Mile Chapter 352: What Lies in the Mountain 8

Mile Vol 7-7
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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile’s turn.  34 => 33 chapters.

Cathia’s Arc: 24 chapters

Taru: 3 chapters

Arge: 46 Chapters

Mira: 3 chapters

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Mile Chapter 352: What Lies in the Mountain 8


「Well then, Next is the golems…」(Mile)


Rena’s Trio nodded with Mile.


「Of course, unlike those guys, we don’t fight, drive away, or get rid of the golems.」(Mile)

Kokukoku (nod SFX)


「And in the first place, the golems wouldn’t occupy the “holy land”.
That place is more like where the golems came from, I guess …」(Mile)


Kokuko… (nod SFX but stopped halfway)


「I wonder if you can tell us in detail, your “guess”…」(Rena)


Prompted by Rena, Mile told the three of her guess.
She considered the information she had obtained so far, plus the information she had just heard from the men and guessed that.


「Maybe this is the same kind of ruin that the devils were investigating」(Mile)

「Does that mean there are archeological sites with golems underground?」(Maevis)


Mile nods to Maevis’ question.


「Originally, golems are different from monsters.
No matter what kind of monster included in the category of “monsters”
Well, they are just some kind of animal.
Although there are differences in size and strength, they all have blood, living, mating, giving birth and the baby grows…
But the golems and the scavengers, their body doesn’t contain blood, rather than living they are more like “making” and “repairing”…
In short, it is …(Mile)

「「「It is?」」」(Rena’s Trio)

「It is artificial.
Yes, like Maevis’ left arm, it is made with advanced technology」(Mile)


For Rena’s trio, Mile’s “advanced technology” seemed only magical.

But that’s fine.
Recognizing them as “not monsters, but made by intelligent life” is enough to understand what Mile is trying to explain.


「A creature that moves like a living being, made by humans or by people who are better than humans (Gundam Newtype?).
That is the golem.
And while the golem is in charge of combat, they need the engineer who is in charge of maintenance and repair.」(Mile)

「Scavenger, right?」(Maevis)


Maevis, a swordsman but has a high level of basic understanding, answered the question.

… Or rather, the girls all saw the scavengers repairing the golems at an earlier archeological site, so it was natural to know.


「So they need metal to repair and manufacture everything …」(Maevis)

「Yes, rock golems are made of rock except for the sphere in the center of the torso,
Because it does not require many metal resources for manufacturing and repair,
Probably because it is convenient for fighting machines as consumables.
And precious metal is used for spheres in the center and other uses …」(Mile)

「And the golem is at odds with other demons, right?」(Rena)


Rena also seems to have understood the situation.


「Yes. Well, even if you say “other monsters”, the golem isn’t a monster at all」(Mile)

「And the golem is always with the scavenger …」(Rena)

「Rather, the golems without scavengers will be broken in a battle with humans and monsters,
Then, their number will gradually decrease due to aging and wear and will be annihilated in a few hundred years, right?
So, as a result, the golem may not exist except where the scavengers are together and there is repair equipment …」(Mile)

「Ah, I see…」(Pauline)


Pauline also seems to be convinced with Mile’s explanation.


「Apparently, the golem here will not be able to attack suddenly unless you take hostile action or forcibly invade the important compartment over there, so we just need to be careful and keep going!」(Mile)

「Why can you be so optimistic?」(Rena)


Rena looks amazed by Mile’s fluency.

But Mile returned in a light tone.


「Because for that cult’s “Deceased Teaching-father (founders)” to be able to get the spell in the past,
It means that they could go to the place where there was some record, right?
I don’t think golems and scavengers will even leave their homes empty.
If both the golems and the “founders” were safe, didn’t that mean they could go to the destination without fighting?」(Mile)

「「「Ah…」」」(Rena’s Trio)


In these areas, Mile’s thoughts were clear.


「…Well, everything is just a guess!」(Mile)

「「「Ah~…」」」(Rena’s Trio)


The previous explanation was ruined.


「But isn’t that just a matter of checking?」(Maevis)


As expected of Maevis, the leader.


「For now, let’s go back to the children, explain the situation, and then go to where the golems are」(Maevis)


Everyone nodded with Mavis.

Even if they go against the golem, the current “Red Oath” should be able to leave the scene intact.
… probably.


* * *


「…here they come, 4 golems from the front!」(Mile)


When Red Oath told the children, the children were like “So, you get along with the men, drink a lot, then returned.”
“What’s with that?!!!”, they screamed… Mile’s group did.

No, they didn’t tell a lie and they were serious.


Back to the story, four golems came out again.


「Move slowly.
Holding your staff lightly, without any effort …」(Mile?)


Mile doesn’t know how far the golems will be aware of that area, but it’s nothing to be wary of.

At first, Mile thought about putting the cane in her storage,
Given that the presence or absence of a cane may be the difference between life and death,
Everyone decided that Rena and Pauline should prefer to keep their canes.

Well, hitting the golem with a cane has no effect but…
There is a big difference without a cane, such as parrying a blow away or receiving it with a cane and limit the damage by flying backward.

And the golems appeared from the trees.





At Rena called out, Mile picked up a metal object from storage.
For example, a bandit’s rusty sword or pot.
Mile, just how many bandits swords and pots are there…

And then pushing those things on the ground all the way to the golems.


「Chichi Chichi …」(Mile)

「It’s not a little bird!」(Rena)


Rena knocked on Mile’s head.


「Not scary, not scary …」(Mile)

「Please do it seriously!」(Rena)


Once again, Rena beats Mile head.

Mile did many things because the golems were stopped.

As expected from Mile.

Well, even if the golem continued approaching, such gag is not a problem.

And a while after the golems stopped, they came.


Yes, “Shakashaka-sama”, a scavenger.

The scavenger grabbed the metal that the mile presented with four hands looked closely at Mile’s group and went away.
And the golems soon followed.
… However, unlike a scavenger who disappeared quickly, they were walking slow.


「Let’s follow」(Mile)

「「「Ooh」」」(Rena’s Trio)


And the members of “Red Oath” walking behind the golems.




Golems who are aware of the “red oath” that accompany them, but do not particularly care… for a while.

After going to a certain place, the golems stopped, turned around, and waved their arms to intimidate the Red Oath.


「Apparently, it looks like this …」(Pauline)


Pauline said with a troubled face but Mile was calm.
And …



Do~n! (SFX)


I took out other perforated pot, rusty sword from the storage and placed it on the ground.

How much are you accumulating?
Aside from the rusty bandit sword, scorched and perforated pot …



Zui ~! (SFX)


The golems stopped moving when they saw the metal being pushed towards them.

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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile’s turn.  34 => 33 chapters.

Cathia’s Arc: 24 chapters

Taru: 3 chapters

Arge: 46 Chapters

Mira: 3 chapters

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Mile Vol 6 Page 08


  1. Haha just like an annoying person trying to bribe an officer. Here, another scrap metal, take it, take it. I wonder if this will end somehow with mile either accidently destroying something important or becoming the golem leader.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “For Rena’s trio, Mile’s “advanced technology” seemed only magical.”

    In a world where magic has become as natural as gravity, magic has turned into science while science has turned into magic..


  3. Mile already has her goddess phenomenon and is also from a different dimension. So, for all intends and purposes, isn’t mile-sama herself the one the cultists are looking for?

    All hail her loliness~


  4. Lolz, bribing golems with scrap metal, nice average adventure 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!


  5. Doesn’t really seem like bribing, more like resetting their threat level.

    Speculated golem phases:

    1. Offer metal => Threat 0
    2. Prolonged vicinity increases suspicion
    3. After threshold x, intimidate likely threat
    4. Repel threat

    Never let it reach phase 4 by resetting with gifts and your all good.


  6. Mile’s spatial storage seemed to have become a garbage dump… I hope there was no problem about hygiene, since she also kept their food and drink in there.


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