Mile Chapter 396: Tactical Retreat 1

Mile Vol 10.2

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Taru: Will release in a batch (Batch 50% completed: 9000/18000 words, 3/6 chapters)

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Arge: Series ends after 63 chapters (c270). Will release in batch (Batch 0% completed)

While waiting for the Taru release, please have another Mile chapter like popcorn at the cinema.

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Mile Chapter 396: Tactical Retreat 1


「Well then, I need you to return the favor at that time」(Mile)



When Mile suddenly asked so, Keragon was dumbfounded.


「No, last time, despite you were trying to kill us, I spared your life and reattached your tail, right?
No way, I don’t think that you wouldn’t return the “favor”. There should be no such shameless Ancient Dragon. And I think you are a proud Ancient Dragon…」(Mile)

『Ugu~, of, of course!
Such an ungrateful person cannot be in our proud ancient dragon!!』(Keragon)


When she heard it, Mile grinned.


(Just as planned/ Keikaku Doori……) (Mile)

「Ah, then I have one request ……」(Pauline)


It seems that Pauline is planning on taking advantage of Mile’s favor.

Rena and Maevis just gave up and shrugged their shoulders.


* * *


「Huh, what is that?」(Imperial Soldier)

…No, no! That is …」(Imperial Soldier)

「「「「「An Ancient Dragon~nnnn!!」」」」」(Imperial Soldiers)


An ancient dragon flew straight to the garrison of Imperial soldiers who were camping near the area occupied by the Sub-humans. (T.N: seems to be the Empire’s POV)

The soldiers are in a fuss.

After all, this country has been home to Ancient Dragons for a long time.
It seems that one division might be destroyed by ruining the Ancient Dragon’s mood.
There is no shortage of anecdotes that one province became an uninhabited wasteland.

And even if they tried their best to defeat an Ancient Dragon in exchange for the great sacrifice…


『Are you the one who killed our kind…』(Ancient Dragon)


Or something like that. Many Ancient Dragons will come to avenge and everything will be over.

Then, the Royal Family would be destroyed and the rulers were completely replaced.
So, there was no one in this country who dared to attack an Ancient Dragon.

… When an Ancient Dragon arrives, people will bow down and apologize. And if that fails, they will accept death silently so as not to bother other people.
That was the duty of those who live in this country.

And now, an Ancient Dragon has arrived.

The soldiers had no choice but to stay rigid and stunned.

The ancient dragon flew straight on… and landed a bit before reaching the soldiers.

He disappeared behind the rocks and trees, but apparently, he didn’t seem to be here.


「「「「「「…We were saved…, right?」」」」」」(Imperial Soldiers)


The Ancient Dragon landed in an area occupied by sub-people.

And after a while…


「The Ancient Dragon flew up again」(Imperial Soldier)


A man, who is in charge of watching the area around where the Ancient Dragon landed, reported by yelling.

Okay, the Ancient Dragon will go back without any problems!

When everyone thought so …


Do~sun (SFX)


The ancient dragon flew toward the soldiers, not back to the direction he was coming, and landed in front of the soldiers just about a dozen meters away.


『Who is the commander?』(Keragon)

((((((We are finished……)))))) (Imperial Soldiers)


Everyone thought so, but now there’s no other way but to give up the soldiers’ lives around here to stop the damage to the subjects of the Empire.
The spirit of self-sacrifice when they got involved with the Ancient Dragon was engraved in the soul of all the people of the Empire.
… No matter what kind of villain they are.


A few people will be killed, for a lot more people to live.

Or maybe dozens of people.

Or worse, maybe hundreds will be killed.

However, compared to tens and hundreds of thousands of people will die because of themselves, and their homeland will be destroyed.
And of course, their family, their relatives, their friends, their colleagues, their teacher, their neighbors.
Every human, no, all living things that they know will all die.
“It’s all your fault!”
Then, all of the hatred will be directed at them along with the words of the curse…

How many people can withstand it?

… So they choose to silently die. With no resistance.

That was the common sense of those who live here in the Empire.


「I am the responsible person here」(Major?)


The commander said so and stepped ahead.
His heart was calm, like a mirror-like water surface on a calm day.

… Maybe it’s like giving up everything and becoming enlightened.
A peaceful smile.
Yes, just like many of our predecessors, who have served as human sacrifices to control the anger of Ancient Dragons.

And the Ancient Dragon, staring at the commander, said the word.


『Don’t go near because I asked the Demis to build a villa on that mountain.
If you don’t plan to enter the rocky mountain, I allow you to use this road like normal.
Got it?』(Keragon)

「…Ha, Haa?」(Major?)

『G-O-T I-T?』(Keragon)

「Ye… yes」(Major?)


There is neither good nor bad.
And even if they accept it on their own, there is no problem at all.

He will get the medal, such as containing the trouble with the Ancient Dragon without damage.
No, it’s a great hero of the country of salvation, which isn’t a dream, let alone a medal, he might be given the title.
At the very least, this act is never subject to punishment or reprimand.


『Well then, Adios (Sarabaja)』(Keragon)


Saying so, Keragon flew away in the direction of the Ancient Dragon Village in the southeast.

(T.N: FUNA sensei changed to Mile’s POV now, the name Keragon is there in raw)


「「「「「「We are still alive~eeeeee」」」」」」(Imperial Soldiers)


Despite their joyous voice, there was no piece of energy to jump and rejoice, and the soldiers sat down on the spot …

Then, Mile, disappearing with stealth magic and looking at the situation, grinned and muttered.


(Just as planned/ Keikaku Doori……) (Mile)


* * *



「That’s why I think the probability of Imperial soldiers coming here is quite low.」(Mile)

「They won’t come!」(Rena?)

「They don’t dare」(Pauline?)

「They will never come……」(Maevis?)


When Mile reported so, Rena’s Trio retorted with a frightening look.


「「「「「…………」」」」」(Demi + Merchants)


And, of course, the Demis are stunned with no words.

「After that, if you are divided into small groups and secretly withdrawn at night so that you do not clash with the imperial soldiers, it is a solution.
The golems will live in peace without being attacked by the imperial soldiers ……」(Mile)

「Far from soldiers, no one will come!
I’m sure there will be a ban instruction in the surrounding area!
Probably, there is a strong command such as decapitation if you step in even one step…」(Rena)

「Yes, well, it’s natural because if you do it poorly, the country will be destroyed.」(Maevis)

Rena and Maevis retorted so while shrugging their shoulders.

Then, Mile-chan, who could kill the Ancient Dragons twice and half, was way scarier…」(Pauline)


Hearing Pauline’s remark, Rena and Maevis wondered if they should say something now…

FUNA sensei’s Note:

From Thursday, July 11th, in webcomic magazine “Comic Earth Star”, “I said make my ability average value!] Spin-off four-frame manga has started serialization!

(Mangaka: Takayuki Mori Sensei)


The main manga (Mangaka: Nekominto sensei) will be serialized again in August!

Thank you both. (^^) /

Mile Vol 10.2

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Release Information

Taru: Will release in a batch (Batch 50% completed: 9000/18000 words, 3/6 chapters)

Cathia: Will release in batch (Batch 0% completed)

Arge: Series ends after 63 chapters (c270). Will release in batch (Batch 0% completed)

While waiting for the Taru release, please have another Mile chapter like popcorn at the cinema.

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  1. [and attached your tail] -> {and reattached your tail}
    [soldiers who camping near] -> {soldiers who were camping near}
    [Without even resistance] -> {Without no resistance}/{Without even resisting}

    Yes, the average force flows through Mile. A dragon asking some demis/semis (lolz) to make him a villa, quite an average fake reason…. that’s so like Mile 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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  2. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Nee, nee, maevis-chan~ thats not what a person who sliced a dragon’s tail off should say..


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