I already translate Taru manga chapter 1.

But where should I get the raw now?

I can’t download pictures here and the resolution is too small.


  1. Here is a video that explain how to use the webpage developer tool to isolate an image and download it (in theory is ilegal… and you can steal protected passwords from any pc you enter if you know what thing you need to change)


  2. I read there is a user named das in mangadex that can rip from nico seiga in higher resolution. He does it for free but I don’t know if he takes all requests.


  3. 1. On Google Chrome on Windows.
    2. Use F12 to open dev-tool.
    3. Click Network in dev-tool tab.
    4. Navigate to Nico page with that browser tab.
    5. Near or in Filter section of network tab, Click Img button. Now all image that loaded by browser will be displayed.
    6. See records in Table that have Name|Status|Type|Initiator|(Bla Bla)…
    7. Click on one record at a time.
    8. Click on preview section.
    9. Verify if it is the image that you want. If not go back to step 7
    10. Copy image as data URI.
    11. Use some tool to convert data-URI to actual image file.

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  4. In firefox go to the advanced preferences (type about:config on the address bar and hit enter)
    Search for dom.event.contextmenu.enabled
    Set it to false
    You should then be able to save the images by doing right click -> Save image as…


  5. Thanks for all your translations these past couple years! I have just one very important question. Is it acceptable to lewd a loli if they are over 18 years old, such as Rory Mercury or Shinobu?


    • Don’t Lewd the Loli.

      Somehow I really hate ECCHI HAREM manga.

      Boring repeat PLOT or no PLOT at all.
      Readers even joke about the big chest is actually the PLOT.

      The weird thing is I’m fine with ART Nudity.
      But it must be ART. Beautiful background.

      Meanwhile I hate Ecchi.


  6. It got picked up by another group (Caliburn X Scanlation) already but they’re looking for a translator so you could work with them.


  7. I love all the work you do, and want to help. I found some raw for POTION-DANOMI DE IKINOBIMASU! and AVING 80,000 GOLD COINS IN THE DIFFERENT WORLD FOR MY OLD AGE. you very well may have this but this is the least I can do.

    also please let me know if I can to anything to help. I can find raws I will try to figure out this Downloading of protected Images thing. Keep up the good work.

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