Mile Chapter 386: Request in Empire 7

Mile Vol 7-7

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Mile Chapter 386: Request in Empire 7





The two cooks shouted.


「「「「Ah, yappari (as expected)?」」」」(Red Oath)

「No, it may be possible to substitute the recipe itself with other methods.
However, aside from the sauce for seasoning,
What could we do about that “Karaage powder”, which is the secret of her parents’ house?」(Young Cook)


However, the youngest of the three cooks said that.

Instead of deciding that it was impossible in his mind, he thought about using Mile’s recipe in another way and would like to make the sauce for the seasoning himself.


(Yes, the cook must be like this!
Even if it’s difficult, you can challenge it with all your heart!
I may expect a lot from him in the future.
Okay, let’s hope he will invent delicious food s one day,
I will give him a little “service”) (Mile)


With that in mind, Mile decided to teach the ingredients of “Karaage powder”.
It doesn’t contain any perishable items, so it will not cause food poisoning.


「Well, the ingredients of Karaage powder are:
Garlic powder,
Onion powder,
Capsicum pigment,
Yeast extract powder,
Amino acid based trial seasoning,
Baking powder,
Powdered soy sauce (prototype),
Black pepper……」(Mile)


A young cook became pale around the second half of Mile’s description, and, at the end, laid his knees down to the ground. (orz)


「A lot of materials that I have never heard, expensive rare items, and even black pepper…
Ain’t it something for the Royalty’s dinner, I can’t use that kind of thing…」(Young Cook)


And after that, Mile made ice cream using both cooling magic and stirring magic.
There are many foods and sweets that cannot be imitated, such as making sugar candy by heating with magic, melting, covering it with a barrier, pressurizing it, making a lot of small holes in the barrier, and spouting it into thin filaments…


「Actually, it’s rotated and ejected by centrifugal force,
Since the combination of magic is troublesome, this time I will eject it with pressure」(Mile)


……Po~kin! (Crash’s SFX)


「「「Ah. he broke」」」(Rena’s Trio)


The Rena’s Trio looked at the broken young chef with pity.

And his employer, Mr. Vebdel, was also overwhelmed by the many recipes he could never reproduce.

Of course, the purpose was not to harass or break the chef’s heart, so Mile taught the chef some ways to make dishes and sweets that could be reproduced normally later.
Since it’s included in the request content for the time being, it’s not possible to leave it as it is.


「…However, Mr. Gareidal has made a stupid blunder.
Even though there’s the smell of big profits coming from the war economy.
We still don’t know what’s going on.
Large companies will monopolize delicious deals, so small businesses like us can only work as subcontractors…
Well, that may be why he thought of crushing us or annex…


Mile’s group has a rest after done with cooking and were a little away from the children.
Mr. Vebdel is somewhat lonely murmuring that.


((((Delicious source of information, Appeared (Kita)!!!!)))) (Red Oath)


Actually, “Red Oath” has no obligation to collect information and is not included in the request’s content.
However, their principle was to keep the information available if it was useful to the employer.

That’s why Mile’s group listens to Mr. Vebdel with great interest.

However, even though it is not confidential information,
Is it okay to talk to people in other countries like that?
Some people know it, and it may be an implicit understanding, but…

Perhaps he understood what Mile’s group thought, Mr. Vebdel continued with a grin.


「…Well, even though it is a war
Actually, we won’t attack other countries…」(Vebdel)

「「「「EEEEEHH!?」」」」(Red Oath)


It’s super important information.
No way, to think such information can be obtained in such a place.

Mile’s group is dumbfounded.


「The Empire is not going to attack other countries,
So is it a civil war?
The battle for the successor of the emperor, Usurpation,
Influential people in the region raised their independence from the empire…」(Pauline)


The empire is very large.

The mountains are very big.

For this reason, it would not be strange for a frontier “Haku (Earl/Count)” to revolt at the outer edge of the city.

By the way, although the word “Haku” is used for the frontiers, it’s actually equivalent to the Marquis, and in some cases even boasts the power to surpass the Marquis.
Therefore, if it’s a war that doesn’t attack other countries, it should be a battle for successors, together with the conquest.

So Pauline casually asked, but …


「Wha! Wha~ttt……」(Vebdel)


Mr. Vebdel seemed to be in a hurry, looked around to check,
After confirming that there was no one other than the people involved, he exhaled because he was relieved and cried.


「 Don’t say such careless things!!!」(Vebdel)


In spite of the fact that he waved from himself,
What “Red Oath” said makes him worried, Mr. Vebdel yelled at the girls while forgetting to speak politely.

If you think about it, in such a situation, a merchant has a party with people from other countries and the family that hiring thugs,
“Successor battle”,
“Usurpation”, etc.

It would be dangerous if the story of “rebellion in a rural area” leaks out somewhere.
Perhaps it will be more catastrophic than Mr. Gareidal’s awaited execution.


((((Then, don’t talk about such a topic from yourself!)))) (Red Oath)


Although “Red Oath” wanted to retort that in their hearts,
They keep quiet to collect information.


So what kind of opponent is that?」(Pauline)


In order to prove that he isn’t not making a strange attempt,

He should answer honestly here.

He doesn’t have to worry about the Goddess’ kins (女神の眷属) or his majesty, the Emperor’s spies (陛下の間諜) to eavesdrop on him.


(T.N: I don’t know what is the deal with this part as well. Mention Goddess’ kins and Emperor’s spies)


「Well, it’s not really a secret.
I’m not trying to spread it, but, it’s still not something that you spread around.
Many still don’t know, it won’t be a hot topic among the commoners, but…」(Vebdel)


Mr. Vebdel told the girls in a small voice…


「「「「Fighting with the sub-humans?」」」」(Red Oath)




Yes, they look like humans, elves, and dwarves,
Despite being able to communicate through conversation,
For some reason, they aren’t recognized as a human race and are discriminated against as “Sub-human”

No, or rather, those who are treated as completely different creatures, beastkins and devils.

Being treated not as a human species, whether persecuted or killed, it’s not “discrimination”.
The same as killing monsters and animals.

If humans kick stray dogs, is it “discrimination”?

Although it has never been praised for animal welfare, at least it would not be called “discrimination”.
… And if you kick it, you won’t be charged with attempted murder.

There was also a time when they were hunted, killed and enslaved,
But now they have the same rights as human species,
For the time being, there’s a slight but friendly exchange as an equal relationship.
…While suppressing the overflow of muddy emotions deeply rooted in each other.


「But aren’t beastkins and devils living in clan units and not forming a nation?」(Mile)


Mr. Vebdel once again explained Mile’s question.


「No, as I said earlier, “We are not going to attack another country”.
The said people are sub-humans scattered in our country.
Specifically, devils and beastkins.
Plus those half-human races, quarter races, etc., those who are acting with them.
Yes, as Mile-san said, the “Sub-human” forms a group only in the clan unit,
This time, it’s only a small part of them who set up and live in this country.
……For now

「For now?」(Pauline)


Mile answered Pauline’s question as if she understood the situation.


「…In other words,
As a result of this battle, the momentum of opposing the “Sub-human” might increase,
It means that the fighting with sub-nations may start all over the country, even in the continent.
Like the “Sub-human War” which was taught at the hunter training school…」(Mile)


Sub-human War.

It was a war that happened a long time ago, with the “human alliance” by humans, elves, and dwarves against devils, beastkins, fairies and other minorities who helped them.

In the front battle, the “human alliance” has the human race, adding the number to their force, fought well.
But in terms of individual combat power, the devils and beastkins are overwhelming.
Furthermore, if you are taking the surprise attack in the forest or mountainous areas or night-time into consideration, the sub-human alliance is unrivaled.

As a result, human species could not enter the forest or mountain areas at all, and even in the plains, they could not act safely without many soldiers.

Which means, they cannot get out of the fortified city.
Farmers, hunters, miners… and merchants.

Moreover, an Ancient Dragon was furious at the “human alliance” who tried to burn off the forest where the main powers of the subhumans were hiding,
He sided with the sub-humans and destroyed some lands of the human race.

……It was checkmate.


Therefore, despite the large difference in the number of people, the peace between human races is largely conceded.

At this place, the equality between the sub-human and the human race with the same right was recognized.

And although the grudges remained on each other,
With the consensus of wanting to avoid another battle together,
Strict punishment will be imposed on stupid acts that may be the cause of battle,
The current “passive friendship” was maintained.
A fragile “peace” that could be easily destroyed with a little malice …


「……This is important……」(Rena)

「It’s really important……」(Pauline)

「It’s important for sure…」(Maevis)

「「「「Right?」」」」(Red Oath)


“Noukin” comic series resumed and started! (^^) /

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T.N: I decided to remove the deadline and schedule. I will try to translate as fast as I can for the series I have the mood. That’s all.

Mile:  in the mood for Mile right now



Arge: series ends after 63 chapters / c270

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  1. And that is yet another reason to just burn the empire to the ground. Or at least deal with their leaders and nobles. So, Mile, stop being passive and just do what you must, kill them all.


    • It may be not enough, if the sentiment extent for a certain time another countries (like mavis/pauline’s homeland which name evades me right now) whom are LESS tolerant can take the iniciative for themselves and might be result in a witch hunt (again).

      Also, what is the chronological time again? I forgot if nanomachines were made for the very first humans or the god-like aliens (celes maybe maybe not be part of said ayys).


  2. So to answer the tn note about goddess’s kin, or at least try. This was the nation that mile put a sword in the pillows next to the head of all the nobles in the capital and threatened the king so he wouldn’t atack her home country again. She did so in her goddess form. So the goddess’s kin he was likly referring to is in fact ether mile or followers of her that people in the country believe exist. As she also use that form when scaring their arm into retreating it aslo could be a religion she sparked. Ether way mile is said goddess.


      • No it was this one, the next chapter even mentions that that whole drive monsters into neighboring countries thing they were doing. It directions got a bit confusing as it was a lot of west, more west, even more west, now double back and time for east. They never really said distances and were off hand about country names. So its hard to keep track.


        • @Hevendragon It was different country.
          There are only 1 Empire
          => 1 Emperor that is a background NPC, who will never appear or have any dialog. And we will never heard about him again.
          FUNA sensei even forgets about him.

          That Goddess’ kin (Goddess’ family) might actually refer to Kaoru series (Goddess’ eyes) instead.

          The Empire only did:
          -Trade destroy at Armoru City with a squad of soldiers faking as bandits (Red Oath captured all)
          – Ignite the villager to rebel (Mile solved it after the fairy capture)
          – Invade Mile’s homeland (Red Oath drove them away and get 5000 golds)

          That’s all.

          Marein kingdom:
          a small kingdom in the east.
          The uncle of the queen (princess) tried to kill the queen (princess) to steal the throne.
          He needs to harass other country in order to distract the citizen that’s why he drove the monsters into the neighboring country.
          And we never heard about Marein Kingdom again as well.


  3. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Mile: *comes to the king’s chamber again* “how dare you discriminate against the cute kemonomimi!!” *throws another knife that pins down the king*
    King: “Hiiieeee..!!!!”

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  4. Humu, this smells like a scapegoat tactic. Since the war attempt was crashed by Mile the king (or the higher ups) now need another target, to prove themselves.
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you! Happy Easter(if it’s the right time)!

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is the Empire.

      “There was also a time when they were hunted, killed and enslaved,
      But now they have the same rights as human species”

      “The said people are SUB-HUMANS scattered in our country.
      Specifically, devils and beastkins.
      Plus those half-human races (DEMI-HUMANS), quarter races, etc., those who are acting with them.”

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  5. >”There are many foods and sweets that cannot be imitated, such as making *sugar candy* by …”
    I think that conventional english name for this sweet is “cotton candy”.

    Thanks for translation!

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  6. Can you please translate the manga too the last time someone translated a chapter of this manga was 1/28/2019


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