Taru Chapter 36-37-38

Taru Vol 2
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Dark Site

T.N: Anon-san talks in the old traditional Japanese, so I will add the suffix “~de~arin~su” after her sentence. Feel free to Ignore the word “~de~arin~su”

Chapter 36: Miniature garden of Treasure sword



「Please use this color for Mina’s dress」(Taru)



Anon-san agreed to my invitation, went to George’s store where I was.
I handed her “Skeleton Dark Gray” that I just made.

When Anon-san saw the “color”, she lost her calm and her eyes opened in surprise.


Taru-shi is a really interesting loli (little girl) ~de~arin~su」(Anon)


Anon-san casually uttered words,
…A little girl?


「Howver, for a loli like Taru-shi, please keep playing so late at nights in moderate ~de~arin~su~kedo.」(Anon)


Anon-san stared at the bottle of color then turned her eyes on me.
And she checked around restlessly.


「Taru-shi~! Taru-shi~! Taru-chan!
It’s all thanks to you ~de~arin~su~yo!」(Anon)


Then Anon-san, who always talked in calm, shouted with delight and hugged me.


「Truly, really!
Taru-chan is amazing (Sugoi + no suffix)!」(Anon)


Somehow Anon-san sticks her cheeks on my cheeks.
The heavy clothes she wears are soothing and tickling on my arms and chest.


「Ah… uhm… Anon-san…」(Taru)

「Or should I say “Marvelous” (Subarashi + no suffix)!」(Anon)


She excitedly kept rubbing her cheeks on mine for a while,
I was stunned and started to think of turning on the sexual guard.




After a while, Anon-san returned to calm.


「 Still, Taru-shi doesn’t seem like a kid ~de~arin~su…」(Anon)


Oh, Anon-san’s tone has returned.


「I’m an alchemist after all (Renkinjutsu-shi)」(Taru)


I’m a little bit irritated that Anon-san calling me a kid, I stretch out my chest with pride and retort.


「What should we do to apologize, Silver Beautiful Alchemy Princess?」(Anon)


After Anon-san received “Color” properly, she stretched her back straight and lowered her head.


「No, originally I’m the one who requested to make clothes」(Taru)

I can never easily get this “color” by myself.
Do you want to use this color for the dress ~de~arin~su~yo?」(Anon)

「Thank you very much」(Taru)


The bargain negotiations for clothes went smoothly, so I was so excited.
Above all, I’m happy to see Mina wearing Dress together at the event, Fairy Ball.


「By the way, Taru-shi」(Anon)


Anon-san asked while narrowing her eyes, hiding her mouth with the long sleeve.


「How did you get this “Skeleton Dark Gray” ~de~arin~su?」(Anon)


As expected, she asked this question.
I think for a moment for that expected question.
I felt like I could be honest with her, but it was a color that Anon-san, who handled colors, couldn’t find.

It is a mystery how the seamstress usually makes and collects dyes, wanting me to teach her around.


「It’s a trade secret」(Taru)


Anyway, let’s talk to each other for now
I will make a suggestion including the implication.


「I also want to know the skill of the sewing craftsman.
Would you like to go on an adventure again with me next time?」(Taru)

「That is a hope coming true ~de~arin~su」(Anon)


She was happy to accept my invitation and revealed her mouth hidden by her sleeve.
Her lips were arcing.


「Well then, please take care of me from now on, okay (Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu ne)?」(Taru)


I looked at Anon-san regarding about Mina’s dress.

She nodded with *Kokuri* and said: “It’s already late night, it’s about time for you to…”
Then *Chirin~Chirin~*, the door opened and the doorbell interrupted her words.


「Do you want to end the talk~ here~?」(George)


Okama, the owner, opened the door.
George, unlike his usual outfit, was dressed in a pink leotard and overlaid with a silver bib.
The angle of the high leg is strangely hard.

Really hard.
Seriously hard.
I don’t want to talk any more.

Anyway, there is no doubt that it is avant-garde kitsch equipment.


「Hara~Hara, George-shi.
I hope I’m not intruding ~de~arin~su」(Anon)


Anon-san is amazing, she accepts that look without any fuss.


「Geo… George!
The equipment… ah, no, have you gone somewhere?」(Taru)


Is it by all means that my eyes are in the critical areas?
No, I don’t succumb. I won’t bow down.
I will never be obsessed with Okama’s hentai equipment.


「Just~A~little♪ D~U~N~G~E~O~N capture!
I also wanted to capture the man as I am!
Too bad, there was no target here and there☆」(George)


…Today as well, it seems Clan-Clan men’s peace has been safely maintained.


「George-shi is also into dungeon capture this late?」(Anon)

「I went to “The Gate of the Dark Ash King”,
In search of “Skeleton Dark Gray” necessary for Tenshi~Chuwan,
It’s also level grinding and material collection.
With the name of that dungeon, Isn’t it a place where it can drop?」(George)

「 Isn’t that the newfound dungeon~de~arin~su~ka? Pretty strong enemies pop out there」(Anon)

「That’s right ♪
Thanks to that I got this」(George)


George points above his head.
There, George’s level was displayed.
George Lv13.


「Then again, that made fewer people who can compete with me, you know?」(George)


The black-and-white punch-permed Okama put his hands on his cheeks looking lonely.


Well, to be at that stage, the player level must be top class ~de~arin~su~ne」(Anon)

「That’s ~ right~.
Unfortunately~, I couldn’t find the material that Tenshi-chuwan was looking for.
It was just a dark, melancholy dungeon」(George)


Exploring the dark and melancholy dungeon, he was always looking for the color we wanted…
As expected, he is an emotional Okama.
His equipment is hentai though.


「George. I already got “Skeleton Dark Gray”.
Thank you for your hardwork」(Anon)

I’m~ glad~ it’s~ okay!
As expected of Tenshi~chuwan!」(George)


George squeezes with *Kunekune*, expressing his joy with his whole body.
Even though the crotch bulge responds to the movement, it’s too poisonous to be seen.

Seriously, just stop it.


「Then, there’s no use for that dark dungeon any~more~!
The materials are also available~ in~ high~ quality~ ☆」(George)


Speaking of darkness.

I remember about what was written in the assist log that it was better to extract the “Lot Scarlet” stored in “Mysterious Magic Mirror” in a dark place with as little light as possible.


「That’s right, George!
Is there any dark place?」(Taru)

What~ happened~ suddenly?」(George)

「Necessary for alchemy!
But George’s dungeon is too high and I can’t go …
Does George know any other dark places out of light?」(Taru)


Anon-san heard it was alchemy and pricked.
George glanced at her and looked sideways,
Okama for a moment began to ponder something.


「U~uu~nn, I guess~ there is…」(George)


After groaning for a while, Okama mutters and releases his hand scratching his perm.
That’s not the part to be trimmed.

Prepare your equipment normally.

I ask for a modest one.



Rather than that sad wish, I want to proceed.


「Where is that?
I want you to tell me if you can!」(Taru)

「Then only Tenshi-Chuwan can remain. Anon-chan is no good.
Art skill ☆ George is now closed」(George)

「Hare~Hare, wasn’t I your Nakama ~de~arin~su~ka?」(Anon)

「George has to close the store?
You don’t have to do anything for me. It’s fine already.」(Taru)


I was a little impatient and tried to stop George.
It escalated quickly.


If you’re a craftsman, you should know it, right?」(George)


However, George doesn’t mind my reluctance, he winks with his eyes closed toward Anon-san.

I look at them alternately, without knowing what is going on.
I can’t see the meaning of closing the store and George’s intention to chase Anon-san away.


「I will borrow Tenshi-chan’s words」(George)


George looks at me lovingly, places his little finger on his mouth and speaks to Anon-san.


「From here on, the company secret」(George)


When George said that line, Anon-san must not remain inside the store.






After George confirms that Anon-san has left the store, he lowers the banner attached to the top of the shop window,
The sign saying “Closed” was hung on the door of the store.

The banner blocked out the light from the outside, and the inside of the store was wrapped in darkness.

Pink leotard broccoli black punch Perm Okama in the dark closed room.


「W~e~l~l   t~h~e~n.
Now people can’t see it from outside.
The store is also closed so that no one can enter the store」(George)


If I’m only considering his dialogue and situations, then I’m a great pinch.




With such a feeling that he doesn’t care about such thing, Okama took out a small golden bell. He rang it *Chirin*.
The item creates a golden ripple in the air, it spreads in the store.
The wavy lines of gold that travel through the darkness,
I thought it was somewhat beautiful.


「What is that?」(Taru)

「It’s “Immoral (背徳) Person’s (者) Screaming bell (を叫ぶ鈴)”.
This Bell will shine red If people used ability related to assassination skills such as eavesdropping, see-through, hiding, listening skills, etc.
not golden like this.」(George)


I see.


「You are so alert」(Taru)

「The angel is innocent, so you probably didn’t know, but in this world, Player and Player are always fighting.
It’s no harm to be cautious.
Especially when you are a top craftsman.」(George)



First-class craftsmen.
George may be a great guy after all.
I understood that but I was too distracted because his sense was so crazy as to put on his breastplate over a pink leotard.


「As far as you can see the ripples of the bell, it seems okay.
I’ll change clothes」(George)


I guess he didn’t understand my inner heart.
George changed his outfit as declared.

Or rather, it was really cool.
The only cool thing is the equipment.

Okama, dark makeup and Afro are not blurred.


「I~ am~ rea~dy~ now~」(George)


Woven a thing like a surcoat based on white from above,
The inner is Okama who wears hemp clothes with fine embroidery.
Fine jewels are scattered on the cuffs of the coat and the hands are elegantly glittering.

Such an Okama coughed once.

I’d rather look at the bare equipment instead of George.
Meanwhile, George has a clumsy bitter smile.


「When I activate my decoration skills, if I don’t wear this, I will become *sowa~sowa~* (nervous?)
Unexpectedly, I may be coming into shape ♪」(George)


Okama with his eyes closed trying to do a wink.

What the hell is he doing?
Does he need to use decorative skills when he tells me about dark places?

As I’m worried about what the Okama will do with me (loli) in a dark room.


「Geo, George …?」(Taru)


Okama slowly walks to the counter, reaching for an empty wall.


「Everyone does not seek raw beauty equally.
We decorate the sword to decorate ourselves with the utmost in fulfilling their wishes.
If possible, point and open the way to the sword garden」(George)

(T.N: Don’t ask me if it sounds weird, it might be a chuuni phase or ability’s lines)



Okama is cool!?

I wonder if George’s right hand was wrapped in dazzling light,
The light penetrated the wall and was split into several lines of light.
The streaks of light begin to draw a certain object as if it were something.

That is the door.
The light ink spun out the door pattern to reach a diameter of 2 meters.
Within a few moments, the walls protruded, became three-dimensional, and turned into a real door.


「Hidden… door?」(Taru)


George presses it silently and opens it inward.

Behind the door.
There was a dark room.
No, when George takes a step, the floor shines pale.
I guess George’s path of light is generated only by reacting to his feet, illuminating each of his steps.

In addition, is it necessary for George to enter this hidden room,
Space, which should have been closed in the dark, gradually begins to regain light.

The identity of the light source is the crystals, which are everywhere in the room.
They vary in color and vary in size, from small ones to rock-like ones.

All of them are flashing dimly as if they corresponded to George.
And there are some instruments whose use is unknown.


「This is the place entrusting to the skill of Player, I’m making Shining Sword (Art) here」(George)


There is no such space behind the counter.


Shining Sword (Art), a treasure sword that gives players the power of skills.
This is where the Shining Sword (Art) pierced into the crystal is enshrined everywhere.

This is a box garden of treasure swords.


「Welcome, “Sweet Angel”」(George)

(T.N: Sweet Angel in English)


In a serious polite gesture, George bowed down and greeted me.


「to my “Shining Sword (Art) studio」(George)


The dark workshop was brilliant.


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Chapter 37: Collected Lights


「I wonder if this studio is suiting Tenshi-chan」(George)


George, illuminated by the glow of crystal, spreads his hands and points to the workshop.
Metal instruments everywhere reflect mysteriously on the crystal light.


「But this is the studio where George makes Shining Sword (Art)…
And I don’t think it’s dark at all.
There is a lot of light」(Taru)


It seems that darkness is suitable for extracting the light stored by the magic mirror.
This is full of faint light sources, which isn’t suitable for it.


But these crystals are only reacting to me, you know?」(George)


As George snapped his right hand, the room, which had been filled with crystal light, was swallowed dark in a moment.


「This, This is …」(Taru)

「Something like this.
The power of the crystal and the decoration only wake up due to the ability “Treasure
Crystal and Narrator”
Unless I activate, the children here are quiet」(George)

「I see … this is the darkness that light cannot reach.
But this is George’s workshop, right?
I’m trying alchemy here …」(Taru)


I can’t ask for more than just knowing that this is an important facility for George because of the payment.
For a craftsman, this should be no different from his own castle.
Am I allowed to use it as another person…?


「I~ know~, do~ not~ worry~, kay?」(George)


「Ye~es!Of~ the~ course~☆」(George)


Okama smiles and accepts me as if to ease my concerns.


「Thank you George!」(Taru)


Involuntarily holding George’s hand and shaking it up and down.
As expected, he is a good guy.

This may allow me to extract the light absorbed by the “Mysterious Magic Mirror”.


「Then, may I try alchemy right away?」(Taru)

「It’s~ okay~.
I will stay with Tenshi-chan, I’m looking forward to what you will do.」(George)


George is an Okama, he also knows my quest to discover for the unknown.
No, maybe Okama is a good friend of alchemy because he has a free love concept that is not bound by the world.


「Well then, let’s do it now」(Taru)


In a studio where the light is shut, I take out the “Mysterious Magic Mirror”.



Do you want to materialize things without substance?


Yes without hesitation!
What can we do with materializing light?


Slowly move the magic mirror to the side
Be careful not to break the bar that will appear


Reading the assist log, I wonder…
Will it come out as a gold bar or something? And it will crash if I shake it too fast?


「*Furu~furu~*…… *furu~*, shake it slowly, right?」(Taru)

(T.N: Atelier Fan will understand it better)


I do not want to make a mistake, so I must be very careful and hold my hand mirror firmly.
And I try to shake it carefully.

For a moment, when I think I see that the crimson glow from the mirror surface has appeared, it quickly breaks like sand.




As I stare at the falling sand.
It fell to the ground, disappeared strangely without a trace.


Was it too early to shake?

I was impatient and stopped moving my magic mirror for a moment.
The red bar that was supposed to be created has stopped coming out and collapsed.

Did I fail?




Okama’s sigh can be heard behind.
His breathing was surprising and nervous for the sudden light emission.
George is taking a breather and watching over.

With that sound I regain calm.




That’s it.
The failure log has not displayed yet.
This means that I’m in the middle of alchemy.


「From here, it’s the real deal…」(Taru)


Shaking the magic mirror to the side even more slowly than before.
The speed is more like moving than swinging.

My arm holding the hand mirror is tired.

The mirror moves to the right as my hand moves,
And a stick that extends 2cm from the mirror surface appears *nyoki~ nyoki~ nyokiri~*.

Carefully, don’t let it break.
I don’t know what to say, but I could predict that the weight of the bar would determine the optimal speed to shake the hand mirror.

With a certain response, a bar finally came out.


“Lot Scarlet” [Bar] [Small] was created


The bar has vermilion and gold intersected.
It’s hot and dangerous.
I hold the golden bar with greed and blood color in both hands, and use the ability “Appraisal Eye” to identify it.


“Lot Scarlet” [Bar] [Small]
[A bar converged by a magic mirror with a red color that tells the end of the light.
When combined with “ink”, it can be used as paint.
It can also be used as a metal for weapons.
The ingredient in this metal is the blessing or the curse of red blood.
It’s left to the hands of the creator.]


The metal bar was made.

I can use it as paint and freely paint it in my color.
Is it even better to trade at a high price as a metal?

I don’t know the exact bar’s effect but I have a lot of hope for it.


「Tenshi-chu~wan… that is」(George)


Did George activate his decoration skill again?
When I notice, the workshop is wrapped in crystal light,
Okama stared at the red bar that I had.


「It seems like a bar」(Taru)

「You say you can create metal?
You who don’t have blacksmith skills?
Tenshi-chu-wan without mining skills?」(George)

「U…um, well」(Taru)


It can be used as paint as well


「In the whole Clan-Clan… you are the first Alchemist who created metal in Moon’s Tea…」(George)

「I wonder about that… There may be other people」(Taru)


Perhaps someone like God Wisdom Alchemist of New Age, Saint-Germain
or Alchemist Noah World.
Both of them are NPC characters though.


I haven’t heard any information about how metal could be created with the Clan-Clan’s Alchemy skills」(George)

「Maybe players keep it for themselves」(Taru)

「…on earth is that…」(George)


What does he mean?
George erases the words after that.
Okama looked at my expression and stopped asking more questions.

Did he remember the words said by Sage Misora?
I’m in a position that I cannot say anything else.

Because the content of this talk is not directly related to Misora,
There might be no problem to tell him but somehow I don’t really like talking about it.

George raises his thick lips talking to me, who remains silent.


「It’s~ okay~♪
In the first place, I open my studio for Tenshi-chu-wan with that in mind, you know?
Until now only Tenshi-chan showed off alchemy to me.☆」(George)

What do you mean by that?」(Taru)


I asked back to George the meaning of his words.


「I will show you my charming~ decoration~ skill~!」(George)


Decoration skills.
I was curious but I had never seen Okama activating it.

Is it finally time to reveal the hidden secrets of Okama?


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Chapter 38: The Potential of Swords and Labs



「I use decoration skills, make accessories for players, make furniture and garden tools.
All the furniture in our shop is my handmade ♪」(George)



We can make furniture and garden tools?
If I plan to open my own store someday, I’d ask George about it.


「Well then…
As you know, I can create Shining Sword (Art) that lets players learn skills!」(George)


Shining Sword (Art).

It has a dagger pierced into a crystal.
The power of the gods resides in the crystal, which can be included in the dagger.
Players learn skills by piercing the dagger into their chest.
When I bought the alchemy skill at George’s shop, I was surprised about stabbing my chest with the dagger blade.

George said that making such Shining Sword (Art) was a monopoly,
He held a crystal as large as a soccer ball that was laid nearby.


「This is “The Crystal (水晶) of Snowstorm (氷雪吹) and Demon Fire (鬼火)”
It’s a crystal that I have always failed to process because it goes both with ice and fire…
It’s also a rare drop from the boss so I can’t experiment…
This is the last one.
This time I want to succeed!
New materials are available!」(George)


Okama looked at “it” with a hot gaze “Good~ girl~!”
While muttering, he opens the leather bag skin with his left hand.

The leather bag had more than 20 pochettes, which contained tools that looked like chisels.


「Now, beautiful child.
By my carved beauty♪
Dance brilliantly, dance brilliantly, and reborn more brilliantly」(George)


George says that as he sits cross-legged on the floor and squeezes the crystal under his legs.
And, he holds two chisels with his right and left hands.


“Mark’s Phase”!」(George)


George seems to have activated some ability.
Okama’s chisel emits dazzling light.




Next, George became a demon expression.
The crystal was sharpened as if by a monk who created a wooden carved statue.

Okama draws out the path of the chisel.




Sometimes he has the boldness that doesn’t even fear God.


「Afu ~un~!」(George)


Sometimes gently stroked like a baby embracing a benevolence.




Sometimes finely carved like heavy rain.


「Nu~ fu ~uuuuu~u~uuuun!」(George)


At times he begins to dig like getting a hell keeper driving him to the bottom of the ground.
By the way, the super-heavy low-pitched voice was voluminously vomiting from the lips of Okama, and I was really scared.
I understand that he tried his best but let me pass through the character.




It can be discriminated by observing that all processes have a slow pace and fast pace.
However, George’s move was like God-inspired.
To say the least, he had an unusual speed.
The afterimage of the upper body flickers with a quick movement, and the chisel is engraved on the crystal from all directions.




And it doesn’t matter, but when he holds his chisels like that, I’m a little worried that he will stab only his finger.


「I was able to feel good ♪
This ability has a time limit,
I had a hard time getting this far.
Still, it’s not easy to cut it into a satisfactory shape.」(George)


So he said but I think that was quite a skill.
The thing that was a rough and clunky crystal until recently is beautifully cut and the binding is similar to Shining Sword (Art) at the store-front.


「This~ is~ a~ new~ material.」(George)


What George picked out was a black stone block with no transparency.


「It’s the “Black iron” mined in “Gate of the Dark Ash King”
In my opinion, unless I give a rather strong stimulus,
It doesn’t seem to be obedient ♪
And it seems to be compatible with fire」(George)


So that’s it.
Shall I imitate Kouya’s way of talking?


「What you mean to say is
It’s strong and hard, it’s hard to handle」(Taru)

「That’s right.
But T~H~E~N, there is a common S~E~C~R~E~T for such a stubborn child」(George)


George puts the black ore in his right hand and takes out a fountain pen-like instrument in his left hand.


“Invitation (招待状) to Crystal Palace (水晶宮)(George)


George seems to have activated the ability again,
The tip of a fountain pen held in his… “her” left hand began to glow red as if it were hot.

He slowly pressed the nib into the black ore.
From the place where the brush touched, the stone melted faintly, creating a thin groove,
George slid the fountain pen smoothly.
And he carved an unfamiliar pattern on the ore.


「Can I possible write in one stroke well?」(George)


Okama muttered with satisfaction, and “Black Iron” emitted a dark light.
By the time the light emission had ceased, the dark night of “Black Iron” had transformed into a transparent object.


「Welcome to the crystal world~♪
Thank you for accepting the invitation~」(George)


Okama kisses on the final product of the “black iron”.


「Ama… amazing」(Taru)

「For the material I tried for the first time, it’s a good one.
It’s still a little turbidity though」(George)

「George … that ability」(Taru)

「Ability to turn minerals and metals into quartz.
I can~ crystallize~ ♪ even most of the children with proud hardness」(George)


Decoration skills are amazing.
We can make more and more crystals.


「Fu~n~u~fu~n… “Black crystal”, isn’t it…」(George)


Contrary to my impression, Okama has a mysterious look,
He is looking at “Black crystal” that has been crystallized and changed.


「This is a crystal that didn’t go well when I tried “Seal” on “The Crystal of Snowstorm and Demon Fire”(George)


So George said.



「A~a~n. The crystal is…
Everything has its power when it comes to the way it should be」(George)


George shows me the “The Crystal of Snowstorm and Demon Fire” that he just cut and shaped.

I see.
When you break down the crystal and bring it closer to the way it should be, you will have the power of skill in that crystal.


「We won’t know what kind of skill a crystal will hold as the raw material.
So, I need to refine that power of the crystal~♪
It depends on the type of crystal, but the crystal may need to be kept in a designated place for several hours to several days.」(George)


「For example, a highway where iron and fire come and go (vehicle?)
Like a wet back alley where violence and greed swirl,
A stream with a rich stream of water,
Young grass under the warm sunlight,
In the forest where spring blows through small sunbeams,
The cave that is dark and out of light,
A hill where the moonlight falls?」(George)


George sang about the places somewhat excited.

It looks like wine.

I mean, if he leaves it in such a place, it will not be taken away by anyone.


「That means putting a crystal, right?
Is it okay (Daijoubu-nano)?」(Taru)

「You can understand Tenshi-chu-wan’s worries.
But the stored crystal can only be picked up by the player who stored the crystal.
However, the crystal is visible to other players as a crystal object. That’s the most difficult thing when collecting」(George)


So that’s it.
In other words, if you have a crystal object, the decorator craftsmen (George) will want to pick it up.
And people might try to ambush and assault aiming for the timing of collection?
So, George isn’t just about Lv but is also strong in PvP?


「Right. But if you leave the crystal at the “Ripe” state for too long,
The power in that crystal will be going away.
It will return to nature」(George)

「Is “seal” ‘s purpose to prevent it?」(Taru)

「Tenshi-chu-wan is amazing ~as~expected~.
You name (nail) it!
To prevent the power of the skill from fading out of the crystal,
Coating another crystal that seems to be compatible with it to prevent the power from fading off.
That’s “seal”!」(George)

「So you cut, shaped the “The Crystal of Snowstorm and Demon Fire” and already tried to coat “Black Crystal” as “Seal”, but it failed.」(Taru)

「That~ is~ right~ …Too~ bad」(George)


It’s very difficult to make Shining Sword (Art).
It doesn’t seem to be a sweet skill like alchemy.
As there is a system of aging, the hurdle is high, such as the need to consider interpersonal battles.


「It’s almost impossible for fire and ice to intervene at the same time」(George)


「Ara, Tenshi~chu-wan, what happened?」(George)


Fire and ice.
A crystal that combines things that should never be incompatible.

I remember the existence of an item that I had listed in Prize and Auction.

It’s the “Freezing Flame Crystal”.

Open the system menu and tap “Cancel” to return to item storage from “Prize and Auction”, a bullish price of 3000 Eso, which is still on sale and still unsold.

This is the ice item that freezes the flame that was very active in the PvP with the Non-sleeping Magician yesterday, Glen-kun.

水の結晶_画像“Freezing Flame Crystal” is a colorless ice block that contains a shimmering flame.
Ice and fire. An object that should not be allowed to exist at the same time.


「George, maybe you can use this…」(Taru)

「What is it?」(George)

「 Isn’t this usable?」(Taru)


I show George the crystal in which the flame dwells.


「Wasn’t that what you were making before?
But I can only make Shining Sword (Art) by decoration skills with rare drops or crystal system etc.」(George)


While I looked at him, George stares at the “Freezing Flame Crystal” in my hand.


「I don’t think it’s a crystal, right?」(George)

「I don’t know, but the name says crystal」(Taru)

It’s serious “Boon”!?」(George)


Please speak Japanese, please.
And stop that face.

When I start playing this game, I feel like I have seen the black-and-white punch perm too much.

Astonished George opened his mouth with a stupidity. He is shaking.


「U…un… I’ll give it to George so try it out」(Taru)

「I’ve never heard of such a thing… “Item” of the crystal system …」(George)


Okama crosses his arms pondering. I refrain from saying stop.


「It’s fine, it’s fine, I want to see George’s Shining Sword (Art), can you try it?」(Taru)


I managed to get rid of George’s dilemma and I handed “Freezing Flame Crystal”.
To be honest, I really care about decoration skills.

What I thought while looking at the process up to this point was something interesting.
If I could add alchemy results to such content.
That might indicate the possibility of infinite production.

I stare at George with upturned puppy eyes.
George looked at “Freezing Flame Crystal” and muttered something that could be heard.


「This is… crystal.
Moreover, although it is an item that seals the flame with ice,
However, there is a mixture of fire and ice that do not intersect.
What can be explosively frozen by touching the fire,
It’s nothing but fire and ice」(George)

「In other words?」(Taru)


I smile with a naughty smile.


「Compatibility passed!
If this is the case, I may be able to do “Fusion”!」(George)


Shining Sword (Art), a decorative craftsman carrying a dagger and a researcher alchemist exploring unknown paths.
Here was the dream collaboration.
It is a dagger and exploration adventure.

Taru Vol 2
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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  26 chapters.

Cathia: 24 chapters

Mira: Silva from Re:Library. will take over Mira. Mira stock will now go to Taru.

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 40 Chapters (series ends in 70 chapters)

Dark Site

T.N: Anon-san talks in the old traditional Japanese, so I will add the suffix “~de~arin~su” after her sentence. Feel free to Ignore the word “~de~arin~su”


  1. Reading the synopsis I already have second thoughts and predicted something like this would happen…
    The girl would worry about the MC no going to school cause she turned him down his confession…


  2. Anon and Okama’s conversation was too difficult to understand, my head still hurts until now.
    Honestly, to me the way Glen speaks is much easier to understand than them

    And manga version of Taru not cute at all

    Liked by 1 person

    • Blame the artist as Taru looks even younger and not the bishoujo that is shown in the illustrations.


  3. 「Everyone does not seek raw beauty equally.
    We decorate the sword to decorate ourselves with the utmost in fulfilling their wishes.
    If possible, point and open the way to the sword garden」(George)

    No one look beautiful things as same value.

    We decorate the sword to decorate ourselves to become the most beautiful by our own value.

    If it is possible to decorate ourselves more than ever.

    We beseech to Guide us and open our way. Open!, “the sword garden”


    anyone can be more chuniibyou?


  4. thank u, u made my days, literally 5 i think xd. i can’t wait for the manga so i searched for the LN and i really like ur work. really thank u.


  5. I’ve been wondering… If a person wears a mask, or at least movie make-up etc… Will this be read by the game as of it is that persons real face? Or will the system recognize it’s fake? The system could read that Taru had become younger, but it never mentioned anything about him changing gender. It could be argued that the system magically can read the truth of things, but what if it just reads a person’s immediate strongest surface thoughts upon creation? In the case of Glen, his title and special traits was something he gained through his actions in the game after awhile,but Taru got hers upon creation.

    Also… What about George? He has makeup on. Unless his makeup is something he can immediately wear like in game clothes, wouldn’t he have to reapply it every time he enters the game again?

    So this would suggest that his makeup is something he has on himself in the real world? Which also means that the game can allow you to bring things on your body from the real world… However this does not apply to clothes? So why face paint? All this would suggest that makeup is interpreted by the game as part of your real face if this was how you saw yourself… That or you know, makeup was one of the few things the game allowed the user to customize when creating their character (while not allowing change of hair color…? Strange logic).


    • Spoiler:
      There’s no game. It’s linked with real life.
      Event happens in there will “find it way” mixed in real life.
      Christianity will be convert to Rainbow Goddess’ believer.

      Fairy comes to real life. (Changed a little)
      Stats and Skill comes to real life. (Fixed rating amount)
      Event comes to real life. etc.


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