Taru Chapter 39-40

Taru Vol 2
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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  19 chapters.

Cathia: 24 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 40 Chapters (series ends in 70 chapters)

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T.N: I will translate all George to normal dialog. Only my brain got hurt for translating his dialog is enough. Reminding that he has always used that annoying dialog.

Chapter 39: Business Secret



George puts the wonderfully cut “The Crystal of Snowstorm and Demon Fire” on a work table on which various instruments are placed,
He grabbed the “Freezing Flame Crystal” on his left hand.


「Until now, the crystal that I have been fond of is the smallest crystal…
As expected, this might also be such an item」(George)


Okama was observing the crystal which has a flame flickered in the ice for a while and slowly picked up the iron lamp on the worktable.
It’s like a magic lamp, like a lamp that lit a light up or a lamp which a witch (genie) might come out if you rub it.

「If it’s this size, this is enough」(George)


Okama opened the lid of the lamp and put the “Freezing Flame Crystal” in.
Then close the lid.


“Melting the honeymoon”(George)

(T.N: Raw is really 蜜月 Honeymoon)


The lamp glows orange gradually.
It seems like George has activated some abilities.

Does that mean the relationship is intimate?

Being on good terms means
Is that the essential condition for a crystal to “Seal” another crystal?


「The crystal from the Tenshi-chwan has been turned into “honey” in the lamp.
And then…」(George)


He tilts the lamp, from a hole of that lamp, something that was previously “Freezing Flame Crystal” started coming out little by little,
Partially goes to “The Crystal of Snowstorm and Demon Fire”.

The honey dripping onto the crystal radiated mysteriously, giving off a delicious glow.
Honey looks delicious enough that makes me want to eat …


“Eternity Knot”(George)


As if responding to George’s activated ability, the honey that had flowed down due to gravity solidified in an instant.
George observes the situation in every direction.

Is this the ability to permanently connect two crystals together?


「With my skill level, there are only five more chances to coagulate “honey”.
The quality of this coating will determine the quality of the “Seal”.」(George)

「You must make it evenly, without gaps, all over?」(Taru)

「Absolutely no gaps.
Another important thing is that you have to coat the sharp part of the crystal thickly.
This is quite a pain.」(George)


I guess he has failed quite a bit.
In fact, I feel this is a difficult task.
It may be necessary to look ahead to the dull speed and volume of the dripping honey to determine when it will solidify.
It’s a technology you won’t learn overnight.

George carefully dropped the honey and, at the perfect moment, activated the decorative ability, “Eternity Knot”, and coated the crystal.


「Okay… Success!」(George)


Okama wipes the sweat down his cheek,
He told me that he has successfully “sealed” using “Freezing Flame Crystal” to “The Crystal of Snowstorm and Demon Fire”.

But his… her expression was still nervous.


「The finishing touch」(George)


George took out what appears to be a dagger from item storage.
An ordinary dagger has a blade, a handle, a cover to protect the hand
grip part, etc.

They often use different metals for each part, processed and decorated.

But what he had was a poor thing, just like iron cut out in the form of a dagger.


「It’s a dagger cut from an ingot using this exclusive decoration kit.」(George)

「Ho ~e」(Taru)


It didn’t work as a weapon at all.


「I stab this into the crystal and it’s over! Te~in!」(George)


Okama pierced the imitation dagger into the crystal with a strange shout.

I guess he wanted to say, “Tei (take this)” but Okama doesn’t sound it right.
Te~in, what’s that?
What is Te~in?

If I keep retorting to everything he says, it will take days, so just let it pass.
Let’s do so.

Anyway, the iron-colored dagger, when pierced into the crystal, changed its appearance.




It is a crystal with the transparency of a blue jewel.
Standing there is a crimson dagger.
A flame is flowing from the blade, and the fire shimmers in the crystal, emitting red in some places.

To be honest, it was very beautiful.
It can be said that it is as beautiful as alchemy.




George brings the shining sword (Art) closer to me.


「This shining sword (Art) was made thanks to Tenshi-chwan.
Without Tenshi-chwan’s item, this sword would not have been born!
I’ll always give it to you after “aging”(George)

「No, I feel bad」(Taru)

「Are you sure?」(George)


As expected, I can’t receive anything like this.
From the appearance, we can see this Art has considerable value.
In fact, it has a presence that is equal to or greater than any expensive Art sold by George.


「Oh my, honestly」(George)


The black and white okama brings his face comes closer with a cry.


「Then, can I ask for Angel-chwan’s help when “aging” and collecting?
I guess that’s a good reason to get this Art, right?」(George)


I will be involved in the birth of this Art.


「Umm …」(Taru)


No matter what I answer, I felt like the Okama wouldn’t break on this matter.
He has that much momentum.
If so, it might be polite to receive it here.
In fact, it’s really nice.


「Then, if you pleased」(Taru)


Getting a first time finished “Aging” Art means
Players might discover I have newfound Art, I might be ambushed for it.

Compared to George, I’m quite weak.
I wonder if I can avoid it.

However, regardless of receiving that Art or not, I would like to be involved in the creation of Art as suggested by George and help.


「If I can help you, I will do my best」(Taru)

「So, isn’t the deal closed?
Let’s take a look at the Art we just made☆」(George)


There was a sense of ownership from the Art.


「I can check it, is that okay?」(Taru)

「It’s fine」(George)


I activate “Appraisal Eye” again and turn my eyes to the azure-colored crystal where crimson flame resides within.


Skill “Snowflake” Art.

There’s no place to rest on snowy land.
Ancient people didn’t accept freezing to death in the harsh cold
They lighted a lamp temporarily to their side.

The water that rose to heaven by the flame
Eventually, it is frozen and reborn as snow.
This skill user can master the ability to manipulate snow.


It’s snow…


I wonder if I can make a snowman or something.
I want to make elaborate snow rabbits, and I can also make Kamakura and so on!

「It’s snow, George… Snow!
George, have you ever had such a skill?」(Taru)

「Of course not」(George)


A new skill is born!
I raise my right hand to George. (high-five)

Then Okama somehow pushed his perm afro hair into my hand.


「No, I want to do a high five …」(Taru)

「Oh my!
I worked hard on decoration skills,
I thought that it was a reward for me♪」(George)


A muffled and uncomfortable feel wraps around my palm.
I try to grasp it without thinking.
The touch of George’s Afro was nothing but impossible.
How did this happen?

Mina or George, Isn’t there a friend who can make a high five with me?


「Anyway, this is where the Art matured…」(Taru)


I was shaking the Okama’s head,
Raise doubts about the aging of the Art.


「Umm… just now, I remembered.
There is a field called “Ice Wolf Territory”, but I don’t know much about it…
It’s not a village but there’s a safety zone
There must have been facilities and campfires for players to prepare for the adventure.」(George)


I see. A bonfire.


There’s no place to rest on snowy land.
Ancient people didn’t accept freezing to death in the harsh cold
They lighted a lamp temporarily to their side.

Was written in the description.


「I see.
What is the recommended level to go to that field?」(Taru)

「Maybe 10-15 or more」(George)

「More than 15…」(Taru)

「There aren’t any players who have crossed the “Ice Wolf Territory” yet.
There might be a new city ahead
It seems like the frontline players are still working on captures」(George)



Can someone like me go to such a place?


「Now, I’m more than worried about “Aging”
Should we enjoy the birth of our child?」(Taru)


George tried to wink with his eyes closed, hotly gaze at the newly formed Art “Snowflake”.


Now I can’t help but feel great joy in this masterpiece with my comrade」(George)


There is no doubt that I have a special interest in this Art.

“Freezing Flame Crystal” created by my alchemy skills.
Used to sharpen and decorate the “The Crystal of Snowstorm and Demon Fire”

The two combined, so to speak, the birth of this Art was realized through our co-op.


「Is this the first in the industry like I thought?」(Taru)

「Of course☆」(George)


And the comrade stared at me.


「…We have no choice but to keep our trade secret」(George)


Why this Okama talked and smiled with an Ikemen’s voice like the talk between bad friends.




「Let’s talk about business negotiations」(George)


In general, we express our love for the new Art “Snowflake”
Having exhausted each other’s thoughts, we returned to the store counter.

And George suddenly said that.


「Business talk?」(Taru)

「Why doesn’t Tenshi-chan sell your products at my shop?
Selling with “Prize and Auction” will reduce sales by tax,
but if you sell it at my shop, you don’t have to worry about it, right?」(George)



It’s a very appealing proposal and only benefits me.

Business talk.
But if George won’t gain anything then it won’t be fair.
If I sell the items I create at George’s shop, what are the benefits for George?


「The reward is Tenshi-chan’s alchemy」(George)


Okama answers as if reading my thoughts ahead.


「What do you mean?」(Taru)

「It’s fine, Tenshi-chan. Please listen.
Information is particularly valuable in this world.
There is no capture information for Clan-Clan and all the capture sites are officially crushed.
The main thing was to prevent spoilers, for people to enjoy this world」(George)

「I think I heard about that…」(Taru)

「That’s why information is valuable in every field.
That’s true for alchemy」(George)


George looks at me seriously.


「Tenshi-chwan has reached the realm of alchemy skills that no one could reach in just three days after Clan-Clan launched its official service.
I’ve been playing this world for three weeks, including beta testing.
That’s what I mean」(George)


Am I quite acceptable to Okama?

Although most of it was the blessed with luck and titles,
It’s somewhat nice to be praised by top players.


「You are on the same level as me when it comes to production.
Do you understand this meaning?」(George)

「Tha… thank you …」(Taru)


Okama knew that I’m pleased to be praised solidly,
It’s a bit frustrating but I will say thanks in a calm manner.


「Alright then.
In this world where information is most important.
The meaning of opening up to you in my own hands, my studio, my skills, and my shop,
Do you understand, Tenshi-chan?」(George)


So that’s it.
My alchemy achievements that I’ve shown somehow are one of the most valuable pieces of information.
And, he wants to see the alchemy path I walk in the future.
That’s why George held out his hand.


「Of course, about I and Tenshi-chan’s collaboration items,
Our interest rate is 50:50」(George)


Furthermore, on that journey (Alchemy), George also wants to take part in it.

This time, George’s proposal has great benefits for George himself, even considering the existence of the “Snowflake” Art that we must work together to create.

But it is.
Not only for George but also for me.
We want to expose each other’s techniques to all projects that should be kept secret and create new things by using everything we have.

I immediately understood that George had the same feeling as me when he brought up this talk.
No, maybe when he first guided me to his studio, he might plan to propose selling my product at his store.

I thought that’s because I’ve shown alchemy to George so he did it in return.

But now, I have witnessed George’s decorative skills.

He didn’t get any reward for showing me his studio,
As expected, I’m the only one who gained.

I don’t know how hard it is to have a store.
However, To accept the tax exemption, which is the privilege of owning a store,
I felt it was not fair.

Nevertheless, George even showed his studio, it’s not right to say that showing alchemy is worth the price.


「Why did George try to talk in the way that made you sound like a bad guy?」(Taru)

「…sincerity, maybe」(George)


Until now I am unaware and keep doing alchemy before George.
George, looking at me sideways, he thought I was honest and worthy.


「I want to have this kind of work with Tenshi-Chwan in the future.
The reward for exhibiting at our shop is Tenshi-Chwan’s alchemy」(George)


This suggestion has much more favorable for me.
This is probably George’s way to help.


「But it could be dangerous to partner with me and get watched by other players」(George)


Certainly, if we continue to develop new Art like this one, I may be targeted.
But Alchemy is always dangerous. I must go through experiments after all.

And this okama speaks in a way that makes me hard to refuse.
There’s no reason to miss out on this kind of open-minded, gentle and good one.


「The answer is decided.
It’s too exciting to create items with George!
I want to keep doing it!」(Taru)



I smile satisfied with George’s rejoicing expression.


「And, George」(Taru)

「What is it?」(George)

「In this world where information is more important than anything.
Why did you show me your studio?」(Taru)


That is proof of trust.


「I’ve never shown my studio to anyone」(George)


George murmurs.

Perhaps from when he showed me his studio,
He might have seen me as a craftsman and a companion to walk with.

After all, he was invited to his studio with full trust.


「…I will do my best to meet George’s trust!」(Taru)


Finally, I have a natural smile


That answer is already tingling my soul bin-bin!
If you are a man, I would never let you go!」(George)


And my smile was frozen.
I swear to my heart.
In fact, I will never call myself a man, at least before George.






After the discussion,
When we went out of “Art’s Shop ☆ Skill George”
Anon-san, staring at Okama with *Jito* eyes, welcomed me in front of the store.


「Taru-shi is still a loli (young girl), you know?
Aren’t you better going to bed soon?」(Anon)


Oh, I have to sleep soon …
Real-time was about 3 o’clock.


「That’s true.
As a good woman, I shouldn’t keep such a lovely girl stay up late!
What have I done?」(George)


Something like “Girl” and “Loli/little girl”.
Anon-san and George point to me,
It reminds me of a flower-loving boy I met at church.

At that time, I had decided at that place to take action.
I must stop turning away from my physical changes.

Otherwise, the words that describe me as a girl will always be disgusting and painful.
There’s no offense when my friends speak these words.

I don’t want that to continue.
I really want to laugh with my friends (her).


「Thank you both for taking care of me today!
I will log out soon!
See you again」(Taru)


I smile at them with anxiety.

I should sleep and get up tomorrow…

I have to go to the city office to discuss my physical changes.
And maybe it’s a hospital.

I log out and lie down on the bed.

And, gently reach for the cooler’s remote control,
I pressed the “breeze” button and closed my eyes.


「I don’t want to get up …」(Taru)


In a quiet room where only the cooler’s operation sounds.
The murmur of a young girl (me) echoes.

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Chapter 40: Boys and girls run through their young

Author’s Note:

Light Novel vol 1 and 2 are now on sale!

The story changed compared with the web novel version!

挿絵(By みてみん)

When you purchase it, I cry.

I may be able to produce three more volumes with your help.

There is also an e-book version, and reservations have started.

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Chapter 40: Boys and girls run through their young


It hits in my dim consciousness.
As if in a hurry.


『Pimpon Pampon ♪ Pimpon Pampon ♪』(Phone SFX)


That sounds familiar.
I fumblingly chase the sound source that caused trouble to my sleep.


『Pimpon Pampon ♪ Pimpon Pampon ♪』(Phone SFX)


My hand can’t find a smartphone that keeps making abominable sounds.


「U…… u~u n……」(Taru)


I reluctantly lift my heavy eyelids and find the smartphone that plays the ringtone of LINE.
When I checked the screen, it was an announcement from my friend.


「Yuuki… Don’t call me at these times」(Taru)


The time displayed on the smartphone was around 11 am, so it’s not the wrong time to call.
However, the sin of waking the person who played the online game until midnight was heavy.

While somewhat irritating at my friend,
I tap the call button to answer the phone call.


『What’s wrong?』(Taru)


Today I have to go to the city hall to talk about changes in my body.
If you invited me to play, I must refuse early.




No response from Yuuki.

Even if you look at the screen of the smartphone, the call is still being displayed, so the call is not disconnected.


『Hello (Moshimoshi)』(Taru)


It’s still silent when I calling from here.
What happened?

Then about 20 seconds wondering.
After both sides kept silent, Yuuki’s voice was finally emitted from the smartphone.


『Excuse me?
It seems like I have called the wrong number』(Yuuki)


When I heard my high and young voice, I remembered.


『No, apparently, I have made a mistake …
I wonder if it’s the wrong phone on LINE…
Speaking of which, I heard that voice somewhere…』(Yuuki)


Yuuki stumbled apology,
Listening to dialogue like solitary words explaining the situation.
Then, I tap the call end button hastily.


「Fuu~…it was dangerous」(Taru)


However, today is an important event that I need to go to the city hall, which is going to be a huge burden both physically and mentally.
I don’t want to increase my mind from anything else.


『Pimpon Pampon ♪ Pimpon Pampon ♪』(Phone SFX)


The incoming call from Yuuki rings again.
I don’t need to answer, and I tap the call end button.

Then, immediately input text on LINE.


『Sorry, can’t call for now, please text』(Taru’s message)

『What’s wrong?
I have something to talk about』(Yuuki’s message)

『Right now, there are people nearby and calling is impossible』(Taru’s message)


It is a painful excuse, but there is only this.


『Oh, I see.
I just made a call to Jintaru, but the one replied has the voice of a girl.
I was a little surprised』(Yuuki’s message)

『Ah, sorry to make you surprised』(Taru’s message)

『Is Michelle-chan’s group back?』(Yuuki’s message)


Michelle is my sister-in-law who is traveling abroad with my parents.
Yuuki misunderstood on his own, so there’s no harm to use “that” here.


『It looks like she checked my smartphone without permission.
I will be careful later!』(Taru’s message)

『Ahaha (lol) Please be gentle』(Yuuki’s message)

『So, what were you talking about?』(Taru’s message)

『Oh, right.
August 6 is the Fireworks Festival, do you go together with Kouya’s group?』(Yuuki’s message)


Fireworks Festival…
To be honest, I want to go.
I like festivals quite a bit.

It’s hot, densely populated, noisy, and above all, tired.
But most of the people at the festival have fun faces.
It’s a bit sloppy, but it’s better to buy something at a stall and eat around.

Cool pine, apple candy, shaved ice.
Takoyaki is good, fried noodles, fried skewers, and potato fries.

The rest is cool Ramune, which gives the throat a stimulating burst.

Then, by watching the fireworks blooming in the night sky, our mood will raise.


「I want to go」(Taru)


Even if I’m not satisfied with my life, life is spending.

Just by being there, I feel like I’m part of the “fun” space,
It makes me feel happy.

If I go with classmates, it will be a special event.
Every year, even if I went with them, it has never been the same.
What we talk about is very different from year to year.

Looking at the fireworks, thinking, impressions.
So, to be honest, I really want to go watch fireworks with Yuuki’s group.
I want to go. But this figure is a problem.

What about clothes?
I don’t have a yukata or a sweatshirt.
No, in the first place, how could I explain this unusual appearance?


『 Let me think about it a little』(Taru’s message)

『What’s wrong?
You go there with us every year, right?』(Yuuki’s message)


This state is the problem…
I need to go to the city hall before I can explain it to my classmates.


『Of course I want to go …
But let me think about it a little, I might suddenly have an appointment』(Taru’s message)

『I see. Roger that
Ah, and this year I’m going to invite someone other than Kouya』(Yuuki’s message)

『Oh? Seriously. I leave it to you』(Taru’s message)


If it’s Yuuki and Kouya’s friend, then I’m fine with anyone.
Maybe it’s Masanori’s Classmates or Yuuji’s peers.


『I’m looking forward to it, So please come Jintaru』(Yuuki’s message)

『Oh!』(Taru’s message)


After finishing the exchange with Yuuki, I quickly having breakfast with cup noodles,
Prepare to go to the city hall.

If I don’t bring something to prove my identity as Futsu Jintarou, they might not believe it, so I have to check my identity card closely.

First, the insurance card.
And the student card.
Besides that … nothing in particular.


「Alright, everything is “okay”(Taru)


Next is…

I stand in front of the mirror.
The sweatshirt I bought with a Gray Donki is now loose,
The silver-haired beautiful girl (bishoujo) with a sloppy look is looking at me with a grim face.


「The problem is the dress …」(Taru)


As expected, it would not be possible to go to the city hall with sweatshirts and school gym clothes.
For women’s clothing, I may be able to borrow things left in my Imouto (little sister) ‘s room.

But… however…

Can I, as a man, wear such women’s clothing in real life?
I wore it, but it was the last…

I don’t feel like an important…

But… however…

Well, it’s still embarrassing to go to the city hall, the place with many people in this rugged outfit.


「Just a little.
Because it’s just a little, so it’s fine」(Taru)


While muttering so many times, I entered the room of Michelle, my sister-in-law.




It’s really hot」(Taru)


The shining sun shines on me relentlessly.
The cicada’s *min-min* voice makes me feel more summery as it makes me hotter.
Because I have stayed in the room with cooler while exploring the world of Clan-Clan, I tend to forget it, but it’s summer now.


「It’s really hot」(Taru)


I wipe my face with the t-shirt that I wore over the school gym suit.
My bangs stick a little bit on my forehead and I feel uncomfortable.
My long silver hair is also stuck to the neck and steamed.

In the end, I chose to wear jerseys at school rather than women’s clothes, my sister’s clothes.

Although it’s large in size, T-shirts are tightly tied to each other, so that it won’t be too loose and fall down.
I pull the waist string of my half pants that easy to slip down to the limit,
The waistline is tight.

At a glance, it seems like a beautiful girl from a foreign country who seems to be playing basketball.


* * *


「It’s hot today …」(Taru)


An old woman next to me suddenly talked to me.


「That’s right. It is hot.
Ah, but the bus has come!」(Old Woman)


Yes, I was waiting at a bus stop to get on a bus to the nearby city hall.


「Little lady (Ojouchan), be careful about heatstroke, okay?
You are small as a baby, If you fall, it will be a fuss」(Old Woman)


The old lady laughed in a gentle tone and got on the bus.


「ye, yes … thank you very much」(Taru)


Following the old lady, I go up the bus entrance.
Little lady, right…


「Fu~hii, cool」(Taru)


Come back to life.
Hurray cooler (Banzai).

Finally, I got on a bus to the city hall.
I was a little worried about what kind of treatment I would receive from now on, but I got on it just fine.

My limbs are shaking a little, probably due to the difference between the outside temperature and the temperature inside the bus.
It’s just a bit cold.



When I arrived at the city hall,
First, I will proceed to the Citizens Division, which will serve as a general contact.
This is mainly the place where I issue resident certificates and income certificates,
There should have been a consultation desk on national insurance and social insurance.

Now, it is necessary to ask here which department is responding to the change of sex in the news and to prove it.
Issue a waiting number card and wait for my turn.

Glances and glances from the surrounding adults focus on me.

Somehow, it’s very uncomfortable.
Is it unusual for a child to be alone in such a space?
And now I look like a foreigner.




Involuntarily, I sigh a little.


「 As expected, I should go home…」(Taru)


Grab the waiting card labeled 23.
Do I have to wait for 23 more people?

But the voice flower-loving boy in the church appears.
The smiles of George, Anon-san, and Mina come to mind.

The worry looks from my Sister.
And the non-hesitate attitude toward me from Kouya and Yuuki.

Finally, my utterly defeated confession,
The surprised face that Miyanouchi Akane-san showed.
What did she think and feel?

I haven’t heard anything yet.
I couldn’t hear anything from the shock.

And now I can’t hear anything.

It’s painful to do that kind of thing in front of the one I loved.
But it’s even harder to keep running away and never see Akane-chan again.


「The person with the waiting number 23, please go to the reception」(Broadcast)


In response to the staff’s call, I slowly headed to the reception and sat in a chair.
The trebling was a little subdued.





The report and procedure for sex-change were lighter than I expected.
I thought they will ask more in detail.
There seem to be some other sex-change people who refused to publish than the number reported in the news.
In fact, this phenomenon seemed to occur more frequently than the public knew.
That said, it’s still a very rare event.

However, it’s still to the extent that a lot of manuals on sex-change were prepared for city hall staff, there seems to be precedent before my case.

A simple response section on gender-change was also set up, so I was relieved.


「A close inspection at the hospital…?」(Taru)


After completing all the procedures, I look at the documents given by the staff.
The letter of referral to a doctor, minors will be entrusted to their parents, but my parents are currently in Turkey and I don’t know when they will return.

The government office contacted my parents, but they didn’t answer the phone.

Due to the staff’s nervous response, my parents will know my condition over the phone tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.


「Should I go by myself… No way, right」(Taru)


When I exhaled and waited for the return bus, my smartphone in my pocket vibrated.

Did my parents already know?
When I looked into the display after wondering, it was a LINE from my sister (Ane).


『Taru, apparently you are doing well in Clan-Clan』(Ane’s message)

『Thanks to you.
You also seem fine, Sister』(Taru’s message)


By the way, when the government officials asked if there are any other close relatives in Japan, I answered honestly that I have an older sister.

Being separated and not knowing my current situation at all,
But when we meet, I will tell her all at once.

I have to tell my sister directly.
That’s how I felt.

If my sister knows the current situation, she is going to watch and monitored all the time, but I’m not very reluctant.
I don’t know what to do if my worried older sister hears my condition from others.
So I have to say it on my own.
I know, but …


『Taru, “Fairy Ball” is about to begin soon,
In which city do you want to go?』(Ane’s message)


Speaking of which, it was announced that “Fairy Ball” will be held at a facility managed by the ruler of each city.
My older sister seems to be a top (beta) player, so I guess she will attend the “Fairy ball” held in a newly discovered city.


『It’s the pioneering city, Michael Angelo』(Taru’s message)


I do not hesitate and give the name of the initial town where only beginners gather.


I’ll be attending Michael Angelo as well, so maybe I can meet Taro after a long time』(Ane’s message)


My sister also joined Michael Angelo?
But why?

Is it because I will attend?


『Oh, don’t get me wrong.
My clan is going to participate in Michael Angelo’s ball, whether or not Taro attends Michael Angelo’s ball』(Ane’s message)

『Fu~n』(Taru’s message)


Why would my older sister, a top player, bother to join the ball in the early town.


『By the way, Taru.
Is your character bug fixed?
Are you using a male character right now?』(Ane’s message)


On the contrary, my sister asked a question.
My little white finger trying to tap the reply was stiff.
Imagine my friends and family seeing me.

If they don’t recognize me.

In the game, they accept it because it’s just “Game”.
In reality, if they witness the appearance of this beautiful girl with silver hair, I guess they will no longer treat me like Futsu Jintaru as before.

The reaction around me is irresistible and makes me realize that I have changed.

With that fear.
I know I have to say but my finger doesn’t move.

I have changed shape now, but Futsu Jintaru has been living as a man for 16 years.

Every time I see myself, I try to think so strongly.
I keep thinking so.


Yuuki and Kouya.
My sister.

How would they look at me?

If I’m no longer myself, it is very scary to think so.


『I haven’t fixed that character bug yet.』(Taru’s message)


I couldn’t tell her.




『Yuuki, did you contact Jintaru about the fireworks festival?』(Kouya’s Message)


Reply to Kouya’s LINE.


『Ahh, I already told him.
Maybe I overthinking it, but he isn’t ready to go』(Yuuki’s Message)


I’m frankly telling him about Jintaru.


『Was he still thinking about that?』(Kouya’s Message)

『Kouya, I don’t think it is.
Maybe, he is just busy,
Because it was a bit bad』(Yuuki’s Message)

『I see.
Did you tell him that you would invite other members?』(Kouya’s Message)

『Of course』(Yuuki’s Message)


At the very least, I must tell Jintaru.
He might get angry later.
But it’s important to say that we want to invite other members, but we won’t tell who.


『I hope he will be pleased』(Kouya’s Message)


It is easy to imagine that Kouya is grinning with a cool smile while looking at the smartphone.
Because I would look the same now.


『It’s awkward, but because the confessed person doesn’t care,
Jintaru shouldn’t have to worry either』(Yuuki’s Message)

『From my point of view,
I think Jintaru and her look good』(Kouya’s Message)

I feel like that too.
That’s why when I look at Sentaro trying to keep a distance in mind about the confession failure…
I want to do something』(Yuuki’s Message)

『After all, we are Jintaru’s best friends, aren’t we?』(Kouya’s Message)


That’s exactly right.


But let’s say who we invited in the day just before the fireworks festival.
As expected, it’s bad to tell Jintaru on the day』(Yuuki’s Message)

『I think it’s okay even on the day.
We set it up so far.
We can have a little right to enjoy, right?』(Kouya’s Message)


It’s not like I don’t understand Kouya’s statement


『Yup Yup.
I think it would be nice to see a little bit about Jintaru’s reaction, but that’s no good』(Yuuki’s Message)

『Yes yes.
Yuuki wants to help thoroughly with that』(Kouya’s Message)

『Urusai naa. (Be quiet)
It was Kouya who asked Miyanouchi what she thought about Jintaru’s confession and told her about the fireworks festival.』(Yuuki’s Message)

『With that being said, Yuuki would manage to do it even without me』(Kouya’s Message)

『Ahaha』(Yuuki’s Message)


I hope Miyanouchi Akane-san and Jintaru will do well.




After finishing my summer vacation homework, I laid down the mechanical pencil and put in contacts to get in Clan-Clan.


『Kouya, I’ll be in soon.
Taru is important, but it’s also important to strengthen our clan “Hundred Knights of the night”(Yuuki’s Message)

『Is there anyone to help?』(Kouya’s Message)

『It’s just me』(Yuuki’s Message)


I will return with my true intention after Kouya’s teasing.
The only thing I can’t let go of is that someone important to me
If I know it and leave it alone, my heart won’t calm down.

The driving force behind me is the self-satisfaction that can be called hypocrisy.

I want to protect and help, so I will take action.

Not for anyone.
I just follow my feelings.

I do it for yourself.

Kouya as well, that Passion four-eyes’ habit doesn’t much different from mine.

Taru Vol 2
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