Mile Chapter 391: Defense Battle 5

Mile Vol 7-7

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Mile Chapter 391: Defense Battle 5



The Beastkin men blocked in front of the carriages again.


「YOU, Who are you?!
Why do you know about the ruins?!
What and how much do you know?!」(Beastkin)


Unlike at the time of the first ruin, human beings have already known somewhat about the Beastkins’ works around here,
So, the Beastkins didn’t need to hide like before, they judged that it was okay to let the humans go besides the military.
The Beastkins seemed to have no intention of capturing the humans,
However, it would be different if the said humans knew about the ruins.


「No, it’s not a big deal …
At most, I only know that the Beastkins and the Devils are excavating the ruins of various places under the direction of the Ancient Dragons,
The Ancient Dragons have a certain purpose when researching the prehistoric civilization, but they didn’t tell the people at the scene about it.
Sometimes, the lower end of the Ancient Dragons will come as a liaison.
Yep, I only know that much …」(Mile)

「You know way too much (even more than us)!!」(Beastkin)


…Ah, he snapped (got angry).

Well, there was no way they could let a group of humans, who knew even more than them, pass.


「Who are you…?!
You’d better speak honestly …」(Beastkin)

「No, we have been honest from the start…
At one point, we are the traveling merchants and their escorts,
At other times, we are the peddling merchants and their guards,
And at one point, we are the wholesaler and their defenders,
However, our true identity is the traders and their protectors!!(Mile)



If you leave it to Mile, the story will not progress, so, Maevis starts speaking.


「The Dealers and their entourages」(Maevis)

Buchin~! (*Snapped* SFX)



Apparently, he will take the girls to the scene.


((((“Lucky!”)))) (Red Oath) (in EN)


“Red Oath” has a serious look but smiles in their hearts.

The merchants smiled bitterly.

Even though they are disguised as merchants, and although they seem to be clerical workers rather than specialists, for the time being, they are people who work at the national institution.
It seems that they took on this task with some preparedness.
Even they don’t have good fighting abilities, they don’t seem to be frightening or regretful.

Originally, they expected that this would happen, they already held the meeting at the Imperial City inn and they agreed to do that.
Otherwise, “Red Oath” wouldn’t do anything dangerous, contrary to the merchants’ intentions.
This was a collaborative operation because they agreed.

And they reach the excavation site of the ruins with the lead of the beastkins.

However, even though they called it an excavation site,
Unlike the excavation site in that forest, “I’m digging! I’m excavating!”
It was just a hole in the rocky area,
There were only a large number of large tents and a poorly built hut.

“Is everyone working in the hole…?”, Red and Pauline thought.


「Is everyone else working in there?」(Maevis)


Maevis straightly asked so.




Listen to that, the Beastkin men have the look as if they had bitten a bitter insect.

There, Mile added another push.


「No, because they were blocked by the Golems, that shouldn’t be the case.」(Mile)

How much do you know…」(Beastkin)


From the beginning, they had the same dialogue over and over.
Mile’s group is getting a little tired because the story doesn’t make any progress.


「No, you said earlier, “The golems are in the way”
That means you haven’t eliminated the golems yet, so you shouldn’t be able to investigate the ruins where hostile golems guard?
Even if you tell it yourself, why do you ask back to us “How much do we know”?」(Mile)



*Gugigi* The beastkin man grits his teeth with a regrettable face.

However, as a proud warrior of a beastkin, there’s no way he can hit a weak girl.
That’s why he had no choice but to grit his teeth.


「Mile, don’t bully him too much.
The story won’t progress」(Maevis)


Maevis, the conscience of the “Red Oath”, took over.
After all, there are things that only work with a kind leader.


「I’m sorry for everything up until now…
As you can see, we, human beings already know your circumstances.
And we aren’t here for the empire.
Since we are on a business trip from another country, we have nothing to do with you or the people of this country.
However, since we somewhat related to this case, it would be a little benefit for each other if we could exchange information that we knew for each other……(Maevis)


When Maevis told them so, the beastkin men seemed to be a little calm.

After all, since these girls have already known about this, there’s no need to worry about exchanging.
On the other hand, they may be able to get various useful information about the other side, like why do these girls know so much, the state of the empire, and so on.
It was usual to think that it would be a good idea to get on with talking here.


「……I get it. Let’s talk」(Beastkin)


And, when Mile explained about the matter with Beldetes, the Beastkins were greatly surprised. Although, Beldetes seems to be well known in the neighboring Kingdom of Tyrus.

The information about three Ancient Dragons who came with Beldetes to attack “Red Oath” seemed to be only be shared among the Ancient Dragons,
Apparently, it wasn’t transmitted to the Beastkins on the scene.

Well, normally the boss only shares the work contents for the workers to grasp the situation. He doesn’t need to share all the information about the company. That’s it.

Now that we are talking about it.
At the time of the second ruin, the devils didn’t know anything about the first case.

Also, it seems that the Liaison-in-charge here is different, and the beastkins didn’t seem to know the name Beldetes.
Recently, they knew the name of the person in charge but they heard the name of Beldetes for the first time.

Well, in the first place, Mile only remembers the name of one among the first three Ancient Dragons,
She remembers as Beldetes, an apprentice kid and a little girl who is the chief’s daughter…

And the explanation from the beastkins was exactly as Mile had already expected, there was no new information.

It was only:
“Because there are golems, we can’t get into that hole. If we are surrounded by golems in a narrow, dark hole, we are done for”,
“Some of the golems are also active outside the hole, Others are going around to hunt those golems to reduce their numbers”


「For some reason, if the beastkin was injured and couldn’t fight, the golems would stop at that point, so there were no dead people.
After that, the devils would apply healing magic, but healing magic wasn’t universal.
It’s not that they could be completely healed in a few seconds, besides there might be damage to internal organs…
Well, since the golem doesn’t use blades, it’s unlikely that our limbs will be cut. We actually appreciate it.(Beastkin)


Certainly, for a beast warrior who is proud of his own body, being injured for the rest of his life can be quite painful.

However, in the battle against the golem, the damage to the limbs can be as great as amputation,
And it was not unusual for a person to die instantly with a single blow.

However, apparently, the beastkins and the devils, who were called “Sub-humans” here didn’t seem to have died or seriously injured.

… Despite the fact that they kept attacking the golems’ homes for quite some time.


(…The golems here are instructed to adjust to humanoid species?
This means that there is someone who has the ability and authority to direct it…) (Mile)


With that in mind, it was unavoidable that Mile wanted to do a certain thing.


「Alright, let’s go into the hole!」(Mile)

「「「「「「EEEEHHHH」」」」」」(Beastkins + Merchants)


The merchants and beastkins were greatly surprised.
And, as expected, Rena’s group seemed to already give up to say anything in this case.

It was decided that it would be so…


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Mile:  in the mood for Mile right now



Arge: series ends after 63 chapters / c270

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    • Thanks for the chapter!

      Glad SOMEBODY realized the “story won’t progress”, lol.

      I wonder if the golems recognize Mile as an Average Administrator? She may have to repair another skynet.

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  1. I’m sad that I only now realized. Mile did help a… what should I call it, machine? AI? Something making them golems? So, by now something related to that should happen. Considering they don’t go for kills, I’m sure it’s a consequence of that event.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome rate of translation! God bless you!


  2. its time for Fenix-san!

    A long way to came since C1 to 391… waiting for more. Excelent traduction!, tnks… aaa greetings from Mexico, Lolo o Mamoritai is a hero from a large group here.


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