Mile Chapter 394: Defense Battle 8

Mile Vol 7-7

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T/N: Call an ambulance, we need to save common sense-chan! She won’t survive this chapter.

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Mile Chapter 394: Defense Battle 8

「Mile, what did you said just now…」(Rena)


As the girls headed for the exit, Rena asked.

Rena’s Trio naturally heard it as well because Mile has spoken directly to the Scavenger.
So it was only natural for them to ask.


「No, nothing.
However, I would like to say words of to everyone who is working hard.
Such a trivial consideration will cheer them up somehow」(Mile)


Yes, in her past life Mile had always greeted and said thanks to the policeman standing in front of the police box, or to the uncle who was cleaning the park.
Misato couldn’t remember people’s faces well, but police officers and cleaning uncle could be recognized easily just by looking, so she could speak out without worry.

However, Misato couldn’t talk well with people, her Imouto (little sister) strictly forbid her to talk to stranger.


「These guys, they escort us back…」(Rena)


Saying that, Rena looks at the front and behind.

12 golems and 6 scavengers.


「Why did they increase? At that time, they didn’t do anything when we go back…」(Pauline)

「The mystery will remain a mystery…」(Maevis)


Pauline and Maevis found it strange and said so.

Maevis’ words were quotes of a cliché often used by an author.

Then, in front of the exit, six golems took the lead as vanguards and went out.
Probably for safety.
The remaining six golems and scavengers regrouped into a double diamond formation to protect Mile’s group.


「……What with this special treatment which uses to protect the royal family…」(Rena)

「Well, it’s Mile, you know…」(Maevis)

「It’s Mile-chan after all……」(Pauline)



Rena talked in shock, Maevis and Pauline seemed to give up everything
And Mile had a wry smile…




When the girls got out of the hole, they were surrounded by beastkins and devils.
Apparently, the people who went on hunting have returned.



「Damn it! Let the girls go, you monsters!」(Beastkin?)

((((Ah, that’s right …)))) (Red Oath)


The six golems from the front spread out in a semi-circle shape to protect the entrance, and others maintain the double diamond formation.

Although the sub-humans are likely to start the battle, the Golems’ formation remains this way.
The golems don’t seem to be willing to start fighting from themselves.
Since the sub-humans seem to think the Golems are taking the Red Oath as hostages, they can’t start the fight. It’s a stalemate.

However, everyone can’t keep staring at each other like this,
If the extreme tension continues, somebody with low mental tolerance will be unable to endure it.

And in this case, it’s not the golems, but the sub-humans won’t be able to stand it first.

Of course, Mile’s group didn’t wait for that to happen.


「Umu, see you later, good work!
Return to your original mission!」(Mile)


The Scavengers and the Golems turn back into the cave after making a nod-like action at the direction of Mile.


「「「「「「Eh……」」」」」」(Everyone – Red Oath)


And, of course, the sub-humans, as well as the merchants, are all dumb-founded from behind.


「Yo… you… you…」(Beastkin?)

「Ho…how… how…」(Devil?)

「「「「「「HOW CAN YOU ORDER THE GOLEM~LEMMMMMMMMS?!」」」」」」(Everyone – Red Oath)

(((Well, we also wonder about that…))) (Rena’s Trio)

「No, actually, I didn’t order them…
They only protect their homes, and if we don’t attack or intrude on their home, they’re pretty friendly and nice, you know?」(Mile)

「「「「「「THERE’S NO WAY IT’S TRUE~EEEEEEE!!!!」」」」」」(Everyone – Red Oath)

(((True enough…))) (Rena’s Trio)


Mile explained, the sub-humans denied
Rena’s Trio agreed that their reaction is plausible.

At this rate, this cycle was likely to continue forever.

Rena’s Trio was thinking about how to process, then…


「Oh, here he comes!」(Beastkin)


When one beastkin says so, everyone looks up at the sky at once.
…Yes, someone came.
With his body and wings, no-one would think he could fly that fast and aerodynamically in the sky by lightly flapping his wings…


「Ah, it’s an all-star cast ……」(Mile)


As usual, Mile murmurs something to herself.


「We have a way to call the Ancient Dragon.
We can’t abuse it unless we have a big deal, this time is unavoidable.
After all, someone, who has more detailed information than us, has appeared, so we have no choice but to ask the Ancient Dragon to confirm the truth…」(Beastkin)


Indeed, it was a convincing explanation.
Especially for Maevis, Rena, and Pauline, it was “a peaceful, ordinary explanation” that they haven’t heard for a long time …

Then, the Ancient Dragon descended near Mile’s group.

Because he didn’t make much wind when he flew, the dust didn’t fly up.
It seemed like he flew with magic.


『To make an emergency call like this, What’s the problem?』(Ancient Dragon)


He talks somewhat grumpy,
However, the Ancient Dragon changed his attitude as he looked at everyone and stopped at a certain place.


And stunned.

10 seconds of silence, that seem to last forever for everyone (besides Red Oath), pass


『OH! Ain’t that Mile-sama?
It’s strange to see you at a place like this!
Ah, no, maybe because Mile-sama was here they called me to this place.
In that case, you should let me know beforehand (to welcome you)!』(Ancient Dragon)

「「「「「「WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT~TTTTTTT?」」」」」」(Everyone – Red Oath)


Sub-humans and merchants alike screamed.

It’s natural.
The Ancient Dragon, who always has a grand attitude, now has a humble attitude like a servant against a human loli (little girl).
They can’t believe what they just see.

And even Mile’s group can’t help but be surprised.




When Mile asks that question, the Ancient Dragon has a face like *that’s right*


『It’s me, me』(Ancient Dragon)


Even if he says such a thing, it’s impossible.
Just as it is impossible to tell the faces of the same species of fish and birds, it’s impossible to distinguish the faces of Ancient Dragons.


『It’s me, Keragon』(Ancient Dragon)

「……No, as I asked, who?」(Mile)


The Ancient Dragon seems to be a little tired, perhaps because he was sad that he was forgotten.


『Ah … Speaking of which, maybe I didn’t name myself at that time…
It’s me, the Ancient Dragon who you reattached the tail …』(Ancient Dragon)

「「「「Aah!」」」」(Red Oath)


After being told that, “Red Oath” finally remembered.


『You seem to remember me now.
So what do you need this time?』(Ancient Dragon)


Even so, it wasn’t Red Oath who called the Ancient Dragon.
So, “Red Oath” looked at the sub-humans…

The sub-humans are all stunned with their mouths wide-open,
It doesn’t seem like they will recover anytime soon.


「「「「Right……」」」」(Red Oath)


And, Mile was thinking.


(Dragon Keragon?
I wonder if it could go wrong if they did it a little more…
And in the dragon world, will there be a DQN name or a twinkling (Kirakira) name…?) (Mile)


(T.N: DQN name link

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The “Average Value” anime site and official Twitter have started today! (^^) /

Television broadcasting will start in October 2019!

New information will be added sequentially.


Finally, this day has arrived … (T_T)


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Arge: series ends after 63 chapters / c270

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    • Ya secuestró a toda una aldea de hadas antes así que veamos que más pasa. Pero si, es seguro que volverán a salir y talvez se unan a ella.


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    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you!

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    • Well, the tail as be cut because the dragon have start the fight, so it’s pretty kind and realy good that Mile as (re)attached it. So yea, i think it’s ok the dragon be happy for that. And logical, for once in this novel, where comme-sens-chan is beaten black and blue all time, and send to hospital each chapter (poor common-sens-chan !)


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    • I can’t come up with a specific meaning for Keragon, but considering “Dragon” (the western monster, not the eastern mythological creature) is “Do ra go n” in JP, using “Ke ra go n” was similar to naming the character “Kragon” in English. Kragon the Dragon is pretty silly sounding, and I suspect that’s why Miles’ reaction.

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