Mile Chapter 369: The Empire is very strong

Mile Vol 7-7

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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile:  14 => 13 chapters.

Cathia: 24 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 27 Chapters (series ends after 63 chapters / chapter 270)

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Mile Chapter 369: The Empire is very strong 1


「「「「… Is it a “red request”?」」」」(Red Oath)

「…………」(Guild Master)


The guild master can’t answer Mile’s group.

…He can’t say it was decided to be a “Red Request”

Just by knowing it’s a “Red Request”, ordinary hunters will refuse.

No matter if it’s the Guild Master’s appointment request, or how many achievement points, such a request isn’t worthwhile, a request that hunters may not be able to return home. It’s not acceptable.
Because dead means nothing.

Of course, if they get enormous benefits, they might take some risk.

However, it’s called a “Red Request” because the profit and the degree of danger are not balanced.

Even if the reward is enough to live for about 10 years, if the probability of coming back alive is less than 1%, it’s still a “painful job.”

… In other words, a request that should not be taken.
So they usually refuse.

…Yes, if they are ordinary hunters.


「Please give us a detailed explanation(Maevis)


And, of course, Red Oath was not ordinary hunters.


「That said, we haven’t decided to undertake it.
For the moment, just check the situation, request contents and conditions」(Pauline)


The guild master seemed to be a bit relieved with Maevis’ words, but he was once again stiffened by Pauline’s words.


「Of course. I don’t want to push without explaining the contents of the request, but there are no hunters receiving this request.
Do you know about the Alban Empire’s invasion of Brandel just before?
It ended in failure due to the Brandel Kingdom’s unexpectedly quick and full-fledged immediate counterattack…
(Guild Master)

「Ah, ye… yes. We have heard…」(Maevis)


There’s no one knowing it better than the ones present at the scene.
Maevis is stuck but manages to reply.


「Ah, yes, you were traveling west at the time.
Well, you should know…
Then, about “Amuros’ Irregular Bandits”
Hey (~Tte) what an idiot am I! You are the said party…
(Guild Master)

「「「「Ahaha……」」」」(Red Oath)


Red Oath has a wry smile at the Guild Master’s blunder.


「Anyway, the royal palace wants to send in a team to gather information to find out what did the empire was scheming.
Naturally, the empire would expect it.
Those who enter their country, those who are suspicious will be watched, and if they are barred as a kind of intelligence…
There is no doubt that they will be killed.
Since they would surely also have such professionals, they would know about suspicious behavior, look and gaze, how to walk.
Due to other features, those who have been trained in military and intelligence can be easily spotted.
What can we do to get through those eyes (under their radar)?」(Guild Master)

「Do you send spies skillful enough to trick their eyes?」(Maevis)


The guild master shook his head to Maevis.


「Do you take stealthy actions so that they can’t find you?」(Pauline)


The guild master shook his head to Pauline.


「Kill all your opponent’s lookouts?」(Rena)

「It will be WAR!」(Guild Master)


Rena’s suggestion was out of the question. And…


「Sending some amateurs?」(Mile)

「Eh…」(Guild Master)


The Guild Master is dumbfounded by Mile’s words.


「Ahaha, no way, right!」(Pauline)

「As expected of Mile-chan… (make a fool out of Mile)」(Rena)

「 Don’t say too much!
He will think we’re stupid!」(Maevis)

「…………」(Guild Master)


Maevis, Paulin, Rena, rejecting Mile’s proposal one after another…
While the guild master remains silent.





「「「No way…」」」(Rena’s Trio)


The guild master nods silently while Mile becomes angry.


「「「SACRIFICE PAWN!!」」」(Rena’s Trio)

「…HEY, isn’t it obvious those “Amateurs” aren’t us?」(Mile)

「「「Eh?」」」(Rena’s Trio)


The place that had been devastated by the screams of Rena’s trio finally settled down by Mile.


「No wonder!
Is it possible for an amateur to obtain necessary information, select and analyze it, determine the necessary information, and obtain it?
It has to be a well-educated expert…」(Guild Master)

「In that case, isn’t him “no-amateur”?」(Rena)


Rena objects the guild master’s explanation.


「Those who looks like they barely have physical training and martial arts knowledge.
If they have some informational knowledge and they can only work for government offices, there is no problem.
We just ask you to escort them normally, not to ask for any other action, such as interstitial.
In other words, since the escort target and destination are special, it is a “special request”, and the contents of the request to you are just an ordinary escort request.
It doesn’t make much sense for the escorts to be too strong or to be considered a disguise of soldiers, no matter how bad the spy is.
The escorts must be out of the scope of being suspected to be soldiers no matter how they look. And there’s no fear of being wiped out by chance ordinary bandits or monsters accidentally attacks you.
If they think “No. These girls can’t be spies…” when they look at you then it’s the perfect selection
(Guild Master)

「「「…………」」」(Rena’s Trio)


Three girls, except Mile, shut down, but they haven’t been so uncomfortable after they understand what the guild master says.

Certainly, you can be attacked by Imperial soldiers if you do poorly.

However, despite kicking out unreasonable orders and high pressure, “Red Oath” won’t refuse a request because it’s “dangerous.”

And the actions of the empire, such as the destruction of trade in Amuros and the invasion of Mile’s homeland, were hostile acts for everyone in Red Oath, their loved ones, and their future.

If they are bad…
No, without Red Oath’s interfere, the invasion on Mile… no, Adele’s homeland, the Brandel Kingdom may still continue.

In addition, this request couldn’t be suggested by the Guild Master.

This is certainly a national policy, not a request from the master of the guild branch, although it is a royal branch.

In addition, the guild master mentioned earlier that “people who have some informational knowledge and they can only work for government offices”
They can’t be at the guild branch.
If anything, they would be at the senior command of the army or around the Royal Palace.

However, the royal palace may have made such a request, but it was the client or the guild master who decided to ask “Red Oath” or not.

After confirming each other’s expressions, Rena declared.


「We’ll take care of that red request!」(Rena)


There was no other reply.
Because they are a newcomer C rank party aiming for A rank, “Red Oath”.

And, as always, Maevis grumbled sadly.


「Uhm… the leader… is me, right?」(Maevis)


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Counting changed to March 31st, 2020.

Mile: 14 => 13 chapters.

Cathia: 24 chapters

Taru: will now release weekly or 4 chapters per month or 12 chapters per season.

Arge: 27 Chapters (series ends after 63 chapters / chapter 270)

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  1. Just send Mile to the Empire’s capital alone and have her blow up the palace with the emperor and the ministers in it from afar. Problem solved.


  2. Seems this request got a lot of intrigue behind it already, so I’m sure this will end up in a mess, and average mess, average enough to topple an empire.
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!


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