How I translate.

For Darkkunz and anyone who is interested.

First, choose “Write”


Second, visit Mile raw web novel site

Copy the raws of the chapter to translate.

Paste the raws.

And it will look like below.


From here, I will translate the chapter by each sentence.

Then replace the Japanese raw with English sentence. Like this


As you can see, it wasn’t clear who said a dialog. So I will add their name after their dialog within ( ) Like this


Next is color it in Blue


Increase Indent


CONTINUE until I finish a chapter and release it.


  1. “Then replace the Japanese raw with English sentence. Like this”
    Oh, it’s so easy. I’ll try to translate a couple of books during my lunch break


  2. Sounds easy…
    Aside from putting the name, I tried it last time to cheat, as I use Google Translate, translating per lines, I got:
    “the grammar is wrong…”
    “the reference of this line? ”
    “who’s this?”
    “the name is different?”
    “the skill name?”
    “why did I do this again?”


    • Comparing my trans to the others works is kinda fun and tiring, i guess?

      Cause I can just only barely recognize some characters but not able to read it…


      • Well, when I first started translating, I cheated with google translate, too.
        That’s why a lot of readers complained back then.
        Wow, it was like “rain”.

        Then after like 100+ chapter, I start to remember the familiar words that I post to google translate with the same meaning (little by little).
        And then, I start not to rely on google translate but my memory for those cases.

        It was like “practice makes it perfect”

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        • I see!

          Oh right! Do you remember when you add a rule the read first before commenting? I tried to cheat that by reading the raw and comment a scene with first comment…
          But I can’t make heads or tails in the grammar, names, and references… So I tried editing and by the time I finished you already posted the new chap with shironeko as a first comment… orz

          I tried to continue translating to practice but my phone broke(drowned : dun ask how) and lost the all data and motivation and phone…

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        • Well.. not perfect… even in the example above, the grammar is wrong.

          “and the content the letter was..”

          Should be…

          “and the content in the letter was…”

          Should pay attention to those 100+ comments as they are trying to help you learn from mistakes.

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    • Not really, translating is easy when you know how to, the problem is not losing the meaning, references and/or the consistences of the names in certain idioms(ej. Japanesse), I was an english-spanish webcomic translator, less text to translate but still… I was also the one doing the cleaning, editing and proofreading. I don’t know if it can work but in japanesse, but you can even translate if you don’t understand the other idiom if you can understand the meaning of the sentences if you use machinetranslator, but doing that means that the quality will never be the same as someone wo can actually read the raw


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