Mile Chapter 345: What Lies in the Mountain 1

Mile Vol 11 7

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This Arc isn’t bored so I release it daily again.

Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile’s turn.  49 => 38 chapters.

Cathia’s Arc: 24 chapters

Taru: 3 chapters

Arge: 46 Chapters

Mira: 3 chapters

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Mile Chapter 345: What Lies in the Mountain 1


『Then, we’re leaving!』(Rena?)

『『『Ohh!』』』(Mile’s Trio)


With that said, the “Red Oath” party departs for the next city.


『Our fight has just begun!』(Mile)

『Hai Hai (Yes yes)……』(Pauline)

『We’re just beginning to climb this distant hunter slope …』(Mile)

『Um Um (Yup Yup)……』(Maevis)


Pauline and Maevis lightly respond to Mile’s word while Rena is silent.
This is the closing line of a story that had previously appeared in Mile’s “Japanese’s Fukashi”.

The payment from the Hunter Guild for the Soil Dragon’s material sale,
“Red oath” received half of the “guaranteed purchase amount”
Without waiting for the official sales amount to be finalized and the balance to be ready, they just left the royal capital.

It would take more days for all the materials to be sold and finalized, so for the “Red Oath” who already wanted to go out of the city, such waiting time is “wasted time”.
Yes, the maiden’s time was short, no waste time was allowed. (T.N: A song refers)

So, the final settlement was to throw to the “Mithril’s Roar” who seems to stay in the city for a while.
As for the balance of the “Red Oath”, they asked it to be transferred to the Hunter Guild party account.
The money will then be remitted to the Tyrus Kingdom’s Capital City Branch, where the “Red Oath” party is registered.

It doesn’t mean that all guild-related money is transported directly in cash every time,
Once a month, the guild branches have a total exchange of money among themselves,
Only the difference is actually carried in cash.

In all other cases, only numerical information is exchanged,
The actual payments offset each other.
There were no thieves trying to steal from the hunter guild,
So you don’t have to risk carrying a lot of cash every time.

Therefore, without having to wait for cash once a month,
Once the deposit and remittance information reaches the partner’s branch, it was possible to withdraw money.

Then when Mile asked the Nanomachines “Why aren’t Nano-chan helping out spreading mysterious guild information networks or mysterious guild cards like in other Isekai series?”
Nano-chan replied with “They don’t have authority like Mile’s sama”, Mile just shrugged her shoulders.

Apparently, the rules for Nano-chan didn’t seem so sweet …
And the “Red Oath” party heading to the next city …


『Wait a moment, we just came to the east.
How far are we going on this trip?』 (Maevis)


Somehow, Maevis muttered such words…


Isn’t that what Maevis, the leader, must think about?』(Mile?)

Isn’t it Rena, who is used to traveling since childhood, always deciding what to do…?』 (Maevis)

『Eh? I haven’t heard about that!』(Rena)


『『『『Ehhhhhhh!?』』』』(Red Oath)

『… So, what was the purpose of our ” training trip “after all? …
No, of course, we can practice and spread our name,
But are there any other…』(Pauline)

『That was. In the first place, I planned to go on a journey alone.
I was thinking about investigating the purpose of the Ancient dragons and at the same time going sight-seeing around the world.
Everyone was just coming along.』(Mile)


Mile answered Pauline’s question so…


『『『Ah that’s right!
Speaking of which, it was really so…』』』(Pauline’s Trio)


…The girls seem to have completely forgotten about it.




Apparently, Mile was pretty shocked. At least as much as she can hear onomatopoeia herself.


『What, what’s with that…』(Mile)


*Pun pun*, while Mile is angry and pouting her cheeks, Maevis hastily follows…


『Sorry Sorry!
That’s right, it’s been quite a while since we left the capital …』(Maevis)


Of course, the girls didn’t count the days they stopped on the way.
Everyone was just thinking “Okay, one more town we stopped by during our trip” since the first departure.


『… So, is it time to flip over and return to the Tyrus Kingdom?』(Pauline)


Pauline says so…


『Certainly, we have learned and gained a lot of experience.
It’s time to return to the country and do some solid local activities.


Rena said so while looking at Mile.
Certainly, Mile’s purpose for this journey, “mystery research”, has not progressed at all.
Even if they have no results, they cannot force themselves to end their journey.
Maevis and Pauline seemed to think the same way before thinking about what to do


『Then, it’s about time to go back!』(Mile)


Mile energetically says so.


『『『Ehhhh!?』』』(Rena’s trio)


Then Rena’s trio has the face like saying “what’s with that”


『You, you are so easy-going…
Isn’t that fine? I mean, the purpose that you wanted to go on this journey …』(Rena)

『Eh? Eeeh…
Didn’t I say it at that time?
Considering the life of the Ancient Dragon, hundreds of years, wait… I don’t know if it’s thousands of years.
While humans are at most a little over a hundred years, so I was really really curious about what they are up to. And I was going to kill some time while traveling.
Apart from that, I didn’t plan to do anything much for that purpose, you know?』(Mile)

『You… you are such…
Well, you might be saying that, but I guess it was just we didn’t care!
But no way, we were about to break up with that much …
I mean you were about to leave us with something on that level?』(Rena)

『Ah, no… that…』(Mile)


It spread like wildfire.
They continued for a while. Eventually, “Red Oath” settled on going a little further east and considering returning after reaching the next destination.


『I wonder if Reni-chan can prepare the bath properly…』(Mile)

『You have put out a lot of things, prepared a well right next to the bath.
If she couldn’t do it well, she had no qualifications to run an inn.
Such an inn should go bankrupt quickly!』(Pauline)


Pauline burst into the casual murmur of Mile.
Apparently, she was a bit of a moody.


(((Ah…))) (Mile)


She might have remembered, “the case that Pauline was about to be left behind.”


『『『We are sorry…』』』(Mile’s Trio)


And the three girls apologized in a hurry.


* * *


『… So we came here, Up-and-coming “Chanson”, singer new spring mountain village’s “Chanson” show!』(Mile)

(T.N: Chanson in katakana, maybe it’s a singer name)

『… I don’t understand the meaning …』(Rena)

『Or rather, how can you say it without biting your tongue …』(Pauline)

『Where are such words coming from?』(Maevis)


Yes, it’s meaningless in the language of this country because Mile spoke the second half in Japanese.
Rena’s trio couldn’t understand the meaning.

Anyway, it was a “red oath” that arrived at a moderately-sized mountain village.
Moderate means that there is something like an inn to stay.

A village is considered “small” when the guests stay at the village mayor’s house.
Of course, travelers and hunters who just happened to stop are “customers”.
If you are suspicious, you will not be able to stay, otherwise, you will need to pay.

Anyway, in small villages where there is no inn, “Red Oath” basically doesn’t stay.
Except when requested by the village and treated as a customer (need to pay).

If they need to pay for a private house that wasn’t an inn while being treated as troublesome people, It’s better to camp in the forest.
… At least for the “Red Oath”.

For other hunters, their criteria might be different, but that is inevitable.

Anyway, there is an inn here, so Red Oath plans to stay in this village for two nights to understand and study the situation here, which is quite far from the city.
That was everyone’s judgment.

And, of course, they can only take a room in the only inn of this village.
…Of course, the first floor of the inn is the only dining room…
And when the girls were having dinner, “that” came.

If this were Japan, he’d be called “middle-aged”, but for this world, he can be called an “Elder”

(Basically, people don’t live as long in this world with reasons like poor nutrition, no modern medicine, etc. someone in their 50s or 60s is deemed “old” not “middle-aged”)

The man around 40 years old came along with who seems to be the Elder to the cafeteria part of the inn.
He approached a straight “Red Oath” table.


『I have a request』(Elder)

((((I knew it…)))) (Red Oath)

『I am the mayor of this village』(Elder)

『『『『If you want to talk, please wait after we finish our meal!!』』』』(Red Oath)


It is natural.


『Hey, this is the head of this village …』(Middle age man)


『So noisy!
There’s no one in the world so friendly to put up with someone who arrogantly disturbs other people’s meal, without the least courtesy to greet or introduce themselves, asking permission to interrupt them while their meal gets cold!』


Rena doesn’t think she has to talk or anything,
If you think about it, they “disturbed Rena’s meal”
Rena is the person who is concerned with food.

Normally Maevis will try to calm Rena down, but there isn’t any help for this.
Everyone, Maevis, Pauline, and Mile just nodded.

…In other words, for the three other than Rena, Meal isn’t just about hunger,
It’s an important act to maintain your physical condition so that you can fully demonstrate your abilities,
In addition, it was a very important time for fun only three times a day.

And then, the mayor and the middle-aged man who thought that their position was overwhelmingly higher than the novice hunters stood with a shocked face…

FUNA’s Note:

Earth Star Novel is going to do the “1st Earth Star Novel Award” with “Naruo”!
Prize money of 1 million yen, books (multiple volumes), canonicalization, and commitment to audio drama.
Eh, audio drama?
I haven’t made it! (^^ ゞ
Click here for details. (^^) /

And, Tekitou-san makes the second of the Noukin Games,
“Pauline Fisheries Show” released! (^^) /

It’s more like collecting herbs in the forest than collecting the cut copper coins. (^^ ゞ

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    • It’s also used as a genre name in other countries.
      Wikipedia even mentiones “russian chanson” which sounds self-contradictory


  1. Huh, those old men couldn’t even wait for the girls to finish their meal? They didn’t seem desperate, at least from their few lines, so it just feels like some arrogant fools thinking they are big shots. What and ‘average’ village, time for some more fun.
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!


  2. Yes! Tell it to them straight!
    Even if you’re the mayor, you don’t have the right to be a rude asshole and interrupt their meal.


  3. {The Elder in Japan’s definition.

    In this world, Elder is somewhat different (in age?).}

    Glaring translation error here. You have to read the sentence with the previous “sore ga kita” and the next line.

    The above lines should be translated as: “if this were Japan, he’d be called “middle-aged”, but for this world he can be called an “elder”

    basically people don’t live as long in this world (poor nutrition, no modern medicine etc), someone in their 50s or 60s is deemed “old” not middle aged

    Liked by 1 person

  4. 『So noisy!
    For those who are talking unilaterally and without a proper greeting during a meal,
    We are neither stupid nor friendly to let the dishes get cold to talk with you!
    Back out or wait outside our sight!』

    ^this is wrongly translated and doesnt reflect the meaning of what (Rena?) is ranting about.

    うるさいわよ! 食事中に、ちゃんとした挨拶もなく偉そうに一方的に話し掛けてくるような奴のために、せっかくの料理が冷めるのを許容してまで相手をしてあげるような馬鹿でもお人好しでもないわよ! 出直すか、私達の視界外で待ってなさいよ!

    basically it says:

    “Shut up! There’s no one in the world so stupidly friendly to put up with someone who arrogantly marches up to someone who’s have sat down for a meal; without so much as the courtesy to greet & introduce themselves, and asking permission to interrupt them while their meal gets cold”


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