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Mile Chapter 339: Troublesome Hoi Hoi 1

(T.N: ホイホイ “Hoi Hoi” is in Katakana)


『Eh, this is…』(Mile)


Mile’s group couldn’t leave the city until the guild pay. When they tried to find a request at the guild branch, they noticed something posted next to the request board.


『Auction Notice… is it about the scale of Ancient Dragon?』(Mile)

『Ah, isn’t this the exhibition from those hunters?
Merchants, who bought from us, can’t possibly sell again in such a place.
And the number of exhibition items is three?
Apparently, they have found everything well ……』(Pauline)


Pauline explained this to Mile.


Yes, in fact, the scale was left on the site because Mile has left it on purpose.

If you think about it, you can understand. Pauline, the miser, has time to spare, and there is Mile who is good at searching magic, there was no way they could and left a few Ancient Dragon scales behind.

Those scales were in poor condition, damaged. They can be found with a bit of searching so that those who come to investigate the site can find it, just in case it becomes necessary evident to explain later. Only three scales were left there.


『It’s okay with the Ancient Dragon.
The hunters also reported the anonymous information
“Some people told us that the Ancient Dragons had an irrelevant affair this time”
As they don’t want to be involved in something strange, they want to reveal their identity.
And the guild side wouldn’t be interested in just some messengers.』(Pauline)


Around that time, along with the merchants, the girls firmly reminded that B rank party.

For hunters and merchants, trust is everything.

If the news spread that they have broken their promises or contracts, they couldn’t do their business anymore.

And when it comes to Ancient Dragon and its scales, the rumors will quickly spread throughout the country.


『In other words, the bigger the problem, the more they will keep their promise. If they are decent people…』(Pauline)


Three girls nod with Pauline’s words.

By the way, the scales that Mile has secured are going to be sold one by one in each place. Their setting is “We just happened to get one”.

Pauline said that it would not break the market price.




And, after all, without a good request, the girls decided to do a proper job that includes material gathering, wandering around the forest and hunting for prey that they met. Then they left the guild branch.


『I guess it’s about time to move. Shall we go right after we get paid for the soil dragon?』(Pauline)

『I agree. There seems to be no good request and with just a single soil dragon, our name is already known well in this city.』(Rena)

『…we might be standing out too much』(Maevis)


Mile wry smiles at Rena, Pauline, and Maevis’ words.

Indeed, they might be standing out a bit too much.


『… But maybe Maevis is getting a bit too much these days?
I feel like Maevis gets all these things here, cool things, delicious things…』(Rena)


Somehow, Rena is talking about Maevis.


『Speaking of which, I feel like that as well.
I feel like Mavis is steadily working “The series of words I want to say someday”…』(Pauline)


Just like Pauline, Maevis is a bit impatient. Apparently, she also is aware of it herself.

So, Mile, who is part of that responsibility, managed to follow up.


『Well then, Rena-san and Pauline-san, do you want to use the previously tested “Magical Girl’s Wand”?
If you use that, you will definitely get attention in the transformation scene and special moves!
You can also use a variety of definitive dialogues, “Lightning equipment heat” loaded with powerful lightning magic,
a kind of finishing strike magic that has the power to end the battle, and “Finishing Strike/ Death Blow”, a form perfect for hitting and killing humans…』(Mile)


Rena and Pauline have a scary face to Mile’s proposal.


『And Pauline-san also has the option of transforming armor from the “Armor” series. (Mahou Shoujo Henshin)
“Armor, get on” like that! (English)
The point is that your chest shakes when wearing it (Fan service ignores physic), so this is a system dedicated to Pauline-san …』(Mile)


With that said, Mile smiles and recommends new equipment.


『『Who would use something like that?! 』』(Rena + Pauline)


Rena and Pauline were angry.

After all, at the time of the test, Mile told them “When transformed, the magical girl becomes naked in front of her enemy and ally”
They also didn’t like that fluffy fluttering costume.


『But it’s cute and cool, and it also has a high defensive effect…』(Mile)


For the nanomachines, it seems that they would like to get hired by all means. And because of that, Mile was doing research and development with the full cooperation of them. It was remorseful that Rena and Pauline rejected it, so Mile just left it in her storage.

If the project was accepted, many nanomachines could be enjoyed exclusively, and many nanomachines would have been able to participate in “deathblow” and “special effect” ‘s personnel.

And when Mile finally manages to distract everyone’s attention off Maevis.


『Stop! No, let me go!』(Loli in distress)


Pi~kun! (SFX)


Mile’s hell ear responded. It could tell her about any loli in need of help, no matter how far away she was.


『…… No, we can also hear it, of course ……』(Rena)


Rena muttered, saying everything from Mile’s attitude. Maevis and Pauline nodded, too.


『…I mean, we can even see, they are just over there…』(Pauline)


As Pauline put it, it was an event that was taking place a few meters beside Mile’s group.


『And Mile-chan, “Loli/little girl” is usually about 5-6 years old…』(Maevis?)


Yes, it was a little girl, about 7-8 years old, she was about to be kidnapped away from her mother by three thug-lookalike men.


『What the hell are you looking at? It’s not your business, brats!』(Thug)


The leader of the thugs yelled at the Red Oath, who stood in front of them.

And …



『『Hohou……』』(Rena + Pauline?)

『『『『Hohou…………』』』』(Red Oath)


『What, whatever!
After all, they don’t return the money they borrow, we just take this little girl instead.
They don’t give back the borrowed money, it’s the parents who are bad, we don’t do anything wrong!』(Thug)


No matter how small the girls are, their opponents are still a hunter party. Two of them are arming with swords and the other two are clearly magicians.

On the other hand, the thug-like men didn’t have swords nor they could use magic. They also didn’t think that they were wrong so they decided to talk things out rather than keeping his attitude.

His decision was right.

…Sure, it was correct, but…


『So what?』(Mile)



The thugs seem puzzled when Mile replied.


『No, I don’t know anything about lending and borrowing money.
But right now, you push down the woman there and violent twisting the loli’s arm,
In other words, you are now committing criminal acts.
How does that relate?
And just because they borrow money, is it okay for you to commit violent or killing crimes?
Shall we try it to see whether the guards (officers) will approve the case?(Mile)

『Guu~, damn…』(Thug)

『And just now, you confessed yourself “I will take this little girl in exchange for the borrowed money.”
Yes, I heard a confession from you acting like a member of the trafficking organization!
It’s a legitimate defense to protect the loli from kidnappers of trafficking organizations, so killing them isn’t guilty but we can also get a reward!
If we captured them alive, we will receive half the profits of selling them as criminal slaves!』(Mile)



There was no way to beat Mile in a quarrel when Mile is angry or in a “word attack” battle.

Mile wasn’t good at building relationships and common sense but other than that she wasn’t bad at all. At any rate, she just simply grabs the other end of the word and taking a lift.


『Current offenders have act violence and kidnapping, confessions, and also try using force, taking a hostage.
The only way to save the hostages is talking with weapons.
All weapons are free to use!』(Mile)

『Leave it! 』(Maevis)


Maevis pulls out her sword.


『Leave it to me!』(Rena)



Rena and Pauline swing their canes.

And Mile smiles.


『『『Remember this!!』』』(Thugs)


The thugs release their hands from the little girl, shout out typical loser dialogue, and flee like rabbits.


『『『『『『Ooh oh oh! 』』』』』』(Onlookers)


And applause rises with praise and exclamation. Apparently, everyone was surrounded by onlookers.

When mothers and the loli are really in danger, people don’t want to approach them for fear of getting involved, but as soon as the situation changes and they no longer have to worry about getting caught up, they are behaving like good people.

Pauline has a bitter face with that thought, but Mile, Rena, and Maevis didn’t seem to think that way.


(…… Well, we got rid of it temporarily, but we didn’t solve anything ……) (Rena)


Unlike Mile and Maevis, who smile and cheer the little girl and her mother, Pauline and Rena’s eyes were not laughing at all. The eyes of the two merchants’ daughters …


Mile Chapter 340: Troublesome Hoi Hoi 2



『Speaking of which, that debt is …』(Mother)

『I see …』(Mile?)


Mile and Maevis are strong in combat but weak against lolies (young girl), cannot afford to leave the mother and the loli alone.
After applying recovery magic to the twisted little girl’s arm, they escorted both the mother and the loli back and then asked her about the situation.

Pauline and Rena’s face like “Ah…”


『In other words, you can’t return the borrowed money, right?』(Pauline)

『Ye, yes…』(Mother)


The mother nodded to Pauline’s remark.


『It’s a common story …』(Pauline)


A common story
It was a trivial, too many of such stories.


『Pauline-san, how can you say that?』(Mile)


However, no matter how common the story is, it’s still an important part of life for this mother and daughter. So, Mile complained about Pauline’s way of thinking, which was a bit sparse.


『Certainly, interest rates are higher than usual.
…But she borrowed it, the money.
Apart from writing the contract, they don’t give anything yet.
They borrowed from high interest-rate because they had no good collateral and there was no one else lending money.
And at that time, they were glad and grateful to be able to borrow money even under such bad conditions.
Is this wrong?(Pauline)

『Ye, yes… well…』(Mother)


In response to Paulin’s question, her mother replied a little incomprehensible.

And Paulin’s question does not stop.


『When you borrow from them, you treat them as God, and when you need to pay, you call them a demon.
When they just want you to fulfill the contract…
Why do you think interest rates are high in the first place?
That’s because they lend it to those who have high repayment risk.
The higher the risk, the more people will not return the money they have lent.
Yes, there are so many people who do not return the borrowed money.
Well, if they don’t do a little hard picking (kidnaping), you will think that you can keep the debt as long as you can without paying.
And in order to keep them from out of business (bankrupt), they have to raise interest rates to cover the lost money.
If they lower your interest rate, they will not be able to lend to those at high risk of repayment, yes, people like you. They will refuse like any other lender.
So are you going to run away without giving back money to that kind money lender who also lends money to dangerous customers?』(Pauline)


Pauline is in a bad mood.

…It was not the “slightly bad” but the “worst.”

Apparently, there was always something to think about the hot reputational damage to the industry called “money lending” which is a legitimate business.

Certainly Pauline is not wrong.

If you borrow money but don’t repay it by saying “I don’t have the money” when it’s time to repay it, people will keep borrowing and the lender will go bankrupt. There must be no such stupid things.

It is bad to borrow and not return.

It’s not surprising that the power and police are on the moneylender side as a law-abiding person.

… Of course, that doesn’t mean that violence or human trafficking is allowed.


『Financials are always treated as bad guys.
The more the customers keep their promise, the more friendly those money lenders are.
Well, for those who do not return the borrowed money, won’t they have to take a severe method?
Otherwise, they can’t keep their business!』(Pauline)

『Well, that’s right.
Now I feel sorry for money lenders and those debt collectors.
In the first place, once the moneylender is destroyed, there will be no one left to lend money to unsecured customers.
Many people don’t pay and if they urge people to pay, they will be treated like bad guys, and they will be killed or crushed by justice friendly people…』(Maevis)

『『Eeeeeeeh……』』(Mother + Loli)


The mother and the loli were stunned by the words of Pauline and Maevis. They thought the girls would take a consultation with sympathy.

Mile and Rena also nodded at Pauline’s overly convincing words.


『… Well, unless they take illegal collection methods』(Pauline)


Paulin apparently wanted to dispute the dissatisfaction but didn’t mean to abandon this mother and child.


『… Why did you get a debt that couldn’t be returned?』(Pauline)


Pauline asked because she couldn’t keep talking without checking that much…


『Yes, my husband was sick on our travels and we couldn’t do the planned transaction.
In addition, the money for the transaction is exhausted due to the stay fee and medicine fee, for temporary working at capital and living expenses …
However, we could have been repaid it immediately a few days ago.
The interest rate was quite high, 20% a month, but we still had enough to cover that amount.


『Three days before the repayment date, when I brought my money trying to pay (120%), the money lending shop was closed with a sticker saying “the shop will be closed for a few days”
And then the store keeps closing up until after the repayment date to open again.
He said “Because we didn’t pay by the due date, we will need to pay a penalty in addition to the debt as a breach of contract”
That’s twice the amount of the repayment, and three times as much as the original debt (300%)…

『『『『Ah~……』』』』(Red Oath)


This is the basis of the basics.
If there was a book called “Introduction to Fraud”, it would have been a super-classical method that could be written around the third page.


(That’s such a simple scam work…
Well, because there are no television or newspapers, maybe that fraud techniques will not be widely known.
That means, perhaps, if I do chain sales or bank transfer scams, aren’t they biting?
It’s “Blue Ocean” in the scam industry!) (Mile)


Mile is thinking about that, but of course, she doesn’t really do it.
…Besides, if she tells Pauline about those fraud techniques….

Mile was a little scared.

And when she looks at the state of Pauline …



That was the end of the fact that she defended the loan shark by using her speech. It will be a shock…


『… let’s crush it』(Pauline)


Too much cute, in fact, it’s 100 times Hatred

Apparently, she defends the loan shark a little because she thinks that it’s only a high-interest loan,
But it’s a very bad loaner, the borrower seemed to have no fault.
And she feels ashamed, it can be said that her face was lost,
Despite being self-sufficient in saying those things, Pauline was as good as eight.


『You don’t wait to hear the story to the end』(Mile)


Rena had a stunning face, Pauline showed a more disappointed face。


『It’s human scraps who borrow money but do not return,
For out-of-town customers who do not keep their contract, you can do harsh collections and some threats… No, it’s natural!
For it’s even worse for merchants to break contracts or commit scams from themselves,
You should erase them off the world, of course!』(Pauline)

『I see. Is that the merchants’ code and bad merchants should be erased?』(Mile)


Mile is satisfying with Pauline’s words.

And Rena hits Mile’s head.


『You are way too easily believing in anything, you don’t receive it at face value!』(Rena)



Mile Chapter 341: Troublesome Hoi Hoi 3


『… then, you don’t use “Kachikomi (Yakuza’s office assaults)”?』(Mile)

『I will not do it!』(Pauline)


Pauline shouts with a blue vein on her forehead with Mile’s simple question.
Apparently, she seems to be quite angry about this.


『If the other side started the fire with their abilities, we had to return with our abilities as well.
And we will return it with dozens or hundreds of times in legitimate defense…』(Pauline)

『Eh, but that is beyond the frame of legitimate defense …』(Mile)

『Silent (Urusaidesu yo~)!』(Pauline)

『Ye… Yes, I’m so sorry!』(Mile)


Mile apologizes instantly.

Pauline was in predator mode.
You should never go against Pauline in such a case.
Mile’s trio has learned it a long time ago.


『If the other side comes with fraud, we should return it with fraud as well.
They say “When you look into the abyss, the abyss is also looking at you”, you know?』(Pauline)

『Ah, so that was the meaning …』(Mile)

『As I said, don’t believe it so easily …』(Rena)




『What is it?! A big scale?!』(Shop keeper)


This is a storefront of a certain medium-sized firm.

A young woman party with four people visiting the store,
They said that there was something they wanted to price-check.
The clerk is someone who seems to be about 20 years old, he is surprised by the words spoken by the representatives of women (Maevis).

It is a big blunder for a merchant to talk loudly about merchandise transactions at a storefront where there are other customers.
However, it was not surprising that the inexperienced hand was excited by what the woman said.


Big scale.

The usual thing to ask and think first is
“What kind of scale?”

However, that is “if usual”

Now, here in the royal capital, there is a hot topic among merchants.
It’s a rumor that “the Ancient Dragon scale seems to be auctioned.”

No, it’s officially announced, “Rumors” is a wrong word.
Because it is a fact.


It is said that the B rank party who received the investigation request found traces of the Ancient Dragons appearing to be rampaging, and several scales falling there.
It looks like it’s pretty broken, scorched pieces, but it’s still worth a lot.

And then, the young women’s parties say,
“When we were hunting and gathering, there was a rough place where somewhat big monsters have been rampaged, and something like scales fell there.
We don’t know what it is, but we thought it might sell and picked it up.”


Did the girls pass by before the hunters came there to investigate?
Or did the Ancient Dragons rage elsewhere?
The clerk doesn’t know but what if these girls brought the Ancient Dragon Scale?

And these inexperienced girls also don’t know what it is.


『Well, here you go!』(Maevis)


He can’t judge even when the girls show him the actual thing.
Not just the Ancient Dragon’s scale, he can’t even judge the scales of the Earth dragon or the Wyvern, so it can’t be helped.

Anyway, the most important thing now is that he must not let these customers escape.


  • * * *


『Thank you for waiting …』(Merchant)


Passed to a small room for business negotiations in the back,
“Red Oath” was told to wait while getting served tea by another clerk,
The clerk ran to somewhere and came back with two elderly men.


『I’m Mercht, the owner of this firm, and this is Howl, the chief guard.』(Mercht)


The merchant, who seemed to be excited, said so and bowed down.
Normally, he won’t do such a thing to a young party as he is the owner of a store.

And apparently, the 2 clerks don’t introduce themselves or work with Red Oath.
But these two probably will get a reward (bonus) later.
It would be a reward or something for securing a good customer, judging that it was too much for themselves and passing it over properly to the boss.


『Did you say you brought an unusual thing?
Are you sure you want to price-check it?』(Mercht)

『Of course. Mile-chan, bring it out』(Pauline)


The negotiator is, of course, Pauline.

Then as Pauline told, Mile took it out of her storage and put it on the table.
One scale that is completely beautiful, with no scratches or burns.


『Here you go, Please check.』(Pauline)


『This… this is……』(Mercht)


Even his head is overflowed with joy, Mercht still tries to keep the cool face.


『Well, it’s a large monster scale or something.
I also see it for the first time, but it’s not going along with fangs, horns, or fur, it’s just one scale…
However, for all your trouble coming, visiting, and choosing our company.
I will pay 6 small gold coins …
No, I will pay a little extra, 7 small gold coins(Mercht)


Normally, he should be amazed at Mile’s storage magic first.
But he keeps a quiet attitude to go through it and just says “It’s a big deal.”
Mile and Maevis would be deceived, but unfortunately, deceiving Pauline isn’t so easy.

Not to mention the storage magic somewhat distracting him, he must also keep the expression that suits the customer like a merchant, he doesn’t realize that he was desperately disguised as a calm.

And above all, Pauline knew what distracting him the most.
Yes, it’s one of only a few “Almost Perfect, Ancient Dragon Scales”.


『Oh, if we have 7 small gold coins, we can stay at the inn for 3-4 days and eat as much as we like!』(Mile)


The merchants smiled at Mile who is happily saying so, but…


『See, as I said, wasn’t it okay to pick up both?』(Maevis)


Pishi~! (SFX)


Following after Mile, Maevis also adds another push.


『2 of them, you say…?』

『Oh, there were two beautiful scales among them, so we used all of our storage capacity to bring them both back.
There was an opinion that only picking one, but I pushed it with leader authority』(Maevis)


Mercht shuts down with Maevis’ explanation.
Apparently, he thinks with all his head, considering a way to buy both.


『In order to free up storage space for them, it was worth taking out our luggage and carrying on our own, throwing out extra water』(Rena)


And Rena adds explanatory lines to reinforce Maevis’ words.

The reason that only two pieces of scales were brought back, or that only one piece was brought now, was that Mile had a small storage capacity.


And the merchants heard it naturally thought:

By chance, these girls had passed the scene before the B-rank party came there and brought back the two best scales without knowing its value.

He had heard that all of the Ancient Dragon scales, that were brought back to the auction by the B-ranking party, are severely damaged, cut into “shards” and many are severely scorched.

On the other hand, how much value is this scale, which is almost perfect and can be processed into armor?

Moreover, two of them!

He can donate one to the King and the other to the auctions of senior nobles for honors, rewards, and huge profits.

If he did well, he could even get dignity like a noble.




Although the merchants still seemed to barely be able to keep his calm, Pauline’s sentiment was clear.

That is easy.
Pauline just had to think about what she would be if she were in that position.


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Mile Chapter 342: Troublesome Hoi Hoi 4


『Is another piece the same assessment?』(Pauline)


The merchant nods silently to Pauline’s question. Apparently, his limit of self-control was close.


『Shall we bring out another one?
Ah, we should have brought the other one by taking out our other luggage instead…』(Rena)


Rena talks to Mile but remembers their blunder.


『Well, we have free time, we should go back and bring the other one to sell at the same time』(Pauline)


According to Pauline’s words, Mile re-stores the scale on the table.




The merchant wanted to stop Pauline and Mile to secure this one for the time being, but if he desperately said he will buy one to the girls who said they will return soon with another one, it would be overtly unnatural.

If the girls got suspected and visited other firms, it would be difficult. So his highest priority is to behave as naturally as possible and not be suspicious.

If the girls just go back and forth straight from here to the inn, the information may not leak to other shops or these little girls may get extra wisdom.

The merchant thought so and sent off the girls with a smile, suppressing his deviating heart.


* * *


『……it is perfect. Everyone, well done』(Pauline)


Pauline cheer for the other three.


『That firm is the head of the loan sharks, so all we have to do now is manipulate information. Then without any lies, or any deception, or anything else disgraceful, to seal the deal…』(Pauline)

(T.N: meant to be sarcastic)



(T.N: I believe English speaker often use the word “BS” in this case, but it’s somewhat heavy)

No one could believe in those words with Pauline’s bad laughing face.


『Then, the rest is as planned…』(Pauline)

『Yes, it’s a scheme (honey-trap) play!』(Rena? Mile?)


* * *


The next day, when “Red Oath” came checking at the Guild Branch and a man whose blood had rushed into his head yelled.


『Why didn’t you come?!』(Mercht)


Yes, the merchant of the loanshark firm.

It’s not a clerk or a security guard but the merchant himself,
Waiting for the hunters who may not come at all times like this,
Unless he is not too busy, it’s an act that normally he shouldn’t be doing.


『Another piece of scale… You should have returned soon for the sale! Why didn’t you come back?!』(Mercht)


The merchant swallowed the word “scale” in a hurry and changed it to “sale”.

It would be obvious. Speaking out loud in such a place, other people may come together and, if he does a bad job, the girls will know what it is and how valuable it is. He had to change places.


『Anyway, come to my store!』(Mercht)


The merchant grabs Mile’s arm, who is the youngest and seems to be the weakest and lightest and pulls her out of the guild. The idea is that if he pulls one, others will automatically follow him. And in fact, the remaining three shrugged their shoulders and followed.

Of course, if Mile doesn’t walk in the same direction, she wouldn’t be dragged so easily, no matter how light she was. It’s just an act of dragging.


『『『『『『Hey hey hey ……』』』』』(Other hunters)


The hunters and guild staff, who had started to get an idea of their power from Maevis copper coin slash, Mithril’s Road statements and the Earth Dragon incident, raised their voice from behind Red Oath. However, the firm owner didn’t seem to grasp what was meant by those yelling out.


* * *


『So why didn’t you come back soon after yesterday?!』(Mercht)


For the time being, he seems to be trying to use polite words to the customer, but rather than a smile like yesterday, a merchant had a rugged face and a tight tone. He seems quite anxious.

Well, it’s not surprising that he might not have been able to sleep all night last night.

This is a secluded room in his store. The merchant brought the “Red Oath” party into a special room designed to be soundproof, shouted without trying to suppress his voice.


…How is having a soundproof related to (making deals) with customers? Well, I guess it’s not for that purpose at all.

It would be a blunder for a sly aged merchant to behave like this, but these little girls have broken their promise, false report along with the anger over having to spend a sleepless night, it can’t be helped that he screams.


『No, in fact, we were going to return soon, but the mother and child we knew seemed to be in trouble because they couldn’t repay the debt, so we gave it to them…』(Pauline)

『What… What did you say?! 』(Mercht)


The merchant hears Pauline’s explanation and screams.

No matter how much soundproofing the room has, this scream will definitely sound throughout the store …


『Wha…wha…wha… why… why… why …why …』(Mercht)

(T.N: his word is only Na (Nani=what) and Do (Doshite=why))


The voice of the merchant was not decent.

After a while, words that finally made sense came out.


『Why, why…?』(Mercht)


And Pauline responds without delay.


『No, as I said. It was the people who took care of us. Even if we sold it, we would only get 14 small gold coins. So, we think we’d better give it to them…』(Pauline)


Upon hearing this, the merchant was jerking his mouth with a pale face, but not vocal.


『That’s why we didn’t come back to sell them.
We didn’t have a formal contract but just price-checking with you. And we didn’t say “sell” to you, so there’s no problem, right?(Pauline)


There is a great problem.

However, it’s a “problem for the merchant owner” and it’s not a kind of complaint about not being able to buy them.

Somehow, he has to get that.

He thought so, the merchant’s head was running at maximum.


『Well, the person you gave it away …』(Mercht)

No, it doesn’t matter to you, right?
Hunters don’t talk to others about people’s personal information, you know.
And about that debt…
Now, we have no more products to sell, aren’t we?
Please excuse me… let’s go back, everyone!(Pauline)

『『『Ha~i (Ye~s)!』』』(Mile’ Trio)


Mile’ Trio smile and reply.

And “ah, no, wait, please wait”, Red Oath ignored the merchant and returned.


* * *


『Find her! Look for a woman who has been given the scale of the Ancient Dragon!!
If she has a debt, you can get information by asking our finance department to look up.
Make sure you don’t leak the information to the other stores and find her out immediately, hurry!!』(Mercht)


Immediately after “Red Oath” left, the shout of the merchant echoed.


*  *   *


『The preparation is over. Now, we just need to watch the fool dance.』(Pauline)


Pauline was explaining to everyone while leaving the store and returning to the inn.


『Another actor’s performance has reached a satisfactory point as a result of practice. Let ’s expect a great performance』(Pauline)


Three people nodded in Pauline’s words.


*  *  *


And before noon the next day.


『What luck… I’m so lucky!
To think the person who got the scales was my money borrower in the financial sector…
And it seems that his wife is repaying the debt in the absence of the shopkeeper, she doesn’t know the value of those scales and saying that she wants to use those “Wyvern-Scale-like” as the repayments for the debt…
What luck!
I’m scared of being loved by the goddess of business!


After hearing reports from his subordinates, the merchant could not stop laughing.


『Okay, after lunch, I will visit that merchant’s shop immediately!
Call in the finance department!
Inform the other party that I will visit in the afternoon.
Fu~hahaha ……』(Mercht)



Mile Chapter 343: Troublesome Hoi Hoi 5



“Alitos” is a small shop with a couple and three employees, a total of five people.

There are rumors that they are doing pretty terrible business.

Then a mid-sized company’s merchant who is widely involved in everything from the sales business to the finance business is a person in charge of the financial sector, a large banker and a handful, and several escorts came to visit.

Usually, this isn’t a shop that such a big merchant himself would personally visit. He would send a clerk, helper, etc. to call the other party.

And from the presence of an escort, he must have realized that he made grudges everywhere and that there was a good chance of being attacked in the city.

The reason for that big merchant bothered to go directly to that shop is, of course, “that”.


『…Two Wyvern’s scales, right?』(Mercht)

『Yes, a friend gave me… I wonder if we can use it instead of the penalty for our debt …』(Mother)


This woman is the wife of the owner of this store. She said she had no time to find a place to sell herself, so instead of selling it elsewhere and converting it into cash, she went directly to debt financing.

Aside from slowly searching for a sales destination, it is natural for them to be bought and sold in a matter of a few hours, and if they do poorly, it may even be less than half the original sales price.

If so, people normally would have thought that it would be a little better to offset the debt, even if it did not reach the original price.

It was not a wrong idea.

…… If the product was really “Wyvern’s scale”.


And the merchant who soars with luck following the miracle.

For this negotiation to be absolutely unfailing, he went himself to the financial sector and negotiated with the borrower directly. Still, he was desperate to bite his laughter.

Had there been this woman’s husband, the owner of this store, he would have failed. However, her husband is going to a town a little far away to collect more money and his wife, who is not familiar with the business, seems to be responding to debt urges.

The husband must go around the place to get money, but how worried is the merchant’s wife?

…It’s too good.

This godsend event helps him make more money!

Thinking so this, the merchant was filled with gratitude for the stupid woman in front of him.


『I can’t help… We’re not doing charity, either.
However, it’s the merchant’s duty to help the troubled customer.
I feel sorry that you’re in so much trouble, so I will use it to pay part of the payment for your store.』(Mercht)

『Oh, thank you very much!
So is it okay to offset all principal, interest, penalties with two Wyvern’s scales?』(Mother)



The sly aged merchant was surprised at the conditions the opponent said.


『Two Wyvern’s scales with the cost of 7 small gold coins each won’t be enough to pay your debt!』(Mercht)


However, the opponent didn’t try to reduce the conditions she offered.


『Only 7 small gold coins?
No, the Wyvern’s scale should be much higher than 7 small gold coins.
If you don’t want to buy with that value, I’ll go to the commercial guild and sell it.
I think I will get a better price than just 7 small gold coins, even if I sell it with a discount.
Then our payment will be made again in cash tomorrow…』(Mother)


Apparently, the woman had not heard from the female hunters that the appraisal price was 7 small gold coins per scale.

And unlike the Ancient Dragon’s scale, which will only be available in a few decades or hundreds of years, the Wyvern’s scale is not so unusual, albeit at a modest price. Even if the Wyvern can’t be hunted easily but a single hunt will yield a significant number of scales. So it’s no wonder that many people know the market, even if they haven’t seen the actual thing.

It is different from the Ancient Dragon’s scale, where you can only get a few pieces because of the Ancient Dragon’s rampage and you can never get a whole scale.


(This is bad!
Even if she couldn’t tell about the scale, but did she know about the market price of the Wyvern scales that occasionally appear…?
This isn’t the time to worry about a little money!) (Mercht)


The merchant decided to ignore the money that was just a bit of money for himself, rather than doing something extra and ruining everything.


『Okay, I understand.
Then, it means that all payments are offset…
To be clear, it’s going to be much higher than the market price, so you should be grateful!』(Mercht)


Such a good merchant, but there is no merchant who does such business at first glance. Unless it’s something he can collect money for later.

And no matter how lack of knowledge the wife of a merchant was, she couldn’t help but understand that much.



『Thank you! Well, we will prepare a contract that has been approved in that way…』(Mother)


The woman clapped her hand with *pomp~pomp* and a clerk immediately brought a contract.

Has she decided to use this condition from the beginning so she made the contract in advance? Or did she prepare several types of contracts and use the hand to signal to hold which contract…?

That kind of signal is used by any shopkeeper, so the merchant doesn’t know for certain.

And when the merchant confirms the contract …


“By offsetting the repayment of all borrowed money (the principal borrowed, interest, penalties for late repayment, commissions, and any other nominal repayment required in connection with this matter), I will hand over two scales belong to a Dragon-type, probably a Wyvern” (Contract)


The gist was written using fixed phrases so that there was no room for misunderstanding.

There is no problem in terms of text, terminology, etc., only “belong to a Dragon-type” is specified, but can’t be sure whether it belongs to a Wyvern. So there is no problem even if it belongs to an Ancient Dragon. If they want to complain later about the true value, he can just laugh.


『Okay, now give me the scales!』(Mercht)


The merchant’s wife shook her head to the merchant who said so with a smiling face.


『I refuse』(Mother)




There is no other adjective, the face of the merchant.


『No, the terms of the contract itself are not objectionable.
However, the delivery of the goods will be done in a commercial guild, not here.
The reason is that I can’t give it right away now because I haven’t received it yet.
And from the perspective of trying to return the borrowed money, I don’t think we could trust much.
However, if a commercial guild member breached the contracts he had made in front of many merchants and guild officials, and tried to trick strangers into trapping his opponents, his reputation as a merchant would be fatally injured.
So we can feel a bit safe.(Mother)

『Guh …』(Mercht)


The merchant has an unpleasant look, but when he thinks about it, it also applies to the other side.

If later they wanted to complain “I was deceived” or “Return the scales”, there will be no problem because there are many witnesses.

At the time of the transaction, I just believed in the other party’s explanation “I thought it was a Wyvern scale” even though I knew that it was another thing, there was no problem.

After all, it was the other party who made the wrong item judgment and gave the wrong explanation …


『Let’s go to the commercial guild in the evening, at the first night bell (around 6:00 pm). At that time, you will return the loan contract, exchange for this contract, and deliver in-kind』(Mother)


If they don’t collect the debt contract properly, they might get a fake contract that has no value, or he could turn face. A single deception was enough.




Then, after seeing off the merchant with a nervous face, the mother’s mouth distorted.

It resembled what the Red Oath often saw.

… Yes, very similar to Pauline’s evil smile when doing evil tricks.

The mother is a good person… However, she is a merchant’s wife.

Words overflowed from the woman’s mouth in a small voice.


『…See the anger of the small store, “Alitos”!』(Mother)


(FUNA’s note)

A Reader has created an “appropriate” mini-game! (^^) /

It’s a Maevis’ mini-game for special training on copper coin cutting.

It seems that you can play online, download and play offline.

I’m only B-ranked “Skilled Hunter” … (^^ ゞ

A rank and S rank are far away … 〇 |  ̄ | _


The game is at 『』.

You can also download from here. (^^) /


Mile Chapter 344: Troublesome Hoi Hoi 6


And in the evening, just before the bell at night 1 (around 6:00 pm).

In the commercial guild, the wife of the small shop, Alitos, and the merchant, his finance department, and escorts.

Commercial guilds were quite crowded.

During this time, hunters returning from hunting and harvesting sell their prey and harvest to the Hunter Guild, which is then sold to commercial guilds, which is the busiest time.

…… Yes, of course, that’s why she specified this time zone.


Ka~ra~ran (Door bell’s SFX)


The doorbell rang, everyone reflexively turned their eyes toward the door and “the girls” came in.

For the past few days, the young women’s party is rapidly gaining popularity in the Hunter Guild.

However, in commercial guilds, it’s the A-rank party “Mithril’s Roar” that has become more popular with the Soil Dragon material and the people here believed that the newbie hunters just happened to be there. Little was known about the truth. And of course, even if they knew they couldn’t spread the hunters’ information.

So, everyone didn’t react much when they saw Red Oath.

Then, the members of “Red Oath” went straight to the table where the small shop owner’s wife and Loan shark merchant were.


『Sorry I have made you wait.
We will now hand over the scales of the Wyvern that we promised to give to the Miss of Alitos Shop』(Pauline)


This time, Pauline was in charge of the negotiation from the beginning, not the party leader Maevis. Anyway, they don’t know who is the leader of “Red Oath,” and even if they do, they won’t bother.


『Well, it’s still a little before the first night bell.
Then, after confirming that the signature of the contract and exchange are finished, we will take out the actual product.
The contract is concluded when the actual Wyvern Scales are delivered.
If the scales are fake or damaged at that time, please declare it on the spot.
In that case, you can ask the guild appraiser to confirm and if there is a failure here, the contract is invalid according to the guild’s terms, is it okay?』(Pauline)


The second part isn’t for the shopkeeper’s wife but to the Loan Shark merchant.

And, of course, the Loan Shark merchant smiled in his heart.

It’s convenient for him not to put out the goods first. Which means they would sign a contract and then check the actual thing.

Otherwise, the merchants around would make a noise before signing the contract, and the value of the scale would be known to the other party.


(She must be thinking a lot about not being deceived but she is going to make her actions irreversible.
It’s a pitfall that often makes you think you’re the judge.
Even if she thinks she is smart, in the end, she is just a stupid woman…) (Mercht)


… Yes, she should think more carefully. But when she is trying to the upper hand, she ends up trapping herself.

The unusual case of conducting a transaction, that should be done in a private room, in such a way of watching the public, and the word “Wyvern Scale” that they heard many times earlier.

Furthermore, the other party the infamous sly Aged merchant Mercht. Something he wants to make a deal with doesn’t seem like a normal deal at all.


((((((Stop it, you are going to be deceived………))))) (Merchants)


Everyone around the woman thought so.

However, they had no choice but to look at the victim woman with a sad face. Concentrate all your nerves on their ears, not to overlook the details of the transaction.


Then, two identical contracts are issued, each signing both, confirming one by one, and then stowing them in their pockets.

Ordinarily, the contract would be delivered on the table, but both would be wary that the other party would know the truth and try to steal the contract.

Those who watched it smiled, “Ah, neither of them trust the other…”.


『Alright then, please』(Mother)


As the wife of Alitos Store asked so, Mile took out two packages from the storage and gently placed them on the table.


“It’s the storage!” People from the surrounding talks in surprised with a small voice. But most of them seemed more concerned about the current situation and watched with a gag.


『……here you go』(Mile)


The Loan Shark merchant opened the package…


『What is this?!』(Mercht)


He suddenly stood up and shouted loudly.

Yes, it was a Dragon Scale that was packed in a large wooden crate to protect it from being scratched.

…the scale of a “Wyvern”.


『As you can see, it’s a Wyvern scale?』(Mother)

『Why is it a Wyvern scale?! It was different!!』(Mercht)


Everyone is nervous without understanding why the Loan Shark merchant is angry and yells at the woman.

No wonder. Up until now, they keep saying “It’s a trade of Wyvern scales” so many times. So they don’t know why would he shout at the woman with the reason that it’s a Wyvern scale. Is the quality bad?

And from the standpoint of others, the Wyvern’s scales are in good condition. There shouldn’t be anything to complain about or yell at the woman.


What’s wrong?
Didn’t we keep saying that it’s the Wyvern scales from the beginning?
You also said that all the time, right?
And the contract also states, “Dragon species, probably a Wyvern”
And you have confirmed it many times, right? It’s exactly what was being said…?
Should I ask the guild to judge the scales for you?』(Woman)

『Nuh …』(Mercht)


The Loan shark merchant can’t say anything back to the woman who says so with a smile.

However, he quickly recovers …


『You guys! The scales you brought yesterday…』(Mercht)

『Eh, you said that it was 7 small gold coins, that unknown scale, right?
Because we thought it was cheap, so we gave it to someone we know this morning.
Why would we use those 2 cheap scales that you, a leading merchant owner, were judged that worth only 7 small gold coins to pay such a huge debt?』(Pauline)


Pauline’s reply seems to have begun to make sense to those around her. Ah, the convinced face began to appear.


『Guh …』(Mercht)


The Loan Shark merchant was angry but couldn’t say anything back.

He can’t say that. There are a lot of merchants and commercial guild officials here. He was trying to buy it by cheating.


Of course, he already knows that his reputation is bad.

However, he can’t use his usual excuses such as “It’s the conversation with the party alone, not heard by the third party”
or “The language written in the contract isn’t interpretable.”
or “I didn’t know about that.”
or “My subordinates did it on their own”
or “I do not remember”.

It was “It’s a legitimate contract that both parties have agreed upon.”


This time, in front of such a large number of people, he clearly said “scale of the Wyvern”.

The unknown scale that the girls brought yesterday, he had appraised it only worth 7 small gold coins. And that scale has nothing to do with this transaction.

And of course, that price was much cheaper than the scale of the Wyvern.

Right now, he can’t claim that “the unknown scale yesterday was an Ancient Dragon scale and that what he wants to buy”

Anyway, he has proved to himself that he can identify scales so he can’t argue that the unknown scale with the price 7 small gold coins yesterday is much more expensive than this Wyvern scale.

All of those options will confess his fraud …

On the other hand, it’s clear that the other side consistently considered “this is a Wyvern scale” and “it was not a great price”, and both the contract and the agreed amount. It proves clearly.


(They got me, well play……) (Mercht)


The Loan Shark merchant drops his shoulders.

And the wife of the owner of “Alitos” pretended not to know anything while Pauline secretly laughed behind the scene so that others could not see it.


However, in this case, the Loan Shark merchant didn’t really lose a lot of money.

He bought the Wyvern scale at a relatively high price, but it was simply high because he tried to trick the borrower with a penalty fee. He just failed to make a profit.


Even though the small store “Alitos” had clear all their debts. They also have to pay for the purchase of the Wyvern scale from “Red Oath”, but at a regular price.

Pauline didn’t insist that the mother must pay the originally borrowed money, and everyone agreed.

This is proof that this time was just for self-defense and that the girls didn’t intend to make money by doing this. They also want to leave a good feeling for the shop “Alitos” and other merchants and guild staff.


Therefore, the goods given to the merchant owner were beautiful of scales of the Wyvern. They did not give out other scales, such as scales of rock lizards.

Yes, it means that Alitos is an honest and legitimate store that keeps its promises.


And “Red Oath” sold the Wyvern scales at a reasonable price, so there was no loss.

In the end, all three ended without incident, without much profit or loss.

… financially.


The merchant scorned himself in front of many merchants and commercial guilds, further reducing his reputation as “Yes, he did something bad again…”

The wife of the small store “Alitos” doesn’t lie at all, without hesitation, confronts a Sly Aged merchant, and raises her name as a woman who can compete with other merchants, which is the name of her husband’s store.

And “Red Oath” was thought to be an interesting group, as well as having a beautiful girl with storage magic.




『…… But I was glad that there are Wyvern scales in Mile’s storage ……』(Rena)

『Yes, this is also thanks to Lobles-chan』(Pauline)

『『Ahhhh …』』(Mile + Maevis)


Mile and Maevis dry laugh with the comments of Rena and Pauline.

Yes, after Lobles was shot down in the first battle with the Ancient Dragon.

When the girls used healing magic on Lobles, who had been injured due to the dragon breath and the fall of the trees, they cut the damaged scales and cleaned the wound before healing.

…Of course, “we took it in preparation for treatment, the scale that was halfway out and was in the way” was stored by Mile in the storage magic…

And Pauline wouldn’t leave such things behind.


『Everyone made little money without loss. Congratulations, congratulations…』(Mile)

『『『…………』』』(Rena’s Trio)


Miles fluently uttered such a thing.

She does not take into account the social and mental damage suffered to the merchant. Three girls wanted to say so…


(No, she must know about it before saying…) (Rena)

(Doesn’t it mean that you don’t need to consider the villain’s damage? Mile-chan is pretty black …) (Pauline)

(… you’re just saying it, right? Mile, you’re just saying it, right?) (Maevis)


And Rena’s trio could only react with a wry smile …

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  1. Hm, I would say it’s like a intermission, but that’s most of Mile’s adventures. It’s not that big, but it reminds me of some other adventures, and it has quite a nice burn, so yeah, me gusta. Quite an “average” little story?
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    Did you MT this? I pasted the RAW into GT and got the same thing almost word for word…

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    means “That firm/company is the chief/boss/head of the loan sharks, so all we have to do now is manipulate information (there’s a more accurate english term for this, but it eludes me at the moment).

    Then without any lies, or any deception, or anything else disgraceful/dishonourable, to seal the deal…”

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    ^This can be better phrased to properly convey the meaning of whats happening, from reading the RAW, its not “behind the scenes” but “behind the people (Red Oath)” the voices of the hunters and guild staff who had started to get an idea of their power from Maevis copper coin slash, Mithril’s Road statements and the Earth Dragon incident. However the company owner didn’t seem to grasp what was meant by those yelling out.

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