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Taru Vol 2
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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  19 chapters.

Cathia: 22 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 40 Chapters (series ends in 70 chapters)

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Chapter 41: Encounter with the “lone wolf”



「Okay, I should log in now」(Taru)


When I came back from the city hall, I quickly bought and saved the cup noodles for lunch and entered the world of Clan-Clan.

It takes a little time to put in the contacts, but I think it’s much more comfortable than on the first day.

I woke up there because the spot I logged out last time was in the Art’s Shop skill ☆ George, which is also a safety zone.


『Tenshi-sama』(Mina’s Message)

『Oh, it’s Mina』(Taru’s Message)


As soon as I log in, Mina will send a Friend Message again.


『Yes! Tenshi-sama, about that…, thank you very much』(Mina’s Message)

『Hm? What’s that?』(Taru’s Message)

『I heard from Anon-san!
You discovered the “Skeleton Dark Gray”!』(Mina’s Message)

『Ah, ah.
As I was doing alchemy, I just found it』(Taru’s Message)


Actually, I want to complete the dress for Mina to join the “Fairy’s Ball” with me as soon as possible.
And the thing we are looking for is something we can make with alchemy,
It’s kind of embarrassing to hear Mina saying that,
I told her everything honestly without lying.


「Still, I’m really happy.
As expected of my Tenshi-sama.
Mina is really happy!」(Mina)




Unexpectedly, Mina came out behind me with a direct attack instead of a friend message.
Mina is expressing her joy with her whole body, hugging me with her arms around my neck.


「Wait, Mina」(Taru)

「Yes! Tenshi-sama~」(Mina)


Mina said to me with a full smile, my chest felt warming up while I fluttered.

Just now, I reported on my sex change, my parents might know my current situation,
After thinking about it, I feel somewhat upset.
But then I was hugged by such a cheerful and cute child and I somewhat calm down.

But, naturally, I smiled back at her.


「You don’t have to worry that much.
I just wanted to go together with Mina to the “Fairy Ball”(Taru)



The blushing Mina is really cute.
Thank you for cheering me up.


「Beside, Mina is really cute.
Isn’t it normal that I’d like you to go to the ball with a cute costume?」(Taru)



Mina’s face turns red and she looks away.
However, her arm around my neck remains unraveled.
She didn’t move away from me. It seemed like she about to say something, I turned around and she showed me a smile again.


「Tenshi-sama, Dai~~~~suki! (I love you)」(Mina)



This line…
Oh, that’s not strange with the current me.
I’m not a Lorigon.




「…That’s how.」(Taru)


After I explained to Mina how I got the “Skeleton Dark Gray” paint, and we are currently in Misora Forest.


「As expected, Tenshi-sama is amazing.
You can take out the enemy’s soul with that camera!」(Mina)


I demonstrated how I got the “Skeleton Dark Gray” paint, shooting enemies with the “Antique Camera” with alchemy ability to “collect the Soul”
After that, if I defeated the enemy, the photo would become the material for the pigment.


「Well, I’m not amazing.
Instead, it’s more like Alchemy is amazing, isn’t it?」(Taru)

「That’s not true!
Tenshi-sama is a genius alchemist (Tensai Renkinjutsu-shi)」(Mina)


Genius Alchemist … It sounds good.


「U~ehehe. Is that so?」(Taru)

「It’s true, really.
Tenshi-sama is a genius alchemist,
An Angelchemy (Renkinjutsu Ten-shi-sama)!」(Mina)


Oops, some cool words have popped out.


「Fu-u-u. Not bad」(Taru)


A male high school student was praise by a loli and grinning
Something extreme happens here.


「Alright, Mina!
Follow me, I will take out the soul of various things and expand the possibilities of alchemy!」(Taru)

「Yes, Tenshi-sama!」(Mina)

「First of all, let’s start with Mofu-usa」(Taru)




The Mofu-usa photo session started in this way.
“Misora Forest” during the day, Mofu-usa with long ears, red eyes looking at the air fuwa~fuwa*

There is no better place in the field to try out with a sufficient safety margin for I and Mina’s PT.


「Here it is」(Taru)



Mina replies to my muttering.

We are hiding in the shade of the tree and looking at the Mofu-usa we just found.


「Well then, after taking a picture, let’s charge at it together」(Taru)

「Yes, Tenshi-sama!」(Mina)


Mina gladly replied and staring at the Mofu-usa.
I leave it to Mina and hold the camera.


「Pashari」(Shutter sound)


The log flows with the shutter sound.


You have taken a shoot of “Mofu-usa” ‘s soul with the “Antique Camera”
Once you defeat the “Mofu-usa”, the “Fluffy Leaf Green” will dwell in the photo.
I nod to Mina, swallow the “extreme candy ball” in my mouth,
Enduring the familiar caterpillar taste and gain the benefits of ATK +10.
And we jumped at the Mofu-usa all at once.


『Pyo!?』 (Mofu-usa)


Mofu-usa notices our surprise attack and cries.




Different from when I came with Kouya and Yuuki
Have a taste of my SPD in Lv4!

It was a little less than 3 meters from the shade to Mofu-usa,
In a blink of an eye, I didn’t give Mofu-usa time to cast.




I slash twice, I can’t stop with the speed I rushed and I passed by the Mofu-usa,
Rolling my body and reposition myself.


「Pyo, pyon!」(Mofu-usa)


Mofu-usa turned around and tried to cast magic at me.
Mina, approached a few moments later, hit it with the Mace from the top.




Mofuusa explodes and disappears.
Superb, we succeeded in defeating Mofu-usa in cooperation.


「We dit it, Mina!」(Taru)

「We dit it, Tenshi-sama!」(Mina)


Then I raise my right hand to Mina, she puts her fingers on my palm.

No, I want a high five.




Mofu-usa usually drops “Red Eye Stone”, but according to Nyudo, the owner of “Intriguing Cloud Flower Tea room”, there is a rare drop called “Mofu Cotton”.

And what is the color of the soul that can be taken from the photo?


『A monster with a red attribute that prefers fluffy stuff.』
『Specializes in the magic fireball with a short casting time.
It usually looks for its favorite Mokumoku grass, which is fluffy like a cloud』
“Fluffy leaf green” can be extracted』


I thought Mofuusa’s soul should be white or pink in color, but it was green?
This seems to be related to the nutrient “Mokumoku grass”.
Mokumoku grass is also a material for the curry rice back then as well. (Chapter 19)


「Mina, I got a good soul color」(Taru)

「I’m glad. Now now, let’s take more pictures」(Mina)

「Umu! Ikuzo (here I go)!」(Taru)


In search of the next prey, I set up the camera.
And when I looked into the camera lens, a full-blown, dark-colored spiny weapon suddenly appeared.




Surprised, I took my face away from the lens.
There were two players that I had never seen before.

One is a gray-haired boy in iron armor, using a lot of animal fur, likely to withstand the cold and carrying a saber on his waist
He also has a fur cloak on his back and is dressed in pretty cool equipment.

Beside him is a somewhat tall player, with the 1.5-meter-long seem-to-be-a-gold-bar carrying in one hand.
He wears a copper-colored big breastplate and a leather waistband, iron-colored arm-guards, and leg-guards.

Perhaps, what suddenly reflected through the camera is the weapon that this huge* player has.
He used the stick with the splinter as a plump.

(T.N: I don’t make any mistake here. The raw really have “Dekai” means “Huge” when Taru talked about this “under 15 years old” uneducated little brat.)

They looked down on us and talked.


「Wolf, is this the said player?」(Boy)


The fur cape tall man talks with a bored tone.
Then the gray-haired boy tingled his nose, answered with a gesture like some kind of beast.


「A silver hair girl and her hair are like silver threads with blue star’s glittering dwelling on.
No doubt Viking」(Wolf)


The boy called Wolf is observing me as he replies.
I’m a little nervous because his eyes are strangely sharp.


「Hmmm … this is definitely the rumored “Tenshi-chan”(Wolf)


Somehow, he seems to analyze me,
This is by no means a friendly atmosphere.
I was worried that this might become a battle, so I’m alert.

Glancing at Mine on my side.
Mina’s eyes open wide in surprise and she looks a little scared.

No wonder.
Apparently, they seem to have a lot of experience with mercenary vs mercenary (PvP).

The reason why we didn’t realize they were so close.
I guess they used some skills to get close to us.

And despite being able to take the initiative, they appeared and showed a high attitude.
One of the opponents (the big one) is already in a position to swing his weapon at any time.


「For real?
Apart from the useless Minadzuki, I heard Tenshi accompanied Sage Misora, right?
Is it possible for such an amateur who can’t even detect us approaching?」(Viking)


The tall man with bar is sneering at us,
It seems like he knows Mina, isn’t it?

I tried to think calmly while being surprised with his word.

Apparently, these two approached me aiming for Misora.
It is quite possible that these people came out because “Fairy Ball” is close.


「Mina, do you know them?」(Taru)


I asked Mina without looking away from these two,
Mina responded with a very small voice.


「Those two are the leader and deputy leader of… clan, “Lone Wolf”, which I used to be in」(Mina)

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.
I also read your feedback and impressions.
Thank you very much!

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Chapter 42: Drunk Madness


「Those two are the leader and deputy leader of… clan, “Lone Wolf”, which I was in」(Mina)


I listen to Mina’s explanation in fear and be convinced.

So that’s it.

This reminds me that I was stopped in a small bar at Michael Angelo’s tavern.
A clan composed of only players under the age of 15, “Lone Wolf”.
Despite being children, they use the non-attack system for children under the age of 15 and their cunning means to trick adults.

(T.N: KS and drops steal)


「Hey, Minadzuki brat. You dare talk about us like that」(Viking)


(T.N: I wonder why Author thinks of such UNEDUCATED under 15 years old brats. Are they some Yankee?)

Hearing the statement from Mina, the tall man with a bar called Vikin threatens Mina with a one-sided attitude.
What’s the hell with this guy’s attitude?


「Want me to smash you?」(Viking)


He hit the bar at the ground hard to intimidate us.
I stood before Mina and tried to complain.


「Heh… stop it, Viking.
We didn’t come to Mercenary vs Mercenary (PvP) today」(Wolf)


The boy called Wolf who wields a saber raised his voice.


「Tch… If Wolf says so…」(Viking)


Somewhat reluctant, Viking stepped back one step.
Instead, Wolf moved forward.

We are less than 2 meters away.


「And Viking.
Heh… Minazuki isn’t a useless player, you know?」(Wolf)


「Well done, Minazuki」(Wolf)


Wolf says so, spreads his hands further toward us.


「You got the rumored silver hair Tenshi.
Look like you did well on gathering information like you promise.」(Wolf)


With a careless smile, Wolf looks at Mina.
For a moment, I didn’t understand the meaning of the words Wolf spoke.

Promise that Mina will take me in and get information?


「Oh, right. That’s right.
Aren’t you glad to be of use for us, Brat Minazuki?」(Viking)


Viking is approaching us at the same time Wolf spoke.


「As promised, you can return to Clan “Lone Wolf”」(Wolf)


Wolf reaches out his hand to Mina.


「And heh … Silver hair Tenshi.
Will you get in?」(Wolf)


Wolf’s line of sight moved away from Mina to me as his eyes sneering.
Similar to that indiscriminate disgust, his face filled with greed.

George’s words appeared again in my heart.

“Information in this world is valuable”


「Our clan consists of players under the age of 15.
Apparently, you’re under 15」(Wolf)


My alchemy information may certainly be valuable.
But there is also information involving Misora.

Did Mina get closer to me because of that?
And was she trying to guide me to Lone Wolf from the beginning?


「… Mina, is that true?」(Taru)


Did you meet me, venture together, and all of that was just a promise to these guys?
Earlier, she was listening to my story of alchemy with interest, was that because she wants me to join this clan?

Mina is trembling, faces down and remains silent.




At my repeated questions, Mina looked at me with a surprised expression.
And replied to me slowly.




Her eyes shaken by anxiety and deeply scared.
And I intuitively understand that the object isn’t me, but rather a voice that sounds like me.




Gently hold her hand.
Unlike earlier, I hold Mina’s small hand firmly without paying attention to my female body.


「It’s okay. Just tell me」(Taru)


Mina nodded with my encouragement as if she decided.
The little blond priestess (Minazuki) turns to Wolf and Viking, she speaks out slowly but clearly.


「I don’t want to return to your clan.
Why do you say that?
I have never promised anything to you nor have I told you anything about Tenshi-sama.
There’s no such thing.」(Mina)


Mina said so while gripping my hand stronger.
Upon hearing it, Viking put his stick on his shoulder and frowning.


「Damn stupid brat.
Do you think that you can play happily in this Clan-Clan without our help?
Together with us, you might get a happy ending, but in the end, you are just useless luggage」(Viking)


He slammed the rod into the ground as if he was irritated or relieved of stress.
The dust was sent flying and Vikin cursed Mina with a ridiculous tone.


「It’s a good idea to have useful information at hand.
But Minadzuki is useless luggage, after all, she is even weak at fighting」(Wolf?) 


Honestly, you’re right, George.
You look somewhat abnormal and gay, but you are way purer than these guys.

I think of my friend (Okama) who isn’t here, then turn to my other friend (Mina).

Why is Mina so scared of them?
I don’t know what she was doing with Lone Wolf.
But there’s something I can do as a friend of Mina.

I push my body to cover Mina and put my hand on the Kodachi on my waist.
I felt the tension rise at once.


「Heh… live as a mercenary.
It’s certainly freedom, but freedom is accompanied by danger.
Being free can do anything, no matter what we do」(Wolf) 


Wolf quietly talks to us with Viking behind him as a picture of violence.


「There are also sneaky adults who use sweet words to make use of their children.
Then we, children, need to outsmart them cunningly」(Wolf) 


Wolf shook his fur cloak and glanced at us sharply.


「Heh… let’s stop our little talk」(Wolf) 


Then, he slowly pulled out the saber on the waist from the sheath.


「I’m telling you, we will help Minazuki who can not do anything alone.
However, in return for that is useful information.
The condition is that silver hair chick, who may have information about the sage Misora, also joins with you.
Isn’t this a Win-win proposal?
But if you won’t accept it…」(Wolf) 


He pointed his saber’s blade toward us with a clear sound.

「Let’s have our helpless coward (Minazuki) become our hunting bait here.
For players under the age of 15, the non-attackable target system will not work.」(Wolf) 


What a soliciting invitation.
If you don’t want to be killed, join their clan.
But more than that, they can hurt you.


「Why are you two here?」(Taru)


I’m asking a question to forestall.
Now that the “Fairy Ball” is near, they are not the only ones who want information about Sage Misora.

They knew I was in Michelangelo with Misora and I was witnessed by many players.
However, there is no reason that they can always know where we are.

So how could only these two know our actions?


「Because “Fairy Ball” will be held soon.
Isn’t it bad to investigate something related to Misora Forest?」(Wolf)


Following Wolf, Viking also speaks out.


「If it’s night time.
Strong enemies that a brat like Minadzuki can’t handle will appear.
It’s great for hunting and investigating.」(Viking)


Was our encounter just a coincidence?

It wasn’t that someone asked my friends where we were.

Although I was somewhat relieved about that, there was something I must address.


「Would you stop talking bad to Mina」(Taru)


I do not like it.
From the beginning to the end, the guys uttering heartless words with an attitude looking down on Mina.
In addition, they even lied that Mina was involved in a certain malicious act.

And, above all, I listened to those lies for a moment and I was very angry with myself for suspecting Mina.


「Ah? Do you want me to smash you? Silver chibi」(Viking)


Forgive me, Mina.
Not twice.


「I’m too small and your stick is dull」(Taru)

「Damn you…」(Viking)


While provoking, I check my item stock.
The only thing that has aggressiveness is “Aiming Fireworks (small)”
However, I don’t think they will give me time to use it at this distance.

The rest is… “Emerald Tears +2” and “Smoke Ball +2”, which played an active role in my first PVP fight.


「Viking, calm down …
You don’t have to be serious about silver hair chick who are doing alchemy of garbage skills」(Wolf)

「Huh. That’s true.
Plus with the useless Brat Minazuki, Alchemy can only make junk is useless!」(Viking)


I bite my teeth hearing these two talking about my alchemy.


「Wanna try?
At least I’m better than some solitude people who played Lonewolf pretending, who can only sneer at their former member.」(Taru)

(T.N: Yes, tell it to their face, Taru)


Although I talk big, my chance seems to be very small.
But it’s very unpleasant to succumb to them.
So I’ll try as much as I can.


If you can do it, try it」(Wolf)


The moment Wolf said that and raised his hand without the saber, the woods of the forest shook.

Looking at the sound direction, there were four other players lurking around.
They are just 12-14 years old boys and girls. I can tell at a glance that they are members of Lone Wolf.

Did they plan this from the beginning and surround us …?


「It seems that they are quite crowded instead of “Lone wolf.”
Are you so scared of Mina and me?」(Taru)


While strongly regretting that I should learn about concealment and assassination skills as well, I wonder I can get out of this desperate situation.


「Damn you…」(Viking)


Well, what to do.
Even if I make full use of my items, we won’t be able to survive the 2 vs 6 PVP battle.
There seems to be a huge difference in power between us, especially Viking and Wolf.


「Well, what will you do?」(Wolf)


As if reading my inner mind, Wolf glances at me as if intimidating and threatening.




One or Eight.
It’s a shame but I have to bet on a run.
I grab a “Smoke Bomb” made by “Mokumoku Grass” + “Stone” + “Red Eye Stone” and plan to throw at the ground.




However, as my neck is pressed from behind, my head was pressed down by something.
I had to stop.


「Who… who are you?!」(Mina)


Mina frightened screamed and the area around us was crowded all at once.

And *Pokon~*
I ponder whether I heard this stupid sound, then something falls down suddenly.


I was pressed down on my head
I want to know the situation somehow,
Although I can’t lift my head, I can look around with my eyes.

The members of the “Lone Wolf” who had surrounded us before, three out of four fell down on the grass.
Beside them are two new players who seemed to have neutralized the children in a moment.
What kind of technique did you use?。

One of the “Lone Wolf” whose siege was destroyed,
It seems that he has escaped from the predicament
He was running desperately toward Viking.

Once we got to that point, my head was suddenly released from pressing down, so I turned up in a hurry.
Who on earth was pressing down on my head?
But as soon as I saw her, my doubts were resolved.

The culprit who pressed my head stood by my side.
A beautiful woman with black hair ponytail.

And she spoke.


「”Well, what will you do?”, isn’t it? That’s the line I want to ask you」(Ane)

It’s my older sister with twin swords on her waist and her jet-black cloak fluttering in the wind.




In addition to destroying the siege net of “Lone Wolf”
The three players were down by my older sister and her friends.


「I was surprised.
What does the clan “Neck Hunting Drunks” have on us “Lone Wolf”?」(Wolf)


Wolf, unlike when we faced us, is alert and on guard.
It reminded me of a wolf aiming for prey.


「Because some children just don’t know how to behave, I just made them sleep a little.
I don’t do anything insane in front of my child」(Ane)


My sister, on the other hand, has a relaxed attitude, like taking a walk in the neighborhood, like the wind that blows free.


「Hmm …
For players under the age of 15, there a defense system that other players cannot attack.
However, that’s the exception for special abilities with status anomalies.
It’s possible to sleep…
This is a brilliant study」(Wolf)

「Though hard work is a virtue.
Bad boys have to sleep.
Anyway, if you stop giving my child trouble, I’ll forgive you」(Shin)

「The Luxury leader, “Wind Hunter” Shin is coming.
But that has nothing to do with us.
Isn’t it bad manners to steal prey?
I don’t remember hearing that silver hair chick is your member」(Wolf)

「Personally, this girl is my family.
If the wolf-chicken dare to touch her, I will teach you real hunting with your body.
Get it?」(Shin)


My big sister glared at Wolf sharply.
The players, who might be my sister’s friends, from behind are cringing.


The only thing you know is how to hunt neck lightly, I’m not such a child.
Do you want to withdraw today?」(Wolf)


A child tried to call other people a child.
Does he try to ridicule my sister?


「That’s what you say after you have the power to defeat others.
I wonder if this is how the losing dogs howl?
Ara, how rude of me.
Should I say the wolf-chicken instead?」(Shin)


As expected of my sister.
She is turning the sarcasm back.



「Viking, we are at a disadvantage, let’s retreat」(Wolf)



My sister watched the remnants of “Lone Wolf” disappear,
After she was completely sure that the three were gone, she looked at the two players who were waiting on both sides of Mina and they nodded.

Then she sighed “Haa…” and put her hand on my head.


「Taru… just as I heard,
You still didn’t report your character bug yet, right?」(Shin)


My sister, who rescued me and Mina, looked at me in suspicion
I turned my eyes off somewhere.




A stupid reply that doesn’t make sense leaking out of my mouth.


「Because you will be entangled with them,
I think you already know.
Some people aim at Taru for Sage Misora.
That character stands out too much.
Please report to the administration immediately」(Shin)


She speaks involuntarily in her usual sister’s tone.


「But… but…」(Taru)

「I’m watching… worried, Taru…
It was okay today because I happened to be near Taru.
If “that” comes out again, I may not be able to help」(Shin)

「…Ane. Did you say “watch” just now?」(Taru)

「Such a thing doesn’t matter」(Shin)

「No, that’s not okay」(Taru)


As we quarrel,
For some reason, the air behind us seems to become warmer.


「Sisters’ quarrel is going to be a good (wine) sake appetizer, right?」(Friend 1)

「It sounds bad if you say it like that」(Friend 2)


That is the voice of my sister’s friends.
Did they hear from my sister in advance that I and my sister were siblings?


「Why?」(Friend 1)

「I bet Shin will abuse us as always.
Give up on drinking.
It’s exactly like that」(Friend 2)

「 Isn’t that fine?
Because we’re “Hunting drunks”(Friend 1)

「 If you say that, we will be “wine-hunting drunkard”, right?」(Friend 2)

「I don’t know」(Friend 1)


My sister’s mercenary talked and laughed.
I just got help so I don’t mind this kind of teasing.

However, there is a part where I really want to put a Tsukkomi in.
It’s a sisters’ quarrel.


「「It’s a Siblings’ quarrel!」」(Taru + Shin)


The screams of me and my sister overlapped splendidly.

Author’s Note:

It’s the sister’s appearance after a long absence.

Thank you for reading.

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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  19 chapters.

Cathia: 22 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 40 Chapters (series ends in 70 chapters)

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    • Seems like things will be hectic before the ball and Taru still isn’t able to tell her sister the truth of the situation, and I guess she isn’t bothered that her brother is running around with an underaged girl all day.

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      This game mainsteam is PVP so at Closed Beta Test they can PK at anytime.

      The children (15-) couldn’t win again adult (15+) in PVP so they were either “Rage-quit” or “became adult’s slaves” (What WOLF thinks)

      They add the system that adult (15+) can’t attack children (15-) unless children attack adult first.
      Wolf made use of that protection system to get revenge on Adult.
      Wolf thought of children as victim, as justice and adult as culprit, as devil.

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    If not, the moment the game starts making real money, people would ‘hire’ children to do their dirty work…or am i thinking too much from this soft novel? =P :3

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    • i totally agree that the while the 15 age rule is useful. countermeasures for abuse do need to be implemented.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I don’t get what problem Taru has dealing with the “lone puppies” or whatever the brats called themselves? If the non-pvp system doesn’t work on players under 15 years old (sounds like a really stupidly bad game design to me, since it allows people to abuse the system, so this game will probably go under within a month or so unless they fix such obviously crappy mechanics in the first place), then all you need to do is let them kill you. Not like you actually lose anything. Just keep laughing and ridiculing them over and over and over again. They’ll eventually leave the game and go cry at their mommies, since they can’t bully you into joining them. Or better yet, just ignore going to pvp areas. Can’t hunt you if you’re not in an area where they can do that.


    • All area beside private player store are free PVP. Which means beside George store, Taru can be PVP anywhere.
      Each time she gets killed she loses 1-10% Eso and chance to drop item.
      Bank only accepts 30k x Natural number.
      Bad game indeed.
      And it appears like it’s another world.


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