Mile Chapter 380: Request in Empire 1

Mile Vol 7-7

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T.N: I decided to remove the deadline and schedule. I will try to translate as fast as I can for the series I have the mood. That’s all.

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Mile Chapter 380: Request in Empire 1


「Fumu~fumu~ (nod~nod~), so, the escort target is the family of a merchant…」(Mile)

「Well, Nobles have vassals and military soldiers, they don’t hire hunters to escort them.
And ordinary people have no reason nor money to hire escorts to protect them…」(Pauline)

「Inevitably, So, it’s either rich ordinary people or influential merchants」(Maevis)


Even Mile, Pauline, and Maevis said that, but of course, nobles sometimes hire hunters for escort.

If they suddenly encounter danger on the way, or in need of extra escort temporarily, need escort but don’t want to bring a man closer to their daughter, and want to add those who cannot be seen as escorts as hidden escorts.

… Yes, the kind of request that Wonder Three had been doing.

However, it doesn’t matter because the client doesn’t seem to be a noble.


The name and details of the client will only be given if you are willing to listen to the preliminary explanation.
The details of the request will be asked directly from the client.」(Receptionist)


The receptionist explained so, but it would be obvious.
There’s no way the guild would tell the merchant’s circumstances and plans for action to those who might not accept the request.
If they do poorly, it can lead to a raid…


「I understand.
There is no problem with the outline of the request I just heard」(Rena)


In response to Rena, the receptionist looked relieved.

The boring escort request for the merchant’s family, aside from being a squadron escort, with a very limited set of conditions for the party involved, and not too much of a reward.

… A raid would not be boring, but it wouldn’t be worth fighting bandits while protecting the clients with the reward only two and a half coins per person.
This is just a reward if something unlikely is to happen.

The request isn’t an emergency but the due date is near, and if it is left as it is, it will be “washed out (deleted)” without any taking it.
That’s a big problem for the client and not for the guild.

Well, the request from a merchant normally isn’t an emergency, unless they need a special herb for a life-threatening disease,
It’s not a big deal if the request gets deleted without anyone taking it.

However for an escort request, if they can’t find anyone, the client will be forced to act dangerously without escorts, it will be related to human life.
The receptionist is pleased that there are hunters taking the request.

However, “Red Oath” hasn’t taken the request yet. They only agree to hear the client’s request.
Depending on the detailed explanation they are about to hear, there is a good chance that they may refuse.

But, once the first stage has been cleared and the hunters come talking with the client, the guild has somewhat finished their job.
If the hunters rejected after hearing the detailed description, it’s the client’s own responsibility.
It isn’t the guild’s fault.


* * *


After that, a messenger ran from the guild to the client, telling them where and when to meet.

And then Red Oath came to the meeting place…


「Welcome and thank you for coming.
I’m the one who made this request.
My name is Vebdel (ヴェブデル: Vebuderu), the head of Vebdel Firm.」(Vebdel)

「C rank hunter party, Red Oath.
We came to hear the detailed explanation」(Maevis)


Maevis greeted the middle-aged merchant, who isn’t really fat.
If the girls want to emphasize the “honesty” of the party, the negotiator is, of course, Maevis.

…In the first place, she is the party leader, sometimes though…

According to the merchant’s explanation, he is going to have an outdoor party (something like a BBQ party) with the family of another merchant for fellowship.

It is located on the banks of the river, just outside the Imperial City gate.
It seems to be an event in which both families deepen their relationship by playing in the water on the riverside or having dinner together.

Rather than just eating at the Imperial City store, it seems that playing together with the whole family and having a common experience in a place away from everyday life is a good connection for each other and a good experience for children.
It’s probably a joint camp with friends and family.

Until they bother to hire an escort,
It’s not they have trouble with money. Spending money on interacting with friends and family and educating children on emotions shouldn’t be bad.


「The items handled by both families are similar,
Well, we are like rivals, but work and private are separate.
In business, we are enemies.
But outside of our job, we are fellows who have similar difficulties and worries」(Vebdel)


It seems like he has the making of a merchant.


The request is “despite in the vicinity of the Imperial City, there might be some danger when you went off the street, so the merchant wanted to ask for security during the party”

The other family is also going to hire guards, but they point out
“If we are surrounded by too many stubborn hunters, women and children will be scared.” and propose to hire female hunters only.

Mr. Vebdel agreed, and that was exactly what happened.

There is nothing strange about it, and it’s a convincing explanation.
Many hunters are crude, vulgar, and slightly unsanitary and smelly.
At such an event, they weren’t someone I wanted to be nearby.

Also, there’s nothing strange about getting escorts.
In terms of financial burden, also the other point is “I do not trust the other party so much.”

No matter how friendly you are, business enemies are still business enemies.
For the safety of his own wife and children, he would have to prepare his own escorts.


「…No problem.
So, if we are performing our guard duties properly, can we eat while waiting?
Of course, we don’t ask you to prepare food. We will cook and eat it on our own.
We will prepare all the ingredients and cooking utensils by ourselves.
Actually, if escort hunters kept lining up around, standing guard with swords or cane, won’t that make the children feel tense?

「Of course.
We just need you to protect us in case monsters and bandits appear.
…Although, there’s almost no such possibility…」(Vebdel)


Certainly, there is no danger outside the walls surrounding the Imperial city.
There aren’t so many bandits and monsters appear so close to the Imperial City.
Hiring hunters is just like insurance.

And if there is no escort at all, it’s possible that even just 4 to 5 rogues will attack.
In such a case, just by having a few escorts can prevent them from coming.
…Well, it’s a substitute for insect repellent.

After hearing the answer to Rena’s question, Mile’s group laughed.

Yes, two birds with one stone that have both work and recreation.


「「「「We accept this request!!」」」」(Red Oath)


There was no other answer.


* * *


And before noon the next day.

Red Oath met with the client family in front of Vebdel Firm
Then everyone headed to the riverside, where the party was held.

The other party is the company head, his wife, two sons and daughters, who are still minors, and several servants.

Needless to say, the exchange party of merchant families is not limited to the families and guards of both families.
A family of merchants can’t carry their own ingredients or cooking utensils or cook on site.
So, there are servants and maids accompany them.

They rode three carriages, exited the walls surrounding the Imperial City from the back gate, not the main gate.
After a while, they arrived at the riverside.
The other party has already arrived before,
Three of their carriages were also parked and unloaded.


「Sorry to keep you waiting, Gareidal-san (ガレイダル: Gareidaru)!」(Vebdel)

「No, we have just come.
And it’s still not the time yet」(Gareidal)


As he was called by Vebdel, the other merchant, Gareidal responded.

His side is also his wife, children, escort hunters, and servants.

The escort hunters on the other side were all women, as promised, a five members party.
They are all older than “Red Oath” and in their late 20s or early 30s.

Escort requests are usually designated C rank or higher,
This is not surprising, as there is no such C rank party younger than “Red Oath”.

(T.N: beside Wonder Three)


And the merchant’s family was greeting each other, and the escort hunters came to great Red Oath.

「You are also the merchant’s escorts right.
Isn’t this rare to see such a young party already on a training journey?
Well, best regards today.
Because we have different client, so we aren’t really colleagues of a joint request, but let’s get along!
(Female Hunter)

「Ye… yes. Best regards (Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu)」(Maevis)


Maevis is greeted by a woman who seems to be a party leader and replies in a hurry. Three other girls also bow down accordingly.
It’s a natural courtesy for seniors as hunters.

However, since they aren’t joint request party members, they don’t tell others about their fighting style.

… On the contrary, a female leader pulls out quickly without giving her a party name.
It seemed like she thought there was no need for it.

Well, Maevis also decided that there was no need to explain it, and went away without correcting the misunderstanding that they were on their journey of training.

The servants of the two families prepared outdoor tables and chairs and began arranging the dishes they had made in the mansion.


Apparently, they seemed plan to have a meal first, then the children playing around, and the adults having a snack while drinking and talk.

Of course, the children are kept in sight and some servants are in charge of watching the children.

Red Oath was just checking the surroundings without doing anything.
In case having a battle, such prior confirmation is crucial.

It was still a bit early to prepare for a meal.


Red Oath’s Preparation for the meal is over soon.
As expected, it would not be possible to start eating sooner than their employers…

FUNA sensei’s Note:

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All thanks to the readers.

Thank you very much!

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T.N: I decided to remove the deadline and schedule. I will try to translate as fast as I can for the series I have the mood. That’s all.

Mile:  in the mood for Mile right now



Arge: series ends after 63 chapters / c270

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