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Arge Felnote

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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile’s turn: 19 chapters.

Cathia’s Arc: 22 chapters

Taru: 6 chapters

Arge: 32 => 27 Chapters (series ends after 63 chapters / chapter 270)

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Arge Chapter 203: Back street flower

「…Why does this happen?」(Aoba)

「What’s wrong, Aoba?」(Arge)

「No, nothing.
To go shopping, It’s correct to have people that knows the place accompanying us.
Yes, I’m not depressed.
I’m not.」(Aoba)

For some reason, Aoba-san was muttering, but the shopping itself was going well.

The town we dropped in was fairly large. Aoba and I have language translation skills, so we can talk without any problems. Felnote-san seems to understand the language of the empire to some extent.

「I’m quite surprised that Felnote-san can speak the language of the empire」(Arge)

「Because I need to read the code of the hostile country」(Felnote)

Although she talks with a casual tone, Felnote-san’s expression is serious.
Now she is wearing her robe deep, hiding her bicolor eyes from her surroundings.
The unique trait from the former Kingdom knight.

Her face is famous and will be a source of confusion.

「Why did you come shopping with us in the first place?
You know your reputation, right?
Isn’t it okay to just give us the map?」(Arge)

「I know my reputation around here.
But shopping isn’t my only purpose」(Felnote)

「Maybe, you came to collect information?」(Arge)

「…Well, close, but that’s not my intention」(Felnote)

While watching Felnote-san mutter, I chew the skewers I bought at the stall.
Fresh fish skewers have a good aroma and a refreshing taste.

Let’s buy some for Kuzuha-chan’s group on the way home.

「…Hey, Arge. You’re too carefree… When did you buy something like that while we’re shopping?」(Felnote)

「un~gu, is that so?
I bought this a while ago, from a store just before we entered the alley…
It was delicious, I’ll give it to others as a gift later」(Arge)

「… I think you were somewhat awkward when we first met but you seemed to have gotten used to traveling」(Felnote)

I tilted my head to Felnote-san, who seemed to be happy somehow.

「Haa~. I don’t think I changed that much」(Arge)

「It’s not a bad thing.
…At least, it’s a big progress that you no longer sleep or walk around naked.」(Felnote)

Please tell me in detail!」(Aoba)

「Uh, Aoba?
I don’t want to stand out as much as possible, so can you lower your voice?」(Felnote)

Felnote-san walks away to avoid crowds, trying to calm Aoba-san who’s heated up for some reason.

Naturally, we would follow her, so we slowly left the streets.
Our luggage is stored in my blood box, and Aoba-san can collect the meat with her ivy, so her steps are light.

While feeling the traffic gradually decrease,
I asked Felnote-san in a voice as quiet as possible.

「Uhm, how far are we going?」(Arge)

「…Of the Republic. I was told by that Giddy person.」(Felnote)

「Akisame-san, right?」(Arge)

Akisame-san is the Republic’s politician, who belongs to Yotsuba Assembly.
He was always smiling and I couldn’t read him at all, but I was impressed by his astuteness.
Apparently, Akisame-san had told Felnote-san something.

「…The empire is overbearing.
The country looks calm, but taxes are heavy, recruitment for the war is endless.
Many people are dissatisfied with the devastating land.
Now that he has declared to be the enemy of the world」(Felnote)

「…Isn’t that right」(Arge)

「That’s why we will contact the Rebellion」(Felnote)

「Rebellion… isn’t it」(Arge)

Certainly, when I helped Terrier-chan, I have heard that name.
Felnote-san nods and continues.

「Yes, they have been there for a long time.
Their scale wasn’t that big, but…
If things get worse so far, they will have to move.
Anyway, as the empire has declared war, their name will rise immediately」(Felnote)

「In other words, the very first flower that fought against the unjust enviroment」(Aoba)

「Yes… Look」(Felnote)

Felnote-san pointed not by her finger but her gaze, to the further inside the back alley.
Apparently, There are some shabby figures.
No matter how we saw it, there are so many skinny people, who worry about what to eat instead of worrying about their clothes.
Both old and young. This is no doubt a slum.

「The town is still big, so the main street is neat.
But if you go off the road even a little …」(Arge)

「With the heavy tax, life difficulties such as conscription,
Many orphans were born. It means they have no home」(Felnote)

Aoba waved her hand while sighing.
The vine and the ivy grow to the back of the alley.
The people were shaking but they didn’t escape.
Next thing they saw… Many flowers bloom on the growing ivy, which eventually bears fruit.
Lots of fruit grew in front of homeless people.

「If you are hungry, you can’t afford to ẹnjoy flowers.
Take it」(Aoba)

Aoba-san’s words resonate, and people peel away the fruits in a calm manner.
The back alley, which smells dusty and dirty, was wrapped in a sweet scent.

「…we should avoid standing out though」(Felnote)

「People are not people unless they are treated like humans.
I will not overlook it.
This is my belief」(Aoba)

「…Maybe it’s okay with this much.
I’m sorry, Aoba」(Felnote)

「No, the same to you. I’m sorry, Felnote-san」(Aoba)

「I don’t mind. Please follow me, I’m leading the way」(Felnote)

I thought it would be a fight, but Aoba-san and Felnote-san seemed to agree with each other.
Aoba-san walks gently, waving her hand to the inhabitants behind the alley.
It means that we will not give more than necessary.

「Well, according to the information purchased in advance, it is around here …」(Felnote)

「…You are too careless!」(A certain tsundere girl)


It was only for a moment that I listened to strange words with my ears.
In less than a blink, it came.
There are no footsteps, no sign, but the shadow, that suddenly appears, has already put her hand on Aoba-san’s neck from behind,

「If you sniff this out this much, you should be a little more careful」(A certain tsundere girl)

「Tch… Aoba!?」(Felnote)

「Oo~tto (not so fast), don’t you dare move.
I can take this woman’s neck faster than you pull your sword, no, faster than your fingertips move.」(A certain tsundere girl)

Felnote-san followed the girl’s demand and let go of her sword.
The girl saw that situation laughed *Ninmari* (proudly laugh satisfactory)

「…Yes, I caught you again」(Arge)

「Wha!?」(A certain tsundere girl)


In an instant, I moved.
Grasping the girl’s hands and pull her off Aoba-san.

When it comes to speed, I won’t lose to anybody.
The reason resides in this body “extreme swiftness” skill.
In addition, as a vampire, I won’t miss the smell of blood drifting behind the alley.
The smell of stained blood has become so old that it can no longer be removed.
It was such a strong presence that I could detect without sound.

And above all, I still don’t forget the smell of this girl.

「…It’s been a long time, Chrome-chan」(Arge)

「Ha… Vam… Vampyr」(Chrome)

Yes, the girl I once met in the forest
Chrome-chan was looking at me with startling eyes.

Arge Chapter 204: The wind of reunion blows



The caught Chrome-chan started to move unexpectedly.
She wildly pushed my hands away and kept a distance.

… Did she remember what I previously did to her?

The last time I fought with Chrome-chan, I also grabbed both her hands and tied her up with a chain of Bloodarms.

Being so desperate means that she is on alert.
Short black hair, amber eyes.
And a bracelet that is an artifact.
Certainly, it’s Chrome-chan, who I have fought in the past.

「Chrome … you mean Curse Wind Chrome?」(Felnote)

「Did you know her, Felnote-san?」(Arge)

「A so-called dangerous person who does not register with the Landsknecht Society and is hunting mercenary in the shadow.
She is also wanted.」(Felnote)

「Chrome-chan was surprisingly famous」(Arge)

Apparently, wasn’t this exactly what she said when we before?

「Speaking of which, I met many old acquaintances recently.
Why is Chrome-chan here?」(Arge)

「Seriously!? I have been following you ever since!
I heard from that huge cow that you went to the empire!」(Chrome)


The big cow is probably Oswald-kun.
Perhaps after I left the forest, Chrome-chan returned for revenge.

And Oswald might have told a lie that I came to the empire to trick Chrome-chan.
In the end, I did go to the empire, so it felt like truth from a lie. Anyway, we encountered a troublesome partner.

「Vampyr… I have been waiting here for 100 years!!
This time, I will settle it~…」(Chrome)

「~stop it, Chrome!」(Girl)


The moment when Chrome-chan was about to jump at me, someone called out to her and she stopped.
From the back of the alley, the said girl slowly appeared.

「… A dark elf?」(Arge)

「To be precisely, half dark elf and half human」(Girl)

The said girl has short, trimmed, silver hair.

Her dark skin is from the dark elf but her ears are even longer and extend sideways compared to Richelle-san.
Her golden eyes and silver hair are brilliant on her black skin.

「Ears longer than normal elves… that’s the Half-elf features」(Felnote)

「You know well (Yoku Gozonjida), “Origin” Odd-eyes Hijiri Kishi-dono (Heterochromia Holy Knight)」(Girl)

「…I don’t want to be called by my old name, but it’s okay for now.
Are you the rebellion’s leader?」(Felnote)

「… Ah. The name is Ginka Miyama.」(Ginka)

「Eh, Ginka, isn’t it? Do you know Satsuki-san?」(Arge)

「Silver hair vampire…
You are the one Satsuki-san and Chrome were talking about…
Argent Vampyr, right?
You really have silver hair, just like me」(Ginka)

Then the person named Ginka comes touching my hair.
Rather than being reserved, it’s very natural, like touching the branches of the trees.
It looks like there is no front and back.

She is still taller than Felnote-san, and despite being a half-elf, she felt sleek. Only her chest is quite large.
Although her expression is light, his golden eyes show interesting and her emotions seem rather rich.

「 Isn’t she a nice girl?
What are you so angry about, Chrome?」(Ginka)

「She “was” faster than me and she also sucked my blood!
I won’t forgive her!!」(Chrome)

「In fact, just earlier, she was also faster than Chrome」(Ginka)


Chrome-chan started blowing out some murderous intentions,
Ginka turns toward me with a light touch.

And also the introduction of Satsuki-san.
What do you need from us that you come to our rebellion base?」(Ginka)

I knew the name spoken in her casual tone.

…But Satsuki-san too?

I knew that Akisame-san was a big shot but it seems like Satsuki-san wasn’t inferior.
Satsuki-san told us Ginka’s name before we left.

Felnote-san faced Ginka-san with a serious face and talked.

「We need your help to siege the Imperial City」(Felnote)

「… It’s a straight ball」(Ginka)

「I can’t help but say it that way」(Felnote)

Did she think so?

Ginka-san was silent.
After thinking for a while, the half-elf talked.

「Shion. What do you think?」(Ginka)

「Hai~hai~, did you call me, Ginka-san?」(Shion)

As soon as the reply came, a figure appeared on Ginka’s shoulder.

Appearing abruptly and floating like a fluffy ghost, looked like a loli.
Long, green hair and blue eyes swaying happily.
She was symmetrically expressive and a baby-faced girl.

「Spirit…! ?」(Aoba)

「To be exact, an artificial spirit, Alraune nee-san.
I’m now called Shion Kazane」(Shion)

While responding to Aoba’s words in a light tone, the spirit named Shion moves like a floating cloth and holds on Ginka-san’s arm.

「Shion thinks they are interesting.
Especially that silver girl and that Alraune nee-san…
They smell nostalgic.
The smell comes from far away.」(Shion’s talk in 3rd POV)

「… If Shion says so, then let’s invite them to the rebellion’s highout.
I will listen to a detailed story before considering whether to cooperate」(Ginka)

「Ehehe ~
As expected of Ginka-san, you understand the story.
I love you♪」(Shion)

「U~n… I also love Shion」(Ginka)

「…Uhm (e~to)」

「Don’t worry, they’re always like this」(Chrome)

Chrome-chan looking somewhat sparse,
Ginka and Sion have entered their own world and leaving while we don’t understand the meaning.
Is the rebel really ok with the leader in this tension?

Arge Chapter 205: Surprisingly comfortable

Ginka-san’s group guided us to the Rebellion’s hideout surprisingly easy.
Of course, that’s probably because Akisame-san and Satsuki-san have talked in advance. We also have the Kingdom former-knight Felnote-san with us.

The Rebellion’s hideout was not far from town.
The base, which was built to hide in the San’in (*), is protected by magical barriers, so it can only be found by members of the Rebellion.

(T.N: *shelter in the mountains)

「It’s surprisingly lively」(Aoba? Arge?)

We left the town, got on the carriage and was guided by Ginka-san’s group then entered the base.

The people that come and go are lively, each busy but happy.
The Rebellion was in a lively mood so as not to lose the vibrancy of the town we just dropped in.

「There’s nothing wrong with laughing because we don’t know if we can tomorrow」(Ginka)

That’s important.
Being human, That is Ginka-san’s…
No, this is our basic policy」(Shion)

「…To be honest, it’s very positive.
It’s much better than the back alley」(Aoba)

Aoba-san sighs as if feeling relieved somehow.

Kuzuha-chan seems excited looking around here and there, her fox-colored tail fluttering.

Richelle-san is somewhat fidgeting, maybe because of Ginka-san, a half-relative of her.

Chrome-chan keeps glaring at me, maybe this is the bad impression from the last time. Can’t be helped.

「For now, let’s talk while taking a bath」(Ginka)

「There is a bath!?」(Kuzuha)

It is a natural thing that I found by accident.
Thanks to it, we increase our military morale」(Ginka)

「Everyone likes it.
Does Chrome-chan also come in?」(Shion)

「… I’m fine without it.
Please go ahead」(Chrome)

Shion invited but Chrome-chan refused it with *Pui* and left.

……I wonder if she hates me.

When we first met, I was moving faster than Chrome-chan, I also sucked her blood.
For her, who valued speed more than anything else, it seemed to be nothing but humiliation.

「Arge-san, hurry, let’s go!」(Kuzuha)

「Oh, yes. I understand, Kuzuha-chan」(Arge)

Called by Kuzuha-chan who likes hot springs, I return to the group.
I wish I had the opportunity to talk with her later, but is it difficult?
Following Ginka’s guidance, we walk towards the hot springs.
The hot spring was smelled of sulfur.

「Fuwa~a … it’s wide!」(Kuzuha)

「Men and women are properly separated, so you can enter without worry」(Ginka)

「Well then, I will take your words for it then (~kashira)」(Kuzuha? Arge?)

Despite my cleansing routine with my recovery magic, the comfort of a bath is another thing.

Everyone takes off their clothes in a state of excitement,
I also remove my clothes trying not to look at everyone as much as possible.
While doing so, I noticed a strange gaze.

What happened, everyone?
What are you staring at」(Arge)

「Oh, no, it’s nothing ~arimasen wa.
Please continue ~desu no」(Kuzuha)

「Yes. Hey. Arge-san, one more please!」(Aoba)

「… but I don’t think there’s anything interesting about it」(Arge)

For some reason, everyone is looking at me.
I don’t think it would be interesting to see me naked.
In the first place, I’m ashamed if they stare so much.
Did everyone look like this before?

「Fumu… you are beautiful, Arge」(Ginka)


I was told that I was beautiful and found that my cheeks were hot.

I know that my appearance has changed through reincarnation and looks like a beautiful girl.
I know, but now that I’ve been thrown (a straight ball) from the front, my body temperature has risen.

「Ah… bad Ginka-san. No cheating」(Shion)

「 Don’t worry, Shion is the most beautiful.
As for you are my princess」(Ginka)

「Ehehe, I love Ginka-san ~ ♪」(Shion)

After saying what she wants to say, Ginka-san goes into the hot spring with Shion-san.
Somehow uncomfortable silence came, I forgot that everyone was looking at me undressing in the same way,

「… Ah, please don’t look too much.
Let’s hurry up and take a bath」(Arge)

「「「Kawa~…」」」(Aoba + Kuzuha + Felnote)

Somehow, everyone crouched holding their face down.
I didn’t understand the meaning, but as a result, they looked away from me, so I decided to get away and stay in the bathtub.

Arge Chapter 206: Steam’s Conference hall

「Wa fu ~u…」(Arge)

The warm temperature of the hot water relieves the embarrassment just now a little.
When I was just reincarnated, I thought that taking a bath would be tedious because I could clean myself with recovery magic, but recently I have come to like the comfort of bathing quite a bit.

「So, will the rebellion eventually cooperate?」(Felnote?)

「First, let me hear your plan.
If I think the success rate is low, I will refuse」(Ginka)

「…Did you take us to your base for that reason?」(Felnote?)

「No such thing, I don’t think you will leak our information to the empire just because we refuse your request.」(Ginka)

Ginka-san responds while playing with Shion-san’s hair floating in the bathtub.

…… Because of each other’s goal.

Even if we can’t cooperate, it’s clear that our goal is the Imperial City.
If so, we should be inviolable to each other and their bases would not be leaked.

「…So, you didn’t bring us here because you were spoiled by that spirit child.
I was a little relieved」(Aoba)

「Don’t worry.
That’s only about 80% of the reason」(Ginka)

「I’m suddenly getting worried …!」(Aoba)

It seems like that spirit girl was more important for Ginka.

「You’re on good terms …」(Aoba)

「Of course. Ginka-san is my prince after all」(Shion)

「Yup. Shion is my beloved princess」(Ginka)

The two snug into each other, make sure that they feel each other’s skin,
Anyway, it’s love.
At first glance, they look like women, but when I look closely, Shion has “Nothing.”

…So what is her gender?

Vampires are also close to spirits,
But I don’t know much about other spirits.

She called herself an artificial spirit. Was she the same as Exista, created by someone?
In the process, gender was deemed unnecessary.
Is it something like that?

But as long as she was called princesses, she should be treated like a girl…

「Arge-san, that person …」(Aoba)

「Yes, I’m a little worried」(Arge)

She points to me and Aoba-san and says “I came from Kudou (久遠: eternity)”

The pronunciation is different with “Kuon”.
I guess Aoba-san also caught in that area.
I wonder if this girl is also a former official of “Kuon”

「Wa~fu~u, it feels good …」(Richelle)

However, Richelle-san, who doesn’t understand the situation, seems to be enjoying the hot water.
Well, I can tell her the difficult part later, no need to worry.

「So, specifically, how do you plan to siege it?」(Ginka)

「Now the Imperial soldiers are traveling all over the place, isn’t it?」(Felnote)

「They are in the surrounding areas. Well, it’s true that they don’t stay in the Imperial City.
However, Vampire soldiers are packed day and night with their direct control unit, the hounds」(Ginka)

「Daytime should be thinner, right?」(Felnote)

「… the empire is always night」(Ginka)

「Always night …?」(Kuzuha)

Shion-san nodded to Kuzuha-chan.

「That’s the effect of magical artifacts.
There is always the same state as the full moon」(Shion)

「… That means there are always vampire soldiers」(Felnote)

Felnote-san sighed as she heard it.
The chest shakes by itself, the volume is still amazing as always.

「Then it seems difficult from the sea as well.
The empire also faces the sea, so I thought about landing by ship」(Felnote)

「Vampires can fly in the sky, so they can literal attack anywhere」(Ginka)

「…Still, I want the rebellion to help」(Felnote)

「It will be a problem if you can’t siege the Imperial City in one rebellion operation.
Because the exhaustion war is disadvantageous」(Ginka)

I don’t know how big the rebels are, but the Empire will be higher in number and quality.

The empire should have enough supplies for war in many years, and above all, there is a technician from Kuon’s house.

「In that case, it’s the same. As you can see, this is all we have」(Felnote)

「Does the situation match?」(Ginka)

「If you are unsure, can you try it?」(Felnote)

「… That’s right. It wouldn’t be so bad」(Ginka)

They are adults (大人同士) sometimes, their talks go fast.
Felnote-san and Ginka-san leave the bathtub.

「Shion, you can take your time and enjoy it, there is work later」(Ginka)

「Yes. I’ll go later, Ginka-san!」(Shion)

「Arge’s group as well, please relax. I will do it over there」(Felnote)

「Yes, Felnote-san. Best regards (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu)」(Arge)

The two went out of the bath in a relaxed manner.

「Fu~ fu~ fu, they are both too serious, don’t you agree?」(Shion)

Enjoying the situation, Shion-san smirks.

Arge Chapter 207: Identity

「Fu fu fu」(Shion)

While laughing happily, Shion-san floats.
Floating like steam, and flying toward me.
There is a fragrant sweet scent, is it her?
Shion-san is approaching me, face to face and smirks…

「Fu Fu,
The more I hear, the more interesting it is
The soul tone …」(Shion)

「Tone …?」(Arge)

「I will invite you a little」(Shion)

*Kin* there is a high sound like hitting the metal.
At that moment, everything stopped.

Taru Rem snaps finger

Kuzuha-chan, playing in the bath, Richel enjoying the temperature, and even the hot water splash, everything stopped.

It is me and Aoba who are moving.
Perhaps Shion-san is the culprit behind this phenomenon.

「This is……」(Arge)

「Shion’s special “personal space”.
I can only open it in a limited place.
Your body doesn’t suit for hot water, is it okay for Alraune nee-san to take a long bath?」(Shion)

I remember something similar at the Cyril Bank.
It may be due to some skill or magic, but it is amazing that it’s possible to create a space where time stops, although it is limited.

「… So, why did you only call me and Arge-san, was it because of the Kuon?」(Aoba)

「Fu~fu, as expected, you understand that.
Kuon onee-san…
And is that person an Onii-san?
The color of her soul is close to that of a man」(Shion)

「…You understand that much?」(Arge)

To be honest, I was surprised.
As if she knew from the beginning, Shion-san has been talking about us easily.

「Don’t tell me, you are a reincarnator…?」(Arge)

Shion is an artificial spirit.
A biological weapon built by Otou-san… no, Kurogane Kuon」(Shion)

「Biological weapons …! ?」(Arge)

The bomb was dropped with a cool face.
Shion-san was satisfied with this surprised face, laughing *fu~fu* lightly

「Well, to put it plainly, I’m a living weapon for war」(Shion)

「Weapons … Such a cute child?」(Arge)

「Otou-san’s mind only cares about creating weapons by humans.
The hunting dog squad and I are the experimental bodies, the so-called test cases.
It seems that this figure was also cutely designed to show a good spirit.」(Shion)

Loosely, without breaking her smile, Shion-san said.

…… Is that it?

Shion-san knew about Kuon because she was built by the Kuon.

「But why do you go with the Rebellion then…?」(Arge)

「Otou-san has determined that his research has shown some hinders in war if the test subjects still have a mind.
That’s why he brainwashed low spirit vampires and created new soldiers」(Shion)

「… If he doesn’t need something, that’s usually the case」(Arge)

「Yes, that’s it.
Ginka-san saved me, who was about to be disposed of, partly because I was rebellious.
So Ginka-san is my prince …」(Shion)

She probably remembered that time.
Shion-san blushed, holding her cheeks, like a dreaming maiden.

「…Was that so?」(Arge)

The reason that Shion could recognize you was because I was given that kind of “eye” by Otou-sama.
Eyes to see the tone of the soul …
Someday, another reincarnator, maybe even a reincarnator from his family might appear,
So Otou-san was always on guard」(Shion)

The hounds didn’t seem to have been informed of the Reincarnator, but Shion-san did.
Perhaps she was created to combat the Reincarcerator.
Given that ability as a weapon.

「Well, now Shion isn’t Otou-san’s weapon, but a member of the Rebellion.
If you are Reincarnators from the Kuon, who Otou-san considers dangerous, you should definitely be helpful against him」(Shion)

「… In that sense, our interests are the same.
Because we both know about the Kuon」(Aoba)

As Aoba says, we know each other.
That’s why if we want her help, we should cooperate.
Only a few people can talk about reincarnation.
It was a pleasure to have more friends who knew about this situation.

「… In that case, we have to convince each other」(Aoba)

My Ginka-san is strong, you know.
Well, even if you lose, I’ll be here to help you」(Shion)

「… Are you in the mood for a show?」(Aoba)

「Fufu, do you want to get serious then?」(Shion)

「… It ’s not a favorite thing. I’m told to take care of it.
Because flowers always choose how to bloom」(Aoba)

Eh Eh (A~re a~re), isn’t the atmosphere getting worse?

Arge Cover 1
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