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Marcella’s Battle

Again, the invitations came.
A lot of them.

Marcella was tired of the bundles of letters delivered by the dorm supervisor.

She was an the daughter of an average, no, slightly poor baron.
Because of this, Marcella attended Ekland Academy instead of the more prestigious Ardley school.

She had a fairly well-defined face. However, as the third daughter of a noble family, she had little political value.

Yes, at best, she would marry a middle-class merchant or a rich commoner.
Or she would be the mistress of a noble.

… At least, that was the case until two and a half years ago.

Then, soon after she had entered Ekland Academy, her magical talent suddenly blossomed.

Before, she could only create a little water, but quickly after, she could even use attack magic.
A talented bishoujo who was said to be “the girl favored by the goddess.”

Then, a year ago, something happened again.
The Royal family and some nobles call it the “the coming of the goddess.”

A phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime event.

Despite the Royalty’s efforts to hide it, there were too many witnesses and the news managed to spread regardless that the goddess’s angel was a silver-haired girl in uniform at Ekland Academy.

And with that information, it was easy to identify the individual.

However, this girl disappeared.
The only connection left was her best friend, a lower aristocrat’s daughter who was a beautiful lady with a sharp mind and a personality adored by commoners.
At the age of 12, she already embodied the behavior required of a noble.

A strong offense magician, and said girl’s best friend.
Furthermore, it was possible that she had talked with the goddess herself.

… Nobles couldn’t help but scramble to make her their son’s bride.

Yes. Viscounts, Earls, Marquis, and even Royalty: all of whom were of a higher pedigree than Marcella.


「This would be… a noble family from our country, the neighboring Earl, right? I should decline this.
There are far too many invitations and I couldn’t possibly attend them all.
Since choosing one of them to attend while rejecting the rest is also rude to the others, I have to decline them all equally…
And of course, I won’t attend parties from other countries. As a student, it’s improper to skip out on my studying just to go on a tedious journey to other nations.
In the first place, I don’t think my father, the school, and the higher-ups will allow it…(Marcella)


Saying so, Marcella thrust a bunch of invitations into the gap in the bookshelf.
The desk drawer was already full.

With that, Marcella looked at the final invitation left on the desk with a troubled face.


「So, what should I do about this…」(Marcella)


The letter wrote:

“Invitation for the 2nd Prince Vince’s Birthday Party”

The sender’s name was His Majesty the King.
Of course, it was only in the name of His Majesty the King.
A simple secretary or clerk was the one who actually penned the letter.

… However, it was a letter she couldn’t refuse.


「If I told my esteemed father (otou-sama), “His Majesty the King invited me to the birthday party of His Highness Prince Vince, but I refused” he might faint.
I’ll feel sorry if that happens…」(Marcella)


There was no way of getting around it.

The only saving grace was that while the crown prince, Prince Adalbert, was a bit arrogant and scary, the second prince Vince was kind and gentle. A cute little prince, if you will.

(Marcella’s POV)

(All the noble girls attending the ball will be aiming for Prince Adalbert,
As long as I stay low after greeting His Highness Vince, I’ll be inconspicuous.
That way, I won’t be entangled in anything unpleasant.
His Highness Adalbert wouldn’t push his younger brother, who is the man of the hour, away and steal the spotlight.)

It was rumored that the brothers are quite close, although their personalities are quite different.


「It can’t be helped then. I’ll accept only this invitation」(Marcella)


By the way, even though the “Wonder Three” is a set, it was impossible to invite the commoners Monica and Oriana as official guests to a party at the Royal Palace.

Also, despite Marcella’s efforts, her father fainted on the spot when he heard the news.

Sitting barons are rarely invited to such parties, let alone their daughters.
However, as “the girl favored by the goddess,” it was not strange for Marcella to be in attendance.




Three weeks later.

In the garden of the Royal Palace, Marcella was dressed up in attendance for the party.

Her father, after waking up from fainting, hurriedly dragged Marcella to a tailor and ordered a dress which the third daughter of the poor baron would normally never receive.
Her mother, too, brought out what she had inherited from her grandmother–a necklace that had been handed down to the baron family for generations–for Marcella.

Normally, a poor baron’s third daughter would never be invited to such a party at the royal palace.
Compounding the irregularity was the fact that Marcela was only 12 years old, and had yet to make her social debut.

It was an unusual situation among unusual situations.
Thus, this being the first time she had attended such a party, Marcella had no acquaintances nor friends among the guests.
Marcella’s father, who was invited to accompany Marcella, found it a great opportunity to mingle with influential aristocrats.

As a result, Marcela was neglected.

Even though he is with Marcela, but as he thought he would get in the way of youngsters, he got away to talk with other noble.
He thought it would be easy for children to talk in that case.

Even so, before going around for greeting, he never forgot to tell Marcella, “Find a good man and get closer to him.”

As expected, Marcella’s father didn’t expect that his third daughter, Marcella, could become a Princess, a Mistress or a Queen, even though she could use offense magic.

For Royalty, her child wouldn’t be unworthy to get the right to inherit the throne,
She would be a mistress, who could be easily thrown away when the King gets tired of her.
In that case, it’s much better to be the first wife of an Earl,
So he thought.

To climb for more power, even if Marcella becomes a disposable mistress,
The royal prince’s mistress should have been more useful.

However, he doesn’t want it, even if it’s a normal aristocrat or his third daughter won’t be much use for a political marriage, he wishes for his daughter happiness.

He is a good father.
But a Noble family head, he is a failure.

Maybe because his family has that kind of thinking, his family has remained a poor baron for a long time.
But because both the family head and members were okay with it, there was no problem.

Marcella still doesn’t have her social debut, no, even after her social debut, she won’t be invited to such a first-rate party.
She has no idea what she should do in such a party.
Therefore, she stands near the wall.

However, there were men who did not miss such a chance.


「Guten Morgen Fräulein.
If you are pleased with it.
May I speak to you?」(Noble son)

(T.N: Raw is in German. フロイラィン Fräulein)

When Marcella turned around, a slender, tall, good looking 17-18-year-old man was smiling at her.


「Eh? Ah… uhm…」(Marcella)


It was the first time someone hitting (flirting) on her!

…It’s not “counted” when she was a bakery clerk on behalf of Adele.

And the people, who know about Marcella’s reputable, are mostly senior nobles or royals.
For this young man to be invited to such an important party and recognize a lower aristocrat daughter like Marcella.
This young man must be the son of senior nobles, not a suspicious individual.

And this young man is good-looking.
Up until now, Marcella only knows about the boys in her class, who are still children.
It can’t be helped that she is blushing.



「No, I will be the one who escorts lady Marcella」(Another Noble son)


Another young man called out from the side.


「No, leave it to me. As for I’m the son of Marquis.」(Another Noble son)

「No no, that’s my role…」(Another Noble son)

The sons of senior aristocrats enter the fight for Marcela one after another.

But of course, no one is actually raising their voice in such a place.
They all have an elegant, gentleman attitude,
However, Marcella felt as if she could see a spark.

Yes, Marcella was completely unaware, but she was a famous person.
Among the royals and some senior nobles who have that information.

And for those who don’t know it, also realize Marcella was invited to this party despite her age before her debut, she was swarmed with senior noble sons, a lot of them.
Despite being late, they also started swarming around Marcella.


「Ah, uhm… excuse me…」(Marcella)


Marcella was confused and didn’t know what to say,
and then she heard a voice from behind.


「What are you doing here?
You still haven’t even greeted my father, the king, the one who invited you nor Vince, the man of the hour.
Now, come!」(Adalbert)


As the person who suddenly pulled Marcella’s hand was the first Prince, Adalbert,
she couldn’t complain.

The surrounding aristocrat sons would have stopped him if it was the son of an Earl or Marquis, but of course, no one dares to oppose the Crown Prince.
They still didn’t get anything yet, they had no choice but grumbling looking Marcella brilliantly taken away.


「I… humbly… thank you… for inviting me… to the party today」(Marcella)

「It’s okay, today is Vince’s birthday party, you don’t have to be so formal.
Now, go around and greet the visitors with Vince」(King)


In response to Marcella’s desperate greeting, which was pushed by Adalbert, his Majesty the King said so while pushing the man of the hour, the second Prince Vince, toward Marcella.




Vince grabbed and pulled on Marcella’s open hand with a smile.


「Ah, uhm… uhm…」(Marcella)


The second prince, Vince, the man of the hour, pulled Marcela around the party venue.
And for some reason, Prince Adalbert, the first prince, followed behind them.

…Standing out.
She was ridiculously standing like a sore thumb.
And the envied eyes of many single women piercing Marcella, as if they had an entity.


(Guha~a! Please, please spare me already…) (Marcella)


Marcella thought while her spirit is crumbling.


(And why is His Highness Vince taking me around for a greeting?
This is like…) (Marcella)


And she noticed it.


(This… this is the lover’s “course” ~desu~wa~aaaaa!) (Marcella)

(T.N: コース Course is in EN)

Marcella looked around for help!
And as her father saw it, his mouth was dumbfounded with his mouth agape.

For Marcela, the time of hell has continued.

Yes, throughout the party, Vince never let go of Marcella’s hand.
Whether he received a greeting from a guest or gave a speech.

It gave people the impression that this actually was an engagement party instead.

Marcella desperately looked for her friend, Morena.
But Morena was told in advance by her family:
“Before you can meet her at any time, give it up for today.
Don’t go near Marcella, serve other visitors, especially young men (decoy)”

Because of that Marcella couldn’t find Morena no matter how hard she looked.


(Some…, someone, anyone, please help me!) (Marcella)


Despite having a smile on her face, Marcella’s heart is half-crying.
And then, Vince gave out a finishing strike.


「Since my birthday cake is about to be brought our,
Let’s cut it together with a “knife ナイフ”!」(Vince)

(Are we cutting a WEDDING CAKE~EEEEE?) (Marcella)


Marcella was escorting not only by the His Highness Vince while handholding but his Highness Adalbert also followed behind.

At first, the women looked at Marcella like
“She was just invited because of her father’s reputation or something, a little girl who hasn’t even debuted.”
But now they realized that she was someone who stood in the way of their ambitions.


(It hurts! Their eyes hurt like knives!) (Marcella)


Meanwhile, the large door on the front opened and a huge cake was brought in.

It was placed on a pedestal with wheels about 70 cm in height, a cake about 2 meters tall.
When combined, it was about two and a half meters cake, and for Marcella, it was a supergiant cake when she looked up.

Of course, not all of them are edible.
It would be crushed without anything to maintain its own weight.
The framework is made of bamboo and metal,
It contains sponge cake and fruits and is coated with cream.

All of the wedding cakes used in modern Japanese weddings are made of resin,
Only the part where you put the knife is filled with a white gel, which isn’t used for this cake.
Other than the skeleton, you can eat everything.

Slowly the giant cake advanced toward Marcella, who was taken to the front of the venue with her hand held by Vince.
5 meters, 4 meters, 3 more meters …

Then, the wheels of the pedestal were caught on something, and the giant cake leaned about.
Toward a girl aged 16-17, who was watching the carry-in of cakes nearby.




At the next moment, Vince released his hand connected to Marcella and rushed out.


「Your highness!」(Marcella)



By the time Marcela and Adalbert shouted, Vince had already broken himself between the girl and the falling giant cake. He covered the girl with the cake on his back.

There is a table around the girl with dishes, plates, knives, and forks, etc. There was a danger of being hurt if he pushed her away or when she fell.
So Vince would have no other choice.

It’s a sponge cake with fruit, cream, etc. except for the framework, though it’s huge.
The girl won’t die from this, even if she is slightly injured.

But he can’t allow a lady to have a scary, painful, or shameful feeling being covered by the cream in his birthday party. He’d rather bear that humiliation himself.

Of course, he can’t let his brother, the crown prince do that.
As for he won’t become the king, it won’t be a problem if people laugh at him.
But it’s not a shameful experience for him but a medal that he can be proud of.

However, when Vince puts his strength on the body in preparation for a shock, thinking that it would be a bit disappointing that Marcella would see such a scene.

It would be impossible to keep the girl’s dress clean at all, but at the very least she would hold her up to protect her face, hair, and chest.

A few seconds later, Vince gently turned around to look at the cake as nothing happened.


「…Someone, please do… something…」(Marcella)


Standing there is Marcella with her trembling hands sticking out, and a giant cake standing leaning still.




Vince, Adalbert, and all other people were staring at the incredible sight.

Raise the wind.
Start a fire.
Shoot a firebomb, etc.

There are all kinds of magic, but there’s no such “magic that supports a falling brittle cake without breaking it.”

No, it shouldn’t exist.
Did she support it with the wind?
With such a strong wind, all the cream, sponge, and everything will blow off.

This breathtaking technique was performed instantly without chanting, it was not something that could be done with average magic.

If it’s something that can’t be done with average magic?
Then what is this?
The goddess’… Grace? Favor?

Then, the rumors are…
Words began to be spoken again around the quiet venue.

Then, Marcella’s voice resounded again.


「As I said, someone please hurry up and do something!」(Marcella)


When everyone looked closely, the bottom part of the cake skeleton was slightly broken when it was about to fall, it couldn’t stand on its own.
In this case, Marcella has to keep supporting it with magic.
And when Marcella runs out of her magical power…


「Hey, hurry up and fix it!
When Lady Marcela runs out of magic, the cake will fall!」(Adalbert)


As expected of the crown prince.
Adalbert was the first one realized the situation and gave instructions.

The cakemakers were dumbfounded but as expected they are professional.

Their mind returned with Adalbert’s voice, they hurried up using knives, forks, plates from the surrounding tables and so on to build something to support the cake.


「Can you gently return the inclination?
And make sure that the shaved part rests on the part made of the plate,
That’s right. so that the part reinforced with tableware becomes a support,
Yes, as it is, gently…」 (Cakemaker)


Follow the instructions of the cakemaker,
Marcela slowly gently put the cake to the new support and release gravity magic little by little.
And the cake can stand on itself without magic.




And a party venue echoed with astonishing.

Yes, the Wonder Three had been taught gravitational magic by Mile, no… Adele.

Adele wanted her friends to live well and live long, simply gave priority to magic to reduce the chances of Marcella’s trio dying.
And “gravity” accounted for the majority of accident deaths in this world.

Falling off cliffs, falling off horses, falling off stairs, falling into rivers, etc.,
as well as “falling object systems” like falling rocks, collapsed buildings, throwing spears and arrows the bandits shot from high places.

Anyway, there was too much danger of gravity.
So it was natural for Adele to teach her friends the magic to deal with it.


It’s finally over…
Uhm, how long did you plan to hug her?」(Marcella)


Finally, Marcella was released from supporting the cake, suddenly saw Vince still hugging the girl.


「Ah, pardon me!」(Vince)



Vince hastily got away from the girl, the girls voiced out her disappointment.
Then she glared at Marcella with dagger eyes, reminded Marcella has said unnecessary things.




Marcela had never been stared at before, screamed involuntarily.
And suddenly, she noticed people at the venue gazed at her.


(I did it now!
I lost the right to reprimand Adele-san!
What should I do…) (Marcella)


Desperately thinking, Marcella remembered a story she had previously heard from Adele.
The story with the title “Substitution/Sacrifice Goat.”


(That’s right, I just need to shift people’s interest to someone else!) (Marcella)


And now, the person Marcella can shift everyone’s interest to…


「Your Highness Vince, it’s wonderful of you to use your body to protect a young lady… no, a citizen of your country!
As expected of someone walking on the road of royalty!」(Marcella)


Praised by Marcella, Vince embarrassed muttered.


「No, it’s nothing big like walking the road of royalty,
I’m a royal family since birth, it’s natural for me to do it!」(Vince)

「No, that ain’t really true, right?」(Marcella)



Vince thought it was obvious so he was surprised to be denied. And Marcella continued.


「Everyone is just a baby at birth.
It’s the same for the Prince and the noble children.
After that, you will be educated, grow up looking at your parents’ backs, understand your position, become aware of your duties and responsibilities, move forward with conviction and purpose, and become the person you are.
Yes, people don’t wear personal status from birth.
Just because the parents are good doesn’t mean their child will surely become a good person.
That child need to be properly raised by his parents in order to grow into a respectable person.
Whether the child was born in a noble house or as a royal child, he doesn’t automatically become great.
It’s the same as simply putting a name tag on the job title.
If you put on a name tag, it doesn’t mean that anybody inside is worthy of his title.
A person’s value isn’t a name tag. It’s important that he is who he is.
And now, Your Highness has shown everyone that he is a respectable royal family as His Majesty’s children …(Marcella)


Vince smiles wonderingly and happily hearing Marcella’s words.
And the people at the venue looked at Marcella and Vince with impressed eyes.

Normally, Marcella’s words may have been perceived and criticized for denying nobles and royals who value their bloodlines.

However, it’s the word of a 12-year-old girl and the one who is favored by the goddess and may even be the goddess’ friend.

And moreover, the miracle power that she showed just now.
With this, no one would criticize her.
Everyone takes the meaning of the word in a good direction. They are just impressed.
Yes, Marcella just Adele’s talk with the intention to shift the attention to Vince, without realizing she just increased people’s impression on her.


「… Thanks to Lady Marcela, the accident was somehow avoided, but the responsible person had to be punished.
If we don’t punish those who mishandle and maintain discipline, it will be a shame for the Royal Family as the organizer.」(Adalbert)


The Cakemakers are all frozen hearing Adalbert’s words.
No wonder.
Without Marcella’s magic, the party would have been ruined and, more than that the second prince might have been injured.
If ordinary Cakemakers take that responsibility, it won’t be light punishments.

The Cakemakers who become pale as they understand it well.


「Please wait!」(Marcella)


Marcella raised her voice objecting.
Normally, a Baron’s third daughter won’t be allowed to object to the words of the first Prince Adalbert.
But there was no one reprimanding her.


「His Highness Vince was the one about to be injured and also the man of the hour.
May I suggest His Highness Vince be the one who decided the Cakemakers’ punishments?」(Marcella)



Vince is surprised when Marcella mentioned him.


「Is it okay, Your Highness?」(Marcella)


However, if Marcella says that direct to him, he can not refuse.
His brother, Adalbert, is looking silently like finding something interesting.


「A…ah… that… might be true…, then… disposal…」(Vince)


Vince apparently had decided to dispose of (fire?) the cakemakers but he was in trouble.
Marcella asked him to do that. And the fact that neither his brother nor his parents, who are looking at him, utter anything.
It means they must have left everything to him.

However, his words influence the lives of these commoners.
He has never had such a heavy burden.
He doesn’t want to give heavy punishment but he also doesn’t want people to take the Royal punishment lightly.
When he thinks so, his words won’t come out.

Marcella called out to Vince, who was stuck in words.


「Speaking of which, my friend was saying.
Something from her beloved take of a wonderful uncle named “Hard-Boiled”…」(Marcella)


Marcela’s friend.
Is it that silver-haired girl?
Everyone focused all their nerves on the ears.


「It goes like this “Without strength, people can’t live”…」(Marcella)

Does that mean you must have a strong heart to give heavy punishment without hesitation?) (Vince? Everyone?)


Marcella continued her words to the pondering Vince.


「And “Without flexible, people can’t grow”(Marcella)


After Vince heard it, he decided the punishment.


「This is our matter at hand. Due to the negligence of the Cakemakers in transporting, the cake was about to cause shame and injuries to a young lady.
Despite the fact that Lady Marcella had protected us, it doesn’t mean the Cakemakers will be free of guilt.
I judged that we must give appropriate punishment」(Vince)


The Cakemakers’ face became blue as they heard that.


「However, their works are part of today’s event to celebrate my 14th birthday.
On this happy day, I don’t want to ruin everyone’s mood with such a heavy subject.
Therefore, for celebrating my birthday, I hereby announce their punishment will be pardoned immediately.
I order you to continue working hard for the Royal Palace to make up for today’s blunder」(Vince)


Adalbert is dumbfounded that Vince could give out instruction clearly in words rather than his usual “Boku” and “Marcella-chan”.

And a little further away, unlike the solid Adalbert, the King and Queen were happy and surprised at the splendid attitude that they could not imagine from Vince, who they thought still a child.

If he gave out light punishment, people would take the Royal family’s punishment lightly.
However, if he gave out heavy punishment, the involve people might resent him and the people watching might fear him. Which still has a bad effect.

But by announcing the proper punishment and pardoning because of his birthday. He proved his virtue and intelligence which is unimaginable for a child.

The second Prince who is wise and kind, he doesn’t overlook sin but isn’t ruthless.
The people at the venue were surprised by the unexpected side of His Majesty Vince, who was shadowed by His Highness Adalbert.
They were relieved for the future of this kingdom with such two great princes.

And there was no one who couldn’t be aware of who led the second Prince to the right decision.

In applause, everyone’s gaze pointed at one girl.

Yes, in this party venue, at a 12-year-old girl who is the only minor, except His Highness Vince.


「That was a splendid decision, your highness」(Marcella)


With that said, Marcella smiles gracefully at Vince.
Both Vince and Adalbert solidify.

Marcella’s features are a little strong.
No, as a noble, Marcella was seen as someone who has strong and beautiful features. She was more than enough to be called a “Bishoujo (Beautiful young girl)”

Unlike Adele, a “Kawaii Shoujo (cute young girl)”, a healing type with a soft feeling.

And right now, she still has the “cuteness as a child” of 12 years old,
But from the aristocracy’s point of view, she looked better than Adel, an appropriate appearance.

A true smile from the bottom of her heart that Marcella showed for the first time in front of the princes, including today, or even at the last tea ceremony.

It’s too cute.

It has a vicious destructive power.

The eyes of everyone, not just the princes, refocused on Marcella, and in a moment the venue was quiet again.




「… why did this happen?」(Marcella)


10 days after the party at the Royal Palace.
The number of invitations sent from the dormitory had nearly tripled.

Among them were an invitation for a tea ceremony from His Imperial Highness Vince, an invitation for a fox hunt from His Imperial Highness Adalbert, and an invitation for a dinner party from His Majesty the King and the Queen.


「…How did this happen?」(Marcella)


Then, Monica and Oriana, after listening to Marcella’s talk about the party, uttered the words Marcella had told Adele before.


「「Marcella-sama, do you remember the word “you reap what you sow”?」」(Monica +Oriana)


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