Mile Chapter 365: Youngsters, I’m back!

Mile Vol 7-7

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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  18 => 17 chapters.

Cathia: 24 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 27 Chapters (series ends after 63 chapters / chapter 270)

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Mile Chapter 365: Youngsters, I’m back!


「Youngster (諸君: Shokun) of the Royal Capital, I’m back!」(Mile)

Mile Vol 11 13

Holding the dried meat like a “cone pipe”,
Mile says something like an old ronin, but everyone ignores it.
If they react to it, they lose.

After a lot of events, “Red Oath” had decided to go back to their Homebase in the royal capital of Tyrus Kingdom.
On the outbound route, they followed the main road, but on the return route, they followed the back road, which was slightly off the main road.

They said the same route won’t be fun and they won’t learn, but the real reason is probably to avoid meeting people in “the town they have done various things”
It would be embarrassing to meet people again.

Anyway, this is how “Red Oath” returns to their home base.
…And because they didn’t use the main road, they didn’t encounter “people heading East along the main highway”

And first of all, the girls go straight to the guild branch.
As hunters from the training school, they were exempt from the tuition fees.
However, they have obligations to work for this country for five years and they want to finish it as soon as possible.
That’s why they have always reported “completion material collected request” in the last town near the border when they left the country or the first town near the border when they returned to the country. Actually, they just delivered what was in Mile’s item box as a constant request for material collection.

As their “Time Counter working for the country” has already started, it would be polite for “Red Oath” to keep the report their returning to the royal capital branch as well.


「We are back!
This time, our training trip is over!」(Mile)


Following the familiar doorbell sound, Mile’s voice resonated throughout the guild.



Hunters and guild officials concentrated on the four members of “Red Oath” standing near the entrance.


「「「「「「Oh oh oh! Congrats! You did well to get back!!」」」」」」(Everyone)

Everyone cheered.

No, it’s not really exaggerated, even it’s “Red Oath”, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be back.

Compared to those who went on a “Thank-giving trip”, the probability for a party who went on a “training journey” to return without any vacancies or injuries is not very high.
“Because they are in the middle of a training journey”, they might receive requests that are above their abilities.
They took pity on villagers in the countryside and received a dangerous request and got killed.

“Red Oath” was strong.
However, such a party tends to receive “a request beyond their ability”.

So, the party with the skill and confidence often has a lower probability of returning safely from a “training journey” than a weak party who knew their weakness.

Guild officials would know if the unreturned party had settled in another country.
Because they would receive documents for changing the affiliated branch.

Without receiving any documents or news, those hunter parties will be listed as MIA or KIA after several years.

But now, one newcomer party has returned safely, without vacancies and without any signs of injury.
It was a matter of course that they received a cheer and welcome.


* * *


「We are back!」(Mile)

「Welcome hom…e… (Okaeri na-sai)
Eh, Onee-chan!!」(Reni)


Reni-chan came flying from the counter.


「Well… welcome, you are safe…
Congratulations on finishing your trip!」(Reni)


Somehow Reni-chan’s tone doesn’t sound like usual.
It’s probably not her pre-made dialog.
She always sounds the same, whether it’s her favorite regular or a guest who stayed for a few days.

…When the girls returned from the West last time, her dialog was a bit different as well.
Well, maybe she was surprised.

Reni-chan was deeply moved with tears in her eyes.
Look at her, Mile’s group slowly felt at home/nostalgic…


「Alright, with this I can save the money on bathing!
By having Onee-chan, we can attract more customers.
I can also save the food cost with the monster meat that you get as a souvenir.
And please tell me a new recipe for exotic food …」(Reni)

((((It’s really Reni-chan after all…)))) (Red Oath)


The four members of “Red Oath” realize that they are back.


* * *


And after a long time, the girls eat the inn keeper’s dishes, sleeping soundly.

And the next day, when they show their face to the Guild Branch …


「Why didn’t you come to visit me yesterday?!」


…The guild master was angry and the girls called into his room.


「No, we already gave a greeting to the hunters and guild staff who were there when we returned…
It’s just a newbie C rank hunter party returned from their trip. So we didn’t bother to report to the guild master. Isn’t that average (normal)…」(Maevis)



The Guild Master lost for words with Maevis’s objection.


「No, no, before that, why did you go silently and immediately on a new journey after returning from your first trip without saying anything?!」(GM)

「After returning from our first trip?
Isn’t this our first trip?
The last time we came here was “we just rested at this city because we happened to pass nearby on our journey”
We didn’t report because we depart immediately. Why would we trouble everyone for that?」(Rena)



This time, Rena said and explained.
Certainly, at the time of the previous temporary return, the girls didn’t report their return or report the end of their journey. When Rena said that, the Guild master can not say anything.


Well, that’s fine, you are really back this time, right?!」(GM)

「Oh, yes. “Our 1st Training Journey” is over」(Maevis)


The guild master sighed *fu~* to Mavis, who answered so.


“The first”.

Yes, of course, there’s no chance that a hunter will only go on a training trip once.
They will get bored working the same every day.
With a little confidence, they will want to try their skills.
They want to be stronger.
…They travel many times for various reasons.
They can’t be stopped, even if it’s the Guild Master.
In the first place, the guild master himself has traveled many times when he was young.
So he can’t say anything about it.


「Anyway, congratulations on your safe return.
I expect your further achievement!」(GM)

「「「「Ohh!」」」」(Red Oath)


“Red Oath” raised their right arms toward the sky and shouting loudly.
Yes, this is the only hunter’s reply with the meaning “Leave it to me!”.


* * *


Yesterday, the girls went to the guild with just a greeting.
After being released from the guild master, they carefully check the information board and the request slip that has been left unattended because there is no recipient.
In addition, the girls caught staff and hunters who seemed to be free and listened to recent circumstances and gossip.
“Red Oath” managed to catch up with the surrounding information and decided to take a week off.

A week off after a long expedition is quite short.
Unless they are restless or have little money, hunters normally will rest for about three weeks.
Many people are injured, tired, and ill due to excessive long-term behavior, so many people take time to recuperate before resuming local activities.

… But with Mile and Paulin’s healing magic, it’s never a problem. After all, even if one arm severed, it will be possible to fight after 10 seconds.


「Then, we should go visiting, greeting the places we have been under their care. Then we take one week vacation.
After that, we will do my best to improve our skills and gold coins!」(Rena?)

「「「Ooh!」」」(3 other girls)


Hunters and guild staff warmly watch “Red Oath” withdraw without taking request.


Of course, there’s no one to bother tell these girls about those three girls from the other day.

Those girls asked and they told those girls that Red Oath was on a training journey.
It’s not secret information, and most staff and hunters know it.
So the guild told those girls that “Red Oath” was on a training trip.
…because they were asked.

However, without being asked,
There’s no guild staff or hunter who takes the initiative to tell people about other hunters.
As a hunter, it was a manner breach.

Besides, “Red Oath” only asked about the situation of the neighborhood and monsters in various ways.
The girls didn’t ask “Was there anyone looking for them?” or “Was there the trio girl party coming?”

Originally, many people are looking for “Red Oath”.
Party requesting, nobles and merchants who are approaching exclusive contracts, and so on.

Those girls didn’t ask for a message, so the guild and hunter wouldn’t tell “Red Oath” at their own discretion.

And when the guild thi\ought about it, those three were out of the ordinary,
But it doesn’t mean they are part of “Red Oath.”

In the first place, they didn’t know about “Red Oath”, and neither did “Red Oath” confirm if anyone had visited.
So there was a high probability that they were just simply admiring “Red Oath” and chasing after asking them to join the party.

And “Red Oath” is a party formed in this city, half of the members are from this country.
There is a low probability of these girls involved with those girls from another country.

…In the end, it’s a violation of manners to touch the information of other hunters without permission.

Thus, Mile’s group did not hear stories about those three girls.

Mile Vol 11 4

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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  18 => 17 chapters.

Cathia: 24 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 27 Chapters (series ends after 63 chapters / chapter 270)

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  1. So, they missed each other, by a couple days, or so. Quite JP novel like 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!

    [did well to be back] -> {did well to get back}
    [requests that above their] -> {requests that are above their}

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nah, it’s working as intended. However wonder three use it to guess “where will adele be when she went to a taining journey”, not “what road will adele use when she went back to the capital”.


  2. … the calm before the storm …

    Sadly it’s taking a while to get to the juicy bits.

    It pains me that I don’t get to se more of Mile being average and nano-chan’s extra care.

    The best parts of this series are when Mile actually tries to hold back but the nanomachines overdo it at their own discretion.


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