Question: Poll

Everyone, do you want me to pick up Fia Web novel as well?

Because I can’t make a poll with a free WordPress blog so please “Like” my comment “Yes” and “No” under this.

If “Yes” have more like than “No” then I will pick it and vice versa.



Okay, I won’t pick it up.

Can’t suppose to let people wait longer for their favourite series update.


  1. Not now please. I like Mile, someone that i know like Taru. More series means longer waiting. But do what you like to do at the first place. We dont pay you for your (hard) job, dont loose motivation and fun.


  2. In my opinion, the manga is already good enough.
    And yeah, we’re all very happy to see more Mile, Taru, Cathia though.
    If you have another translator to help sharing your burden, then it’s fine to pick more. The more, the merrier. 😀


  3. Read the Fia chapters, and loved em
    Been trying to find a translation of her webnovel to continue, but it doesnt help that her book’s actual title is drowned out by chinese novels (even tried romanized and still turned up nothing)

    But yes more Taru and Mile pls&tq


  4. What’s the full name of this webnovel? I doubt it’s called only Fia and you cannot really find out anything about it with only a single name.


      • That was one quick reply. Thank you! That sounds indeed very interesting but also sounds familiar. Isn’t that the same with Sei? If there weren’t already so many ongoing projects I would be all for translating it but I see that the manga already is and that will suffice for now. For now I would rather see Cathia coming back for a visit. Actually I might be the only person here that has her as my favourite novel on this page while I hardly look at Mile the all time favourite here.


        • Arge’s batch is 70% complete (will be next release)

          Cathia’s batch of 14 chapters will be second next.
          (Cathia’s real soul = little sister) Arc.
          Even I say “next”, you need to wait about 1 month for that.


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