Mile Chapter 363: Departure Strategy 6

Mile Vol 11 6
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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  21 => 20 chapters.

Cathia: 24 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 40 Chapters (series ends in 70 chapters)

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Mile Chapter 363: Departure Strategy 6



Marcela’s trio and Mana’s Drop are all gently approaching three orcs.


「May we make the preemptive strike first?
Just looking at you fighting from the rear doesn’t give us much experience for fighting…」(Marcella)


Marcella gently asked the members of Mana’s Drop while holding the staff.


For Mana’s Drop, that doesn’t really matter.

Or rather, they’d love to have the magician do preemptive strike with a ranged attack.

The magician attacked with magic attacks then the archer attacked with ranged to cause damage to the enemies and confuse them,
Then the vanguard will assault the enemy in order to protect the rear guard.
In the meantime, The magician will cast another attack magic or support magic.
The archer will pull out their dagger to protect the magician or joins the vanguards, or flexibly.

Until now, their tactics were narrow due to the lack of magicians at their party.
So, the members of “Mana’s Drop” wanted to use this great opportunity to experience the battle alongside with magicians. Their tension was rising.


「Of course, it’s “OK” (EN)
We won’t let it go near you, so you can focus on magic without worry.
After the first magic attack phase, we will rush in.
Ikuto can act flexibly on his own. (T.N: Ikuto (イクト) name for real)
Is that good?」(Mana’s Drop)


The young male archer nodded with the leader and act as instructions like usual.

And a few minutes later…


「Enemies Sighted! 3 Orcs, adult!」(Mana’s Drop)


The light warrior, who was scouting, reported in a whispering, but with a sharp tone and gestures.
Apparently, it looked like they can have leeway because the Orcs didn’t seem to notice them yet.

“Mana’s Drop” quickly switched to attack position.

And then they are approaching a little more with that formation…


「If we get any closer, they will notice us and we will lose the initiative.
Can you attack from here?」(Mana’s Drop)


“Wonder Three” silently nods to the whispering question of the leader of “Mana’s Drop”.

And then the three girls nods each other …


「Soil Spear!」(Monica)

「Ice nail!」(Oriana)

「Water cutter!」(Marcella)

「「「「「Eh?」」」」」(Mana’s Drop)


They did something that seems to be a preliminary action for spell casting,
Just one nod and they suddenly released at the same time,
Three spelling-abbreviated magics.

Monica fired a soil spear, “Soil Spear”.

Because the ground is soil, so she used a “Soil Spear”, instead of a “Rock Spear”.

If she tried to use “Rock Spear” when there is no rock nearby,
Convert the soil to rock or need to transfer rocks from other places,
That raises the hurdle to emit “unconscious thought waves” for nanomachines to work properly.
Also, extra specific instructions, for example, if she thought “create a rock spear from nothing …”
The hurdle to achieving that will jump.


So, she properly used what is available there,
And for the parts she doesn’t understand well, she doesn’t need to think about the specifics poorly. She just need to think “a sturdy spear made of the earth”!
The nanomachine will manage in an optimal way.


And before she cast the magic, Oriana had opened the lid of her water bottle on her waist.

Yes, when using ice magic, if she uses it without anything, Nanomachines will start with the generation of water, which is inefficient.

So, by opening the lid of the water bottle and indicating that “you can use this water”
The first effort was saved.
If Nanomachines already have water, building ice nails will be easy.

If the magic chosen is “Ice nails”, then just water in the water bottle is enough to build a few ice nails.


Yes, this is a trick that Oriana, whose magic is weaker than the other two, exercises magic with resource-saving and magic saving, and was a technique devised with wisdom.

The water cutter that Marcella released is almost the same as the one Pauline used to cut the shackles of those captured by the beastkins before.
It’s natural because they were taught by Mile (Adel).

Instead of hitting with a large amount of water, a thick current,
A small water stream at high pressure and as an abrasive… Mixed garnet to greatly improve the cutting effect,
Cutting magic by high-pressure water flow.

And the magic hit almost simultaneously …


Do su~! (SFX)

Busubusu busubusu busu! (SFX)

Supa~n! (SFX)



「「「「「EH…」」」」」(Mana’s Drop)


Pierced around the heart with a hardening soil spear, an orc fell down without even screaming.

In an instant, the Orc was neatly cut off and fell down silently… It can’t scream if it was cut off from the neck.

Then the last Orc, several ice nails pierced its face and both eyes were completely crushed.

Only this Orc is screaming and rampaging,
No matter how good its sense of smell or hearing is, it cannot do anything if it suddenly loses its eyesight in the midst of severe pain and confusion.


「「「「「…………」」」」」(Mana’s Drop)

「Now, attack!」(Oriana)


Oriana instructed with a sharp voice to the members of “Mana’s drop”, who only stood stunned,
When they finally returned to their sanity, they plunged into the orc that has been disabled by Oriana.

… At least, this’s the only place they have to decide perfectly.
With that in mind, it was a simple job of stabbing an injured Orc that had lost sight, but everyone was super serious.

This is because if they get injured poorly, they will really lose your position.
For this reason, it is a total attack of all five vanguard hunters, including the archer Ikuto who also drew his dagger.

… It was overkill.


* * *


On the way back.

“Mana’s drop” felt heavy.
As if the talk when they started hunting was a lie…

But they have to ask.
With that thought, the leader, the heavy warrior finally opened his mouth.


Are you really have very little monster hunting experience…」(Mana’s Drop)

「It’s true, I tell you.
Certainly, in joint-request with other parties, we have hunted Goblins 2 times, Kobolds 1 time, and Horn Rabbits 3 times…」(Marcella)

「Attually, we only hunt Horn Rabbit 2 times」(Oriana)


Oriana corrected Marcella’s description.


「「「「「…………」」」」」(Mana’s Drop)

「But, the magic you used earlier …」(Mana’s Drop’s Leader)


Of course, even if they didn’t have any magician in their party,
“Mana’s Drop” isn’t completely ignorant of magic and magician.

When it comes to escort missions, sometimes they will have join-request with magicians,
They have learned a lot about the magician’s abilities in order to co-op.

… so they know, the cast speed, accuracy, and power of the magic of these three are abnormal.

Oriana uses ice nails because she cares about the male hunters’ dignity.
Yes, the Orc’s body is almost intact, while stealing the eyesight and completely disabling it, it seems to be a concern that “Mana’s Drop” can have a chance to kill “one of them”.
All five thought so.
In fact, Oriana is always weak in magic, she has been training in “defeat with technique, not power”


「Actually, there’s no relation between having little experience in combat and being weak.
We also have a lot of desk exercises, target-based training,
And continued thorough research on the characteristics and weaknesses of monsters,
We have been preparing for the coming day.
Yes, ever since that day we have sworn to go on a journey to find that girl…(Marcella)


Marcella said when smiling. And that smile has a strong will.


At least the five members of “Mana’s Drop” understood that no matter how much they tried to invite, there was no chance that the girls would stop traveling and settle down at this city.

And that the magic they just used might not be their best shot.

Even if the target is Ogres instead of Orcs, the results would probably not have changed.

Even if the opponent is human, probably…


「Ah, uhm, you girls, ah… no, it’s nothing …」(Mana’s Drop’s Leader)


He tried to ask, but he got discouraged.

They knew about “that party” from the hunter training school in this country,
Rumor about they have a noble, merchant daughter from this country, ages vary.
He doesn’t think they have any connection with newcomers on the training journey from other countries.


(…… but it’s a terrible time ……)  (Mana’s Drop)


It seems that “Mana’s Drop” felt heavy in their legs because they tried to carry the three Orcs’ highest price parts.

Rather, they believed so.


And as for the “Wonder Three”


「So, so heavy ~de ~su ~wa」(Marcella)

「Because Marcela-sama carries too much!
I told you, let’s reduce more…」(Monica)

「But, unlike your parents’ home with a good fortune,
I was pretty poor!
Monica, don’t you know that well?
Poverty is hard to escape!」(Marcella)


And, there’s no persuade when a noble daughter says “poor”

Genuine poverty (truly poor)

It’s venerable poverty from the ancestors (her family has been poor for a long time)

Oriana, a poor thoroughbred. (an example of the poor)

Mile Vol 11 3

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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  26 => 25 chapters.

Cathia: 24 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 40 Chapters (series ends in 70 chapters)

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  1. I do not know if the mistake was in intentional or not but there is no reason someone like Marcella wouldn’t know the word: Pre empty should be Pre-emptive

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  2. Oh right, they don’t have storage magic so they have to carry stuff. Mile is too keep and average, while being so average the entire other world’s common sense is getting spanked hard, she should try to help some individuals increase their nano authority level. Like the lolis she knows 🙂
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!


  3. “Genuine poverty, it’s venerable poverty from the ancestors, Oriana, a poor thoroughbred.”
    Сan someone explain this sentence to me in simple words? My knowledge of English is not enough… Thanks in advance and sorry to bother.


    • Genuine poverty (truly poor)

      It’s venerable poverty from the ancestors (her family has been poor for a long time)

      Oriana, a poor thoroughbred. (an example of the poor)

      Don’t worry.
      The raw words are slightly different.
      So I tried to make it different as well.


  4. “Genuine poverty, it’s venerable poverty from the ancestors, Oriana, a poor thoroughbred.”
    Can someone explain this sentence to me in simple words? My knowledge of English is not enough … Thanks in advance and sorry to bother.


  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    So, Marcella’s noble family is poorer than Monica’s merchant family? It’s been so long that I forgot.

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  6. Yaay!
    I’ve been hoping for this arc since Mile left the school.
    I’ve been waiting for this arc since I learned that this was really happening.
    I am happy that it’s finally here for the wonder trio.
    And now, I wait until the fateful day when Mile and Marcella meet for the first time, as adventurers united.


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