Mile Chapter 376: Business 3

Mile Vol 7-7

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T.N: I decided to remove the deadline and schedule. I will try to translate as fast as I can for the series I have the mood. That’s all.

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Arge: series ends after 63 chapters / c270

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Mile Chapter 376: Business 3





The shop opened again in this town, the second day.

On the first day, merchants already opened their eyes to “Red Oath”, who carried a large number of items out of the tent and piled up behind the long desk for sale.

No way, wasn’t everything sold out? But just like yesterday, more and more ex

tras were carried out of the tent …

At least, it was the merchants thought so …


(((No! No No No No No No No No!))) (Merchants)


Yes, they shout in their heart.


「Now, “Mobile Store Saintess”, our powerful battle starts!」(Pauline)


Full of confidence.


「「「Ooh!」」」(Mile’s Trio)


In response to Pauline’s shout, today’s battle for “Red Oath” began.

Yes, for a merchant, business is a “battle”.

Fighting with customers, fighting whimsical monsters called “business opportunities” and fighting with yourself.

Most of the “degraded goods” have been sold yesterday. Originally, such goods aren’t sold in large quantities at wholesalers.

Unless something happened, those “degraded goods” won’t even stay long in the market.

… In other words, all the products, that are now on sale, are “ordinary products, although they are cheap low-rank products.”
Therefore, if the girls don’t sell it seriously, they won’t make a profit.
Ordinary low-rank products, which means “higher prices”
However, as a general product, no matter how low the rank, it’s considerably cheaper when price-checked from the market here.
Because they have no transportation cost.

Still, this is quite a tough situation, Pauline is burning. (T.N: fighting spirit)


「It is a test case of business using the storage of Mile-chan!
Take the data on this occasion and for the future …
And this business that I planned myself will definitely be in the black!


Apparently, despite the fact that there is a way to make money more efficiently,
This time she dared to choose such a method.
And others who heard that determination …


「…How long do you plan to use the storage of Mile…
Even after retiring as a hunter and setting up a company…」(Rena)

「Pauline, that’s a bit …」(Maevis)

「Wha… wh… what!
I don’t plan to end my life as the storage of a merchant!!」(Mile)


Rena, Maevis retort and Mile herself also exclaimed.


「Eh? Eeeeh?」(Pauline)

「Why did you have the surprised face like
“What are you saying?”
This time, I was just planning to help the impoverished commoners of the empire!!」(Mile)


Mile is astonished saying that she is surprised at Pauline, who is surprised.

(T.N: Please check if this puns’ translation is legit)




Rena and Maevis are just silently looking at Pauline.

Mile isn’t Pauline’s accessory.
As expected, Pauline was a bit too much.


「 Isn’t Pauline aiming to be a good merchant?
Earning with the special abilities of Mile,
Are you really happy using such a trick to make money?」(Maevis)

((Aah!)) (Rena+ Mile)


Maevis has said something she should not say.

… No, what she was saying isn’t wrong, but if Rena or Mile said that, there was no problem.
But if Maevis says it …


「I don’t want to hear it from anyone who wants to be a knight with a special left arm that you got from Mile-chan!(Pauline)


((Aah, as expected…)) (Rena+ Mile)


Maevis squats down on the ground after being fatally injured, Rena and Mile involuntarily twitch their faces for Pauline’s counter-attack, as expected.

Yes, Maevis refused to treat her left arm and return it to a living arm.
… Because the probability of becoming a knight is higher in this state.

…… It was a great boomerang …

The three men started sales after leaving Maevis, who became silent while crouching.

And three merchants (provisional) look at the girls looking sideways with a silly face.


(((So much for being a Professional merchant!!)))  (Merchants)


… No, Pauline is just a “daughter of a merchant” and has yet to be a professional merchant.


「Mile, replenishment of “degraded wine”, please!」(Pauline)

「I understand!」(Mile)


Products that sell well and products that are carried out of the tent one after another and replenished.

Among them, alcoholic beverages are particularly well-sold and are located in the corner that has a short expiration date because of rain damage.

Why would liquor have a “short expiration date due to rain damage”? … It’s distilled spirits. And wine tastes better if they keep for a long time.

The citizen doesn’t understand the meaning.

However, it’s not inconvenient for customers.
In that case, some of the customers bought, opened and tested on spot,
“Yes, cheap ordinary drinks for the poor, no more, no less”
After confirming that, it was selling like flying.


* * *


And the third day.

A large amount of “degraded goods” carried out of the tent… again.


「「「…I knew it」」」(Merchants)


The merchants seem to have given up everything.


* * *


「We will leave this city tomorrow」(Merchant)


At lunch, the merchant leader told “Red Oath”.


「Normally, we would stay for about a week, but the patrons of the customer were more relaxed than expected, and the gossip around here was over.
Product sales have also declined …」(Merchant)


Since business is not the main purpose, sales should have nothing to do with the behavior of this corp.

However, even though they are just “merchants (provisional)”, it’s obvious that when they actually buy and sell.

It’s like playing a game, it’s fun, and they are passionate about making money… NOT.

Well, that kind of line wouldn’t have come out.


「We don’t have to collect 100% of the gossip here.
At most 70-80% of them are good.
After all, it’s just gossip, so its accuracy as a piece of information is low.
After that, we can compare it with gossip in various places,
How the content of the gossip changes depending on the distance from the royal city,
And depending on the difference, the diffusion direction, etc.
We can determine the potential aspirations of the local people,
It’s better to go around many places than stay in one place for a long time.
The tail fin of the story, of course, is exaggerated.
However, the point of it is we can understand the desires in the hearts of the people

「「「「I see……」」」」(Red Oath)


As expected, he was an expert.

Although scientific knowledge is much lower than that of the modern earth, it seems that there is not much difference in this respect.
Even on earth, philosophy has developed considerably since ancient Greece, and there were many people with deep thoughts that even modern people could not compete with at all.


(People in this era only have a small amount of knowledge due to the small amount of information and the lack of communication infrastructure, they aren’t stupid…
In particular, those who gather a relatively large amount of information or are taught in various ways by the people around them seem to be quite skeptical…) (Mile)


Mile thinks so and is impressed.

Maevis, Rena, and Pauline’s group also seem to be impressed by the unexpected intellectual explanations from the merchant (provisional), who only looks like an unreliable uncle.
In particular, Maevis seems to be impressed from a strategic point of view, and Pauline seems to be impressed by the point of view that it can be applied to business information analysis.

Unusually, the one, who supposed to be impressed the most, Rena wasn’t that impressed.

Well, it would be inevitable.
It’s a useless way of thinking, it has nothing to do with a hunter.

Anyway, for “Red Oath”, they have no problem with things such as sudden departure just like usual.


「Roger that.
Well then, let us depart tomorrow…」(Maevis)


Notifying the inn of departure, preparing horse fodder and human food, transforming the carriage into a mobile mode, and maintaining it are the merchants’ tasks and have nothing to do with “Red Oath.”
So after telling the merchants, Maevis told everyone.


「So, why don’t you close the store early today and look for specialties in this city, things that are likely to sell high in the future, and good souvenirs for Reni-chan and the orphans?」(Maevis)

「「「Agree!!」」」(Mile’s Trio)


Usually, souvenirs are purchased as luggage, so they are bought on the way home, but it is not related to “Red Oath”, who has Mile’s storage.
…which means no need to worry about the expiration date, wagon’s capacity, weight, everything…

If they sell a commercial product even higher by one copper coin than the purchase price here, they already profit.
… because transportation and escort costs are zero.

The merchants listen to “Red Oath” talking happily with a tired face. It can’t be helped.

…… It was inevitable …


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T.N: I decided to remove the deadline and schedule. I will try to translate as fast as I can for the series I have the mood. That’s all.

Mile:  in the mood for Mile right now



Arge: series ends after 63 chapters / c270

Dark Site


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  2. I do worry about what they would do when one or more of them settles down. I assume the story would be over before then, though.

    Maybe Mile can do some “contract” magic like with the sword to let them use her storage magic through some leather sacks or something.


    • But Mile must trust them enough to give them those things like with the Wonder Three.

      Mile can teach Wonder Three search magic, the truth about magic, etc. because she trust them enough to do that. Besides their mindset has somewhat become like Mile’s. As you can see, Marcella has behaved like Mile sometimes.

      Mile is still afraid Red Oath might spread the secret so she doesn’t teach them. They don’t know how to hold back sometimes.

      For example: when Red Oath disband,
      Maevis really loved to show off her skills like a knight of justice, she might teach her children about her sword skills.
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      Pauline will use storage magic to her heart content. She will crush the market balance.

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