was a material with a diameter of more than 1 meter, as soon as it was put in the kettle, it melted.

Will anything fit well in this pot?
For now, let’s drag and hover the materials in order.


『Synthesis failed』(System Log)
“Titan’s bone” has been lost』(System Log)



I haven’t done anything yet but it’s failed!?
I lost a precious material.
What does it mean?

Observe the synthetic kettle closely.

The heat is still low.
The stir bar doesn’t even move.




Low heat is considered.
And in the previous explanation, it was written that “especially the resistance to heat has become extremely fragile”.

That’s the only conclusion interpreting from the material has melted away due to the heat of the synthetic pot.


『Fumu… in that case』(Taru)


I instantly activate the ability, “Training Technique”, and expand the “Torture pedestal of restoration”.

Try putting “Titan’s bone” on the base.


“Titan’s bone”

Slash: 8
Strike: -7
Pierce: 6
Elasticity: 0
Hard: 14
Attribute: Curse 7 Fire -20
Magic: 0

As expected.
Low fire resistance.

In other words, it’s hypothesized that if the fire resistance of the material is increased in the same way as when creating “Aiming Fireworks (small)”, the composition can be made possible.

Putting the 4 “Flame Sphere” with +5 attribute Fire resistance created from “Red Eye Stone” one after another in the hollow to bring the attributes fire resistance of the bones from minus 20 to zero.




I put “Titan’s bone” into the alchemy pot to squeeze out the Titan’s Broth Soup again.
Before it melted by the heat, I should quickly check which material is compatible.

It was the Titan’s Crest” that made the starry sky of the alchemy pot.


“Titan’s Crest”
“The pride of the Titans with the soul dwelling within.

If you want to gain the power of the Titans in your body, it is one way to wear them. If there is, it’s a story.”


Actually this.
It seems to be an accessory and material.
The effect as an accessory is as follows.


“Titan’s Crest”
Equipment Required Stats Intelligence 140
Power +50 Defense +40 Speed -50
※ Can equip even when you don’t have enough Intelligence. However, you will be put in the Berserk state.

I have more than 140 Intelligence, I can equip it, but I don’t think it’s worth wearing equipment that makes me lose 50 Speed, something that isn’t like my playstyle.




I’ll mix.

Mix it before the “Titan’s bone” melts.

Hayo~ hayo~, not yet?

However, the color becomes gray for some reason after the “Titan’s Crest” is inserted.
I have a bad feeling.

The only thing that can help this situation is “Fairy Powder”, a powerful all-purpose material.

I activate the ability “Eternal Pursuing Completion”
Put the “Fairy Powder” in the beaker and put it in as the third material.

Then mix and mix.
When the inside of the kettle changes from dull gray to a clear night sky, blue smoke appears.


“Titan’s bone” + “Titan’s Crest” + “Fairy Powder”“Titan Extract”
Recorded in the synthetic recipe』(System Log)


Titan’s broth soup freshly made!


Both brown hands are put together like a cup of water and holding a white liquid.
The buzzing visuals are unpleasant.
Because the dried palm is like a bowl and it’s white water.
However, the effect was a gem full of romance.


“Titan Extract”
“If you drink this, you will be able to walk side by side with the Titans.
The body size, HP, power, and defense will be tripled for 30 seconds.
It will be reduced to two-thirds for the next 30 seconds.
After that, you will not move for 30 seconds.”』(Text)


『Transform into a Titan…』(Taru)


Alchemy makes it possible to obtain the same power as the Titan from Ancient times.
I was successful in creating an item that could be called a secret medicine and I was trembling with joy.


『Fuhe~ Fuehehehe~』(Taru)


『I’m not Tenshi, I’m a Kyojin (Titan)』(Taru)




And I take the “Chaser’s Skull” out of the item storage and watch it.



『Tenshi-sama… she smiles creepily with a skull on her hands…』(Mina)


Next is his turn.
I look at the big cranium that is more than 50 centimeters in the eye.


“Chaser’s Skull”
“The Graveyard Titan Guard’s skull cracks down from/by the devastating tomb vandalism.
He was a chaser, he died blindly and believed that the glory of the Titan Kingdom would last forever.
In the eyes that watch the honor and dignity of the dead country, a fluttering blue demon fire dwells, relentlessly chasing tomb vandalism.”』(Text)


The skeleton’s eyes stared at me with a blue glow.




Mina screams a little next to me.

Tension raises.
It wasn’t from the fear of its eerieness but from the fear of losing only one material. Alchemy might result in failure but I want to be cautious here.


『Tenshi… Kyo, Kyojin-sama, don’t you scare of this skull?』(Mina)

『No, not at all』(Taru)


Because it’s a rare material, I put on the “Torture pedestal of restoration” in order to avoid the failure of quick synthesis.


“Chaser’s Skull”

Slash: 19
Strike: -11
Pierce: 15
Elasticity: 0
Hard: 16
Attribute: Curse 22 Fire -10
Magic: 0


Like “Titan’s bone”, it seems to be vulnerable to heat and fire.
With only one of my “Aiming Fireworks (small)”, the head of the Undead Titan was exploding.

I use another 2 “Flame Sphere” and increase the fire resistance to zero.

For now, let’s try putting the skull into the synthetic pot.


『Is there a compatible material…?』(Taru)


Although it’s a really rare material, I can’t craft anything with it right now.




The current skill point is 22.
Should I use points to learn new alchemy skills?
However, I would like to keep it when I learned weapon skills in the future.

However, raising the alchemy skill level may open up some possibilities.


『Shall I go for it…?』(Taru)

『Ten … Kyojin-sama?』(Mina)


Mina stares worriedly at my uneasy face.
The cute loli priestess holds my hand as it is. The warmth spread from her small hands.

I’m an alchemist.
This isn’t the time to feel lost.


『Alchemy has increased to Lv26』(System Log)
『Alchemy has increased to Lv27』(System Log)
『Alchemy has increased to Lv28』(System Log)


Focus more on alchemy skills.


『Alchemy has increased to Lv29』(System Log)
『Alchemy has increased to Lv30』(System Log)

『Acquired skill “Soul Offering Extract”(System Log)


A soul… offering?


“Soul Offering Extract”
“Ability to extract the color of the soul using an alchemy kit, magic mirror and camera.
The mirror that connects this world with another world can reflect the appearance of those who aren’t in this world.
The camera extracts the soul of the soul photographed as a color and converts it into an alchemy or weapon material.
Produce something suitable for offering to the Gods and Buddha.
Discover new materials from intangibles, light, ghosts, energy, etc.”(Text)


Hey hey.
I’ve mastered the incompatible alchemy that even feeds on invisible beings.

Extract the color of the soul …?
Intangible thing … Collecting material from ghosts and light?
I’m so impressed by the alchemy that greatly expands the possibilities and my whole body trembles.


『Fuhaha ha ha ha』(Taru)

『Kyajin-sama!?』(Mina) (T.N: The joke on the scream “Kya” and titan “Kyojin-sama”)

『Things that cannot be grabbed like clouds will be put in my hands and transformed into the foundation of knowledge that I seek!
Well done! My alchemy seems to be almighty!』(Taru)


Even ghosts without a real body can be changed into materials.





And I remembered.

Mina need to wear a dress with the “Skeleton Dark Gray” color to accompany me at the event “The Fairy Ball”. Won’t the required color dye be collected with this ability?
As I unravel the memory, I certainly see the word ghost somewhere. That’s right.

At the entrance of “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard” that I explored with Anon-san, there is a sign that says “Be careful because ghosts will appear in the future” with cute characters that do not fit in the field.

The ghost can be projected in the magic mirror and can be taken a photo with the camera!
And get the color from the soul!

When I came to a plan, I immediately rushed to the city tool shop to buy the alchemy kit.



『Don’t worry, Mina! We are going to the tool shop!』(Taru)


The stepping forward is light.
The alchemy road that goes forward is endless.

This feeling of running on an unknown road is a joy and excitement that surpasses anything.

And when I check the price of the alchemy kit at the tool shop!


『Alchemy kit “Mysterious Magic Mirror” 4000 Eso』(Price Tag)
『Alchemy kit “Antique Camera” 8000 Eso』(Price Tag)

『No way!』(Taru)


My excitement dropped to below freezing point as soon as I saw the high price.


『If the total amount is 12,000 Esos, I can buy a carriage with it.』(Taru)


the fruit of money is alchemy, but before that, the first thing that costs money is also alchemy.
Is it necessary to invest even in alchemy that can transcend the gods’ senses?

It is hard to know. This world is not strangely fantastic.



In front of the tool shop, you can see a silver-haired angel girl who is crushing on the floor in despair (orz), and a Blonde Little Priestess who works desperately to cheer her up.

It was a sight that only a handful of people knew.


Taru Vol 2
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Chapter 34: Soul color

Because I want to use the alchemy ability that “Soul Offering Extract”, I keep making “Emerald’s Tear” and “Freezing Flame Crystal” and continue to sell it at the “Prize and Auction”.

Thanks to that, at midnight, I have enough money to buy the alchemy kit. The current money raises to 12800 Esos.


『I’m tired …』(Taru)


Although some of “Emerald’s Tear” are still unsold, the goal is achieved.
After all, potions are cheaper at item stores, and even though handmade potions perform better, most mercenaries don’t buy potions.


『But how come it was still selling well?』(Taru)


I grabbed 12800 Esos and I bought the alchemy kit at the tool shop.


“Mysterious Magic Mirror”
“Alchemy kit that reflects the appearance of ghosts and other intangible things”
“Alchemy kit that absorbs energy bodies such as light and energy to make materials”』(Text)

“Antique Camera”
“An alchemy kit that extracts the soul color of the photographed object as a photo.
By absorbing the subject in the photo, the soul color dwells completely in the photo.
When using Alchemy Ability “Synthesis” with “Ink”, you can make the color in the photo into dye materials.”』(Text)


“Ink” was sold at a tool shop for 100 bottles per bottle.
It’s quite expensive.

This excellent product can collect colors.
I want to take a trial shot without waiting.

But I’m not strong enough to solo the “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard”.
Then there is only one option, party.

Mina was logged out around 11:00.
George is on PT.
Yu and Kou are also PT.
The remaining ones are Anon-san and my sister, but both log out.


『…Yup. A solitary study begins now!』(Taru)


If I don’t go to the back of the graveyard, I’m okay alone, right?

So I’m telling myself and I jump out of Michel Angelo, heading to the Graveyard.




It is said that this is an Ancient Titan Cemetery.
The huge humanoid skeletons are wandering.

So, a graveyard labyrinth with a profound transformation.
A dungeon that changes the phase and path each time you enter.

So there’s no time to dream the shallow dreams.
You can’t get drunk.

The so-called cemetery began to appear slightly after the red sunset.
The red sunlight passing the tombstone is creating a beautiful landscape that you can see.


『Superb view …』(Taru)


I managed to take out the “Antique Camera” and push the shutter button through the lens because of the urge to save this scene.

It was so beautiful that I wanted to capture it in the camera.




What happened?
No way, a material, no, itemization?

The thing I took was like a Polaroid camera, and a single photo immediately came out from the bottom of the camera.


“Titan Cemetery Illuminated by Amber” “Photo”
“The end of the kingdom of the Titans of the east that had become extremely powerful. The spirits of the Titans destroyed by the dragons became a memorial, and this cemetery was embodied at night”』(Text)


Hey hey.
It’s a picture with an explanation.

I couldn’t make the material I shot into a material, but this is undoubtedly a great discovery of the century.
Because it is nothing but a super-convenient alchemy kit that allows you to collect information by converting all the scenery, events, and objects you have taken into items called photos.


『It’s amazing!』(Taru)


『Please use the magic mirror for the light system to collect materials』(System Log)
『Cannot be materialized with the camera』(System Log)




When I saw such an assist log, I noticed what I have missed.
Light, light…

Is it the sunset?
It must be collected before the sun goes down!

Hurry up and take out the “Mysterious Magic Mirror”.


『Project intangible things』(Assist log)
『Absorb intangible things』(Assist log)
『Materialize intangible things?』(Assist log)


Should I choose the top option when I want to project the existence of a ghost?
But now I want to collect light, so I choose absorption.


『If I don’t do it early, it will be bad (late)』(Taru)


The sun leans more and more.
Time is money. No, time is gold.


『Gold never waits for our hands to pick up!』(Taru)


The magic hour when sunset changes to the night, which is said to be the best view of the day.
Now, this moment.

The precious minute and second.

Alchemy can even remind the truth of time.


『Light in my hand!』(Taru)


Grab the “Mysterious Magic Mirror” and raise it overhead.


I am alone in front of the cemetery.
Turn the hand mirror to heaven with my right hand, put my left hand on my hips, and take a fixed pose for 40 seconds.

The sun completely hid itself to the horizon.


“Red Sunset” collected in “Mysterious Magic Mirror”(Text)
『When you materialize the light and extract as a color, please do it in a dark place with as little light as possible』(Text)


“Red Sunset” …!?』(Taru)


I trembled with joy.


『Finally… Finally collected color dye!
If it’s like this, I will be able to collect more and more using the
“Antique Camera” and “Mysterious Magic Mirror”!』(Taru)


『You can collect better quality Light with the alchemy kit, “Lens”, “Chain lens”, “Telescope”, “Heavy Star Mirror Loupe”, “Celestial Mirror”, “White Master’s Loved Monocle”(Assist log)




From the assist log, it seems that there are still a lot of alchemy kits that I can use in “Soul Offering Extract”.

With the “Mysterious Magic Mirror” in my left hand, the “Kodachi: Impure Evening” in my right hand,  my “Antique Camera” on my neck, I stepped into the “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard”.


『What’s that? A weird girl…』(Bystander 1)

『But she is cute』(Bystander 2)

『That’s true but did she do something weird?』(Bystander 3)

『Did you say about something weird?』(Bystander 4? 2?)

『She took a funny pose toward the sunset』(Bystander 1)


I feel like the mercenaries, who are trying to challenge the “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard” like me, are talking something right now but I don’t care.

They smile at the sign that says “A ghost will come out.

Skeleton Dark Gray dye is waiting for me.
Anon-san is waiting.
The color used for Mina’s costume is waiting.






『Fufufu, now!』(Taru)


I shoot the photo of an aimlessly wandering skeleton from the shadow of a gravestone.
The strobe light of the camera emits light, and the skeleton notices its presence with the flash.


『”Skeleton” ‘s soul photo has been with the “Antique Camera”(Text)
“Skeleton Dark Gray” soul will dwell in the photo if you subdue the said skeleton』(Text)


Kita! Kita! I got a skeleton dark gray!
Chance to get the colors that Anon-san is looking for!
All you have to do is move around and defeat this skeleton!




With a happy smile, I put the “Extreme Candy Ball” into the mouth and went to attack the skeleton with attack power +10.




The bitterness of the caterpillar flavor fills my mouth, to be honest, I can’t enjoy it at all.

I roll around the skeleton’s swinging arm and slash with his left, right feet with my Kodachi as I endure nausea feeling.


『Koooooo』 (Skeleton)


The skeleton utters an eerie voice that doesn’t seem like a cry or mourn and he looks ahead. A pale light is shining in his depressed eyes.


『As expected, the skeleton is a strong enemy to fight alone』(Taru)


I rolled around the skeleton to avoid his attack many times as I slashed his feet with my Kodachi. And I finally subjugated one skeleton.




After confirming that safety has been secured, observe the pictures taken.


『The photo of Titan Graveyard’s Skeleton』(Text)
『Human Slavers who served in the eastern Titan kingdom were pulled into the death along with the Titans and turned into dead people.』(Text)
“Skeleton Dark Gray” dye can be extracted』(Text)


Okay. I can take this photo of the skeleton, extract “Skeleton Dark Gray” dye and “synthetic” with “Ink”.
However, failure is inherent in alchemy.
There is no guarantee that colors can be successfully created from photographs in one try.

I should have some stock.


『Should I go for more skeleton hunting?』(Taru)








After the first skeleton, I finished killing four more skeletons.
I got a total of 5 photos with “Skeleton Dark Gray”.


『Good, good. Next, let’s go for ghost search』(Taru)


Hold the “Mysterious Magic Mirror” and tap the option “Project intangible things”.

Then part of the mirror began to glow faintly. When I looked into the mirror surface unintentionally, my face was clearly reflected in the night.


『The surroundings should be dark, but everything looks clear in the mirror』(???)


Someone whispers to me so.




Looking at the mirror, a strange thing crossed behind me for a moment.

This is…

The upper body is a human boy but the lower body is like a snake tail.
“This” is wandering in the air.


『The magic mirror started to reflect the ghost』(Assist log)
『Captured ghosts will appear in the eyes of mercenary holding a magic mirror for 1 minute』(Assist log)


『Is this the power of alchemy of the “Mysterious Magic Mirror”?』(Taru)


According to the assist log, the boy’s ghost that floats over my head glows blue and white and can be seen.


『Okay, I’ll have to shoot his soul with my camera』


Slowly set up the “Antique Camera” and focus on the ghost.
Then something happened.

The boy’s spirit began to move fast enough to escape the camera view.




Even if I try to capture the appearance of a ghost desperately, it is difficult to press the shutter because he keeps moving around and I’m not used to using the lens.


『Ku~. Wa, hayai~. Eh?』(Taru)


I lost sight of the ghost.


『Shouldn’t be it so easy to shoot ghosts…』(Taru)


Once again, the moment I tried to find the ghost with the magic mirror.
A voice comes from behind.


『Oh my my. The little human girl (Ningen-chan/Human-chan) over there. The little human girl over there. Don’t tell me you can see me?』 (Ghost)


When you turn around in surprise.


『Can you see me?』 (Ghost)


The boy ghost who I was trying to take a picture of his soul was talking to me with a mysterious smile.


Taru Vol 2
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Chapter 35: Talking with Unknown




『Can you see me?』 (Ghost)



The boy’s spirit approached me and hit my stomach.
I suddenly close my eyes.


『Ahahahaha. I knew it. you can see me, right?』(Ghost)


I opened my eyes a little and when I moved my eyes to the direction of the voice, a transparent boy’s face grew from my abdomen.




I know it’s in the game but it’s a bit weird.
The ghost looked at my face smiling when passing through my body, making use of his transparent characteristic regardless of my feelings.


『You shouldn’t be able to see me, it’s strange.』(Ghost)


The boy spirit talked to me but his eyes remained in my camera and magic mirror.


『Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Ah~. I regained my knowledge from before dead. You, are you now the alchemist who can even blaspheme the gods? I see I see, so you can see ghosts like me, right?』(Ghost)


The ghost who begins to convince suddenly rises as he turns around.
I can see ghosts. Visible.

Perhaps this is a great discovery of the century in Clan-Clan. In the first place, how many players are aware of the existence of ghosts?


『Spirit. Discovery!』(Taru)


Even now, tension begins to rise because I discover the unknown.
I declare loudly and point my finger.


『The first Alchemist who can see the ghost since the God Wisdom Alchemist, Saint-Germain』(Ghost)



The name I heard somewhere.


“Ah …the Genesis Alchemist left it there … I wanted to keep it so…” (Misora)
“Saint-Germain …Ah, but right now, he is called Noah World, I wonder” (Misora)


I remember the words when I first met Misora-san.
She asked me how I got to the jeweled forest, and there was a strangely stretchy tree branch, and when I answered honestly, she told me that the alteration of the tree was the creation of alchemy.

At that time, the name Saint-Germain really did come out.
Surely it’s the name of the founder of Alchemist Noah World or Saint Germain the predecessor.

… Saint-German. The alchemist Saint-Germain?

I’m really excited!
The tension is rising!


『Yurei-san (Mr. Ghost)! Could you tell me about that person?』(Taru)

『My my my my (Are~re~re~re~re)
I wonder if she should be called the first person who can oppose God.
Can you see us?
Is it only me, or all of us?
It’s about time…』(Ghost)


Starting with that word, I couldn’t see the ghost boy or hear his voice anymore.


『Wha… Yurei-san (ghost)! Where? Where are you?』(Taru)


I look around the place but I can’t find any ghosts.
Seriously… What was wrong?




A mysterious figure that seems to exist at the end of alchemy. Noah World. Saint-Germain.
I want to get closer to them.

Then you have to think about it.
I can’t miss the ghost who seems to have their information.
This opportunity cannot be wasted.




Exhale slowly and regain some coolness.
In the first place, he seemed to be interested in talking with me because he kept floating and talked to me face-to-face.
Suddenly, the question of Saint-Germain’s topic made a strange tension.

If I don’t respond more carefully.


『So, how can I meet the ghost again… Why did the ghost disappear?』(Taru)


The only things at hand are “Mysterious Magic Mirror” and “Antique Camera”.
Is there anything else? How to find ghosts. Something else.
I devote myself to the alchemy kit and find out if I can talk to the ghost again.

The last word Yurei-kun (ghost) left.


“It’s about time” (Ghost)



It was simple.


『Captured ghosts will appear in the eyes of mercenary holding a magic mirror for only 1 minute』(Assist log)


Recall the contents of the log that flowed when the ghost was reflected in the magic mirror, and use the “Mysterious Magic Mirror” in the right hand again.

In other words, dialogue with them can only be achieved for a minute after catching the ghost with the magic mirror.

The magic mirror is lit, and when I look into the mirror, I can see the surroundings as clear as day even in the darkness.

After that, I point the mirror forward and try to catch the ghost properly, I may meet the ghost again.
A few minutes after raising the mirror.
There is no ghost discovery log.


『Hm… Maybe』(Taru)


It may be a condition that I see the ghost reflected in the mirror through the mirror.
When I caught the ghost-kun, I guessed it was easy to find him through a mirror because he happened to be behind me.


『Basically, I need to search for him while looking behind through the mirror… right? It’s difficult』(Taru)


The range reflected on the mirror surface is extremely narrow.
While tilting the mirror diagonally to the right and left, look into the specular view and check for ghosts.


『It appears (Ita)!』(Taru)


That is the ghost boy.

He seemed to be floating on my left diagonal front with his arms folded.


『The magic mirror started to reflect the ghost』(Assist log)
『Captured ghosts will appear in the eyes of mercenaries holding a magic mirror for only 1 minute』(Assist log)


The boy’s ghost also glows white.


『You could see me, right? So why did you keep looking around?
What do you want to see?』(Ghost)


It looks like he has been waiting for me. He spreads his hands and talks.

If I inadvertently point my “Antique Camera” and take a shoot of his soul, he may escape. I should start with a dialogue.


『Nice to meet you Yurei-san (Mr. Ghost). I’m Taru. Best regards』(Taru)

『Shouldn’t we omit the useless social greeting?
If you can see me. That explains everything』(Ghost)


A slightly cold attitude returns to my greeting.


『What do you want and what do you try to see?』(Ghost)


To be honest, I want to project his soul on my camera.
However, if I reply so, he may escape just like before.

But before that, I want to return to the story.


『I want to ask about the person named Saint-Germain』(Taru)

『New Age Saint-Germain? You want to see the “God Wisdom Alchemist” called “the man who has come too close to God”, the predecessor “Genesis Alchemist”?』(Ghost)



New Age Saint-Germain.
Is that his full name?


『From the look of it, what are you going to do?
Are you going to shoot our souls with that
“Antique Camera”?』(Ghost)



This speculation came out.
The thing taken with the camera is the same as the previous skeleton-sama, if I don’t defeat it, the power of color should not dwell in the photo.

In other words, there is an unreversible hostile relationship between the ghost and me from the beginning.

It seems that I have to be prepared when this happens.


『That’s right. I want to take a picture of your soul color. I think so』(Taru)



The boy ghost laughs at my reply to his heart content.


『Apparently, Silver-haired Young Miss is trying to see us. Looks like you’re not an alchemist who uses a variety of words skillfully and tries to play with all things?』(Ghost)



As it was, I was confused about whether to fight with this ghost, but it seems that the other party has no will.


『It looks like you are different from the guy that blasphemed the words of the gods and dyed them crazy.
Yeah, you may take as many as you want.
Right, everyone?』(Ghost)


The boy spirit rotates with the body and smiles eerily as if seeking approval from the neighborhood.


『『『Ooooooooooooooooooooo』』』(3 Skeletons)


Then, a low voice reverberating from the bottom of the earth as if agreeing with him.



『But it’s time』(Ghost)


Like a mischievous boy, the boy ghost poses with his index finger on his mouth.


『In addition, it seems that the brothers who have been halfway through the paranoid have come』(Ghost)


The ghost has a sorrowful expression. It thrilled me like a ripple caused by a stone roller thrown on a quiet lake.


『Well then. I hope to see you again the next night when the sun falls』(Ghost)


And the ghost-kun’s figure disappeared again.


『… Full of mysteries, but communication with ghosts is quite interesting』(Taru)


The moment I tried to use the magic mirror again.
I noticed.

The sluggishness of the sleigh and the dull sound are approaching.




Three skeletons.
The distance was shrinking to surround me.

The ghost-kun’s words, “It seems that the paranoid brothers have come,” would have pointed to these monsters.

That ghost was like a human ghost as far as I can see.

Does that mean the skeletons, who are approaching before me, are the human beings who were the slavers of the Titans?
They might have been his comrades (Nakama).


『Three at the same time is really tedious』(Taru)


It seemed I was distracted because I was absorbed in communication with the ghost. There was a lot to think about Yurei-san (Mr. ghost) but for now, I pulled out the Kodachi I got from my sister from the sheath.


『First I have to survive here.』(Taru)


Of course, there was no time to shoot the skeleton soul with the “Antique Camera”.






『It’s morning …』(Taru)


I exhale roughly and sit down from fatigue.
The “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard” disappeared as it melted at sunrise, and I was in the wilderness.


『It took more time than I thought to defeat the skeletons… Well, the opportunity to communicate with the Mr. Ghost will come again next night』(Taru)


I’m curious about the ghost, but first, I need to extract “Skeleton Dark Gray”. I already got the pictures with the color of the skeleton’s soul taken.

Even though I was tired, I rushed back to Michel Angelo.


“Ink” should be necessary to extract the color of the soul from the photos taken with the “Antique Camera”.


『I’m worried about this』(Taru)


I take the magic mirror to the right and look.


『Umm …』(Taru)


According to the description of “Mysterious Magic Mirror”, it’s recommended that you choose a place that isn’t bright when extracting colors from light. Is there a place where the sunset of the Titan Cemetery in the mirror can be extracted well?

I’m concerned about how to extract valuable materials, but for the time being, I buy about 7 bottles of “Ink” at a tool shop.

I’m worried that my money is almost gone, but I just need to make and sell my “Emerald’s Tear” again.


『Yes! Let’s go to the Skill shop ☆ George!』(Taru)






George ’s shop is a frequent place.

Real-time was around midnight. When I check your friend list, the shopkeeper is still logged in, it seems that he is in PT somewhere.




The female NPC clerk greeted me.




I want to quickly synthesize “Ink” and “Photo” of the Titan’s Graveyard’s skeleton to create the “Skeleton Dark Gray” dye.

Lightly greet NPC and think about “synthesis”.


『5 photos. 7 bottles of ink. 5 chances…』(Taru)


Put the photo in the synthetic kettle with low heat.
Then when I hover the “Ink” bottle over the kettle.

The contents of the synthetic pot became cloudy.


『No way… what does this mean?』(Taru)


The description of “Antique Camera” says that it is only necessary to synthesize the “Photo” and the “Ink”.


『Can’t be helped …』(Taru)


Until now, I have succeeded a lot of alchemy with “Fairy Powder”.

“Fairy Powder”, the all-purpose theory, it’s easy to shout loudly,
It was certain that there was myself who was not convinced there.


I put the “Ink” bottle to the synthesis pot and activate the ability “Eternal Pursuing Completion” to put the third material into the beaker.

The shimmering “Fairy Powder” becomes a golden liquid in the beaker.


『After that, it’s time to pour “Fairy Powder”(Taru)


Although the inside of the kettle was low heat, it was boiled with dark clouds.




I couldn’t grasp the timing to put “Fairy Powder” into the dark cloudy sky which didn’t change at all.


『Synthesis failed』(Assist log)
“Photo of Titan Graveyard’s Skeleton” and “Ink” synthetic materials have been lost』(Assist log)

『Kut …』(Taru)


Second challenge.
I learned from the previous failure that I may have wait too long for the timing of the third material. So this time, after I put in the photo and ink, I poured “Fairy Powder” from the beaker.


『Synthesis failed』(Assist log)
“Photo of Titan Graveyard’s Skeleton”, “Ink”, “Fairy Powder” synthetic materials have been lost』(Assist log)

『What? … it was still a failure after adding all-purpose “Fairy Powder”?』(Taru)


The remaining chance is 3 times.


『Think … think about it』(Taru)


“Photo” and “Ink”.
I was looking for a material that would work well with photos before but this time I should try to find a material that works well with “Ink” by putting “Ink” first.




However, the log of failures flowed while putting “Ink” into the kettle one after another.


『Synthesis failed』(Assist log)
“Ink” has been lost』(Assist log)


『The ink is gone …』(Taru)


As you keep using the ability “synthetic”, The problem of failing while trying to find another material that is compatible with the said material in the kettle appears.


『It’s good to buy extra ink …』(Taru)


Four ink bottles remain.
One more bottle can be wasted.

Without giving up, I put the “Ink” bottle into the kettle again.

This time, I will quickly put the materials I have not tried out on the kettle.


『Synthesis failed』(Assist log)
“Ink” has been lost』(Assist log)


『I can’t believe that……』(Taru)


In short, there was no compatible material.
“Ink” had spares, so it was possible to test the compatibility with all the materials on hand, but there are only three “photos” left.


『Still, the only way left is to know the material』(Taru)


Talking with materials. Talking with the unknown.
That is the true alchemy of alchemy.

Just like “Ink”, I put my photos into a composite pot to find materials that match the “Photo”.

Then, I try to observe the sky of the kettle while checking other materials carefully and as quickly as possible.


『Synthesis failed』(Assist log)
“Photo of Titan Graveyard’s Skeleton” has been lost』(Assist log)


In conclusion, what is the answer that I came up with at the expense of two photos?

There are no compatible materials.


『Does it mean that “Fairy Powder” doesn’t work well?』(Taru)


Until I got the skeleton dark gray, one more step left my alchemy.


『One photo left. Three bottles of ink. One chance』(Taru)


I think… What have I not tried yet? Do I have any hints?
I don’t have the right material for my photos.
There are no materials that match the ink.


『Photo. Ink … A color called “Skeleton Dark Gray”…』(Taru)


Is color paint?
Paint is nothing but a liquid.

There is no object in my knowledge that is easy to mix with a “photo”, but what about ink? Ink is also liquid. Liquid and liquid are easy to interact. It’s common knowledge that even elementary school students can understand.

The idea goes around.

Liquid and liquid …




I put the “Ink” bottle into the pot with a shaking hand.

Then add “Fairy Powder” as the second material.
The inside of the synthetic pot is still cloudy.

This is expected.
If I dare to say, “Fairy Powder” is insurance.


『The production start from here!』(Taru)


Activated the ability “Eternal Pursuing Completion”.

Put “Photo of Titan Graveyard’s Skeleton” into the alchemy kit “Beaker” in my right hand. Then, the photo will be liquefied in the beaker, of course, to become the third synthetic material due to the effect of the ability.

If liquid and liquid are easy to mix.


『Exploration is an eternal play that never gets tired』(Taru)


Shake the dark gray liquid in the beaker.
I smile with nature.


『Now, let me bloom that color』(Taru)


I sprinkled the big beaker of the “Photo of Titan Graveyard’s Skeleton”.

What about it?
The inside of the kettle is clear and a quiet starry sky is reflected.


『Hooray (Yatta)!』(Taru)


Gently mix with the “stirring stick” and shake the lake surface.




After a while, the succeed blue smoke appears.


“Ink” + “Fairy Powder” + “Photo of Titan Graveyard’s Skeleton”“Skeleton Dark Gray” has been added to the recipe』(Assist log)


I look at the new material in the glass bottle.
The slender glass bottle with a hexagonal bottom has a clear gray flickering.

The liquid is heavy and dark despite being clear.

I use the ability “Appraisal Eye” to identify the mysterious liquid.


“Skeleton Dark Gray”(Text)
『When applies to weapons, armor, and materials as paint, it produces various effects. It is said that the ashes of the dead in the night veil increased the resistance to undead』(Text)

『Ashes wrapped in a night veil …』(Taru)


Finally, I got the color!


『Even the color of the soul will come in hand? This is alchemy』(Taru)


What’s about the color?
There must be many in this world. And how many kinds of color effects are there?


『There are as many colors and effects as the number of souls』(Taru)


If it can be applied to weapons and armor to give immediate effects, what can be created by painting on the material and creating items, weapons, and armor using that material?


『The soulful color has tremendous potential… it’s truly a great discovery of the century! Hahahahaha! Fuhahaha!』(Taru)


One person in George’s shop is indulging in laughter late at night, and suddenly a friend’s message arrives.




I was surprised at the sound.


“Taru-shi, I’m not impressed that the young alchemist girl is logged in until this three o’clock.” (Anon’s message)


What made me startled was Anon-san, who should have been logged out when I checked the friend list earlier.


“Eh (Are)? Anon-san, why did Anon-san log in at such a time? You weren’t here when I checked just now.” (Taru’s message)

“Summer holiday” (Anon’s message)

“Ah, Anon-san is on summer vacation too” (Taru’s message)


At first, I thought she was a member of society or a university student with the first impression, but when I came in contact with a simple way of speaking, I forgot that our actual age wasn’t so far away.


“Then, Taru-shi too?” (Anon’s message)

“Yes!” (Taru’s message)

“Well, leave that aside. What did Taru-shi do until this late night?” (Anon’s message)


I come to that question as well.
What was I doing?
I was making the “Color” for Anon-san that I wouldn’t stop.

And now that color, “Skeleton Dark Gray” has just been completed.
I will deliver this to her.
Then ask her to make the dress for Mina.

This time it’s amazing.

I can’t imagine her face being marveled.


“Anon-san. Would you like to meet me now?” (Taru’s message)

Taru Vol 2

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    • it says right in the announcement 1/1/2020 or in plain terms first day first month two thousand twenty
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      • Come on.
        It’s just a joke.
        1 decadde (from 2019 to 2020)
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        1 more week (from 25/12/2019 to 1/1/2020)
        are all legit.


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