Mile Chapter 390: Defense Battle 4

Mile Vol 7-7

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T.N: Sorry for the confusing last chapter.

First: the Refer comes from this chapter

Mile sang Brethen’s music back then and wore a donkey costume.

Second: I remembered that Officer as NCO back then but this chapter explained that he was promoted to Major.

Mile Chapter 390: Defense Battle 4



「…So, you would like to continue to this point?」(Major)



Apparently, this lieutenant was one of the 5,000 invading forces at the time of the absolute defense battle of Askham.

It was a complete defeat even though there was almost no loss of soldiers, but that operation ended in blunder.
It seems that he was made into a hero to raise the morale of the soldiers and the people because of that blunder.

For that reason, that failure operation was made into a beautiful story as “Askham Miracle Withdrawal Operation”, in which the soldiers have returned with minimum damage while losing most of the supplies.
Apparently, one of those crafted heroes was this officer.
He was an NCO at the time, but he was promoted …

He was supposed to be one of the “Three officers who prayed and summoned the saintesses”

As the girls listen to it, they retort with “I don’t know such a thing”, the officer himself wry smiles back “I’m the same…”


「However, the enemies are devils and beastkins,
Should something happen …」(Major)

「We will be all right.
Whether it’s the battlefield or the bottom of hell, for the customer, we will come!
That is us」(Rena)

「「「「Mobile Canteen, “Saintess’ Shop”!!」」」」(Saintess’ Shop)


Of course, the girls don’t tell their true party name.
But the name that matches what they told at that time.
Although it has been slightly modified according to the current situation …




When the girls said that, because of the fact that he has been helped at that time, the officer couldn’t object them.

But he was still worried…


「Then, let me and some soldiers escort…」(Major)

「It will be more dangerous! ‥
If it’s just us, we are just a small business unit with an escort that just passes through, but if there are soldiers, we will be completely judged as enemies!」(Mile)



The officer finally realized it after hearing Mile reflexively retorts.
It seems that he was too focused to notice such a thing.


「So, please don’t worry about it」(Pauline)


When Pauline smiled and said that, the Officer nodded.


Be careful. Really…」(Major)

((((OK, clear!)))) (Red Oath)


Just like that, the business corp manages to eliminate obstacles and move on.

As for Mile’s Goddess Phenomenon,
The soldiers back then were looking at a long distance, a very short time, and with an angle to look up from below, so it seems that the soldiers could not see her faces well.
It seems that Mile was only recognized as “Donkey”.
There was no particular problem.

Perhaps, even if she meets other soldiers at that time in the future, everyone will only be able to recognize Mile as the donkey girl in the “Mobile Canteen Saintess’ Shop”.

And, like America on Earth, donkeys are also synonymous with “Idiots” or “Dumbs” here.

It doesn’t look like a horse, it’s unreasonable to be ridiculed simply because he’s a hard worker and he’s not as smart as a horse.
Compared to Dogs, Horses are also stupid most of the time…

(T.N: I just translate, I don’t want to argue about which is smarter)


Miles said “I’m just a stupid donkey anyway!”, but everyone ignored it.
She was wrong to complain while dressing herself as a donkey because she wanted to do a story with “Brethen’s Music” and “Desert People, Flamen* (砂漠の民、フレーメン)”.
After all, there’s no one in this world who understands such a story…


Three carriages were pulled by the horses along the road with an increasing slope.
As expected, it seems that the speed has slowed down considerably.

And then the horses stopped because a big rock blocked the road…


「Stop right there!」(???)


A few men blocked their way.


((((Yup, they come out, well then…)))) (Red Oath)


Even if it’s bandits or anyone, they will come out.
To check if the scouts have disguised as merchants, some armed soldiers hid in the carriage, to buy some food,
There may be various reasons.


「What’s the problem? We are just traveling merchant…」(Merchant)


The girls are surprised, the merchants are quite good at acting.


(Quite an actor, no, it should be “scary merchants”, I guess) (Mile)


And as always, Mile is thinking about random things.


「What are you doing here?!」(???)

「No, as I said, we are traveling-merchants, so we are just traveling…」(Merchant)



To lost for words with a very natural reply, is this man stupid?

However, he only lost for words for a moment, and he immediately recovered.


「No, the highway would have been blocked by military soldiers! ‥
And why are you not surprised when you see us?」(???)


Indeed, the army was stationed by the side of the road, and these men have beast faces or rather they are beastkins.


「It seems that those soldiers are here to watch over those who might commit illegal activities in this area.
But it has nothing to do with us.
… And why should we be surprised to see the Beastkins? ‥
Aren’t our products purchased by the beastkins as well? ‥
Why would we be surprised by some average customers?(Merchant)

「Uuuu……」(Beastkin man)


A beastman was overwhelmed by that unexpected reply.

He is happy and positive about the merchants who normally do business with beastkins without discrimination, but the answer he wanted now was not that kind of thing.


「…Can I check the loading platform?」(Beastkin man)

「Yes, it doesn’t matter.
However, since most of our products have already been sold, there is hardly anything left…」(Merchant)


Then the beastkin confirmed that the loading platform really loaded with only a few things.


「Fat middle-aged men, little girls, and almost empty wagons.
Well, at least there’s no possibility that you are soldiers …」(Beastkin man)

「Hey you!
Why did you use the word “Fat” when they are supposed to be only “middle-aged”.
And how dare you use the word “little girls”, it’s not gonna fly?!」(Rena)


The beastkin man is greatly surprised when Rena retorts in a strange place.


「…What!? Hey, do you have any unsold Ale?」(Beastkin man)


Apparently, this beastkin man doesn’t seem to know about “The bandit’s share”.
Well, it has nothing to do with anyone but merchants and bandits,
There are few people who know it.

It’s unlikely that a bandit will attack this corp when they are this close to the army.
And even if they are attacked, as long as they have “Red Oath”, they have no worries.
So, originally, it was not necessary to prepare a “The bandit’s share” for this business unit, but it was just somehow piled up because of the common sense of the business unit.
So there is nothing wrong with selling.


「Originally, this isn’t for sale…
But well, that’s fine, I will give it with a special discount price」(Merchant)


Ale is cheap, but it’s been carried from a distance.
In particular, Ale is heavy and there’s a risk of breaking the container, so the profit rate is set to be considerably higher than other products.
Of course, the beastkin man knows that much, so he gladly bought it at the price offered by the merchant.


「Well then, can we go?」(Merchant)


The leader of the beastkins nodded to the merchant, it was either because he wanted to cherish a merchant who is friendly to the beastkin or he was in a good mood with the Ale.


「You are good to go.」(Beastkin man)


The beastkin man happily instructed so,
And Mile casually and naturally asked to that in-a-good-mood-beastkin-man…


「……So, is the excavation of the ruins going smoothly?」(Mile)

「No, the golems are in the way ……」(Beastkin man)

「……」(Beastkin man)

「「…………」」(Beastkin man + ?)

「「「「「………………」」」」」(A lot of people)

「YOU, how did you know that?」(Beastkin man)


Of course, the purpose of Mile’s group was not just to pass through here without problems.
There was no point in simply passing through without getting any information.
In that case, it was much better to go back and return after hearing the stories of the soldiers.


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Mile:  in the mood for Mile right now



Arge: series ends after 63 chapters / c270

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  1. Glad that Mile’s protective measure orders are working, remember the codes she input in some techy platform.


  2. Poor Mile, hit in the face with the truth (that she’s silly, to put it mildly), so she takes it out on the beastkin dude. Still, that reveal, just how… those beastkin are more beast in the brain than the body 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!


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