Mile Chapter 366: Holidays 1

Mile Vol 7-7

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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  17 => 16 chapters.

Cathia: 24 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 27 Chapters (series ends after 63 chapters / chapter 270)

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VIETNAM’s internet cable seems to get bitten by a shark again (How many time Vietnam Internet companies are going to keep using this reason?)

I must turn on 3G on my smartphone and turn on wifi-hotspot for my laptop to translate this chapter.

Newest update: I can use the Internet again but with turtle speed.

Mile Chapter 366: Holidays 1


It’s a vacation.
That said, one week (6 days) is too short for Maevis and Pauline to return home, it’s not even enough round-trip days.
So, inevitably, the girls just had to go around in the royal capital.

Mile goes to the library,
And donating orc meat to the “other orphanage”,
It’s awkward to call it a shack on the riverbank,
Well, it can be used for “sheltered from the weather”
It can’t protect much though…

Orphans (wanderers) who are sleeping on such things called it “New Cuisine Tasting Party” and they all ate until full.

And at night, she is writing until late.
There’s no problem if she falls asleep the next morning, so it’s safe to stay awake until dawn.

Maevis goes to the swordsman dojo for training and sometimes sticks to Mile to go to the “other orphanage” and riverbank to teach children mimicry of swordsmanship.

She believes that it will someday help orphans (wanderers) save their lives when they become E-rank hunters in the request fighting goblins and orcs …

Rena goes to the library.
Reading various documents, studying magic by fishing, reading biographies of hunters who became A rank, reading entertainment novels …

Speaking of which, Rena had previously rented a book in a library.
Of course, she needs to pay a fee that is never cheap and deposits a stupid high-security deposit.
Apparently, she isn’t as good as writing on her own, like Mile, no, MiAMi  Satodelle, but she seems to love reading.

And Pauline is…
…Counting gold coins.


「Fufu…. Ufufu…. U fufufu fufufu……」(Pauline)


…She keeps counting gold coins…


「I found you! I finally found you (Mitsuketa~ wa~ yo)!!」(Fathercon Elf)

Who are… hey, isn’t that the Fathercon Elf…」(Mile)


One day during her vacation, Mile came back to the inn, someone suddenly grabbing her. It was the elf scholar, Dr. Kulerea who Red Oath rescued from the beastkins at the time of the Ancient Dragon incident.
Yes, Mile and Rena feel close to her about their chests.

It is difficult for Mile to remember human faces, but she seems to have remembered Kulerea’s face.
It’s unknown if it’s because she is an elf or because she is a small tits buddy…
Mile was acting alone, so there’s no support for Rena or Pauline right now.



「Ah, it means intelligent and wonderful!」(Mile)

「…Is that so? Well, it’s not wrong…」(Kulerea)


Dr. Kulereaia was easily fooled by the deception of Mile.
……Easy. Way too easy…


「Anyway, I finally found you!
I have followed you to the west of the kingdom of Vanorak and then went home without meeting you.
Go around, go around, go around,
Sleeping together (with father/Otou-sama)
Go around,
Replenish plenty of “Otou-sama ingredients”
Go around,
When you returned to the royal city then left, I tried following you but failed.
For a long time, I have been waiting for you to come back.
What will you do about it? / how will you make up for me?」(Kulerea)

「N… No, even if you that…」(Mile)


It’s almost like an excuse.
…No, not almost, but everything.
And there’s are too much “Go around”.


「…So, what do you want?」(Mile)


Yes, searching for the girls themselves means that she has something to do with them.
First of all, if she doesn’t talk about it, the story will not start.
Is it a nomination request for “Red Oath” or is it something she wants to confirm in the previous case?
And Dr. Kullereia’s answer to Mile’s question is…


「You, be mine and mine alone!」(Kulerea)

「Yuri development, Kita~aaaaaaaaa (appear)!!」(Mile)


As a matter of fact, in the past, Mile had such knowledge.
…Her mother’s collection was also kept in her parents’ archives.
However, it’s that sort of thing.
Like sister type, or sister type, or more sister types…
And Mile’s previous life, Misato, an avid reader didn’t miss them.


「…Yuri? What’s that?」(Kulerea)

「Ah, I wonder if I can say it’s the name of a certain plant in the words here…
Well, what should I say, uhm, about that …」(Mile)

「Well, I don’t care about that」(Kulerea)


When Mile wasn’t happy with the explanation, Dr. Kulerea went on.


「You, stay by my side as my research subject for a while.
Until I get tired… that’s right, maybe about 100 years …」(Kulerea)

「I will be dead ~imasu ~yo!
My lifetime will end even before that ~imasu ~yo!!」(Mile)



Dr. Kullereia has a face as if realizing her blunder.


「You have the smell like an elf, so …」(Kulerea)


The life expectancy of an adult in medieval Europe seems to be in their forties.
The average life expectancy seems to be in their twenties or thirties, because the infant mortality rate was very high, and the number of mothers dying at birth may have been greater than the number of deaths due to war at that time.

Unlike in modern Japan, people die easily with diseases that can be easily cured.
Their injuries can be easily cured with healing magic, but not with illnesses.
In this world, humans died as easily as the cecum.

In addition, there are many monsters in this world.
So, of course, life expectancy is even shorter.

Even those who are called village elders, they can hardly reach 100-year-old. Rather, such a human will be a “Shinsen” (hermit) instead.
… Yes, if it’s a human.

However, for a long-lived elf who is less susceptible to illness, is good at healing magic, and lives quietly in the depths of the forest, 100-year-old is but a child or a young.

It is an inseparable sense of difference between elves and humans.
… But Mile wasn’t far from it now.


「Sme… Smell?
What kind of smell?
Am I still smelling?!」(Mile)


This is the second time that odors have been characterized as characteristic, following the previous beastkin.

For human beings, “You have the smell” means “you are smelly / stink”.

Perfume and the like have not advanced much in this world.
And Perfume isn’t “Things that give off a good smell”.
Especially in this world, which is used for a slightly different purpose than the modern Japanese sense of overwhelming and suppressing the stench with a strong smell.


「Aaah! Aaaaaaaaaa!!」(Mile)


After seeing Mile suddenly holding her head and squatting down (orz), Dr. Kullereia finally notices her own utterance.


「Ah… no, wrong!
That’s wrong!
Actually, you smell strange… NOT (~tte),
Were you thinking that “The Elves smell strange” when I told you that “you have the smell like an Elf” and got depressed?!
What an insult!
I can’t forgive you!!」(Kulerea)


…And the mess continued.
Reni-chan realized the fuss in front of the inn and was in trouble.
Only until Rena and Maevis, who were already staying in the inn, were called in and intervened.


* * *


「… and Mile-chan will be my exclusive,
Can you come with me from tomorrow?」(Kulerea)

「It’s the first time I heard this / (When did I become yours?」(Mile)


Mile’s group went back to their room to solve the mess.
Dr. Kulereia recapitulated the story as a matter of course.
As if it’s already a decision.

After hearing her own transfer was decided without permission Mile retorted.

Pauline returned after that, and now there are full members of “Red Oath”.
Pauline went the same way as before.


「You do not consider the other party’s circumstances, don’t even get consent, decide on your own, and compel.
It’s exactly the same as Etoul-san and Shararil-san.
Elves are just people without such common sense.
Then it’s no wonder that bad reviews flow …」(Pauline)

「Wha… What!?
Etoul and Shararil!!
You have met those older women!
No way, you didn’t make any promise, right?
I’m first!
I found Mile-chan first, so you are mine!!」(Kulerea)


As soon as she heard the names of Etoul and Shararil, Dr. Kullereia’s blood seemed to rush and she began to shout.
Apparently, just like those two, they are hostility against each other.


「I don’t know what they said to you, but I’m different!
If you cooperate with my research, you will definitely be thankful to me later …」(Kulerea)

「Drive her out quickly!」(Rena)

「Haa! (Yes)」(Maevis)

「Haa! (Yes)」(Pauline)


Rena instructs to drive out Dr. Kulereia.
Maevis and Pauline respond like the rescue guards from “Nihon Fukashi Talk”.
In such cases, Mile doesn’t usually take any direct action, as incorrect power can lead to catastrophe.


「What are you doing, let go!
Mile-chan is mine me, Ah, Mile~chan!!」(Kulerea)


While resisting, Dr. Kulereia is pushed out of the room by Maevis and Pauline and steadily driven downstairs.
Mile looks at the scene with Rena.


「I don’t think that elf is the last one.
Other elves like that might come back again somewhere…」(Mile)


And the eerie prophecy was told from Mile…

FUNA’s note: (March 2019)

March 15 (Fri) scheduled to be released “Average/Roukin” 10 volumes, bonus SS, great announcement! (^^) /

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And instead of animating “under planning”, it’s “Great decision!!”
Furthermore, “Total 550,000 copies exceeded!”
Kodansha’s “Potion” and “Roukin” exceeded 450,000 in total …
The total number of FUNA works has exceeded one million!!
Thank you! (^^) /

Mile Vol 11 4

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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  17 => 16 chapters.

Cathia: 24 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 27 Chapters (series ends after 63 chapters / chapter 270)

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    • To damage and what not, but she nothing about her life span has been confirmed, ether has the lifespan thats a average of humanoid races or a average of all races, if its all then all it takes is one race that never dies of old age and yes she would be immoral. And remember that god has been conformed to be part of her average calculations as god is the one with rank 10 authority. Highly likly that god don’t die of old age, though if i remember right this world is without a god right now as its old one was killed the last time the rifts opened and the nano machines came into existence.

      Liked by 1 person

      • There was never any proper mention of the “gods” being killed. The current “god” (a.k.a. the higher entity supervisor) only mentioned that Mile’s current world had been abandoned by those supervisor(s) due to one reason or the other which lead to it’s instability.

        The Nanomachines on the other hand are a product of an older civilization that went down and under because of an external force.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Uhm…
          (FIRST ERA)
          the God (World Manager) and also he Nanomachines as well are over millions years old.
          They don’t relate to the plot in anyway.
          It’s unknown why this world GOT RUINED.

          (SECOND ERA)
          Human’s science advanced again. But the most they could do is making Golems, Space Station, Machines, etc.
          The god the humans (nowadays) mistook as being killed and left is actually just the human’s ancestors.
          They were invaded, they lost hope and left with space motherships.
          A few humans remained, they made bases, Golems, Machines and “7 superior soldier races”

          As you can see in LAST RUIN.
          The control terminal “had” information about finding new kind of energy (the lost lost civilian’s nanomachines) and seven superior soldiers (artificial races who can interact with Nanomachine better than humans).

          (3RD ERA, nowadays)
          The human’s ancestors were the one who “made” the elf, beastkin, dwarf, devil, fairy, ancient dragon and another “not reveal race”.
          Humans mistook their ancestors as god because of that.
          Some ancestors left => God left this world.
          Some ancestors remained but long dead => God forsake this world.
          Welcome new gods to this world =>
          Method to open GATE.
          Just like GATE series, Human ancestors wanted more land/resource (maybe) and they “made” a mistake.
          Their world was invaded.

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        • That whole bit about loosing hope and abandoning the world reminds me of another novel I was reading “She was called God as well as Satan”. Humanity had effectively become immortal and had spread all across the galaxy in a huge empire. But eventually they started dieing of boredom and fatigue. Our MC is the very last human left, but new species have evolved on Earth so she has taken an interest in watching them.


  1. Thanks for the chapter. Good luck with the itarwebs.

    Even by the standards of this, it was a pretty random chapter.

    Girl at the end is Mareeta I think?


  2. It would have to be a shark causing internet service outage because blaming a storm wouldn’t work as everyone can see the weather, read a weather report, and other internet undersea cables weren’t affected by the “storm”. I am guessing the internet rack service provider has some sort of business contract that compensates for any downtime that was caused by them or other accidents at the site with the standard exceptions all contracts have such as war, terrorism, and acts of God and Mother Nature. If they don’t want to give a refund to the website hosting service, then they just say “a shark did it” irrespective of the outage actually being caused by a failing hard drive or the wrong cable was yanked at the server site.


  3. Wow! Your Vietnamese. The land of the braves, just the nickname created by Philippine citizen. Or can we a few of us? I mean vietnam has the audacity to fightback against Chinese. Unlike pilipino military who cowered in some corner and the traitor president duterte who prioritize Chinese than pilipino. Sorry just wanna open up

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  4. Wow, this elf, quite an annoying character. Maybe it’s time for Mile to introduce that world, to the term erofu, and similar things. I just feel like that Kurelea might need to chill out, for a couple years in prison, and not a normal prison.
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!


  5. Wait, I have a fellow Vietnamese who runs a wordpress that translate Japanese webnovels into English? What are the odds?


    • Well, but I’m good at English than Vietnam.
      You know that in Vietnam, we need to learn English to learn Japanese?
      “College of foreign languages” requires English, not require Vietnam.

      Uhm… nhung ma` minh` gioi tieng’ anh hon la` tieng’ viet.
      Ban. biet’ la` o Vietnam, minh` can` hoc. tieng’ anh de hoc. tieng’ nhat. khong?
      “Truong` dai. hoc. ngoai. ngu” can` Tieng’ Anh de tuyen sinh, khong phai tieng Viet.


      • Now Im so confused to hear that you study Japanese through English instead of Vietnamese. Not average (normal) at all. XD
        Btw Im technically a VNU college student, so you and I might live in the same city after all.

        Hông vietsub lại đâu dài quá~~


        • I live in Hue.
          It’s real. The Teacher explain in Both English and Vietnam.
          I’m kind of quiet person so I don’t have much exchange with people or keep up with the trend.
          Youngsters nowadays have so many “Unique” new words. I have problem with understanding.
          For example: “GATO”, “Lay”, “ATSM”, “Hobao”, “Badao”, etc.
          I give up whenever I see them in Vietnamese Novel + Manga.

          I somewhat understand them now but I prefer English. And English will help me to get a job easier.

          Minh` song o Hue.
          Thiet ma`.
          Co giao giang bai` ca bang` tieng’ Anh va` tieng’ Viet.
          Minh` tinh’ huong’ noi. nen minh` khong giao tiep’ nhieu` voi’ moi. nguoi` va` cung ko theo kip. trao` luu.
          Gioi’ tre Vietnam bay gio` dung` nhieu` tu` rat’ la` “độc”.
          Minh` nghe ma` khong hieu cho lam’

          chang han. nhu tu` “GATO”, “Lay`”, “ATSM”, “Ho bao”, “Ba dao”…
          Gap. nhung tu` do’ trong cac’ Novel hay Manga tieng’ viet. la` minh` chiu.

          Dan` dan` minh` cung hieu dc 1 it’ nhung ma` minh` thich’ tieng anh hon.
          Voi’ lai. co’ tieng’ Anh de xin viec hon.


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