Arge Chapter 195-199

Arge Felnote
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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile’s turn:  27 chapters.

Cathia’s Arc: 24 chapters

Taru: 3 chapters

Arge: 45 => 40 Chapters (series ends in 74 chapters)

Mira: 3 chapters

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I work that hard but I still have 97 chapters to translate in 2,5 months.

YET another miss for the deadline.

Arge Chapter 195: Unplanned Incident


『Oh … the road is rough』(Arge)


I raised my voice as my butt was rocked up with the Carriage’s irregular shaking.

When I looked out of the carriage, Felnote-san glanced at me while holding the reins of the horse.


『The road seems to be rough due to the war』(Felnote)


Declaration of war all over the world by a great nation called the Empire.

As a result, there are many disputes now.

In that empire, there may be a reincarnation from the Kuon house other than me and Aoba-san.


『Well, because there are no borders anymore, going to the empire itself will go smoothly …』(Felnote)


『Arge? What’s wrong?』(Felnote)

『Ah … no, it’s nothing』(Arge)


I replied to Felnote-san as she worriedly asked me.

One thing to think about.

The world that I lived in the past.

When I was called Kuon Ginshi.


『…Kuon, right?』(Arge)


Kuon’s house was a house that didn’t accept anything that wasn’t excellent.

The condition of reincarnation is that the quality of the soul doesn’t match the original world.

I didn’t meet the requirements for Kuon in the first place. And although Aoba-san was recognized as capable, she seemed to have a strong discomfort in the Kuon house.


…but that person looked different.


I remember again that he was called Kuon.

That unmixed, truly “sounds” like a person in Kuon house.

Show his excellence, take pride in value, and define it.


That was the Kuon family’s reason in the world I was in.

More than Aoba-san, I don’t know why he reincarnates.

At the same time, it is unclear why he continued how he has lived until he came to another world.




Thinking was interrupted by the tremendous shaking.

When I was pondering, Felnote-san pulled the reins and stopped the horse.


『Felnote-san? What happened?』(Arge)

『…There are people fallen on the ground』(Felnote)


As soon as she told me, Felnote-san jumped off the carriage.

In the direction where she jumped, there were certainly two things that seemed to be humans fallen on the street.


『Arge-san, what happened (dōka~ shita~n~ desu no)?』(Kuzuha)

『I don’t know, but there seems to be something』(Arge)


Along with Kuzuha-chan, I got off the carriage and headed for it.

I don’t know what happened, but if they are injured, I’m in charge.

Felnote-san can do it if it’s just some simple injury. But if the wound is deep or strong poison or illness, I will need to use my recovery magic.


『… Arge-san. I remember this smell』(Kuzuha)



Kuzuha-chan, who runs side by side with me, said that. And I concentrated on my sense of smell.

For her, who was living with her mother, most of her acquaintances except me came from meeting me.

In other words, most of the acquaintances of Kuzuha-chan are acquaintances for me.




I’ll speed up to see who is stuck in memory. Kuzuha-chan accelerates in the same way.

Felnote-san looks back to us when we get close,


Even if they aren’t at risk of death right away, but both are deeply wounded. Can you help me?』(Felnote)

『… Yes, I understand. They are my acquaintances. I will help』(Arge)



The faces of the two who were unconscious were certainly familiar.


『… The two are acquaintances you know』(Felnote)

『It’s the “veteran” (EN)!』(Arge)

『Eh, ah, is that so…?』(Felnote)


Dach-chan and Chihuahua-chan.

Looking at the two with the same name as the small dog, I somehow foresee the trouble.


Arge Chapter 196: Lacking one person


『Speaking of which, they are travel performers』(Arge)

『『Who are the travel performers, HEEYYYYYYY?!』』(Dach + Chihuahua)

『… to me, they look like wanted bandits』(Felnote)

『Ah, Dach-chan, Chihuahua-chan, this person is Felnote-san, and she seems to be a former Kingdom captain knight』(Arge)

『『Nice to meet you, we are travel performers』』(Dach + Chihuahua)


Their hands and reply were returned with tremendous momentum.


『…why did both of you respond differently from when I said?』(Arge)

『You Idiot, when you talked about Felnote, it’s the knight who’s called the strongest in the Kingdom and is currently half-retired!』(Dach)

『Yes, she destroyed one mountain with her light sword, defeated a group of dragons by herself.
She is not the ones we dare to oppose even one word!』(Chihuahua)

『I wonder if you can stop talking about the old days…? I’m embarrassed…』(Felnote)


Perhaps it was true because she didn’t deny it.

After all, Felnote-san seems to be quite a celebrity.

Felnote-san narrowed her two-colored eyes and made a sober look, but she didn’t pursue anymore because the men knew me.


…Now, what is it?


There were various Terrier bandits.

At first I thought it was a coincidence, but it may be different.

I wonder if I should ask how there are only two of them now. The leader Terrier-chan is missing.


『By the way, where did Terrier-chan go?』(Arge)

『Huh, who would tell you that!』(Chihuahua)

『Mister Entertainer, it’s been a long time! (Ohisashiburi~ desu~ no~ ne!)
Are you hungry? (wa~ arimasen~ no?)
Do you want to eat meals? (Gohan, tabe~ masu~ no?)(Kuzuha)

『Ugu …』(Chihuahua)


Chihuahua-chan looked a bit confused about Kuzuha-chan’s innocent aura.

Aoba-san and Richelle-san have never seen them before.


『Arge-san. Are you really acquainted?』(Aoba)

『Yes, well… Because they are the first person I met in this world』(Arge)

『Oh, I see … did they do anything?』(Aoba)


Aoba-san looked at me with a subtle face, but I didn’t remember anything so I didn’t say anything.

If you look at the two again, they seem to keep vigilance to this place and aren’t at ease. They solidified in the corner of the cargo and sent a strong gaze towards me.

The injury treatment was straightforward, but it seems that more words and time are needed for them to be more honest.


『Well, let the past go away like the water under the bridge and get along』(Arge)

『You, your mouth…!』(Chihuahua)

『Are you hungry as Kuzuha-chan said? I’m going to cook soon, so let’s talk slowly』(Arge)


Make a smile as much as possible and encourage them with a calm voice.

Even though there are various kinds of things, I can’t feel like messing around with the two who have clearly lacked their leader.


『… What should we do, Dach?』(Chihuahua)

『What should you do …』(Dach)

『I wonder if you are angry…』(Arge)

『Well, I’m angry but doesn’t it better to do it now…?』(Chihuahua)


Apparently, there was some convincing among the two.

Chihuahua-chan and Dach-chan looked at me and bowed down at the same time.


『We ask with shame』(Chihuahua)

『Help us out』(Dach)

『… For now, let’s have a meal』(Arge)


Apparently, the Terrier bandit is more troublesome than I thought.


Arge Chapter 197: Lost Puppies


『…… What happened to Terrier-chan? 』(Arge)

『… Originally, we did not intend to return to the Empire. However, since the empire’s declaration of war, the boss is little off and there are a lot from the sky above.』(Chihuahua)

『Oh, as expected, Terrier-chan’s group is Imperial…』(Arge)

『If you know then it’s easier to talk. We don’t want to return to the empire but that would be the same』(Dach)


Hearing these two’s words, I turned doubt into conviction.

Three bandits who I met when I was just reincarnated. Terrier, Chihuahua, Dax.

Their names weren’t accidentally taken from the dog’s name by reincarnations from the same world as me.


… From the beginning, I wasn’t far from the Kuon family.


I thought I was reincarnated and no longer related to that family.

However, even those who I met for the first time after reincarnation were also involved in the Kuon family.

Losing past lives does not mean I have lost memories of the past.


『No matter how far you go, the old thing will not be lost』(Arge)

『…Ah, It might be so』(Chihuahua)

『Please do not worry. I’m just talking to myself just now』(Arge)


I shook my head and I once again spoke to them.


『What happened to Terrier-chan?』(Arge)

『…We are bandits. There are times we overlap』(Chihuahua)

『In other words, did you aim for similar prey?』(Arge)

『Ah. The thing was… for us to escape… he got caught … damn it!』(Chihuahua)

『……So that’s how it is』(Arge)


In other words, did Terrier-chan take on the role of a decoy for them?

… even they are subordinates.


I thought each time we met, but they are good friends.

They didn’t like to be the private soldiers created by Kuon and that may be the reason they left Kurogane-san.

Instead of becoming the hunting squad created by Kurogane-san, they could have a clear will, in short, a kind of heart.


『…Everyone. I’d like to take a short trip, is it okay?』(Arge)


With nature, I said so.


『I don’t mind! (Kamaimasen~ wa~ yo!)
I’m not sure, but if Arge-san wants to go, I’ll follow you! (watashi~ wa tsuiteiki~ masu~wa!)』(Kuzuha)

『…Although I don’t understand well, however, I will help Arge-sama』(Richelle)

『I’m not sure, but if Arge-san wants to do that, it’s fine』(Aoba)


Kuzuha-chan, Richelle-san, and Aoba-san nod lightly.

Felnote-san looked at us for a while, closed her odd eyes slightly. Eventually sighed as if she was somehow given up.


『…I don’t really think they are entertainers, though』(Felnote)

『Is it not okay?』(Arge)

『I’m no longer the King’s servant.
I’m not that hard on my head.
But if I think they are dangerous…』(Felnote)

『At that time, I take responsibility』(Arge)

『…It’s unusual for Arge to say that much』(Felnote)


Whew, and once again a big sigh, Felnote-san shook her head.


『Right on. If you say that far, let’s take a short detour』(Felnote)


Arge Chapter 198: In the Darkness


(Terrier’s POV)


『…so, you have no intention of calling your comrade?』(Woman)


An unpleasant voice resounded in the dark.

The voice belongs to a woman, and she feels good that she is dominant. To be clear, I feel nauseous.

I want to jump right away and kill her but I can’t do it when I’m tied to a chain.


『Terrier bandits…
It seems like you have been rampant recently, but you’re out of luck.
No way, to think you are trying to steal the prey that I am aiming for.
And with only three people!』(Woman)

『… I don’t like walking in bunch *Zoro Zoro* like you』(Terrier)


Even in the dark, my eyes clearly show the opponent’s face.

Looking down on me with plenty of room, wearing a luxurious dress in spite of a bandit,
Rolled up hair,
At first glance, people might mistake her as a noblewoman.

In short, it’s a stupid dressed up,
Always a respectable female bandit.

And she is famous for having dozens of subordinates.


『Fu~un… well, feel like swear loyal to me too?』(Woman)


『Then how about I think of you like my subordinates who have been following me until now?
I was just looking for a force to attack Cyril again.(Woman)


The Cyril Bank is a money factory that governs the world’s economy.

…… Is she going to that place?

She might have some ability and power, but it’s still a big hurdle.

Either way, there is only one answer.


『But I refuse』(Terrier)

『…Oh my, an immediate answer?』(Woman)

『If you want a dog, hit others. Damn woman』(Terrier)


I cursed instead of words of loyal.

As I stared, the opponent grumpily lifted her eyebrows.


『…then, with my magical Artifacts, will you obey?』(Woman)


I felt like my body temperature had risen.

The reason is the scent rising from the other party.
A sweet smell that melts your brain
The sense of smell is poisoned in a way that destroys my thoughts.



『Obey me, “Sinking Dream Recruitment”(Woman)


The smell filled in the darkness inevitably sharpens this reason.

The scent is emitted from the dress worn by the woman in front of me.


『D…A…M…N… I…T』(Terrier)


A spiritual manipulation magical tool (artifact) that captures the heart and drags you into the abyss.

Despite being uncomfortable, the sweetness slowly erodes the soul.


『High curse resistance, strong will…
It may take some time… huh, how long will you keep it?
Or did you love me already?』(Woman)

『…Damn, go to hell』(Terrier)

(T.N: Swear words but I make it lighter)


I turned to the one who said the sick thing and cursed her with swear words.


Arge Chapter 199: Puppies rescue operation


『Haa~. Is that the destination?』(Arge)

『Ouu~. That woman’s roost』(Chihuahua)

『Ah, so, she’s a woman. The Bandit Commander』(Arge)

『Ah. It’s a weird person dressed up in a strange style, but she’s famous for being bandits.』(Chihuahua)

『Strange appearance …?』(Arge)

『Well, not as much as you, slut』(Chihuahua)

『Geez, rude. I’m wearing properly now』(Arge)


I know this is a stupid chat but there’s room to have a light joke.

Now we hide in the bushes, scouting the bandits’ hideout.


『A splendid fort … a little bit old』(Arge)

『It was used in the Unification War a long time ago when the republic was not yet unified』(Felnote)

『Felnote-san, Miss Know-It-All』(Arge)

『I just saw the material and the sketch. Maybe just that』(Felnote)

『I think you are great to remember that…
well, it seems easy to attack.
It’s almost like a withering flower.
A lot of people are gathering but full of holes』(Aoba)


As Aoba-san said, the fort visible in the distance is clearly aging.

The atmosphere was like if one of the earthquakes happened, it would easily collapse.

A number of armed humans are roaming around Fort.


『It’s a great number …』(Arge)

『Be careful, that woman gathers a lot of fodders. They will all give up their lives for the leader』(Chihuahua)

『…Even though it’s a band of bandits, it looks like they are very solid』(Arge)


Terrier-chan’s group are good friends with each other, but their general image is a group of crude people.

The larger the scale, the more likely it is that there will be some dispute and frustration. This is especially true if you are originally brutal.

When I’m tilting my head, wondering, Dach-chan said.



『Curse, isn’t it… (Noroi~…desu no?)』(Kuzuha)

『Ah. That woman… used the power of the Artifact to brainwash, degrades and fascinates people… even though she bought it from a stranger』(Dach)



I have seen a lot of artifacts, but it’s the first time I heard about the one that manipulated the hearts of others.


『If so, Terrier-chan is now…』(Arge)

『I wonder if she can do it so soon.
But… no matter how strong the boss can resist curse, there will be a limit』(Chihuahua)

『So it seems we’d better hurry.
But what shall we do…
As expected, aren’t they too many?』(Arge)

『Then, first make a gap with my bomb…』(Dach)



Intercepting Dach-chan’s proposal, Felnote-san said.


『Are you guys out of your mind? What if they take your leader hostage?
Be quiet here』(Felnote)

『You are used to this, Felnote-san』(Arge)

『I used to have done these kinds a lot in the past…』(Felnote)


If she doesn’t want to be asked, I’d better leave this topic alone.

For the time being, I thought what Felnote-san said was true. Dach-chan and Chihuahua-chan also calmed down.


『Uhm, then it means we will capture that fort with these members…
Is that right?』(Kuzuha)

『Yes, that’s right. I guess it’s an easy victory… even without a strategy…』(Felnote)

『Let me take care of that! (Makasete Kudasai!)
Alright then, let’s go! (Soredewa, Ittekimasu wa ne!)』

『Eh, wait, Kuzuha!? I’m still thinking… Ah geez!!』(Felnote)


It seemed that the story was over, and Kuzuha-chan made an energetic charge.

The beast girl runs as if she had left her fox hair and tail behind.


『I’ll go without killing you. Tail Beast Alter Ego, “Kinshibai” (Golden Thread Plum)!』(Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan recites the usual words and her tail separates.

The detached tail quickly increases its mass, changes shape, and eventually transforms into the exact same form as Kuzuha-chan.

Skills that create an identical figure and ability, Alter Ego. Tail Beast Alter Ego, a skill Kuzuha-chan is good at.


『What, what’s that?! children!?』(Bandit)

『Beastman’s kids! Where did they come from?!』(Bandit)

『Ready or not, here I go. (Ikkimasu wa yo~!!)』(Kuzuha)


To rescue the entertainer in pinch, Kuzuha-chan seemed to be energic, and immediately began a big fight with guard bandits.


『Uhm…, can I also attack already?』(Richelle)

『Oh… then can you please, Richelle-san』(Arge)

『Yes. Well then, here I go』(Richelle)


With a smile, Richelle-san came forward.

I don’t need to stop because I feel like it’s going to be messed up.

Felnote-san also pinches her temple but doesn’t seem to be serious about stopping them.


『Let the water flow, Oh heavenly flower. “Rakka Ryuusui (Fallen Flow Comet)”』(Richelle)


In response to her words, a star-shaped arrow falling from the heavens.

The light-colored bow flowed, which makes the dark elf’s brown skin more shining, looked stunned with Richelle-san.


『As my wish (Negaimase)』(Richelle)


Richelle pulled the bow with a smooth and somehow majestic action. The bow absorbs the magic of Richelle-san and formed a single arrow.

Richelle-san breathes deeply, holds her breath, and keeps her back straight




She exhales and released her fingertips.

The arrow fired, flying like a comet, with a shining tail.

Richelle-san didn’t aim at people but at the walls of the ruined fort.

Rather than a piercing, it made a crushing sound.



『What’s that?! Explosion!?』(Bandit)

『Huh … I thought it was brittle,
It was a jackpot』(Richelle)


While exhaling and bowing down, Richelle-san speaks happily.

The fort’s wall, which received the arrow she released, blew off and apparently collapsed. Screams naturally occur, and the area around the fort suddenly becomes noisy.

As a result, the patrols were distracted by both Kuzuha-chan’s Alter Ego and Richelle’s arrow.


『Yes, I tied them properly~』(Aoba)



The bandits were caught in a group of ivy growing from the ground under their feet.

Those who managed to escape from it get caught by Kuzuha-chan and reap their consciousness by magical attacks.

The roost of the rogue, who had a laid-back atmosphere, was now much more dramatic than the previous one.


『…It’s a mess, after all. Before going to the empire, I can’t help but count on it』(Felnote)


Felnote-san sighs as if she was stunned while pulling out her sword.

She doesn’t seem to be serious, and she can easily take steps. Rather, she almost always wants to rely on Kuzuha-chan and Aoba-san.

…She is really a military class.


Richelle-san’s accurate shooting, multi-stage attack by Kuzuha-chan’s Alter ego, and the ability to use Aoba-san’s plants.

Felnote-san is also a strong person who was once called the strongest knight in the Kingdom.

I’m a vampire who has cheat ability from Loli-Gramp-God, and I can only say that this was bad.

I glanced at the two puppies behind, with their open mouths unobstructed, so I decided to work a bit.


『Yes. Return to your sanity』(Arge)


Even if my opponent is bad (strong), my cheat is really the worst nemesis.

My recovery magic skill level is 10. The greatest healing power in the world, and the healing power that no one else can possibly use.

That power even removes the curse of the artifact.


If this base is the result of manipulating the mind with a curse, I use recovery magic, and that alone causes catastrophic confusion.


『Haa~… where… is this…?!』(Bandit)

『Wha… what am I doing…?!』(Bandit)


As expected, the bandits, who were bound by Aoba-san, have regained their sanity. No, maybe they weren’t even bandits.


『Well then, I’ll help Terrier-chan』(Arge)

『Oh, what in the world are you…』(Chihuahua)

『Uhm … just a free person』(Arge)


It’s difficult to describe us in a single word for a variety of reasons.

The tea was muddy with appropriate words, and I slowly came forward.

After a while, the result will be settled. Let prepare to use recovery spells to save each and every one of these bandits.


『Fuwa~a… I want to finish it early and take a nap …』(Arge)


There will be a lot of things to do but I look up at the sky was as usual.

Arge Cover 1
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  1. “Still unending amount of stuff needs to be translated” -> you are doing god’s work. At least it is not 97 chapters of Mira style to translate even though 100 Mira chapters would sound awesome haha.

    It feels weird sometimes when a webnovel actually finishes instead of slowly drifting into hiatus, still… not that long anymore, huh. Thanks for the Arge fix.


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