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Mile Vol 5 Page 07

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T.N: They are both Tsundere but I have always preferred Tsundere Twin Drills Noble girl Marcella over the Violent Tsundere Rena.

I don’t say I hate Rena but she is the least favorite character of the whole.

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Newly written story 1: Fierce fighting! Doll wrestling

Once upon a time, when “Red Oath” was still living a carefree-hunter-life in the capital city of Tyrus Kingdom.

One day, the girls were walking on the backstreets of the capital city, and it appeared that there was a commotion ahead.
A few children stood on the road and were arguing.


「As I said. We’ve always been the ones who do this job.
You can’t just come and steal it…
That’s our job!」(Child 1)

「Who decides that?
You just say so on your own.
Requests flow to those who work more cheaply and those who do the job better.
The customer is the one decides who will get the job request!」(Child 2)

「No, but that’s what we’ve been doing…」(Child 1)


Apparently, the children were fighting over a job.

However, it was impressive that they were trying to do honest work instead of being pickpockets or beggars.

Moreover, what the second kid said was a sound argument. Red Oath also understood the exasperated feeling of someone stealing their job.

Just when Mile was thinking about how to calm the kids, Rena was one step ahead.


「What are you doing?!
You’re blocking the way and being annoying, so hurry up and step aside!」(Rena)

When the children heard it, they all turned to Rena and replied at the same time.

「「「「「「It’s none of your business, small chest!」」」」」」(Children)

「…Oh Hellfire, burn to the bone…」(Rena)

Mile Vol 5 Page 07

「「「Gyaaaa! Stop, stop~ppp!」」」(Mile’s Trio)


A genocide was about to occur.

Not only Maevis and Pauline but also Mile, the least mature member of the group, was desperately restraining and holding Rena’s mouth,
Because the four girls looked like a hunter’s party, Rena wore the magician’s equipment, and the words of the spell she was just casting were quite threatening too,
The children, realizing that their lives were at risk, bowed down and apologized with their heads on the ground.


「「「「「「hionable nowadays?) (Mile)

As usual, Mile was thinking of random things.

「W–well, if you reflect on it, I’ll forgive you…
But let me tell you this: there will be no next time!
None, you hear?!」(Rena)

「「「「「「Ye~ye… YES」」」」」」(Children)


As expected, even Rena thought she would be acting immaturely if she stayed angry and punished the children after they apologized.
So, she forgave the children. With this, the situation calmed down.
Thinking back, if Maevis and co. hadn’t stop her immediately, it probably would have been a catastrophe.
There would be nothing left if Rena had stayed angry.

「What’s with your eyes?! I wouldn’t really shoot at them, you know!」(Rena)

(((LIES!))) (Mile’s group)

(T/N: The expression “Uso~da” (嘘だ) is roughly equivalent to “BS” in English.)


Rena noticed the gaze of Maevis’ group and hurriedly began making excuses, but the three didn’t believe her.

Well, since Mile had prepared a Lattice Barrier just in case, the kids wouldn’t be in danger even if everyone couldn’t stop Rena in time.

And giving Rena the benefit of the doubt, even if she actually did fire off the magic, she would have likely drastically reduced its power so that it would only feel hot.

Even Rena wouldn’t kill children so easily, as doing so would result in her getting executed or becoming a criminal slave as punishment.

However, the children couldn’t think so deeply in a life-or-death moment.
Thinking they were about to die, the children began to tremble.


「Ah, it leaked…」(Mile)

Yeah, as Mile said, the children were so scared that several of them had blossoming wet spots on their trousers.


「It can’t be helped…」(Mile)


With that, Mile cast cleansing magic on the children’s soiled garments, removing both the smell and grime before drying and restoring them their original condition.
Now, the pants were much cleaner than before the accidents.

And since the girls had gotten themselves involved this far, they couldn’t just walk away anymore.
No, it didn’t mean that the girls couldn’t simply leave go away. It was just they want to help or maybe they found it interesting and wanted to see more…

Anyway, as the kids were in no position to refuse, they were taken to a nearby vacant lot by Rena.



「Fumu~ fumu~, so the conflict for customers began and…」(Mile)


Rena wasn’t exactly good at listening to kids.
Not only did she not know the tricks to deal with these sorts of situations, but the children were also completely terrified of her as well.

For this reason, Mile, who was closest age-wise to the children and had somewhat reassuring features, has been assigned to that role.

And what Mile heard was as follows:

The children belonged to two groups. One group was from a nearby orphanage while the other was a wandering group.

(T/N: Like the children in chapter 346 except they don’t live in a forest.)


The orphanage’s children wore poor clothing but they were clean, well-maintained, and showed their affiliation to the orphanage.
On the other hand, the wanderers wore clothes that were filthy and smelly from not taking baths, with nothing to guarantee their identity either.

For that reason, they got different kinds of work from the guild.
For jobs that required interactions with clients, food, or money, the clients preferred the children from the orphanage instead of the wandering children.

As for jobs that don’t involve talking to the clients––dangerous, filthy, and in some cases, borderline-criminal jobs were the workers were disposable––the clients would naturally hire handy wanderer children.

Yes, that was the situation until now, but it had changed recently.

The wanderers…
Actually, they may live in abandoned houses or bridges, so they aren’t really nomadic at all, but simplicity’s sake, let just call them so…

They had turned a new leaf. Their clothes were still ragged but they were now clean from habitual bathing or scrubbing, etc.

By registering with the guild and gaining credit through promotions, the wandering children could now afford to refuse criminal jobs or those with poor conditions,
Thus, one by one, they took on jobs that had been previously monopolized by the orphanage children.

They work cleanly, earnestly, and efficiently, often for lower wages than the orphanage children.

They also seem to care about the guild promotion points, so they wouldn’t try to do anything weird.
If they did do something, it would cause a great deal of trouble for all of his or her friends.
All of this, combined with the existence of punishment issued by the guild, allowed the clients to trust them to some extent.

And there was no reason for them to lie in the first place. All the children, most of them not even ten yet, were thankful to get decent jobs, looking forward to their future with shining, optimistic eyes.

(E/N: Sometimes FUNA-sensei’s work seems rather dark… or maybe it’s just me?)

Once a few clients began hiring the wandering children, others began to too. There were even times where the clients prepared work especially for them.

In addition, many hunters and citizens in the city had been wanderers themselves, so they also wanted to support those children.

Thus, the wanderer children have crawled their way from “sub-human” to “human” somehow or another, thanks to a certain idiot (baka)… (Note to Mamoritai-san: Who does the idiot refer to?)

(T.N: That certain Idiot is Mile, from chapter 29, Mile used Vail as a decoy, but also strengthened him. Vail is a homeless/wandering child. He graduated as Rank C as well and can work better to feed the homeless/wandering children)


However, not everyone was happy with the new status quo.
Yes, those unhappy would be the orphanage children.

Many children in the orphanage were indeed misfortunate.
They have no parents, wear plain clothes, and don’t have enough meals.
In addition to helping the orphanage with fieldwork, the children must look for odd jobs in the city.
The orphanage’s operating funds are by no means sufficient.
Only by doing these odd jobs can the portion of their meals increase a little.

However, recently, the amount of work available in the city had dropped precipitously.
Naturally, it was because of wandering children.

Although orphanage children thought they were misfortunate, they still had it better than the wandering children who barely etched a living for themselves in the poorest environment in the city. But nevertheless, it was the wandering children who took away their jobs.

When they learned about the other group, the orphans were upset, confused, and sensed an impending crisis.
Children from the orphanage cannot register with the Hunter Guild.

If they allowed that, it would suggest that the orphanage made children do dangerous work as hunters.

If there was such an orphanage, both the lord and the state would no longer fund them.
Besides, if the orphanage children could make a living as a hunter, that meant that they had no reason to stay in the orphanage any longer.

– Editor’s Note to Themself (will delete before publishing): edited up to here –

For children under the age of 10, they can be registered as apprentice hunters G rank,
children over 10 years old can be registered as regular hunters F rank,
The wandering children who could get both hunter work and non-guild work were at an overwhelming advantage.

…And the Red Oath walked in right when the children auguring.


「「「「Ah~…」」」」(Red Oath)


It can not be helped.
That was the conclusion of the Red Oath.



「Well then, we will be going now!」(1 of Red Oath)


The girls were trying to leave, but Pauline’s feet were heavy.




Pauline screams unintentionally…


「Don’t abandon us…」(Child)


Apparently, they can’t escape.
And “Red Oath” went a little away from the children to have a meeting among themselves secretly.


「…So, what to do?」(Rena)

「What shall we do…」(Mile)


Rena asks but Mile doesn’t come up with any good idea.
Oversupplied workforce with a limited workload.

The girls can’t tell to the wandering children to just do their original dangerous jobs.


「Even if the orphanage children don’t work outside, they won’t starve.
There are subsidies, donations, and fieldwork.
On the other hand, if the wandering children don’t work, they will starve in a few days」(Maevis)

「Then, tell the orphanage children to give up?」(Pauline)


As Maevis said that, Pauline suggested so.


「「「「Umu~mu~mu~mu…」」」」(Red Oath)


Then, after the four thinking hard for a while, Mile suddenly shouted.


「For the time being, we should have a social gathering!」(Mile)

「「「Social gathering?」」」(Rena’s Trio)

「Yes, the fundamental isn’t something we can do right now.
So, for the time being, I want to make the orphanage kids and the wandering kid get along, to avoid conflicts and becoming friends.
Even if they don’t have parents, it’s better to make them recognize each other as members who work hard for the future and create a sense of solidarity.
In short, sympathy and empathy.
This allows them to adjust and give way to each other’s interests, which in the future enables them to seek a path to coexistence …」(Mile)


Rena’s group was stunned with Mile’s explanation.


「Mi … Mile, you ate something bad, right?」(Rena)

「Did your body feel hot? Pauline, magical ice…」(Maevis)

「Ye… yes, right away」(Pauline)

As I said, I’m not an idiot, I don’t have a fever either!」(Mile)


The decision was made to hold a Social gathering for orphanage children and wandering children.




「Everyone, thank you for coming today!
Today, we will hold a great Friendship Social Gathering for orphanage children and wandering children in the capital city of Tyrus Kingdom!」(Mile)


Mile declared event name is something quite strange.
The free hunters who heard the rumor also came to see it,
There are some people in disguise and stealth came to see as well.


「There is enough food available, so, feel free to eat to your heart content.
And just eating will quickly fill up your stomach, so please talk with other people in various ways and try to exchange information and build personal connections.
I think it will be useful for your future!」(Mile)

(What would orphanage children and wandering children make personal connections for?
And what kind of information they could exchange? About what restaurant’s leftovers are delicious and when is the time they take out the garbage?) (People)


Those watching in the back felt that they had a headache and were rubbing their temples with their fingers.


This is the church of the capital city.
The orphanage is adjacent to the church, and its parent is the church.

After that, Mile’s group followed the orphanage children and explained to the director about the plans for the social gathering.

Mile explained the reasons for the event and the fact that the orphanage didn’t need to pay anything. The girls would prepare meals for the children to eat as much as possible.
Mile even told that she could rent the place if they demanded it.

As for the church,
First of all, this would be a good starting point for those who wouldn’t normally come to church to gather. They happily accepted Mile’s request.

With more space available than expected, Mile increased the size of the social gathering.
Yes, not only the wandering children group at that time but also any other wandering children they knew.

Needless to explain the purpose of the social gathering, the wandering children just need to know that they can eat to their heart content. The children, who worked hard to survive every day, would happily jump to such an opportunity.


The director of the orphanage and the church officials thought well about the event, which might earn grants and donations, aiming at the advertising effect.
No, they aren’t bad.
Everyone just worked on activities for the orphanage children’s sake.

And today…
The venue was packed with spectators and a crowd of children, who seem to be all wandering children of the city and orphanage children.


Then they ate.
Both the orphanage children and the wandering children ate.

They kept eating.
However, no matter how much they eat, they never run out of food.
As soon as the number of emptied dishes increased, other dishes full of food immediately appeared.
Seem to be “out of nowhere”


But no one believed that “Dishes appears out of nowhere”

Some hunters know about Mile’s storage magic, but even with the rare “storage magic”,
One does not simply put out Countless dishes full of food arranged neatly, not to mention the food is still warm like recently cooked.

And not only the amount, but also the taste is something that the children have never eaten even on festival days.

Even if Mile advised “Let’s talk, not just eat”, the children couldn’t stop until they were full.


「… Hey, Sir financial. Is that a rock lizard?」(Some minister or lord)

「Yes. It certainly is」(Financial official)

「And the other side is a whole roasted deer…
Did they plan to let the children eat the meal worth dozens-of-gold-coins?」(Some minister or lord)

「From what I count, they have spent more than a whole year of annual grants from the country to the orphanage just for today」(Financial official)


And when everyone was finally full and comfortable, Mile started talking again.


「Well, it’s time for a fun game」(Mile)


Yes, it’s not an event just to treat the children a meal and talking.

After all, for an event, it requires something fun and Mile will never forget it.
In other words, in her past life as Misato, she had missed both the school festival and district children gathering, but Mile could not miss this opportunity.

In any case, I wanted to do something fun that I planned. That’s it.


「Then, please enjoy, the Doll wrestling, or shortened as “Dollwres”!」(Mile)


And four dolls about 8 cm tall appeared on the stage.
According to Mile’s explanation that can be heard throughout the venue due to the application of wind magic, it seems these small golems called “doll”.

(Below is Mile’s story settings, don’t mistake it as the plot)

There is an organization trying to use this technology as a weapon of war
Disguised as a game, trying to develop technology,
They are trying to steal all doll technology from other countries.
And a heroine of justice stands up to break the plot.

The doll is activated by the owner’s voice command.


「Z-Ogre, fighto」(Pauline)

(Z like Z-Gundam?)

Mile Vol 5 Page 02

Enemy Ogre doll equipped with soldier equipment,
The power-oriented super-heavy class “Soldier Z-Ogre” step out.

「Go, Beast King Maru!」(Mile)

(T.N: Kemono-ou Maru like Ryujinmaru?)


The heroine of justice, Mile, controls a beast-kin doll, a speed-oriented lightweight class, “The Beast King Maru”

By making the beastkin an ally of justice, Mile aimed to improve the public view on the beastkin, especially Kemonomimi girls in the whole world.

Furthermore, each side has an assistant doll.
For the enemy, a fox tail, fox ears secretary-type doll, Zenio
Beast King Maru has a cat ear cat tail maid doll, Muruchi.


And the fierce battle that begins.

Force versus speed.
Destructive Power vs skillful Slash.

They attacked, damaged each other and consume “energy” (EN)

Then, between the battles, assist dolls Zenio and Muruchi repair the damaged parts and provide energy replenishment during the battle.

However, because of his lightweight, the beast king Maru suffers great damage, gradually deteriorates, and a crisis comes.

When people thought so, suddenly, a lightweight princess knight-shaped doll straddling a horse appeared, her name is “Cherry” (EN)

People thought she has no assist doll, but when “Cherry” descends from the horse,
The horse “Furious Speeder” transformed into a humanoid assistant doll.


「I knew about your good deed.
I’m here to help, Beast King Maru!」(Cherry)


Of course, The one who controls Cherry is Maevis.

In fact, Rena also wanted to do it, but Maevis clung to her and bet to get this role.
Maevis, who longs to be a knight, couldn’t afford to miss this role.

And then, a three-way battle with Cherry joining in.
The children are very excited.
Adults are stunned.

That’s no way around it.
They have never seen such a thing.
And the first story introduction, “An organization trying to use this technology as a weapon of war”

So, if these dolls were made with human-sized.
No, if they could make it bigger, about the size of a rock golem.
And if it really used for war.

Unpleasant sweat was flowing on the cheek of the stealthy guests.


These dolls are moving as human commanded them,
Their true identity was, of course, “independent control by nanomachines”.

By advance order by Mile, they will listen to the order of the designated person, Move as directed for what is acceptable,
It’s a form of “temporary delegation of authority” with the condition.

And of course, Mile has talked closely with the nanomachines and has done detailed checks and adjustments in advance.


Mile has always tried to avoid relying on nanomachines as much as possible in her daily life and as a hunter.
However, shouldn’t a temporary play be fine?
She thought so.

She doesn’t use it for private work but cheering the children’s heart, then isn’t it fine?
That’s it.

And the nanomachines agreed to it.
It’s been a long time since they have “something interesting”. It was great excitement.
And this event seems to be fully relayed to the whole world through the nanomachine network.


「Why did you oppose me, Beast King Maru?」(Z-Ogre)

「Why? You ask?
I don’t need a reason to do justice!
Let me ask you back. Why did you keep doing evil things?」(Maru)


Of course, the doll’s dialog is spoken by the operators Pauline and Mile.


「Fuhaha, then, I will return the same words to you.
Do we need any reason to do something evil?
Well, if I must put it into words,
Because it’s fun, don’t you know it?
It’s fun to count the gold coins I collect!」(Z-Ogre)


There’s no one better at evil role than Pauline


「Both gold coins and human lives are only meaningful if used properly!
Is it worth to live a meaningless life with your gold coins?
Look in awe, my burning life!」(Cherry)


Not only the children but also the adults are excited about the three-way fierce battle with the princess knight Cherry’s dialogue!
Even this is an event for children, the adults forget that they are just spectators and join cheering with the children.

The fierce battle continued on stage and Mile was wondering if it was time to settle, then…


Gashi~i!  (SFX)
Poro~ri (SFX)


「「「「Ah…」」」」(Red Oath)


Z-Ogre’s sword hit the chest armor of Princess Knight Cherry, and the armor came off.
And the Cheery’s chest was bare.
Nothing was worn on the exposed chest.
No underwear, nothing.

And, for some reason, it was made with detail precision.
Adults are stunned with their eyes wide open while the boys are staring.
And the girls step on the boys’ foot.


「She became “Bra-less”!
This is it, the match is over!」(Mile)


No, it’s quite different from the bra on the modern earth,
For now, there is also a breast-clothes in this world,
Mile called it “bra” only in her heart,
In a panic, she used that word involuntarily.

Although the doll was made strangely precise, Mile didn’t include a breast-clothes on the Female figure doll.
She couldn’t think that far.

And even if it’s a doll, it’s not good for educating children if it’s fighting half-naked.
So, Mile forced to stop without finishing the fight.
Not to mention, Mile borrowed the name of the church and orphanage to make this event, she couldn’t show such an educationally problematic show.




Maevis, whose climax scene time got cut halfway, screamed in grief but Mile ignored.
In a hurry, Mile issued an order to withdraw the “temporary delegation of authority”, collected all the dolls and stored in the storage.
Of course, the nanomachines that were in charge of these have left before that.

Meanwhile, Mile was going to hold a comfort and reflection meeting with the nanomachines who attended this time tomorrow.

No, because Mile was just sitting and closing her eyes to talk with nanomachines in her head,
From the outside, it looks like Mile is just dozing.

Actually, besides the nanomachines that always sticking to Mile’s hair,
This is a rare opportunity for other nanomachines to interact directly with Mile,
The nanomachines are delighted.


And after that, the social gathering ended as sloppy.
No, it wasn’t a failure.
On the contrary, it could be a big success.

After that, an adult, who came to observe the event, went up to the stage,
Commanded with a scary face that everyone should never tell anyone about what they have seen today,
That “Dollwres” was a secret only to those who were there.

As for the children, they want to talk about that amazing show,
However, the only people they can talk to are other orphanage children and wandering children.
As a result, they shared secrets, friendship, and solidarity.
Unexpectedly, Mile’s purpose was fully achieved.

As for some rich people who came to see,
They were surprised by the tremendous financial and technical power behind the orphanage. And they increased donations as they hope that one day they can have a connection to the girls through the orphanage.

The state has also increased its subsidies, they can’t accept the fact that state support is inferior to civilian support.
Of course, it included an appeal to Red Oath, but Mile’s group didn’t notice it.

After that, the messenger from the “Spectators of incognito” appeared, they asked the girls a lot about those “Doll”.
But all of the answer they could get from the girls are just:
“It was found at a site in a distant country”,
“I don’t know how it works”,
“It will not move unless it’s within 10 meters of the controller”,
“It only responds to the instructions of the person who first ordered it”,
“It is no longer possible to change the controller”,
“A certain magic researcher has asked to borrow one of those dolls, and the next day, his Atelier was blown away by an explosion”, etc.
The messenger gave up and went home.


And one day after a while.
While the Mile’s group was walking on the main street, they met the wandering children at that time.


「You’re looking healthy.
What about your work?」(Mile)

When Mile asked them, the children happily replied.


「We are doing well.
It seems that the city has increased their subsidies and donations to the Orphanage to make their lives easier.
Because of that, they stopped doing odd jobs in the city.
Well, it seems to be difficult to get rid of those who are trying to make us work in bad conditions or border-line crime work.
But we also don’t do these kinds of work anymore…」(Child)

「「「「Eh….」」」」」(Red Oath)


What a turn of event.
Red Oath can’t hide their surprise in the changing situation.


「How… how did that happen?」(Mile)


When Mile asked in surprise, the child also replied in surprise as well.


「What are you talking about?
Everything happened all thanks to the gathering party that you made for us.
The orphanage’s grants and donations suddenly increase after that.
The adults who attended that party must have done various things hoping for something.
As for us, without the help of people,
We must earn trust and ability as a hunter with our own power,
We go harvesting and hunting outdoors, we can do things like defeat small monsters.
…Well, it’s not just our power, but thanks to An-chan (Big Bro) and the benefactor lady」(Child)


The girls don’t know who is this “An-chan” or “benefactor lady”.
Apparently, there are people in this city who are helping wandering children.

Is it okay (善きかな)? 
Is it good (善きかな)…


* * *


The wandering children returned to the abandoned house and reported to An-chan.


「I just met “benefactor lady”(Child)

「I see (Sou~ka)」(Vail)

「As always, she looked cheerful.
Well, I can’t imagine that person isn’t cheerful」(Child)

「I see (Sou~ka)」(Vail)

「What’s with that “I see, I see”.
Is it okay? Without having to meet her and talk.
Even though she was coming to visit the other day, you hid and went home without any notice.
If you keep this up, she will be taken by another man!」(Child)

「I see (Sou~ka)
…Then, it’s a bit painful」(Vail)

「As I said, hurry up and talk to her」(Child)


The young man called “An-chan” smiled bitterly at the boy who hurriedly said that.


「Not yet.
I still don’t have that qualification.
I need to be a better man …」(Vail)

「Again? How long do you plan to keep doing this?」(Child)

「It’s good to be patient.
It’s like a saying “essence” in her country」(Vail)


「Yes, “essence”」(Vail)

「I don’t know anymore…」(Child)


The young man heard it and just laughed.


And unaware by Mile, that event was called with the name “Bra-Wres”.

Mile certainly has described it first as “Doll Wrestling” aka “Doll-Wres”.

But apparently, the last word that Mile shouted: “She became Bra-less!”
leave a stronger impression.

What saved Mile was that this name was only known to a few people,
It disappeared into the darkness of history gently, and it ended without Mile knowing that fact …


Mile Misato Thank you

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Mile Vol 5 Page 02


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