Mile Chapter 389: Defense Battle 3

Mile Vol 7-7

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Mile:  will continue to translate some chapters to kill time waiting for Taru Batch released.

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Taru:  (Batch 25% completed)

Arge: series ends after 63 chapters / c270. (Batch 0% completed)

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Mile Chapter 389: Defense Battle 3


「What!? Sale of luxury items? ‥
Of course, it doesn’t matter! ‥
It will make the soldiers feel good.
…However, it will be too boring to stand guard here.
So, is there a drink and a snack? ‥
First, sell me a little bit of the good looking one!(Officer)


Frontline soldiers in any world are like this.

No, not in a bad sense,
When the risk is low, it’s important to let the soldiers take a break,
Even on the modern earth, at military bases and ships, there are many places where you can buy your favorite items at the shops inside the bases.

So, as a Military Officer, he was grateful for the merchants to bring goods to such a dangerous remote area… Unless it is priced too much.

That’s why the merchants can easily get permission from the Officers and open the store immediately.

One team is in charge of “Great People”.
Another team is in charge of collecting “Rumor of the battle”

The soldier may not be “Great People”, but there is no problem because the soldiers at the bottom are not much different from ordinary people.

Although the number of enemies isn’t that many, devils and beastkins greatly exceed individual human soldiers in terms of individual combat strength.
Even if they believe that they can crush the enemies with the number and the power of the weapon, it’s certain that some damage will occur,
The probability that the “damage” is someone’s life isn’t so low.
Yes, they are literally someone “who don’t know if they can still live tomorrow.”

And someone was brought to such a place good liquor and snacks that they wouldn’t expect to get on the front line together with other luxury items.
Two young adult women and two minor girls (probably) reminiscent of their daughters and sisters.

…They all come to buy food, drink, and talk…


「Oji-sama, for the sake of people, thank you very much for your hard work」(Mile?)

「Onii-chan, good luck with your work」(Pauline?)


Under the guidance of Mile, the Japanese style hospitality that the girls trained at Reni’s inn was unbeatable.

Mile’s group, who suggested to the merchant to “help with the sale”, were steadily collecting information.


     *     *


“Red Oath” holds a review meeting while eating dinner.

The merchant clients and coachmen also listen to it while eating the meal that Mile created.
Of course, these coachmen are also “People of the same kind”, so it doesn’t matter if they hear the story as well.


「Fumu~fumu, as expected, the situation seems a little different…」(Mile?)

「Yes, with the previous pattern, they are supposed to investigate the ruins of a remote area while not allow anyone to enter, But they did it in secret…」(Rena?)

「Yes, I thought Vebdel-san’s story must have been changed or rearranged the latter.
However, it turns out to be quite accurate…」(Pauline?)


Yes, the story “the sub-people suddenly occupied a place that was not their home”, “Forced out the human species that lived there”.
Especially in the latter half,
Rena’s group thought that was false information
However, according to the stories they heard from the soldiers, it seems to be that way.

The soldiers think they are doing the right thing for their people,
So, instead of hiding it from civilians like Rena’s group, they talked more and more actively to buy the cheers of the girls.

Even the officers are pleased with fighting for justice to protect their people,
They don’t mind spreading the fact of their “legitimate defense action” to other countries, or rather it’s a big welcome.

What an exciting and meaningful task this is compared to the abusive attacks on other countries and the dirty missions of attacking civilians to destroy trade.
As a soldier, they love how rewarding and honorable this mission is, even if the risk of death is many times higher!

… So, there were many non-commissioned officers and beginner officers who joined the talk with Pauline and Maevis who were talking to the general soldiers instead of stopping.

Why Pauline and Maevis?

Of course, because only these two people seem to be adults, and these two people have the size within the allowable range.

(T.Joke: “Officers, it’s that man”)

… Needless to say, Rena and Mile were in a bad mood.


「So, what next…」

「Of course, we will go and meet the sub-humans」


Yes, that was the intention.
It doesn’t make sense to come all the way here and hear the stories of the soldiers.
The other team would have gathered enough information as well.
But all this is still one-sided assertion that the empire has announced.

Mile’s group has decided to stop here first,
Not only it was for gathering information but also to avoid suspicion.
If some unknown carriages tried to break through here and head to the “problem site”, they would surely be stopped and interrogated.

…Well, if the wagons loaded with supplies go to the enemy in front, the soldiers will surely stop and investigate. They are not stupid.

That’s why they visited and greeted the army here first.
After checking “How empire soldiers were ordered”, they were going to move forward.

For now, from what they heard, the so-called Sub-humans army is only a few dozens to hundreds at most. It’s not so big.

For the empire, this battle might trigger the conflict with all Sub-humans in the Empire and those who are living in other countries,
Furthermore, they made preparations underway in fear that this might lead to war with human species of other countries who were afraid of the total conflict with Sub-humans,
In fact, right now, the troops who actually being dispatched here thought it isn’t a big deal.

But Mile’s group thinks otherwise.

「But haven’t we reported about the Ancient Dragons, Devils, and Beastkins to the upper layers of the country?」(Mile)

「There’s no idiot to give useful information to the enemy country」(Rena)

「Or maybe they wouldn’t trust even if we told them.
They might think of it as some kind of deception information or disturbance information…」(Maevis)



Mile is convinced with Rena and Maevis’ answer.


「But we reported to the guild branch as well…」(Pauline)

「The Guild can’t involve in what the country does.
Well, even if we give advice, they can simply dismiss it as fraudulent information released by other countries.」(Rena)


Pauline’s question ended Rena’s answer.
It’s not strange that they would be completely ignored as unintelligible information that was intentionally disseminated from an adversary country, causing only confusion.
In fact, there are quite a few countries that do that on purpose.
So it can’t be helped.


「Well, anyway, I’ll move forward tomorrow」(Rena)

「「「Ohh!!」」」(Mile’s Trio)


As usual, three girls respond to Rena’s decision.

…In fact, the merchants have given their approval before leaving the Imperial City.

Of course, Merchants have heard about “Red Oath” meeting the Ancient Dragon for the first time,
“The case where the Ancient Dragon mediates a settlement with the beastkins” they heard from the Guild Master.
So they honestly believed when hearing Mile’s group’s conclusion “I feel like this case is the same as that case.”

Therefore, after finishing their mission gathering information about “How are the soldiers heard by the above and what do they think of it?”, they would just pull out and returned to the Kingdom.
They decided to let “Red Oath” to do what the girls wanted to do.


And the next morning.

「Well then, we will excuse ourselves」(Merchant)


The merchants greet the officers, ride in the carriages, and leave …


「Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, WAITTTTT!!」(Officer)


The officer runs at full speed to block in front of the carriage that started to move, several soldiers also follow in a hurry.


「Just where did you plan to go to?
The place ahead has been occupied by the Sub-humans, the Empire is in the opposite direction!!」(Officer)

「Ah, yes, what of it?」(Merchant)


The merchant answers the officer who shouts as his blood rushes to his head.
It is strange that the escort hunter answers here, so the girls asked the merchants to answer.


“What of it” you said, just what to do when the civilian goes to the enemy land!」(Officer)

「No, they may be the enemies for you, Sir Soldiers, but we aren’t hostile to anyone else…
The people ahead aren’t bandits, so us, merchants don’t have to worry.
We are just thinking of going through this mountainous area to make a roundabout trip to the coast, where we will purchase marine products and return to our country …(Merchant)


*Ugu~*, the officer lost for words.

Certainly, the Sub-humans haven’t committed Robbery yet. They only occupy a certain area (Burglary?).
For that reason, although the country arranged the military here, they didn’t do anything yet from political consideration,
It’s in a state of waiting for the judgment of the upper layers.

They couldn’t overlook that civilians are going to dangerous places.
Especially, there are young women and girls …

「The cargo is also “the bandit’s share”
(If the bandits attack the merchants with an empty cargo,
No matter how much money you have, the wrecked bandits can destroy your carriage or kill you whole,
Alcohol and food are also counted as the bandits’ prey to mood)
Since you only have a few left, if you are attacked and robbed by the Sub-humans, it won’t be pretty…」(Officer)

「No, it isn’t…」(Merchant)


As the merchant tries to deny, an officer with a rank badge that seemed to be greater came over.


「What’s this?
What have you been uproaring for since morning!」(NCO)


When the officer who argues with the merchant is lieutenant, this officer seemed to be in the rank of Major.


「What do you guys say to the merchant who came to such a place…
…Hey, it’s Lady Saintess (Seijo-sama)!」(NCO)


The officer saw Rena’s group, suddenly shouted out loud.


「「「「…Who?」」」」(Red Oath)


And Red Oath has a dumbfounded face as they hear that.


「It’s me. We were helped by Lady Saintess in the battle to withdraw from the Kingdom of Brandel…」(NCO)


Saying that, the officer looking at Mile.


「「「Donkey」」」(Rena’s Trio)



Indeed, at that time, Mile was showing only as a donkey…

FUNA sensei’s Note:

From Earth Star Novel on Saturday, June 15th
“The reincarnated great saintess who hides herself as a saintess” (Author: Jūya Sensei) will be published. (^^) /

(T.N: Quite a nice read)

I liked this work and when I wrote a comment “A story comes from Earth Star Novel.”
I received a reply … (^^ ゞ

At that time, he/she was worried that he/she hadn’t written half the number of characters for one volume.
When I read the story, it was just eight days after the series started,
It was said that the number of characters was not yet a quarter of the volume … (^^ ゞ

I will give this word to those who have a deadline.

FUNA: “It will be manageable! No problem! (^^)/”

Mile: [Fia-san, welcome to our “Small-size Alliance”(^^)/]

Mitsuha: [I welcome you]

Kaoru: [For the time being, this “potion that stops the growth of the chest”… oh, it seems like it’s not necessary.]


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Mile:  will continue to translate some chapters to kill time waiting for Taru Batch released.

Cathia:  (Batch 0% completed)

Taru:  (Batch 25% completed)

Arge: series ends after 63 chapters / c270. (Batch 0% completed)

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  1. The (NCO) describing the major is wrong. NCO normally means “non commissioned officer), like a sergeant or other rank above a common soldier but below a real officer like a lieutenant. It would not ever refer to a higher ranking officer.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Donkey? Would someone please jog my memory? Is this just a joke? or is it something that happened before?


  3. When the silly loli is too active, and her “disguises” can barely be called that. Of course she would be recognized by some people, they don’t meet THAT many people in their life, so remembering a strange loli is normal (that sounds so bad). Nevertheless, this has gotten very, VERY interesting for us 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!


  4. “Kaoru: [For the time being, this “potion that stops the growth of the chest”… oh, it seems like it’s not necessary.]”



  5. Also, is there a translation for that “The reincarnated great saintess who hides herself as a saintess”? I can’t really find it on Novel Updates


  6. I’m a little confused. A major is way higher ranked than an NCO. In most armies, NCOs are corporals and sergeants. There are sometimes also gunners and bombardiers. There’s a rank called ‘Sergeant-Major’, but never ever confuse the Sarn Major with an actual major!


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