Mile Chapter 364: Departure Strategy 7

Mile Vol 11 6
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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  19 => 18 chapters.

Cathia: 24 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 27 Chapters (series ends after 63 chapters / chapter 270)

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T.N: Sigh. Mood dropped. Only 7 chapters. Now we must wait until chapter 417.

Mile Chapter 364: Departure Strategy 7



「What did you say?!
They killed three orcs instantly.
For real?!」(GM)

「Why would we bother to lie to the Guild Master? You should know the consequence better than anyone…」(Mana’s Drop)

「…my bad」(GM)


After completing the request and separating from “Wonder Three”, the members of “Mana’s Drop” came to report to the guild master.

Realizing his words was a little rude to those who came to the report with great care.
Guild Master thought so honestly and apologized.

… Of course, “Mana’s Drop” invited the “Wonder Three” to dinner after completing the request, but the girls refused with “If we have a congratulation party with this amount of money, you won’t be able to save any money!”


「But were their magic really comparable to rank B?
Because all three of them are…
They said that they are just C rank!
Moreover, they almost have no practical experience…」(GM)

「Their magic is unusually fast, powerful, and highly accurate without chanting.
Their combination had perfect timing, their magics didn’t overlap even though they didn’t have any pre-arrange.
A calm judgment that doesn’t show anxious or hesitant.
…I think the result would probably the same even if they fought again Ogres.
When registering as a hunter for a skip rank, I think their examiner must have been thinking a lot. That’s why he didn’t register those minor girls who had no experience in combat as C rank but as D rank.
And, just like the girls said, it has been about two or three years since the girls specialized in escorting high-ranking children, earning merit points, clearing the minimum number of years, and raising their rank without any experience of fighting monsters.
That’s what they mean …
And Dragon species is strong from the beginning even if it has no actual battle experience…(Mana’s Drop)



At the time of hunter registration.

In other words, the girls were strong from the beginning.
Comparable to rank B …

So it doesn’t matter if the girls have very little practical experience.
Even without any experience, the girls were originally strong …

So what they said is really true,
“I’m newbies when it comes to Orc and Ogre hunting, I think it’s easy to win but just in case, I just wanted to join another hunter party with Vanguard.”
“Just in case”, yes “just in case.”


「Ahaha… (broken laugh)
Ahahahahaha … (broken laugh)
It was really unnecessary care…
With what I did, it’s no wonder they were in a bad mood…(GM)


The Guild Master finally understands everything and shrugs his shoulders.


「I finally understand!
But why there are two such spooky girl hunter parties?!」(GM)


* * *


One week later.


“Wonder Three” received a day-trip request and was working on the oak and the ogre.


「…Somehow, I didn’t see Adele-san at all ~aimasen ~wa ~ne」(Marcella)

We changed the time to take orders, completion reports, material sales, etc. to normal time, crowded time, or a vacant time…」(Monica)

「We also moved around the inn where Adele-chan could choose …」(Orianna)

「I wonder if she is away from town on a long-term request ~no ~kashira…」(Marcella)


The girls thought they could meet soon but they couldn’t meet Adele.
Marcella’s trio, who had been waiting for a natural encounter, was indeed impatient.
They are at their limit. They have been really looking forward to meet Adele.
Finally, Marcela made the decision.


「Shall we ask the receptionist then?」(Marcella)

Kokuri* (SFX)


Oriana and Monica nodded.


「Pardon me, I heard that there is a female hunter party called “Red Oath” in this town…」(Marcella)

(Ita~ ita~……) (Receptionist) (T.N: it came, it came)

「Yes, they belong to this branch」(Receptionist)


The receptionist, who was asked by Marcella, answered the question she had expected, without any surprises.

A “C rank girl-only party with extraordinary talent” isn’t average (ordinary) at all.
And it doesn’t seem accidental that two parties would appear in the same place at the same time.

……They must have the same.

Comrade or related person.

People couldn’t help thinking so.


So, people actually found it strange that such a question and topic didn’t come up until now.
However, the guild staff could ask about “these girls” relationship with “those girls”,
It was just a source of private talk among the staff.


「May I ask where are those girls now?」(Marcella)


Ordinarily, the receptionist won’t talk about the movements of other hunters, especially young girls.
However, because the one asking is also a girl between the ages of 12 and 13,
and apparently seems to be a “related person”
the receptionist spoke without any particular concern.

It wasn’t special, and she didn’t tell these where those girls were, so there should be no problem.
And perhaps other guild officials would have made similar decisions.


“Red Oath” just like “Wonder Three” is on a training journey.
And we don’t know when will they return…」(Receptionist)

「「「Eeeeeehh!!」」」(Wonder Three)


“Wonder Three” screamed involuntarily in surprise.


「 Didn’t she return to this city after the journey to the west…」(Marcella)


Yes, Mile stopped by the women’s dormitory at Ekland Academy on her outbound and return trip from the west.
It was normal to think that she had returned to this town where Red Oath was based.
And, once they have finished your journey, it’s normal to think that they won’t be on the next trip for a while…

A training trip for a new C rank party.

It’s a random, casual journey that doesn’t know if it will take half a year or several years.

And there are many parties that never return.

In some cases, a party may find their favorite city, move their base there, and complete the transfer procedure.

By chance, they may become famous and are scouted by the guild branch there.

Be in love with the locals and settle there.

Retired hunter employment due to injury, illness, or other reasons.

…Or lose their life.

The girls don’t think Adele will die so easily.



「Lower your intelligence level,
Subtract your common sense,
Multiply “ditziness” to 5 times…」(Marcella)


Marcela casts a mysterious spell then holds the hands of Monica and Oriana.


「「「Super Adele Simulator!!」」」(Wonder Three)


Guild officials and hunters are dumbfounded looking at the girls.

And …


「She must have gone in the opposite direction next, the East!
She will come back, but if she finds a good guy, she will stay there!」(Marcella)

「I agree with that prediction!」(Monica)



Everyone seemed to agree.


「Let’s go! (Ikimasu wa yo)
“Wonder Three”, sortie!」(Marcella)



And the girls leave the Hunter Guild Tyrus Kingdom Branch in a hurry.


「…What was that…」(Somebody)



No one could answer that question.

Mile Vol 11 3

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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile: 19 => 18 chapters.

Cathia: 24 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 27 Chapters (series ends after 63 chapters / chapter 270)

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  1. XD that spell i can´t get enough of it

    Lower your intelligence level,
    Subtract your common sense,
    Multiply “dizziness” to 5 times…

    Hold hands with engine number 1, 2, both, or neither depends on what is to be calculated

    「Adele Simulator!!」activate


    「Super Adele Simulator!!」activate


    Just have to love the wonder three, i want to see if Rena and Pauline would get jealous if they witness the Adele simulator in action some time in the future.

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  2. Thanks for update!

    Kinda silly of we them not to leave a message with the guild.

    Well, now we know they are gonna miss each other for a while.


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