Mile Chapter 382: Request in Empire 3

Mile Vol 7-7

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Mile Chapter 382: Request in Empire 3



「Get back!!
Stay near and protect only us!!」(Gareidal)



In response to their employer, merchant Gareidal’s sudden instruction, the other hunter party, Red Oath, and merchant Vebdel raised their surprised voice.
Of course, not only their voice but their expressions as well.




Mr. Vebdel, the head of Vebdel Firm was astonished and noticed that the other merchant group, the members of the Dilabolt Firm (ディラボルト: Diraboruto), at the direction of the merchant, Gareidal, had moved a bit away from the Vebdel merchant group.

(T.N: Vebdel use the same name for his company but Gareidal use Dilabolt for his company)


「You are hired to protect us.
My request is only “to protect me, my family, and the members of the Dilabolt firm”, not to protect the irrelevant others.
So, if you leave us in an attempt to protect any unrelated person, I will sue you to the guild for breaking contract!

「「「「「Wha…what…」」」」」(Female Hunter Party)



The party hired by Dilabolt was appalled.

In such a case, it is natural to join forces to deal with the enemy.
Why would you like to separate that force?
It’s just like asking the bandits to kill individuals one after another.

… But the problem was that what Gareidal said could not be said to be ridiculous.

If this is a joint request for an escort request, the lead hunter’s decision takes precedence.
Also, in order to protect the escort target of the request, the hunter’s judgment is given priority over the amateur client in the battle.

“Protect only your employers while repelling your targets.
If you move away from your employers to protect those who aren’t eligible,
It’s a breach of contract.”
That claim is not wrong.

If this is a joint request to escort everyone here, then that stupid order can be ignored.
However, the client was Garedal, the head of Dilabolt Firm alone, and his request was to “protect the people involved in the Dilabolt Firm.”

The party leader was worried.

Well, they should be fine.

Although they are a women-only party, they ranked high in the C rank, some of them can be said to be as strong as B rank.
Even if some of them getting injured, they should be able to protect the clients and themselves and killed some bandits.
After some of the bandits got killed, the bandits should normally retreat because they couldn’t bear losing their number in a large number. It’s unlikely that they will continue fighting which might lead to total annihilation.
The hunter just need to fight to the point where the bandits would give up and escape.

…Speaking of which, in the first place, it’s strange for the bandits to attack those who have escorts, even though there shouldn’t be a lot of money in this place…

Anyways, the female hunters aside, the problem was the other merchant and his escort party.

Unfamiliar face and too young.

Young people who had just reached C rank and went on a training trip without any real skills, who seemed to take a low-risk escort request to earn some traveling fee.

With that level of ability, they only make a group of four party members.

Even if the enemies are just some bandits, what can they do with this difference in number?

(T.N: Can I laugh? Anyone with me?)


However, ignoring the request and the order from the client would be a “breach of contract”
That would be bad.
It might delay their promotion of rank B.

Even if they defeat the bandit, but abandoning their duty of protecting their clients to protect other people?

It’s unknown how the guild would judge it,
Considering commercial guilds, they might make tough decisions.
Would they need to risk their future for some strangers?

But there are ways to help the party over.

Yes, if the other party wants to save themselves, the girls can come here and join with them.
Leave their client to their fate…

Or surrender…

That’s a shameful act as hunters, but it’s understandable to surrender at the discretion of the escort leader in the event of an overwhelming dominant enemy.
Even if you are hired as an escort, you will not be forced to do anything ridiculous, such as fighting an overwhelming number of bandits.

Merchants normally won’t be killed.
Women and children normally will be taken away.
However, everyone is so close to the Imperial City, the guards will be dispatched immediately. So if the bandits dare to take the women or children, they won’t be able to escape.

So, they probably just take away the money and run away quickly.
There is no point in killing the merchants and everyone else.

As a party leader, you have to think about all the party members, not just yourself.
With that in mind, she was upset because she couldn’t choose the option she really wanted to make, but after making various thoughts, she decided.


「Request contents …
Prioritize protecting the client!
Everyone, gather before the Dilabolt Firm to protect them!」(Female Hunter Leader)

「「「「Eh…」」」」(Female Hunters)


For a moment, the party members’ eyes wide-opened in surprised, but the leader’s orders at such times were absolute.
If they have doubt in such a situation, they won’t be able to survive the crisis no matter how many lives they have.

So they immediately moved as instructed.


(I’m sorry……) (Female Hunter Leader)


Because the other girls aren’t in a joint-request but another escort party hired by a different client.
Although the client’s instructions are clearly tactically stupid, they still must do as requested.

As for the guild, it’s hard for them to judge if it’s the client’s fault or unreasonable instructions (but go against the instruction is still a fact).
The female hunters had no reason to risk their future for some strangers and young hunters they just met.

Perhaps her judgment is wrong.

Maybe she will continue to regret it for her whole life.

Even so, she couldn’t choose another option.

And this is a burden of her own.

Others just followed their leader’s instructions.

That’s her role as a leader …




The bandits completely ignored Dilabolt Firm, who has the veteran hunter party protected and headed toward Vebdel Firm, who only has a young hunter party protected.

It’s understandable.
Once the enemy splits, it’s a common tactic to focus on the weaker and crush them first.
However, in such a case, the bandits usually threaten and demand “Give us all valuable things”, “We will take your daughter”, etc.

However, for some reason, they didn’t say anything and readied their weapon.

It was as if their primary purpose was killing everyone…

Even if they do that, they won’t get money. So why?

The veteran hunter party turned pale (T.N: something like it’s their mistake that other people die)
Then they heard a fluent voice.


「Okay then, let’s go!」(Maevis?)

「「「Ooh!」」」(Mile’s Trio)

「Flame Bullet!」(Rena?)

「Dancing Flame Ring!(Pauline?)

「Flame Emission!」(Mile?)

Do~go~n! (SFX)

Bu~waa~! (SFX)

Goooooo~! (SFX)

「「「「「「GYAAAA~AAAAAAAHHHH!!」」」」」」 (Bandits)


There was no problem with using fire magic here because this is the rocky area on the riverside.
Therefore, not only Rena who is good at fire magic but also Pauline and Mile use fire magic as a long-range first strike.


「Storm Edge!」(Maevis)


It’s showtime, Maevis also won’t miss such a chance to show a cool skill.

And right after Maevis released the Storm Edge, Mile charged forward as she pulled her sword.


All four of them, including the vanguard swordsman, are masters of attack magic…」(Female Hunter)


While the Veteran party raised their voice in surprise, Maevis and Mile already approached the bandits.


「God-Speed-Slash (Shinsoku ken)!」(Maevis)

「God-Surprise-Slash (Kami Odoroki ken)!」(Mile)

Dosu~! (SFX)

G~ga~shi! (SFX)

Do~go~o! (SFX)

Ba~ shi~i~! (SFX)


Then, Rena and Pauline continue to shoot magic.


20 seconds later.

About 20 bandits were rolling on the riverside.
About half of them are browned…


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T.N: I decided to remove the deadline and schedule. I will try to translate as fast as I can for the series I have the mood. That’s all.

Mile:  in the mood for Mile right now



Arge: series ends after 63 chapters / c270

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