Cathia Chapter 5 (Part 6-7)

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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  19 chapters.

Cathia: 22 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 37 Chapters (series ends in 70 chapters)

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Translator’s rant:

Cathia series don’t have subjects or objects at all. How should I know who is talking and talking to who?

Cathia Chapter 5 part 6: The information department’s man


The night after the requiem


A welcome before we come to the royal capital?」(Cathia)


Neil-san brought it up in the lounge of the inn in the morning.
Perhaps this was the result of reporting to the Intelligence Department.

Lumia-san said she would leave for the royal city later, and had a temporary farewell greeting last night.

So now, I’m staying with Lior-san, Neil-san, Fina-san.


「That’s right. Like the wish of that person, until we meet so that people don’t pry」


What’s that?

Is the hiding person a big shot?
Or are they acquaintances?


「Is that person coming here right now?」(Fina)

「Yes, Fi-ane.
We were told from the other side」(Neil)

「What’s that? How sloppy.
That sort of troublesome guys,
The estimation would better have been decided」(Lior)


It’s something that Lior-san seems to hate.

I guess he’d love to show his name and be proud.


「Sorry for the trouble」(???)


A voice other than us four interrupted the conversation.

It’s a blond youth male human.

For a moment, he is a beautiful young man enough to be mistaken for an elf, but his ears are normal.

General speaking, it’s a prince-like twink.

His expression seems to be slightly oblique and not bright, but some women may like this type.

… Ke~


「Welcome, Lior-san. Long time no see」(Young Man)

「Just when I wonder who, it’s Dagza’s little son Kosegare」(Lior)


Does he know Lior-san?


Who might that be?


「Midi, it’s been a long time!
I never thought that Midi would come」(Neil)

「Ah, Neil」(Midil)


He seems to know Neil-san as well.

They look to be the same age, but…

What’s about their tone? (T.N: casual tone and nickname, I guess, imply that they are close friends)


「Oops, I was careless.
I’m Midil from the Information Department.
Neil is my friend in knight school days-
Nice to meet you, Cathia-dono and Fina-dono」(Midil)


As expected, he is Neil-san’s friend.
Is Midi abbreviated Midil?
I was asked to shake hands, but I have a strange feeling.

What is this discomfort?


「How polite of you, Nanashi-san…hm? Eh (A~re)?」(Cathia)


What did I say just now?

I intended to call him Midil-san.


「Cathia-chan, what are you talking about? Isn’t he a completely different person?」(Fina)

「 Don’t tell me it’s your intuitive, but it’s instantaneous…
No, splendid, truly splendid.」(Midil)


*Pachi Pachi* Clapping hands.

Seemed to be somewhat troubled, and playful.

… This sarcastic wording is undoubted.


「Are you really Nanashi-san?
Certainly, your physiques match, but …
What’s with that face?」(Cathia)


But which is disguise?
His current face or his usual appearance?


「You are splendid, your sword saint is splendid, I’m losing my confidence.
It was actually this.」(Midil)

「Wow, raw skin of Nanashi’s face!
I feel disgusted!」(Fina)


Fina-san screams.
That said, Nanashi-san, no… Midil took out an elaborate mask.

A special mask used in Hollywood movies.

I see, that thin face disguise…


「Is it well done?
It seems that the average face of adult men of the human race was made as an ideal」(Midil)


Is that a faint impression of the product?
Amazing technique, but is this also a global technique?


「are you really seriously Nanashi?
…Well, I remember you were very rude to me」(Fina)

「Is that so?
Not in my memory」(Midil)

「…… Neil, can you beat this guy?」(Fina)

「It’s no use Fi-ane!
Surely, his mouth is bad, but he isn’t a bad guy!」(Neil)

「Thanks for following but Neil.
Did you really not realize that I was disguised as Nanashi?
If you noticed, I was going to have a secret talk with you only right away.
Do you know how terrible of you as a friend?」(Midil)

「Ugu! I don’t care」(Neil)

「Even so, why did you come close hiding your identity?」


Certainly, it would not have been inconvenient to come with any kind of identity because both are from the information department.


「That’s right, Cathia-dono.
Everything is to test you」(Midil)




「Hey hey (Oi oi),
From a while ago, you put me out of the conversion like a mosquito.
Talk with something I know」(Lior)


Ah, Lior-san has never seen Nanashi, by the way.

Certainly, we need to explain.


I have falsified and have been assisting Cathia-dono’s journey as an intelligence officer Nanashi.
Did you understand so far?」(Midil)

「Hmm, is that so?
So what did you disguise for?」(Lior)

Spike-sama wanted to see if Cathia-dono’s suitable to be a guard.」(Midil)


The same Royal guard as the grandfather?

…There are still missing explanations.

The intention isn’t clear.


「Specifically, what aptitude?」(Lior)

「To put it simply, observation eyes and insight.
As guards, watch out for assassinations and suspect suspicious people as soon as possible and surely remove them.」(Midil)

「Well, it’s reasonable」(Lior)

「He sent an examiner, me, to test you.」(Midil)

That troublesome old man (Oyaji-san)…
Is the son idiot alive?」(Lior)


Lior-san, did you call the former King Spike-sama an old man (Oyaji-san)?

Are they close?


「He is alive.
No, it’s worse.
Now he only allows his most loved princess, Lily, near the throne, the people around him need to be solid and trustworthy.
He would like Cathia-dono to be the princess’ personal escort if possible, not just a royal guard」(Midil)

「So what is the result?」(Lior)

「At first, I was disappointed when I met in Kaisa village.
Perhaps I was only recognized as a thin guy.」(Midil)


Correct answer.
I wonder if the people in the information department are like this.
However, I am worried that he had mentioned grandfather earlier.


「Is that so.
By the way, how old are grandfather?」(Cathia)

「At first glance I saw a disguise …
No, that my pride was shattered.
That disguise was a work of confidence.
…Return the story.
After that, I continued the test by closing the sign when approaching and trying to get closer or changing the disguise slightly」(Midil)


Oh, was that a test?
I thought it was some kind of harassment or something.


「It was astonishing that your alertness was getting faster and faster.
Regarding the observation power, recently you were wonderful in Tobal town.
I was acquainted with Riol, so I’ve refrained from contacting just in case…」(Midil)


Tobal… the time he was in the crowd, right?


「You found me out of that crowd of many people.
Despite not having any particular movement.
That’s it, your observation power isn’t ordinary.
I can’t help thinking that you are comparable with the Sword Saint…
You are still young.
You Passed considering your future growth,
No, I will give you a perfect score, and change will come」(Midil)

「Hey hey (Oi Oi), Cathia.
You’ll be the guard of your own accord, get it?」(Lior)


Lior-san told me with care.

Lior-san, he looks like that but he takes care of me.

But there is nothing special about this.


Well, I guess grandfather was planning for that,
I can’t say anything.
All that left is if the princess doesn’t hate it」(Cathia)


I do not particularly care about the position.
If the political situation stabilizes, I may return to the village.


「You are nice.
Although I was testing without permission」(Midil)


However, it’s inevitable because that test is meaningless unless it’s unannounced.

The assassin who foretells his target that he will go for a kill… maybe fictional or threatening, but not realistic.


「It doesn’t matter, this.
According to your information, it’s not for the former king but for his cute granddaughter?
I don’t hate such selfishness.

「Just what?」(Midil)


There is nothing to complain about if you keep the line you should not cross.

Just if you cross that line.


「You can test me however you want.
But if you cause trouble to people around me…
That’s ANOTHER STORY!!」(Cathia)

Fu, fufufufu……
Amazing, truly amazing.
Your killing eyes are very attractive.
After arriving in the royal capital, how about having a meal together?」(Midil)

I can’t understand.

Were there some of his favorite elements in the conversation today?
What is he talking about?


「Midi, what did you say?!」(Neil)


Neil-san’s words and thoughts stumbled.

It’s really so.


「 Don’t disturb me, Neil.
Don’t you know I like strong women?」(Midil)

「No, I know it though…」(Neil)

「No way.
You are bad, your mouth is bad
What should I do if you infested Cathia-chan?」(Fina)

「And hated women who are emotional and annoying.
Did you say anything now, Fina-dono?」(Midil)

「 As expected, I must beat you up!
Hit and kick!
Bury you!
I’ll do it upside down and sink you in the lake!」(Fina)

「Fina-san, don’t bother people in such a place!
You show a really horrible face, to other customers!」(Midil?)

(T.N: Did Author mistake Midil’s tone between “-san” and “-dono”?)


Fina-san is rampaging.
No, it’s not easy to lift the sofa with one person.
Wait, wait, the pottery won’t be good!

Don’t shake!
The inn’s furniture is absolutely expensive and if it breaks …!



「Whatever, you all
The scheduled departure time has passed …」(Lior)

Cathia Chapter 5-7: To the Kingdom



「Everyone, go this way」(Midil)


Midil went behind a grove, led us to a slightly invisible side of the street
It was just before we reached the Royal City.

The traffic on the highway is reasonable, our movement to the royal capital is good.


「Do you have information about the Imperial City?」(Midil)


Midil asked everyone.

Lumia-san talked about it before.


「Yes, roughly from Rumia-san」(Cahtia)

「Then it’s easier to talk.
In the royal capital now, Cathia-dono’s rumor has already spread」(Midil)

「Something wrong with that?」(Fina)

「It was a little more than expected by the Information Department.
Control is no longer effective…
Fina-dono, when is the most impressed when you look at a picture?」(Midil)

Majority at the time of a first look.
Of course, there are things that grow on you later.
But the first impact is really important」(Fina)

「Good, it’s a moderate answer.
Same goes for the picture, as the people are now
What would happen if they see Cathia-dono in town」(Midil)

「It’s great… What’s about it?」(Fina)

「In the present royal capital, there are only Cathia-dono’s “painting” and “rumor” spreading.
Don’t humans want to have a first glance at the real thing that no one has ever seen before?」(Midil)

「Well, certainly」(Fina)

「Those who first see Cathia-dono would say.
“Kya, isn’t she the one in the picture? Is she real? Look look!”
“Really!? I’ll tell everyone about this. ”
“Let’s look closer”
“Turn over here!”
Confusion is indispensable like this」(Midil)



Midil-san talked with a seven-colored voice (七色の声)!

He even made a woman’s voice, this person.

What are these vocal cords?

In the first place, where is that voice coming from?


「What’s with the female voice just now!?
I’m scared because there is no roughness!」(Fina)


Fina-san was scared.

No surprise.

Did Neil know?
He has an unspeakable face.


「This is for inciting citizens.
Rather than that, it’s troublesome to make a fuss in the royal city.
The City guards, security personnel nearby will try to shut it down」(Midil)

「Haa~. But eventually, I have to show my face someday, right?」(Cathia)


I can’t stay hiding forever.
My original purpose was to support the princess as a sword saint’s disciple.


「Let’s return to the previous topic.
There’s no problem even if it’s noisy…
But I want the first time Cathia-dono showing her face is at the Tournament」(Midil)

「The Tournament?」(Cathia)

If you show your face to many audiences in advance, people won’t feel excited as much as before even when you are walking through the royal city.
As Fina-dono says, the second time response will be lessening」(Midil)

In short, you want me to show up when the security is strict and easy to control.
That way, we can safeguard against overreaction,
Is it okay to think like that.」(Cathia)

「Yeah, no problem.
Our current policy is to be careful so that people won’t have the first glance at you.
Until then, stay in the castle」(Midil)


In a castle …

It is convenient considering I have questions about the great spirit,
I think this condition is very good.


「I understand, but how do we get into the royal capital and even into the castle?
Do you make Cathia disguise?」(Lior)


Lior-san talked with his arms crossed.
He tired of hearing the conversation.
He may have understood somewhat.


「The people have better eyes than you think.
Easy disguise will be revealed」(Midil)

「Then what should we do?」(Cathia)

「Do you plan to make Cathia wear your mask?」(Lior)

「Hm, then won’t it become an indirect kiss?」(Midil)


「I’ll make you kiss the floor, Midil…」(Fina)

「I’m kidding, Fina-dono.
That mask is for men and there is only one.
And if Cathia-dono wears it, she will feel uncomfortable」(Midil)


Muu~, do I have to disguise myself even if it fails?


「So what would we do?
Is there a carriage that people can’t see inside?」(Cathia?)

「Certainly, a carriage can pass along the streets and downtown.
If my memory is correct, the road supposed to connect throughout the royal city」(Lior)


Did you have the opportunity to ride a carriage, Lior-san?

I don’t know how about living in the capital city.


「No, you can’t use the carriage.
There is a meaning that I was dispatched.
The royal capital has an underground passage for the information department to use」(Midil)

「Underground passage?」(Cathia)

If you use it, you can go to the Royal Castle without going through the town」(Midil)


Isn’t that the secret passage often used by royalty to escape in stories?

But he said it’s for the information department.


「I see.
But can you tell us about that passage?」(Lior)


That is a real question.
It’s supposed to be a secret passage, right?


「No problem.
Entrance and exit are remodeled frequently, and outside people are not allowed to pass without permission」(Midil)

「Remodeled frequently
With earth magic?」(Cathia)

「Yes, there is a profession.
Because we are building a complex cavity just below the royal capital,
There must be nothing building above.
Mistakes are not allowed」(Midil)


Dig in the basement of the royal capital while paying attention to the collapse,
It must be a lot of work.

It seems to be far away.
In any case, we don’t have to worry about security leaks.


There’s no problem if I take only Cathia-dono to the castle」(Midil)

「No good」(Fina)

「I already expected that Fina-dono would say that,
You can just come with everyone.
What’s wrong with that?」(Midil)

「So, is it wide enough for me to pass?」(Lior)

「No problem.
The height is about 3 meters」(Midil)

「Then let’s go.
It’s bad to act separated here」(Lior)

「I’m going too」(Neil)

「Then, let’s go.
The entrance is here」(Midil)


Shortly after saying that, Midil-san casts earth magic at his feet.
The ground rolls up.


「Oh, it caves in」(Lior)


Stairway appeared.
It’s like a role-playing game where you can find stairs by checking your feet.

The basement was dark.
Midil-san guided us with a lantern.

Looking at the flames swaying in the darkness, I just remember her.
I met her for the first time back then.


「It is about 5 minutes walking until the exit.
It’s a bit closer to the ground,
I hope that you make as little noise as possible」(Midil)


When can I meet the Great Spirit?

Has Rumia-san’s letter arrived?

Will Spike-sama meet us soon?

…There are no specifications.


「This is the exit. It’s dazzling when we get out of the passage, watch your step」(Midil)


Midil-san opens the exit with earth magic.

Outside light comes in.
Certainly dazzling.

It looks like my eyes will take a little time to get used to it.
Since I am going the last, I go outside later than everyone.


「Too slow, Midil.
I have been waiting for too long」(???)


A figure appeared at the end of the exit.

I can’t see very well,
It looks like he is dressed well.

And the light of the day is reflecting on something and hitting my face.

My eyes still didn’t get used to it.


「What are you doing?
Can’t you wait for a few hours?」(Midil)

「There are extra characters, you know.
I can’t wait」(???)


What’s this situation?



「Yo, old man. Long time no see. I’m intruding your warehouse’s hole.」(Lior)

「 Don’t worry.
Lack of tact as always.
Have you been well? Lior」(???)

「Ah, Ain’t that Spike-sama.
Your footwork is still light」(Fina)

「Fina, it’s been a long time.
And this is your brother knight, Neil」(???)

It’s an honor to meet you for the first time!
This time, we have an audience…」(Neil)

「Cut cut,
I’m tired of listening to formal greetings.
Don’t be so hard」(???)


No, I’ve always been able to meet big guys and look unexpected.

Isn’t this one?


「Uhm… are you Spike-sama?」(Cathia)


For now, I calmly verified


「Yours truly
I am the seventh king of Garcia,
Spike Garcia Jenkin.
I wanted to see you, Cathia」(Spike)


The white teeth glistened together with baldness.


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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  19 chapters.

Cathia: 22 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 37 Chapters (series ends in 70 chapters)

Dark Site

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