Taru Chapter 43-44

Taru Vol 2
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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  19 chapters.

Cathia: 22 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 27 Chapters (series ends after 63 chapters / chapter 270)

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T.N: Taru’s sister’s name is “Shinki”, her in-game name is shortened to “Shin”

Chapter 43: Sister and comrades (Ane and Nakama)



「Shin-nee… thank you for helping us」(Taru)


Anyway, I would like to thank my sister for helping me out against Wolf and Viking’s aggressive clan recruitment of The Lone Wolf.


「Thank you is unnecessary.
Taru is my brother after all」(Shin)


She lightly replied. It’s no surprise that my sister helps me out.
I looked at my sister, hearing her casual remark, and what stuck in my chest melted away.
My elder sister was dignified and encouraging as usual.
Even though I was relieved to look at her like that, in my head I thought I’m a siscon.


I’m worried about that character bug …
I’m worried that you are the rumored girl who has been acting with the sage Misora」(Shin)

「That is…」(Taru)


As expected, my sister has heard about it.
Did she know that Misora and I were walking Michael Angelo?


「Taru doesn’t seem to know.
For the “Fairy Ball” held in each city, why is my clan
Do you understand why will my clan be attending Michael Angelo’s ball?」(Shin)



That… I don’t know.
From what she said, I understand that she will not go anywhere because she will attend Michael Angelo’s Ball,
But I don’t understand what the reason is.

After looking at me, my sister realized that I didn’t understand, and sighed. Then she explained in a breezy way.


「Michael Angelo’s “Fairy Ball” is where only first-class Clans come.
The so-called strong players who are playing at the forefront gather」(Shin)

「Why did they gather at the beginning city?」(Taru)

「Because it’s the beginning city」(Shin)


My sister has a serious face and explains my doubts.


「With this announcement, [Fairy Ball] will be held,
We have been told that the ruler of the city would be released.
In other words, we might be able to meet the NPC that controls Michael Angelo」(Shin)

「But what about other cities?
Why do first-class clans stick to Michelangelo?
The frontline city seems to be more fruitful in many ways …」(Taru)

「Do you know that a clan who has control of a city can enjoy various benefits for that city?」(Shin)


Surely, Kouya told me that the Controlling Clan could change the tax rate of “Prize and Auction”, which is also a player bazaar.


「Tax revenue for “Prize and Auction”?」(Taru)

「Not only that, but yes.
From that point of view, Michael Angelo is a delicious city」(Shin)


Is that so?


「Clan-Clan is a game just launched.
The population is concentrated in the early town.
In other words, more players use Michael Angelo’s “Prize and Auction” than any other city.
Certainly, weapons and armor traded in the forefront cities are traded at a higher price than any city, so the tax revenue on a stand-alone basis may be higher.
But it’s only used by first-class players, the number of exhibitions is small.
People rarely buy them because they are expensive」(Shin)


So, the Clan, who controls Michael Angelo, is one financial step ahead of the others.


「And the initial city is a city that has been used by all players who play this game Clan-Clan.
Everyone will know the name of Clan, who ruled the city.
Their fame will be useful to recruit Clan’s members.
Also, they have more chance to scout remarkable mercenary before the other clans get them.」(Shin)

「I see…
Overall, the advantage of Clan controlling Michael Angelo is great」(Taru)


My sister nodded.


「Something like that.
And Michael Angelo is the biggest city at the moment.
I don’t know what other people think but some of our mercenary members were motivated by the ridiculous title like “The ruler of the biggest city?”(Shin)


True, the pioneering city of Michael Angelo is vast.
At present, including the unopened castle section, it will be even larger.


「That’s why, Taru」(Shin)


My sister blocks my thoughts, call me in a cold, low voice.

「The venue of “Fairy Ball”, it’s an area controlled by the ruling class of each city」(Shin)

「I think there was such an announcement …」(Taru)

「In order to dominate the pioneering city, Michael Angelo, we have to face its ruler.
And now, we have a chance to face the current Michael Angelo’s ruler」(Shin)


My sister laughs like a brutal hunter found prey.


「I have no choice but to go」(Shin)

「Shin-nee is scary…」(Taru)


As she heard that, she glared at me.
Then, my sister’s facial expression is slightly changed.
It’s my first time to see my older sister looking like this, and I feel a little strange.
What is this reaction?


「Shin-san, don’t scare the small Imouto-san」(Man 1)

「Shin-san don’t even hear us, who are from the same Clan.
It’s harder to say」(Man 2)

「You little」(Shin)


Contrary to my doubts, a burst of pleasant laughter rose behind us.
My sister’s companions were listening to our conversion and hanging out on each other’s shoulders.

Mina is shrunk between those two people.

O~tto (Opps)

I was so obsessed with talking about my sister that I had forgotten the three of them. Then I rushed to my sister’s comrades (Nakama).




Raised one hand to respond to the call of my sister,
I turn to my sister’s comrades again.


「Thank you very much for helping us」(Taru)


Bow down and thank the two uncle players.
My elder sister’s comrades.

Then I casually grabbed Mina’s hand and nodded to her “It’s alright”.
She imitated me and bowed as well.


「Thank you very much」(Mina)


As Mina thanked them, the two uncle players laughed happily.


「My sister has been in your care.
From now on, please continue taking care of my sister」(Taru)



Then… was something wrong?
My older sister’s comrades, who happily chatting before, went quiet,
They were looking seriously at me and Mina.

I beckon my head asking them quietly.


「Uhm, what happened?」(Taru)


In response to my question, the two straightened their backs and began to scratch their heads.
With a red face.


「No no. Young miss (Jou-chan), don’t need to ask」(Man 1)

「Leave Shin-san to us.」(Man 2)


The (Ossan) uncles answered fidgetily,
I wondered why they kept moving strangely with their arms crossed,
Then, my sister stood up behind staring at them.


「It’s me who took care of you two」(Shin)

「Hi~i~i」(Man 1)

「Fu~u」(Man 2)


Turning around and seeing my sister’s face, the two responded in a surprise.


「… Well, well, just this time only.
Thank you for your cooperation…」(Shin)


My older sister thanks them in a small voice without looking at them.
The two relax their cheeks.


「 As expected, I’m still in Shin’s faction (religion).」(Man 1)

「My resolve has never shaken for a moment. (Man 2)
Unlike you.」

「Hey, you.
You just got embarrassed before the Young silver hair miss.」(Man 1)

「The same to you.」(Man 2)

「What!? You two be quiet」(Shin)


Look at my older sister who is dismissing the two uncles who start a quarrel.
Surrounded by two noisy people, my sister is laughing.

Surely, they seemed to be trustworthy companions for my sister, and she was really enjoying Clan-Clan.

Looking at these three people naturally makes me smile.
I’m glad, sister.

Suddenly, my eyes meet my sister.
My sister’s narrow eyes were slowly dropped into my hand connected to Mina.


『Get along well』(Shin)


I could hear my sister’s voice suddenly in my ear,
My body reacted unexpectedly but I managed to endure it.

I thought she was talking but it was actually a “Friend Call”.
And my sister had a warm smile looking at me.




with my sister’s suggestion that there might be a danger like just now,
My sister and her comrades escort me and Mina back to Michael Angelo.

It’s about evening in Clan-Clan world when we arrived,
The sun was slowly starting to tilt west.
Speaking of which, the reality is almost evening as well.

When thinking about such a thing…


「Rather than that
Taru, do you fully understand that appearance?」(Shin)

「This figure?」(Taru)


Around the beginning of the meadow, my sister asked about my character.


「that’s right… honestly,
You can tell from Tom and Jerry’s reaction when Taru thanked them earlier, right?」(Shin)


My sister’s comrades are standing behind her.
She points to Tom and Jerry with just her gaze.

By the way, they look like they are characters in their forties, but they are apparently in their twenties.

When I asked why they created such characters, they both answered, “Speaking of mercenaries, you should limit yourself to a middle-age man (with silly antics?)”
Regardless of how they look, their behavior and attitude aren’t bad, they’re happily talking.

For some reason, my sister sent a sharp glance to them, and Mina gave them a poisonous look “Lorigon”.


「Taru’s characters are really noticeable.
Especially when such rumors are still flowing this time」(Shin)

「As expected. It’s about Misora」(Taru)

「First-class Clans are coming together to dominate Michael Angelo, the most vibrant city right now.
In such a whirlpool, there are rumors about Taru has a connection with the sage Misora. They won’t leave you alone」(Shin)



Just like my sister said, aggressive people like “Lone Wolf” might target me in the future.

In addition, players may come to know about the fairies and try to use their power in a brute force manner.
When that happens, my position between the fairy and human would be very difficult.

Understand that, my stomach was sharply painful.


「Something like that.
But strangely, there are fewer players targeting Taru than I expected」(Shin)

「Is that so?」(Taru)

「This is also speculation and facts…
It seems that certain players are uniting and protecting Taru from harm.
Do you know anything?」(Shin)


what’s that?
What’s going on in my ignorance?

Did Kouya and Yuuki do something?


「A player with a strange samurai tone plays the central role, something like a campaign to protect Taru has started somehow」(Shin)


Wha… what’s that?!


「Is that true, Shin-nee」(Taru)

「I don’t know for sure because I don’t meet them yet.
Various rumors begin to appear before online game updates and events, maybe something like a Gaseneta (Black Propaganda)」(Shin)

「I… I see (Sou~ka)… Thank you for the information, sister」(Taru)


My sister is still my sister.
She has always been worried about me.

Hearing the rumor about a Player similar to me, it’s no wonder that she was pretty worried.
She didn’t ask any information about the Sage Misora,
Above all, she was focused on my safety.

Even with such a kind older sister.
I still haven’t yet reported that my body in real life has changed, the same as this game character.

I look at my character again with a depressing feeling.

Small body.
Long-haired silver thread flowing behind my head.
Pale azure glow with fine particles.

Some lights drifted in front of my sister fluffy, and it disappeared before it touched.

From what my sister told me,
Even if I don’t want her to worry about me, she still comes.
That’s why she was so worried even in the game,

I can’t tell that I have become like this even in real life.
How worried would she be?

My heart is full of anxiety, suspicion, and apologies.




Maybe that’s why
I didn’t notice my sister was looking at me.


「Did you still use that sword?」(Shin)


My sister points to the weapon she gave me during the first battle in Clan-Clan.
“Kodachi: Impure Evening”.
I suddenly remember that I could easily defeat the slime by changing the equipment.

It’s still a few days ago and it’s still really useful to me.


「This is easy to use」(Taru)

「Is that so? In that case, it’s fine.
Speaking of which, Taru, do you remember the words when I gave it?」(Shin)


When my sister asked that strange question, a little cold wind blew.
My older sister puts her jet-black bangs on her ears and faces me again.




My little questioning reply is blocked by the sound of the swaying grass leaves.
The setting sun casts a shadow on her sister and she can’t hear me.


「Look, Taru was grateful even I didn’t mind, right?」(Shin)

「Ah… uhm…?」(Taru)


Certainly, when I got the “Kodachi: Impure Evening”, it seemed like I did say that.


「I told you.
“You don’t have to worry, I will take a reasonable price for it later”(Shin)

「Eh… Ah, uhm…」(Taru)


Speaking of which, I had a bad feeling about it back then.
… No way, big sister.

Do you ask me for the price now?!

For me who is afraid of what is required,
My sister turned her face only forward and kept talking casually.


「I’m glad that you still don’t forget」(Shin)


My sister walks in front of me determinedly, I also speed up walking.
I’m just a little worried about what my sister is thinking.


「Taru doesn’t need to worry.
When Taru grows up, big sister will take back a lot」(Shin)


Somehow, my sister’s voice was full of tenderness.


「If you need anything, just tell me, I’m your big sister after all」(Shin)


My sister’s words.
The feeling of guilt that I was worried about my sister was easily wiped away.


「 Isn’t this what siblings often do?」(Shin)


While saying so, my big sister stroke my head.
Her palm is really warm.
Unexpectedly, the back of my nose was slick.
You are sly, big sister …


「 Honestly, I’m just taking care of my little brother」(Shin)


My sister peeked at me from the side.
She was bathed in the sunset from the west and had a soft smile.

The warm orange wraps around us.




「Tenshi-sama, this is delicious」(Mina)


At the time when we parted in Micheal Angelo, I told my sister that I have something important that I want to talk about and ask her if she can meet me in person.
She told me she could make time after the event “Fairy Ball” is over and promised to come home.

It’s the result of thinking that I’d better meet her in real life and explain my real situation.

To be honest, I am afraid of my sister’s reaction, but I believe it will be okay.
After knowing it, nothing should change.

I touch my head where the warmth of my sister’s hands still remains
While rubbing, I’m looking at Mina sitting in the opposite seat.

Her small lips are drinking “Cloudy and sunny juice” satisfactorily through the straw

After breaking up with my sister, I and Mina visited “Intriguing Cloud Flower Tea room”.
The owner, Nyuudou-san, greeted us “Ooh, it’s been a long time.”

Yes, this is a restaurant with delicious food that I visited when I dated Misora-san before.


「Tenshi-sama, you don’t drink?」(Mina)

「A… Ah. I will drink」(Taru)


Comfortable citrus fine carbonic acid flows down my throat refreshingly.
Relievedly, Mina talks


「Somehow, I feel like the load on my shoulder has just dropped a little」(Mina)


At that time, a “Friend Chat” came from the Anon-san.


『Taru-shi… I’m sorry for the bother but I have a request』(Anon’s message)


While wondering, I respond to Anon-san who seems apologetic.


『A request, isn’t it? What do you need?
If I can help, please do not hesitate to tell me』(Taru’s message)


I couldn’t tell if this “Friend Chat” was a clear day or a dark cloud.
However, in any case, I felt like there was a storm.
As if the summer climate was never calm,
Even on a clear day, the terrible heat and a dark cloud can be a horrible thunderstorm.

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Chapter 44: Okama, priestess and peaceful days ★



『Actually…, we don’t have enough “Skeleton Dark Gray”(Anon’s message)


Anon-san’s request is actually nothing.
She tried to dye Mina’s dress with the material I gave her, the “Skeleton Dark Gray” dye, but apparently, she has failed.
As a result, the only piece of dye that I gave her was gone.
She needed more “Skeleton Dark Gray”.


『I’m really sorry…』(Anon’s message)


Anon-san’s voice coming from her “Friend Message” seems to be severely depressed and has no ambition.
But for me, Transparent Gray Dark is an affordable material that can be harvested from a skeleton.
To craft the color, I need the “Ink” which costs 100 Eso.
But since “Jade Tear +2” was sold in “Prize and Auction”, I can afford some more.


『Everything is fine!
Let me take care of that』(Taru’s message)


My Alchemy is always about failure.
I’m a little glad that both sewing and Anon-san also make mistakes sometimes.
Or I will want to make a rant.


『I will give you any number!
I will make a lot of “Skeleton Dark Gray” until Anon-san is satisfied!』(Taru’s message)


I decided to do a skeleton hunting and photoshoot at “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard” with me and Mina. I made about 20 paints with a full smile for the depressed Anon-san.

The skeletons who have been hunted and their souls have been sealed into photos.
Namu (T.N: Buddhist version of “amen” prayer)


「Taru-shi … Is it okay to get such a great number?」(Anon)

「of course!
I’m looking forward to Anon-san’s dyeing work.
For that purpose, I and Mina will prepare any number.
Right, Mina?」(Taru)


I also got unexpected loots.


「Yes, Tenshi-sama.
All thanks to Tenshi-sama.
A… Anon-san, best regards (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu)」(Mina)

「Mina also helped me a lot.
Because you helped me, I could collect it smoothly」(Taru)

「Tenshi-sama did almost everything」(Mina)


Anon-san may feel sorry for the number of dyes I give her,
So, Mina and I try to soften that feeling, telling her that they are cheap.


「U~uu… Taru-shi and Mina-shi’s hearts are so beautiful.
I will make the dress not inferior to your friendship,
No, I’ll definitely show you more than that」(Anon)


Leaving strange words, Anon-san broke up with us dashingly.
Looking at the back of Anon-san, who is moving away with great enthusiasm, I realize that I have to try various things at George’s shop in order to master alchemy.


「Alright, Mina.
Let’s start alchemy」(Taru)



On the way to the Art shop, I ponder about the loot.

For the skeleton photo session this time, an unexpected harvest has fallen into our hands.
It was on the way back from the “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard”, crossing the “Beginning Prairie”.

A brown pig appeared.
Its name isn’t boar.
He had two small tusks, about five centimeters in diameter.

According to Mina, this pig, which is about one meter long and tall, is a monster named “Ino Butappi”

Speaking of “Beginning Prairie”, it’s the slime territory, the prey for beginners, but sometimes an “Ino Butappi” pops out.
It has more than 10 times the experience value of the slime, and it seems to be a target for growth.
If novice players found it, they would jump right in.

For this reason, it’s a monster that couldn’t be seen at all since they were uprooted by players around Michael Angelo in recent days since the Clan-Clan service started.

Eating the grass leisurely seems to be the habit of “Ino Butappi”.

Although it’s not a rare monster, now that I encountered it, I shot them with my “Antique Camera” and fought it.

In response to my attack, “Ino Butappi” becomes “Pippi~i~i!” screamed the pig. Its black eyes turn into an angry form and repeating a monotonous rush attack.

When this pig gets angry, his body seems to be dyed in pink,
I was a little confused by the illusion that a pig rushed at me.

The attack of “Ino Butappi” has incomprehensible cuteness.
But Mina and I will dodge it, hitting it from the side without difficulty and defeating it.

Then you know what?

As expected, I was able to get a photo that could make a new color.
In addition, I could take the picture when his skin turned pink,
Depend on the condition of the monster when I take the picture, the color of the photo might change.
After angering the next encounter “Ino Butappi”, I took a shot with “Antique Camera” and defeat it, I was able to get a photo that could extract an unexpected color.

That is the booty this time.


「 As expected, alchemy is profound…」(Taru)


Arrived at Art ’s shop Skill ☆ George, getting various colors, naturally, I’m in awe
of nature and alchemy.


「Tenshi-sama… You spend time in Art’s shop Skill☆George too much. His eyes are poisonous to your body」(Mina)


For a moment, Mina glances at the Okama and becomes anxious




George responds to Mina.

I’m immersed in alchemy and Mina is watching over me.
Okama looking at us from the counter.
This is becoming our routine every day.


「It’s Alright Mina.
And since we’re in a safe zone, we can relax」(Taru)

「Well… If Tenshi-sama says so」(Mina)


For the next few days, sage Misora will come.
I have to be very careful with the other players as I’m working with Mina, but nothing happened so far.

Precisely, I predict that Wolf and Viking of “Lone Wolf” will target us again,
So whenever I’m at Michael Angelo, I prefer staying around the Police God Soldiers (Deus).
But there’s no sign of them showing their face.

(T.N: Yes, Police / Keisatsu is in the raw)

So, I often go to George’s shop,
I repeated trial and error to see if I could create new paints by alchemy.


“Skeleton Dark Gray” taken from a skeleton.

“Fluffy Leaf Green” taken from Mofu-usa.

In addition, “Puni Blue” which captured from the slime, the weakest monster appearing in “Beginning Prairie”.


“Gentle Brown” taken during normal times for “Ino Butappi”


and “Scarlet” taken when angry.

I tried alchemy on all these materials and successfully created some new items.

Color or paint using can be divided into 2 types.

The first type is “synthesis”
Combine with materials or items to add color.
And new materials or items will be completed.

For example, if the material was “Stone” オールドストーン_画像 and “Puni Blue”中和剤・青-1_画像, a new material called “Blue Stone”Taru  was born.

It was more resilient and blue than normal “Stone”.


By coloring in this way, completely new materials could be created.

Based on these, the possibility of item generation further expands,
I’m currently researching whether I can create new things that can be used as materials for weapons and armor.

As for the items 漆黒の星の石-1_画像“Smoke Bomb” and 中和剤・緑_画像“Fluffy Leaf Green”, they combined into a new item 冷風機関-1_画像“Fluffy Moku Bomb”
This is a very interesting item, and I want to use it quickly.
Honestly, it’s crazy.


The second use of color is “painting”.
Using the dedicated equipment, “Shooting brush”
I can add various effects.


This “Shooting brush” is a simple brush with a length of 30 cm,
This is a great thing to color my equipment and add various effects.


“Shooting brush (Small)”
Equipment condition: INT(100)  ATK(1) MP(20)
Rarity: 1
Status: “Color Bonus”, “Direct Coating” [F] “Fly coating” [G]
Range: 3 meters


Although it’s a piece of cheap equipment sold at a low price of 500 Eso at a store managed by the NPC in the city,
You need 100 INT, the so-called garbage status in the equipment conditions,
Since players don’t take Alchemy, they have no use for INT not they can get essential Color paint to give effect.
There was no one buy it before.

But not now.
At least, once in my hand, this can be a great weapon.

First of all, how to use this brush,
Take out the “color” I want to use from the item storage,
Put the tip of the brush in the bottle until the tip is stained with that “color”.
Then I can apply the “color” directly to the equipment with a “Direct Paint” or a “Fly Paint”
This gives a “color” effect to weapons and armor.

“Direct Paint” is a method in which the brush tip directly touches the equipment to apply color.

As for “Fly Paint”, when I point the tip of the brush, the “color” pointer will appear if it’s within the range.
In the case of my “Shooting brush (small)”, the range is written as 3 meters, so the pointer will surely appear up to 3 meters.

When I use “Puni Blue”, a blue dot appears.
I aim at the pointer, shake the brush in line with the equipment (target)
And if it hits successfully, I can add the effect of “Puni Blue”.

By the way, if I remove it from the target, the used “color” will disappear.
It’s pretty severe.

Also, as shown in the item of status color bonus, it seems that “Direct Paint” has a higher “color” effect bonus and “Fly Paint” has a lower effect bonus.

Needless to say, the other day’s encounter with “Lone Wolf” left us worried that we wouldn’t know what would happen at the “Fairy Ball”.
Then I came to the idea that I wanted to do everything I could,
I tried alchemy thoroughly and eventually became the driving force behind the creation of various items.

The problem was the handling of colors extracted from light.

Alchemy colors that can be taken from monsters are low in cost and easy to obtain, so there were many opportunities to experiment variously.
However, the color extracted from light is very rare, I still don’t figure it out.

I also wanted to use “Lot Scarlet” [Bar] [Small] absorbed by “Mysterious Magic Mirror” for alchemy,
But I didn’t use it because I couldn’t get it again.

I missed the chance to harvest at the “Shallow Dreaming Graveyard” because I couldn’t meet at dusk in a timely manner.
Also, I couldn’t find a compatible material in “Synthesis”, so I decided to turn it into money rather than letting it disappear as experimental material.

It was the first existing metal, so once again the monopoly market was good. I set it to 5,000 Eso with bullish pricing, it was sold immediately.
I was also trying to make it part of Mina’s dress but I couldn’t hear anything Anon-san, I didn’t even know if dress was completed.


So we are steadily preparing for the “Fairy Ball”
On that day we will have the cooperation of Yuuki and Kouya,
In addition, I was able to generate items that are inextricably compatible with Mina.

Joy and discovery, calm days with Okama and the loli priestess

Three days passed quickly. It’s finally the “Fairy Ball” day.




“Fairy Ball” day.

It’s Sunday in real life so that everyone can easier join.
I log into Clan-Clan at the usual Art’s Shop Skill*George.


「Yahoo, Tenshi-chan☆」(George)

「Good morning, Tenshi-sama」(Mina)


I logged in 10 minutes before the promised time, but they seemed to have logged in before me and waited.

Excited Okama and fidgeting blonde loli priestess.
They are a mismatched pair, but they are my companion for the ball today.


「Both of you already logged in」(Taru)


To be honest, I’m very excited, but I greet George and Mina with a very calm attitude.
Unlike George, the Okama went *Kya~kya* frolic and crazy.


I can’t stay calm!
The ball will finally begin today!
It’s time to start searching for a wonderful Husband candidate!」(George)

「I can’t wait to meet Tenshi-sama」(Mina)


The current time is 1:00 pm.

The event “Fairy Ball” will be held twice a day at 2:00 pm and 10:00 pm in each town and city.
The period is two weeks, and you can visit as many times as you like during that time.
It has been announced that it is an event to deepen fellowship with a new player.


「Fairy ball ♪
I wonder what will happen?
Good guys gather together!?」(George)

「Mina is very happy to be able to go with Tenshi-sama」(Mina)


George’s tension is MAX,
Mina is just as usual.

On the contrary, I’m a little worried.
After all, there’s still no report from Anon-san that the Dress has been completed.


「Mina… As expected, going today is…」(Taru)


It will be too late to attend if we keep waiting for Anon-san’s report.
This is a long-awaited ball, it’s more fun to dress up,
When I proposed to stop going today.

A bell, which shouldn’t ring because George closed the shop, rang from the entrance.
The pleasantly dry sound focuses our gaze on the colored glass doors.

Maybe Anon-san!
With such expectations, we turn your eyes.


「Yaa~yoo, Taru-chan, and Taru-chan’s friends(Misora)


A beautiful girl wearing a sharp-pointed hat has entered the store so as if to completely hide her clear sky-blue hair.

It was Sage Misora who opened the door to Art’s Shop Skill ☆ George.

Taru Vol 2
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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  19 chapters.

Cathia: 22 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 27 Chapters (series ends after 63 chapters / chapter 270)

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  1. Thanks for the chapters!

    The fairy ball is about to start and Mina’s dress is still not ready, and with Misora entering the shop like that it feels like something important is about to happen.


  2. Thanks for the chapter
    I can’t wait for the Ball battle’s
    Even though I still amaze how slow the story is


  3. Mc make her own grave. She is walking in dangerous path. Can’t wait to see sister and friend anger. Thx for chapter, but please let this pitiful creatur no please master give me more pf these drugs


  4. How worry would she be? –> How worried would she be?

    She told me she could make time after the even “Fairy Ball” is over and promised to come home.===> She told me she could make time after the event “Fairy Ball” is over and promised to come home.

    Thanks for the chapters


  5. Thank you for the chapter!
    Um, I wonder if you could add a picture of Misora here too? That would be nice to see her immediately after she already in the story.


    • Translator here.
      All I need is helping me fixing grammar mistake, typo or suggesting change to local word to make my translation look smoother.
      For example, US often use “bucks” instead of “dollar”


  6. Good job translating so far, I’m really enjoying it, but, is there any good way to read the Light novel in english? I can’t read japanese but it seems the light novel is ahead of the wn from the images you posted from volume 2.


  7. No one:

    Me: M~O~R~E~!!!!

    the time: 1:36 (not rn but when I finished this chapter)

    A certain translator sleeping somewhere: HUH!!! oh right work.


  8. When do you think the next chapter is going to be released? (approximately)

    Does Batch mean everything in one go, or what?


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