Taru Chapter 45-50

Taru Vol 2
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Chapter 45: Calm Before the Storm

「Misora-san, hello (Kon’nichiwa)」(Taru)

While being surprised by the sudden visit of the Sage, I safely greet her back.

「Sage (Kenja-sama)… Hello (Kon’nichiwa desu)」(Mina)

「Misora-chi~yuwa~n !? BBU~HOU~WA~」(George)

Taru Vol 2 007

(Picture of George, Mina, and Taru)

George’s greeting to Misora-san was interrupted because the sage’s wand in her hand was thrust into the Okama’s face.

Apparently, George seems to get a clean hit in his right eye, and he rolls around on the floor.


「Did you just call me by a weird name, I wonder? Human.」(Misora)

Taru Vol 1 002

(Picture of Misora)

Misora-san gazes down at Okama-san with an absolutely zero glance and a compelling attitude.

Misora-san’s appearance became too scary within seconds.

「Ah, Taru-chan can call me with any nickname, you know?
I’m fine with it.
I wonder if you are okay with calling me Misora-onee-chan, will you?」(Misora)

Ignore the groaning Okama, the Sage smiles cheerfully,
She nodded “Yup, yup” with her arms folded as if she had come up with a good idea.

「Misora-onee-chan, right…」(Taru)

「Aru-re, are-re. (Different type of Ara-ara)
No need for honorifics, no need.」(Misora)



Looking at the sight of Misora-san, the Okama got scared out of his wits.

Rather than that, today is a fairy ball」(Misora)

Is it the main purpose?

Regardless of whether we are going to go now,
At this timing, the appearance of Misora-san may have some meaning.

I swallow my spit and nod.

「Aru-re, are-re. (Different type of Ara-ara)
Taru-chan, are you nervous?
But it’s okay.
It will be fun.
If any humans dare to do anything to Taru-chan, we will not forgive them

She speaks aloud and she looks at her robe sleeves.

It’s Misora-san’s usual four-dimensional sleeve.

What is going to come out today?

「As I said, I will ask you to take care of them today?
Come on you guys, come out」(Misora)

When Misora-san calls,
The feathered inchlings flew out of her sleeves as fast as they could.

The fairies flew to the ceiling with momentum, change direction here and there, then toward me.

Taru Vol 1 005

(Picture of fairies)

「Wa~waa~ It’s Taru!」(Fairy 1)

「Taru-Taru, it’s been a long time!」(Fairy 2)

「The city of Human is noisy ♪」(Fairy 3)

「It’s hard to fly!」(Fairy 1)

「The wind hardly comes out!」(Fairy 2)

「But… but… it’s fun」(Fairy 3)

The three fairies get excited and circle around me.

I expected to meet the fairies halfway though.

As expected (Yahari), it’s the request Misora-san asked at the “Intriguing Cloud Flower Tea room”.
She seemed to be serious when asking me to bring the fairies to the ball.

「Everyone, it’s been a long time!」(Taru)

When I smiled, the fairies smiled back to me.

Then, they fly and look around George’s shop calmly.

「Human, Crystal power, Sealed」(Fairy 1)

「Here as well」(Fairy 2)

「Over here as well♪」(Fairy 3)

「Why (Nande)?」(Fairy 1)

「Why (Doushite)?」(Fairy 2)

「I don’t understand (Wakaranai) ♪」(Fairy 3)

Mina is really surprised looking at the noisy fairies.

Her mouth repeatedly opens and closes.

Apparently, the priestess seems curious about the first-time-meeting fairies.

「Fairy (Yōsei-san)」(Taru)

As I spoke to them when they flew around, the three fairies soon lined up in front of me.
Aren’t they a bit agile like a trained army?

However, the three fairies that stop moving in the air while moving their wings are pretty cute.

「What is it, Taru?」(Fairy 1)

「Taru, what’s wrong?」(Fairy 2)

「Taru~Taruー♪」(Fairy 3)

The response of the three,
All of them are unintentionally killing me by their childish reactions.

「I’ll introduce my friends.
The girl over here is Mina.
The one who is rolling on the floor is George.
They both will act together with us today」(Taru)

「「「Ye~s (Ha~i)!」」」(3 Fairies)

Hearing the energetic replies from the fairies, I look to Mina, who is standing next to me.

Mina nods to me and steps forward.

「Fairy, Hello (Yōsei-san, Kon’nichiwa).
I’m Minazuki.
Please take care of me from now on (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu)」(Mina)

Is she perhaps nervous before the fairies?
Her voice is slightly stiff.
Mina approaches the fairies with a smile.

However, the fairies swiftly fall back and keep a distance from Mina.

The fairies’ reaction to Mina’s greeting was to shake their head and not replying.
On the contrary, their fluttering small back feathers have been stopped
It looks as if they are watching, looking at somewhere.

Even if those wings don’t move, they can fly into the air…

「Hm…Hm… (Fumu… Fumu)
I brought some very cautious fairies in the woods.
Yes, these children.
They’re more vigilant than curiosity.
That’s why they aren’t going to do anything bad and I tell them to listen to what Taru-chan says.
Even if she is Taru-chan’s friend

Misora-san enters between the fairies and Mina then explains such.

「Is that so……」(Mina)

After hearing that, Mina is in a bit of a shock.

「Fairies (Yōsei-san-tachi)
Mina is a good girl, so you don’t have to worry and keep a distance like that」(Taru)

I want to make the fairies, who avoid Mina, to get closer to her, so I talk to them.

Then, the fairy’s wings that had stopped so far began to flutter again.

「If Taru says so」(Fairy 1)

「It can’t be helped~ Taru~o」(Fairy 2)

「Taru~Taru~n♪」(Fairy 3)

Their fairy wings sway like the dog’s tail.

When I saw the fairies are in a good mood, such a thing suddenly came into mind.

The three fairies slowly approached Mina and they gently swirled over her head, then one of them came a little over my head.

「Wa~ waz~zurui zu~rui~ (Sly/sneaky)」(Fairy 2)

「Taru~chi, Taru~chi♪」(Fairy 3)

Following the first fairy who was sitting above my head, the other two sat down on my shoulders.

「Aru-re, are-re. (Different type of Ara-ara)
Taru-chan is really liked by fairies, you are loved.
Taru-chan, why don’t you enjoy the ball with these girls wearing the dress I gave you?
It’s enjoyable」(Misora)

Misora-san giggles and laughs at me while bringing her face closer to my ears.
And she whispered, “I entrusted you with the role of fairies’ guardian”

『The Hidden Quest “Wind Fairy’s Guardian” was triggered.
Clear’s Conditions: Don’t let the HP of the three fairies fall to 0 for 2 hours.
Failure’s Conditions: One Fairy is killed.
Quest Reward: Fairy Powder x 100
Skill “Wind Fairy Friend”

Taru was surprised when it happened.
What’s even more surprising is the clear reward.

Fairy Powder is pretty nice, but skill, “Wind Fairy Friend”!?

What is this?

Terribly, tremendous concern.
Quite a lot, no, a lot.

Or were the fairies in Misora’s forest wind fairies?

Because they are in the forest, I thought they should be trees and soils.

This quest, “the fairy get killed” is written in the failure condition, which means that damage will occur if they are attacked,
They can be killed like monsters or mercenary players.

To be honest, I thought it would be nothing more than a burden to take the fairies to the ball.
I will definitely stand out, people will stare and talk about me, I will get tired.

However, if she put such a wonderful reward in front of me, I would surely feel motivated.
At the same time, the level of alertness jumped up at once.

Such a precious quest, failure cannot be tolerated.

「Let me take care of that (Makasete Kudasai!)!」(Taru)

I proudly told Misora-san so.

Misora-san nodded, looked around at Mina and George, who was still lying on the floor, pinched the end of her robe with both hands, and bowed.

「Well then, everyone.
I hope you have a good time at the ball with Taru-chan, Enjoy.
It seems that some guests have just come, so I’m going back, I bid you adieu~」(Misora)


As I’m pondering about Misora-san’s words,
The bell, which wasn’t supposed to ring, rang again.

(T.N: The shop closed, no customer should be coming)

Hara-Hara (different Ara-Ara)
I’m glad…

The door of Art’s Shop Skill ☆ George was vigorously opened.
With her usual glamorous appearance, Anon-san entered.

「…I made it in time」(Anon)

Anon-san seems to be relieved to see me and Mina and relaxing her shoulders.

Misora-san with her hat covered her face went out of the store across Anon-san.
For a moment, Anon-san turned her eyes to Misora-san, but she seemed to lose interest immediately and slowly approached me and Mina.

「Good, good.
You two still haven’t gone to the Fairy Ball yet.

『Anon is trading “Blue Cloud Flow Hakama”
Accept or Reject』

*Yup yup* Anon-san suddenly started “item trading” with me.

「Oh, this is Mina’s hakama… “is it completed?” (Mina)(Taru)

Next to me, who is surprised by the item trading, Mina asks me in a delighted voice.
Mina who asks questions while stretching herself is really cute.
As expected, she must be looking forward to wearing the hakama to attend the ball.

「Yeah, sorry for keeping you waiting so long」(Anon)

Anon-san announces the completion of the hakama with a refreshing smile.

「Taru-shi is the client.
Shall I give it to Taru-shi the regular way?

「Ah, yes.
Then, Anon-san, how much is it?」(Taru)

「A great bonus, 3000 Eso in total」(Anon)

*Fufufu* Anon-san laughs while hiding her mouth with her sleeve.

I’m glad. I thought it must be 7000 Eso in total.

I paid the full amount and got the “Blue Cloud Flow Hakama” from Anon-san.

「Mina, your Hakama(Taru)

Then, I give the hakama to Mina.
Mina said she wanted to pay, but I’m also a man.
When I gave a gift to a girl, I wanted to do it handsomely.

I could do it because it was considerably cheaper than expected. I think this is also due to Anon-san.

「Mina has always taken care of me.
This is my present to show my gratitude.
I don’t need money」(Taru)

I smiled and gave Mina the “Blue Cloud Flow Hakama”.
But Mina replied “But… Tenshi-sama has always taken care of me as well” and was somewhat confused.
Then I press “Can’t Mina listen to my request?”
She hastily shook her cute head and said: “Thank you, Tenshi-sama”.

Then, Mina put on her new Hakama right away.

The “Blue Cloud Flow Hakama” has a deep blue Gradient.
Along with is the pale pattern of gray which makes the blue stand out more, Interwoven in places.
The cloudy ash color doesn’t kill the underlying blue.
In other words, it is transparent.
Just like the soft floating cloud in the blue sky.

(T.N: I give up, I try my best for this part but I’m not good at verse)

Furthermore, the part hung from the arm to the sleeve are subtly dyed in light gray, there’s a flicker through the light.

In other words, the armpits and upper arms of the blonde Loli are completely transparent.

Mina, who usually wears priestess’ clothing which has no exposure,
It gives a different feeling when seeing she wears such clothes on a special occasion.
No, the exposed facts tickle the man’s heart.

Exquisitely healthy beauty and immature bewitching are so good!

This is truly legal blonde loli kimono.

… Oops, dangerous.

Won’t I become the Lorigon that Mina spoke of at this rate?

I shouldn’t keep observing Mina’s hakama so much or I might open a hole on it. (Metaphor)

「This for Taru-shi」(Anon)

What else do you have, Anon-san?

『You have received “Ash transparent shawl” from Anon(System log)

「This is…」(Taru)

「Taru-shi has given a lot of “Skeleton Dark Gray” so I got some left-over.
This is a product made with those.
I hope it matches the dress Taru-shi will wear.

Check the delivered equipment.

Apparently, it seems to be classified in the category of accessories,
It looks like a shawl covering the shoulders.

『Ash Transparent Shawl』

【A shawl dyed with the purified ashes of the dead made it transparent.
The grey-transparent color makes it possible to elegantly show off the neck and shoulders of the person who wears it.
It is a gem, an accessory that fascinates people in social circles.

Equip condition:
*Intelligence 70

Rarity: 4

Magic Defense +20
MP + 10

Special effects:
Spread the tri-folded gray curtain, you can stay hidden with gray.
Although you won’t be completely transparent, in a field with a lot of gray, people can hardly spot you.

The special effect is too romantic.

No way. To think the combined effort of my alchemy colors and the skill of the seamstress can make the equipment with a transparent cloak-like effect.

「The equipment requirement is 70, which is rather high…
Can you equip it?」(Anon)

「Of course! Thank you very much!」(Taru)

The intelligence known as Garbage Status is the foundation for alchemy, so I can afford it.

I was excited, grabbed the “Ash Transparent Shawl” and wrapped it around my neck.

「That’s right. Taru-shi」(Anon)

「Hoi Hoi」(Taru)

Anon-san came close to me and fixed the “Ash Transparent Shawl” while telling me to wear it more elegantly.

Then she asked.

「By the way, what’s with the inchlings on your head and shoulder?」(Anon)



I answered Anon-san’s question “They are fairy”, responded to her excitement and question within a safe range.
Finally, I decided to head to the “Fairy Ball” fully armed.

I put on the dress I got from Misora-san, the “Sky Blue Dress” with the special ability to reduce gravity to 1/6, and put on the “Ash Transparent Shawl” I got from Anon-san.

As expected, the equipment of women is soothing around the knees, it’s uncomfortable.

However, I got it for the ball, and I have no choice but to wear it.

In addition, this dress makes me float fluffy about 10 cm from the ground each time I walk.

Along with that, the fairies are also flying around me,
George, who was resurrected from the floor knockout, murmured with an ecstatic face “As beautiful as a painting”

Mina put her knees with her hands joined together and praying to God.

Taru Vol 2 006

(Picture of Taru floating with her dress)


Anon-san is hiding her mouth behind the fan, which I don’t know where she took out from, saying “hara~hara, how beautiful”

But she didn’t care to rebuke to George’s clothes. I found her sense questionable.
No, it may be because her senses have already been poisoned.

George wore a cheongsam with deep slits.

It seems that this is a bespoke dress made by Anon-san.
A gorgeous cheongsam dressed in fiery red with a golden border.
In addition, it was studded with yellow glitter, giving the person the impression of elegance and strength.
Such nice clothes are also ruined because the tight black muscles are visible and hidden from the back of the slid, the purple eye shadow of the afro head, and the rich makeup he is wearing.

Apologize to Anon-san, Okama.

Anyway, now we are ready.

Yes, it’s time to leave.

「Well then, everyone. Shall we go?」(Taru)

With my signal as a starting point, everyone on the scene left George’s store.

Everyone’s footsteps were light and when I heard it I was less nervous.

Because I went from indoors to outdoors, the sun shines in my eyes.
I cast a light shadow. And I’m thinking while holding my right hand.

If there is light, there is also shadow.

Expectations and anxiety swirl, the “Fairy Ball”

And the clan “Lone Wolf”, which I got entangled with. Will they come to Michael Angelo’s Fairy Ball.
I don’t want them to come if possible.

No, even if they come, I will chase them away without fail.
I’ve prepared a lot for this day so that I can handle whatever happens.

I check the items created by alchemy, the item storage, and look over the friends waiting behind.

As always, Mina is cute, and Okama is disgusting

Taru Vol 2 007

It seems like Anon-san has a real-life errand and cannot attend today’s ball, but she promises to go at a later date.

Really encouraging friends.

Furthermore, today, besides Mina and George, I will also meet up with Kouya and Yuuki at the venue.

What am I worried about?

Looking at the expression from the fairy on my shoulders, a smile spreads naturally around my mouth.

「Let’s go」

I take out the figure of the carriage from the item storage.

This is the one I got from Misora-san.

And just like that, the “Silver Spirits Horse Carriage” appears on the highway.

The surrounding mercenaries (players) became noisy when they saw the fine four-wheeled carriage drawn by four white horses exploded with silver powder. However, when I tried to ride on it, the voice became even louder.

「Where are you going, my lady?」(Coachman)

Kurosuke, the black mysterious coachman asks me so.

「To Michael Angelo’s Castle」(Taru)

To the “Fairy Ball”, the Michael Angelo’s ruling area, Michael Angelo’s royal castle.
Leaving the crowd making noise behind, the carriage moves.

Suddenly, when I looked up at the sky from the window of the carriage, the pleasant, clear blue dominated the sky above Michael Angelo.
(T.N: I hope you remember what clear sky means)




【Official Site Mercenary Banquet Board】

〈Genre ● Lifestyle〉

Thread name: [Tenshi-chan] PvP [Gathering of guardians]

723:Everyone, it’s finally here ~degozaru

724:Right? The Fairy Ball

725:Fu fu, Will Tenshi-chan really come to Michael Angelo’s ball?

726:She is always in Michael Angelo. She will come for sure.

727:Seriously? A chance to add her as my friend. I should have farm-ed more money! (T.N: He means he can’t buy the carriage to join the ball)

728:Everyone, don’t forget our purpose ~degozaru ~yo

729:I will do exactly as Gozaru-dono says

730:Certainly. Up until now, we’ve managed to repel those who approach Tenshi-chan, but there will be big guys gathering at Michael Angelo’s Fairy Ball this time.

731:By the way, it’s left in our hands

732:There is a limit to how we can move individually

734:Should we form a Mercenary Clan for Tenshi-chan?

735:I mean, aren’t we like Tenshi-chan’s serious Mercenary Clan.

736:Fu~hi~i. When you make it, I will join immediately

737:Is that possible? And why won’t anyone make it now?

738:Because they want to join Tenshi-chan’s Mercenary Clan.

739:Anyway, how can we protect Tenshi-chan tomorrow?

How regretful ~degozaru

741:You guys!
With such a spirit, do you think that you can protect our precious flower in a pure and divine way?

742:This tone is…

743:It’s Sir Fairy Tale.

744:Sir Fairy Tale, where had you been going?

745:Long time, Sir Fairy Tale ~degowasu ~na.

746:Ridiculous, isn’t it too late to come back?

747:Oh, Sir fairy tale, have you revived?

Sorry for the late resurrection.
But since I’m back, I will surely protect my beautiful bride with my flames!

749:Good grief (Yare~yare),
It’s great even if you participate halfway, Sir Fairy Tale

750:Well well, everyone.
It’s good that there are more comrades ~degozaru ~yo

751: Osu!
If Gozaru-dono says so!

752:That’s right

753:If Gozaru-chi says so then I’m “ok” with it.

754:You can’t help being convinced with Gozaru Samurai.

755:FuFu! I can not help it

756:Before I knew it, the Evaluation of Gozaru Samurai was rising.

757:No wonder.
First of all, since Sir Fairy Tale who said to love and protect the flowers disappeared,
Gozaru Samurai played a central role in cleaning up the mercenary players who could harm Tenshi-chan.

758:Fairy-Tale-Dono, You have my respect ~degowasu ~yo

759:I never disappeared…
I just look at myself, retrain myself, to truly be the one who fits her
I was studying hard…

760:In the meantime, we were desperate to collect information about the guys who tried to mess up with Tenshi-chan,
You ran around with assassinations, surprise attacks, and brawls?

761:Well, I hope you have fun

762:Seriously, It’s the first time and I’m not “happy”!

763:Uhm, about that…
I’m sorry…
I was just… anyway, please leave our beloved princess to me, I will protect her no matter what.

764:It’s okay if you have the flexibility to bow down (apologize) while you are young.
I don’t want you to grow up like that.

765:Somehow, every time there was something related to Sir Fairy Tale ~degozaru yo.
Everyone was worried ~degozaru.

766:Hey, Gozaru Samurai! It’s no good if you say it out.

767:Really? Late Festival ww (T.N: w w is there in raw)

768:Degozaru~na (is that so?) That was disrespect of me ~degozatta.

769:Can’t be helped.
Anyway, Sir Fairy Tale, welcome back

770:Welcome back ~de~gowasu!

771:You guys…
Maybe I was thinking too much…
But no way, aren’t you homo?!


773:Sir fairy tale, for real?

774:Stop it, Sir Fairy Tale, It’s not a good hobby.

775:Sir Fairy Tale (Meruhen) is Mental illness (Menhera) ~de gowasu!

776:It’s good to be young, it’s stupid and interesting.

777:Certainly, among the Sengoku warlords, there’s someone who repeats such things on the battlefield because they can’t bring girls to the battlefield during the war~Degozaru~ga……
I’m Certainly inexperienced ~Degozaru ~ shi,
How reluctance ~Degozaru ~ yo

778:Gozaru responds so seriously even to such a joke.

779:Anyway, since I came along, you don’t worry about her safety!
In case, you all might be coming as well, don’t neglect your preparation!

780:You joined in before we knew it, Sir Fairy Tale.

781:Well well, everyone. Please keep face for Fairy-Tale-dono who has just returned ~degozaru yo.

782:No matter who participate, I think we should do the same.

783:Protect our Tenshi-chan

784:Tomorrow is a serious battlew

785:Pu~hi. I’m looking forward to it.

786:Gowasu! (IKR)

787:Tenshi-dono’s guardians, let’s go!


As always, they’re dangerous.

Rest assured that they are all Yes Lolita No Touch gentlemen.

Thank you for reading.

Taru Novel Cover
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Chapter 46: Privilege class (1)

“Fairy ball” will be held soon, and at the same time, a new area will be released in Michael Angelo.

Passing Duke Theary Mansion, you will reach the slope leading to the castle.

Our carriage starts from George’s store to the new area, the “Big Castle Gate Bridge”

「Ora~ Ora~!
Walking passersby! Make way, make way!

The slope draws a curve, that undulates like a snake many times, gradually increasing its altitude and reaching the castle gate.

And now, many mercenaries are climbing here, pushing each other.

Whether they couldn’t stand the population density or caused tantrums for another reason, some mercenaries have begun to yell at the surrounding mercenaries and threaten the others to make way.

「Make way, you guys don’t have a carriage are lottery tickets passed in front of the castle gate, you’d better go to another tower!
Quickly open the way for us, carriage owners!」(Mercenary)

It’s a rugged slope made of piled stones, but it has a rather unfriendly design.

The height of the castle gate is about 20 meters, which is quite high.
But there are no handrails on both ends of the bridge, although handrails to prevent falling, handrails, and balustrades should be installed.

「Haha. Poor people who can’t buy a carriage are in the way!
Fall! Fall down!」(Mercenary)

The way to the castle has a width of 4 meters, it should be enough.

However, as it was the first day of the event, it was crowded.
Worst of all, when observing the bridge, the width of the road seems to get narrower as it gets closer to the gate.
To the point that no carriage can pass in a line.

「Stop joking!
We lined up first!
Whether you have a carriage or not, wait for your turn!」(Mercenary)

「Silent! Make way or I run over!」(Mercenary)

The carriage in front of us quarreled with the pedestrian and forced its way.
Then the crowd of pedestrians, that had been crowded fell from both ends of the bridge, pushed off by a carriage.

Some mercenaries have been blown off like bowling pins.

「Stop joking! Rascal*」(Mercenary)

(T.N: Teme*, low way of you)

Once people were pushed down, they started climbing up the “Royal Castle Gate Bridge” again.

The fallen mercenaries start using the long-range attacks on the carriage.

However, it is blocked by the mythical soldiers, who line up in the towering ramparts and looking down at mercenaries.
Plus with the huge wall of the huge gray stones, they gave up an intimidating feeling.
They quickly and ruthlessly shot arrows from their bows, without hesitation at the mercenaries.

Their movements were godspeed that I could not catch up with my eyes and the speed of the flying arrows was amazing.


「I’m hit!」(Mercenary)

「Death judgment」(Mercenary)


All the mercenaries who were dropped were angry and tried to start PvP until they took an arrow to their body and retired.

「Well, it’s a mission for the soldiers that must be fulfilled.(Mercenary)

「Po~oo, perori, po~oo」(Mercenary)

(T.N: he seems to count the number of death like bubble got popped)

Some enthusiastically tried to fight and were blew away
Some were able to quickly set up a shield but the arrow penetrated their body and fell down.

We continue to the Royal Castle,
While advancing my own carriage in such a terrible “Royal Castle Gate Bridge”, I was looking at the surroundings.

The carriage is safe.

How peaceful.

「A~ra~n, they show no mercy」(George)

I can certainly nod at the murmur of George who was watching the outside.

No matter how you look at it, mercenaries with carriages are bad.
However, the God Soldiers dressed in blue armor, are looking at us with innocent eyes without any gestures to attack the carriage, only mercenaries who were thrown off and tried retribution got shot mercilessly…

Does this mean that carriage holders can give priority to participating in [Fairy ball]?

Because it is a castle, it was designed so that it would difficult for foreign enemies to invade.

The fact that there are no clogs at both ends also prevents the enemy soldiers advancing to the gate from using it as a wall to hide from a long-range attack, and has the advantage of dropping the enemies off the bridge.
Also, the narrowing of the road can reduce the number of soldiers trying to break the gate.

However, despite the first event, I can’t help wondering what is the spec that does not welcome mercenaries at all.
I wonder if this will flood the Admins with user complaints.

「Does every city look like this?」(Mina)

George groaned to Mina’s question with a sigh and answered while scratching his Afro with his right hand.

「It may be different.
I heard that “Fairy Ball” will be held even in small villages.」(George)

「I see…
In a village, there won’t be God Soldiers guarding, and in the first place the building won’t have such a design, right?

I wonder if Kouya and Yuuki were able to enter the castle gate safely in this way.
With that anxiety, I imitate George and look out through the window.

「A beautiful carriage……」(Mercenary)

「Is it some NPC property?」(Mercenary)

「Something you’ve never seen in the store before」(Mercenary)

「 Isn’t there the silvery little light flying?
What is that?」(Mercenary)

For some reason, there is a delicate distance around our carriage instead of being crowded. Maybe because my carriage took them a surprise which made them want to observe somewhere else.
It seems that it won’t be long because my carriage can run smoothly.

「Hey! It’s a really beautiful girl (Bishoujo) just now!」(Mercenary)

「Why is such a girl in the carriage?」(Mercenary)

「Is she an NPC?!」(Mercenary)

Following the mercenaries that I met my eyes with, the mercenaries in the surrounding area began to buzz, so I immediately hung the curtain on the carriage window.

「Where is the princess!
Will she attend the ball?」

I will attend the ball, even if it’s the last thing I do!」(Mercenary)

「In the opposite window … HI~III!」(Mercenary)

「AN AFRO OKAMA!?」(Mercenary)

I’d like to see the scenery of the castle wall for a while, but I’ll stop showing my face.

As an alternative, let’s leave the surrounding vigilance to George, who is throwing a wind kiss like “U-Fun- ♪” outside.

And in five minutes, my carriage came to a stop.
Apparently, the front is getting noisy.

「Hey, we go here first」(Mercenary)

「What are you talking about?
We are here first」(Mercenary)

「Don’t try to talk big. Don’t tell me, you think your two-wheeled wagon is the same caliber as a double-carriage.」(Mercenary)

「I see. Your carriage is definitely better.
However, it doesn’t mean the same for our fighting ability, you know?

「Aah? Do you want to try it?」(Mercenary)

「If you want, shall I hit your empty head until you give it up?」(Mercenary)

Once again, another disturbing event occurred.

Apparently, at the point where the width of the road only allows one carriage to pass, the two carriages started to squeeze together, and they were arguing which would go first.

Because of that, we and everyone behind them are stagnant.

Moreover, there is a possibility that even the mercenaries in the carriage may be sniped by the God Soldiers on the castle wall if they do PvP.

This is a stalemate situation which doesn’t progress in one direction because both sides don’t want to give up

Although I was able to put up with it for a while, when the exchange continued for 1, 3, 5 minutes, maybe the mercenaries around me began to get irritated, and various things are flying.

「I want to go soon…」(Mina)

Mina’s murmur speaks for my feelings.

Until a while ago, when she saw a huge wall
please look!
That big wall!
If the wall is that big, will the castle be bigger?
What if there is a prince?”
She was excited, but now she has a somewhat uneasy look.

I decided not to show my face out of the carriage, but I can’t let my priestess have such a face.

「George, I’m going to give a few words, so can you raise your alertness?」(Taru)

「A~ra~n, I’ll do it in moderation.
Of~the~course, I will keep an eye out for good guys!


「Taru, where do you go?」(Fairy)

「Taru, you go out the carriage?」(Fairy)

「Taru-rin, Taru-rin?」(Fairy)

Mina and the fairies are in panic, I smile to tell them “It’s okay”.

「I just talk a little.
At this rate, both us and the people waiting will be annoyed.
Fairies (Yōsei-san-tachi), can you wait in the carriage?」(Taru)

「If Tenshi-sama says so …
But don’t overdo it, okay?」(Mina)

「Of course」(Fairy)

With the approval of my friends (Nakama), I open the window, put both hands on the edge, and lean forward.

Then some walking mercenaries moved their eyes to me,
Most of the mercenaries were looking at the 2 carriages arguing in the front.

「Pardon me. Mister Mercenary over there!」(Taru)

There are about 20 people between my carriage and the carriages in the quarrel.
So, first of all, I talk to the walking mercenaries who are in front of me.

Ohime-sama (A princess)!?」(Mercenary)

「I thought it was a wonderful carriage, but there is a princess inside!?」(Mercenary)

When people turned around to my voice, they gave a big reaction.

What’s with “Princess”? A “Princess”, huh?

However, it seems to be a great title. If I behave like a princess here, It will be easier to persuade those mercenaries to make way for us.

「Uhm… I’m sorry for bothering you.
But may I get through?
I want to tell the people, who are making a fuss over there that there are people waiting behind them.

Is this something a princess would say?

However, the mercenaries who spoke to me didn’t respond well.

For some reason, he just dumbfounded stared at me and there was no reply.

Negotiation failure?

As expected, was it impossible to skip the order?
Did he think something like “I’m not going to make way for something silly, don’t cut the line, don’t think you can ask for special treatment”?

In that case…

「Uhm. Mister Mercenary? You don’t have to worry.
After talking, I will go back and restore the order.
I will never do anything that bothers people.

When I explain my wish again, the stiffened mercenaries finally moved and replied to me.

「As you wish」(Mercenary)

Apparently, they might have realized that it was better to try my suggestion rather than stay stuck.

「Ah, be…besides!
We don’t care about the order!
Please go ahead, Princess!」(Mercenary)

「Princess should go first in the order!
You don’t have to worry about that for us」(Mercenary)

「That’s it, That’s it.
Even if our turn is a little late, We’re not bad mercenaries to the extent that obstructing the maiden’s path!
Right everyone?」(Mercenary)


The mercenaries on foot suddenly became tense,
While facing each other shoulder-to-shoulder, they are acting like men who show friendship and support.

Ahh, they act somewhat like how Yuuki or Kouya act to me before.
Ah, one person fell from the edge of the slope.

However, both people, who pushed and got pushed, are looking at me with a gentle smile.

I am grateful to them, including the fact that even when they were surprised, they still gave me a nice response.
While doing the business smile, I slowly advance the carriage forward.



「A cute princess (Kawaii Hime-sama)…」(Mercenary)

Then, the mercenaries gave up the way one after another
“It’s the princess’ street”
“Hurry up and make way”
“Hey, it’s the princess’ street!”
“I’m glad to be alive……”

The buzzing spreads among the walking mercenaries.

After somehow they didn’t move close
The mercenaries surrounded the carriage in the princess’ protection mode.

「Pardon me, Misters.
How about making a deal with each other?
We are stuck in the back.」(Taru)

The arguing mercenaries on both sides look at me,
Next, they took a serious look at “Silver Horse-drawn Carriage.”

「Who is it … NPC?
Is this another event?」(Mercenary Ossan)

One of the roots of various evils that caused congestion, the nice red-faced Ossan (uncle) mercenary is astonished as he answer.

「What a phenomenal carriage…」(Young Mercenary)

On the other side, the elite young mercenary wearing round glasses murmured as if he was attracted to my carriage.

Both of them seemed to be wondering what to do when they were suddenly asked.

In this situation, there seems to be no other way but repeating it.

When I try to talk again, the mercenaries of the walking group began to make a noise in the background.

「Princess, how beautiful!」(Mercenary?)

「The princess in such a fine carriage is telling you to give up」(Mercenary?)

「You are just riding a wagon, your caliber is different(Mercenary?)

The surrounding mercenaries supported me.

「What do these guy’s carriage look like? A man’s tiny bowl!」(Mercenary?)

「Yours is a laughing stock compared to the princess’ one」(Mercenary?)

「Isn’t that right?」(Mercenary?)

Furthermore, it becomes the air of ridicule.

「You made quite a sight in front of the Princess!
Want to bet which vessel is bigger? I have gambler skills!」(Mercenary?)

「I’ll bet 1,000 Esos on the double carriage!」(Mercenary?)

「Then I will bet 2,000 Esos on the double-wheeled wagon!」(Mercenary?)

「I’m angry at both sides. I bet they will both get angry and riot for 3,000 Esos!」(Mercenary?)

「No, no. I’ll bet 4,000 Esos on the bro in the double carriage.」(Mercenary?)

「Look, that wasteful pride, for that four-eyes dude (Megane yarō)」(Mercenary?)

「The fat Uncle (Ossan) also has a greedy face(Mercenary?)

Before I knew it, the mercenaries’ talks became out of hand.
Both the carriage mercenaries gazed at each other with a bad-looking face.

「Tch!」(Mercenary Ossan?)

「Can’t be helped!」(Young Mercenary?)

Both voices overlapped as if they were shown together.

「I will give way for the Princess! (Mercenary Ossan?)
This one will give way for the Princess! (Young Mercenary?)

It was a reply that I couldn’t even predict. So I was stiff.

「NPC has nominated it. The result is random」(Mercenary Ossan?)

「It doesn’t matter which is up or down」(Young Mercenary?)

Both the Mercenary Ossan and the elite four-eyes young man had a grinning smile.

I see. They can maintain their appearance, and they are satisfied with their self-esteem.

They are actually really close to each other, or are they actually good friends?
I couldn’t believe how they changed compared to before.

「How disappointing, Young man!
No bets are right!
So, as the one involved, please pass the stake to us」(Mercenary Ossan?)

The Mercenary Ossan stumbled upon the mercenaries who were making bet.

That’s right.
Anyway, shall we move your wagon backward or drop it for good?」(Young Mercenary?)

And then, the Young four-eyes mercenary suggested so.

「Are you kidding me?」(Mercenary Ossan?)

(T.N: If it’s local English, I think there will be an “F” word. But I refrain from adding it)

「We kept people waiting because of you!」(Young Mercenary?)

「You. Don’t get cocky because you have a carriage!」(Mercenary Ossan?)

Voices of dissatisfaction rose one after another, and the tingling air began to drift around.
In the meantime, beyond anger, I can only hear a word of dismay.

「Shut up!
You think the government will treat you well because you are a well-off mercenary on a carriage instead of a poor mercenary on foot.
(Mercenary Ossan / Walking Mercenary?)

The Mercenary is looking at the God Soldiers on the wall with a bad face.

「Exactly what I said. That’s why you should invest more money」(Young Mercenary?)

The Young four-eyes Mercenary affirmed what Mercenary asked.

I see.

As expected, if you have a carriage, the soldiers won’t attack.

Show off that he has a carriage, does he think he is supposed to be an aristocrat himself?

And then, I think.

I observe the carriage in front of me.

The horse is smaller than the white horse that pulls my carriage, the fur is inferior, and the condition of the muscles makes him feel poor.

The structure of his carriage is solid but compared to my carriage, the size and wheel size are small, and the robustness of the axle seems to be based on wood.
On the other hand, my carriage is large, and the material is unknown, but it is made of plenty of metals.


「Yes, Milady」(Kurosuke)

I order the red-eyed driver, Kurosuke-kun.

「Break in the middle of the two carriages in the front, make it rush」(Taru)

「Understood (Kashikomarimashita)」(Kurosuke)

Kurosuke clenched the bridle strongly and slightly lowered his whip to the White horses.

They seemed to gladly accept the command of the master.

As if the enthusiasm of Kurosuke had spread, my white horses also began to make a rushing voice, screaming loudly.

「What is it?!」(Ossan)

「Hey, you. Stop! What are you doing?」(Four-eyes)

Two mercenaries are in a panic,
I ignore them and turn to the walking mercenary who was angry behind me.

「Today is a special ball!」(Taru)

A crashing sound echoes and the agony voices of Ossan and four-eyes mercenary rise.

As I thought, the sound of collisions ended in a moment,
Instead, the sound and scream of something falling away is lasting longer.

… Fufu, I’ve solved the problem, the magical hard way, for a princess!

「Everyone was waiting and I was also looking forward to it!」(Taru)

Being convinced that the hater annoying mercenaries in the foreground had been knocked down, I raised my voice and spit out an excuse for failing to act like a princess.

「Well then, everyone.
I felt impatient and did something ungraceful, and for that, I beg your pardon.

I don’t care anymore, I want to go to the venue immediately.
With a refreshing smile on my face, I waved my hand to the mercenaries on foot so that they could not realize my real intention.

I was expecting that the Princess’ play(mask) would have come off with this.

「Hime-sama, banzai! (Long live the Princess)」(Mercenary)

Somehow, a cheer came up.

「Cheer(Kanpai) to the Silver Princess!」(Mercenary)


Eh, for real?

「「「Princess! Princess! Princess!」」」(Mercenaries)

The calls for “Princess” spread quickly and chaining to the back of the bridge. 

It seems that some mercenaries don’t know what was happening, but because the mercenaries around me keep calling “Silver Princess”, the others also start calling together.

For the time being, when putting them together, the ball, the princess!?
Is it an event!?
You can also see a glimpse of her standing here.


With a bitter feeling inside, I waved my hand once more and slipped into the carriage.
Feeling embarrassed by the big waves of voices praising me from behind, I turn my eyes to my friends in the carriage.

「Tenshi~chuwan, did you even change jobs to the princess?」(George)

Your eyes are glittering.

What were you looking at?

So, you are a princess (Ohime-sama)?!
As expected!」(Mina)

I feel that Angel is stronger than Princess in terms of jobs.

What was Mina impressed with?

「Taru is a witch, you know?」(Fairy 2)

「Taru is a friend of the fairies, you know」(Fairy 2)

「Taru~cha, Taru~cha」(Fairy 3)

I have a bitter smile at the fairies flying around my shoulders and head,
I thought I should arrive at the gate early.

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Chapter 47: Privilege class (2)

「As mercenaries with a carriage, you don’t need tickets to enter」(God-Soldier)

We arrived at the entrance and exit of the castle, the so-called castle gate, and the God Soldier responded.
The God soldier pushes the face cover of the helmet up and explains to us through the window of the carriage.

「The mercenary with a carriage can choose any venue.
You can choose any place from “King’s Banquet Hall”, “Courtyard” and “Guest Tower”(God-Soldier)

When I glanced at the outside, the huge and heavy door of the castle is open on both sides,
God soldiers with spears and shields are lined up in two rows at both ends.

「Why do people need a lottery ticket?」(Taru)

「His Majesty, the king will only appear at the “King’s Banquet Hall” during the Fairy Ball.
But because that venue has a limited capacity, so we established a lottery system to limit the number of mercenaries.」(God-Soldier)

The God-Soldier answers my questions politely.

In other words, the King of Michael Angelo will come out to the ball after all.

Certainly, if players know of this, people would surely flood into the “King’s Banquet Hall” unless a lottery system was applied.

However, walking mercenaries must follow the lottery system, there’s no other choice.
While Mercenaries with carriages can choose the venue freely, isn’t this unfair?
There is a difference in treatment.

「Why can carriage owners choose the venue?」(Taru)

「Our Majesty prefers strong people」(God-Soldier)

I see.

Certainly, the carriage is expensive.

Is economic power the easiest indicator to show their power?

If you want to meet the king, you must have some power.
Is it possible to show it with financial strength?

What kind of person is the king?
The inorganic voice of the soldier, I can’t imagine how the God-Soldiers pledged their loyalty to a human.

However, this soldier’s decisive attitude and words show that he is obedient to the guidelines of the King.
He eloquently says that the King’s word is the law here.

At least in Michael Angelo, the wagon isn’t just a moving item to show off.

Without hesitation, we chose “King’s Banquet Hall”.

「If you go out of the venue even after you arrive at the selected venue, you will be automatically transferred outside the castle gate.
Don’t wander around the gate carelessly.
It’s impossible to move between the venue」(God-Soldier)

It will be a journey back to the castle gate, and I want to take a look at the faces of Michael Angelo’s monarch from the rumors.

「In normal times, only people who have been given special permission can enter the castle.
This is Your Pass this time」(God-Soldier)

When the soldier said so, the system log also appeared.

System Log:
You got the invitation to Michael Angelo’s Fairy Ball “King’s Banquet Hall”

「Well then, go」(God-Soldier)

Following the instructions of the God Soldiers, we silently passed through the gate.



When I entered the castle gate, there was a nicely maintained green grass all over for a while.
Apparently, this is one of the venues, “Courtyard”, and mercenaries are gathered around randomly arranged tables.

There is a road covered with gray stones in the “courtyard”, and my carriage automatically moves on it.

When I look around, other carriages and mercenaries are following this path as well.

The gray road split into two lines on the way. We and other carriages walked to the left, the infantry mercenaries walked to the right.

At the end of the road on the right, you can see a square tower with no decoration.

I wonder if that is the second venue, the “Guest Tower”.

Somehow, I kept my feeling in my chest, then I moved my eyes looking forward.

At the end of the road we were, there was a large castle.

The width is wider than the altitude and there is no such thing as a spire.
It was built with gray rocks and stones, and everything had a thick and square architectural style.

「Is that the Royal Castle…」(Taru)

While running side by side with other carriages, it takes a few tens of seconds to reach the massive Castle.

System Log:
You have arrived at the “Fairy ball” venue
Get off the carriage and enter the venue

And the log flows.

For a while, I thought we were already inside the castle, and it was outside the castle.

「There are many God-Soldiers…(George)

George shouts so at the venue.

On the way to here, I saw a lot of God-Soldiers as well, but the number of God-Soldiers here is much greater.
I think it’s very different at the venue.

「Somehow, I feel that the armor these Mister God-Soldiers here wearing is lighter in color than usual(Mina)

As Mina points out, the God-Soldiers who can be seen from the window of the carriage have a blue-like hue.

「Is this the venue…」(Taru)

Apparently, the banquet hall is just the name, and in short, it is near the entrance of the Royal castle.

The stone pillars about 3 meters high are arranged in two rows up to the door leading to the castle, and the ground is covered with gray stone, which is the same material as the Royal castle.
The area around the castle door is higher than the rest and the door is tightly closed.

There are 20 to 30 God-Soldiers with small shields and swords on their hips and they give an intimidating not allow anyone to enter.

Furthermore, a God-Soldier with a large shield and a spear is standing upright to surround the venue. (T.N: a captain, maybe)

In the venue, there are many round tables covered with gray table cloths, and there is plenty of gourmet food and drinks all over the place, but it’s not the air that makes you want to dance happily.

「Is this… the ballroom?」(Taru)

When I called it a ball, I imagined a more gorgeous place, but it’s more like an Aozora (Blue sky/open-air/outdoor) stand.

This place also has an atmosphere where you can enjoy your meal cheerfully under the sun, but with so many God-Soldiers around, I can’t feel easy.

Among the mercenaries who have already entered the venue, some people are chatting with food and drink in hands. However, they all seem to be vigilant now.

Or rather, the mercenaries at the venue are paying attention to my carriage.

Yep, I think so.

Obviously, the design is different from the carriages parked around.

「Tenshi-chu~wan? Don’t you go out?」(George)

「Ah, no… I have a stomach ache」(Taru)

George asks me when will I go out.

「Tenshi-sama, your complexion is a little bad」(Mina)

「Is Taru ill?」(Fairy)

「Taru, are you hurt?」(Fairy)

「Taru~ru, Taru~ru」(Fairy)

In addition, the fairies and Mina also ask in worry… I can’t help but go out, ain’t I?
Then, how about I pretend to be a Princess NPC and come out with a poker face like before, there should be no problem, right?

It’s a good idea!

「From a while ago, the eyes of the hot guys are
They are focused on me♪
I’m excited!
Tenshi-Chu~wan doesn’t care about anything, so you can get out after me.」(George)

Okama holds both my hands.

If it’s normal, I will do my best to avoid this.
But the eyes that stare at me are too dark, so I hold quietly on the small light.
(T.N: just like when you are about to be drowning, you hold on any float nearby)

「But, don’t overdo it☆
I wonder if they know about Tenshi-chu~wan.
Only rich mercenaries, who can buy a carriage, come to the Michael Angelo Ball on the first day.
The people here must be fierce…
I think you can turn back now if you want

I decided to leave it to Okama and shake my head.

「George, thank you for your concern.
But it was also fun.
I want to know, what kind of person the king is and what kind of mercenaries are coming?
Besides, I would like to have delicious food with the fairies, you know?

I turn to the fairies and wink to make them feel at ease.

Fairies are in a good mood, and for some reason, George tried to imitate me, he winked “Ara~ran” by closing both eyes, then the fairies suddenly fell.

「George-san’s wink had his face crumpled, you just closed your eyes」(Mina)

Mina put cold Tsukkomi.

And I wonder why my field of view to go dark for a moment!
Thank you for telling me ♪」(George)

Hearing their talks, I laugh naturally.

Before I knew it, my tension was alleviated.

「Ahaha, well then, everyone.
I have an idea, is that okay?」(Taru)

Hearing my voice, the fairies revived and rode back on my head, shoulders. Okama and Mina also looked at my face.

「What is it, I wonder?」(George)

「What will you do」(Mina)

The strategy that I thought earlier, if I play Hime (Princess) NPC, it will be less embarrassed,
I tried to suggest it to my colleagues face to face in the carriage.



「Leave the “escort(EN)” duty to me」(George)

Then George in a beautiful red cheongsam took off from the carriage.

However, it’s no exaggeration to say that supple brown muscles seen from the slits of cheongsam destroyed its beauty.
In addition to his tight movements, he made a magnificent, luxurious, and sophisticated appearance from the “Silver Spirit Carriage”.
The appearance of stepping off from is truly ethnic.

Only if it’s not “punch perm afro” Okama.

「A weird Okama appears!」(Player)

「Is he abnormal because the carriage is out of standard…」(Player)

Why was the meaning of this, why would he make it harder than necessary?
I look at George from behind with cold eyes.

No, I can’t stay like this.

George has gathered all the attention.

Want it or not, I will be next.

I wanted to get off the carriage as plainly and quickly as possible.

But that didn’t work.

I tried to land on the next step with my left foot but my body floated.

I had completely forgotten the special effects of “Sky Blue Dress”, the dress I’m wearing now, and as if I were fluff in the wind, I myself floated in the air.

Furthermore, since the fairies were already sticking to me, they followed me flying outside, a storm of “line-of-sight” stabs me like never before.

I let myself fall slowly with the flow where gravity decreased to 1/6 and managed to land elegantly without losing my posture.

「Next to the Okama is a Bishoujou (Beautiful young girl)!?」(Player)

「Did she fly just now?」(Player)

「Who on earth is she?」(Player)

「Just like the spirits around the carriage, but these “Kobito” are flying around this girl.」(Player)

(T.N: Yup, leave it as “Kobito” is better than translating. Link:



The buzz starts all at once.

「No way, a fairy!?」(Player)

「It’s a fairy no matter how you look!」(Player)

「Is this the main event?
The Literal “Fairy Ball”!」(Player)

「But is the ball not starting yet?」(Player)

Okay! Here is my chance. for an all out attack

「Gokigenyou Mina-sama (Nice to meet you, everyone).
I bid you all a good day.」(Taru)

I pinch the hem of the dress with both hands, lower my hips, and bow down.

The so-called courtesy of aristocrat lady.



「Hey, are you all Lolicon?」(Player)

「But, she looks so promising in the future」(Player)

「Certainly, she is magnificent…」(Player)

「Just like a princess from a country…」(Player)

「Name… you.
Your name is… ?」(Player)

The mercenaries started approaching at once.

However, I immediately return with a standard phrase.

「Gokigenyou Mina-sama (Nice to meet you, everyone).
I bid you all a good day.」(Taru)

Repeat the same courtesy.

Then, the approaching mercenary crowd stopped.

「Eh, what do you mean?」(Player)

「Where did you come from?
What are those fairy-like creatures?」(Player)

Still, the mercenaries continue to ask questions and I just do the same again.

「Gokigenyou Mina-sama (Nice to meet you, everyone).
I bid you all a good day.」(Taru)

By this point, the dull mercenaries seem to have come to the rescue.

「The same behavior and the fixed dialogue……」(Player)

「Does that mean she is an NPC」(Player)

「But I don’t see her name on her head, isn’t she a mercenary?(Player)

「Idiot, you can’t make such a character」(Player)

「Silver hair,… what, her hair is glowing blue?」(Player)

「And that feature, is it a foreigner NPC or a half foreigner?」(Player)

「What if she uses “Real Module”?」(Player)

「TFW I don’t have such a beautiful loli in life, cry (Lol)」(Player)

「She is bringing in some fairy-look-alike, then isn’t she a special NPC for the event?!」(Player)

「That’s it!」(Player)

「Ah, but I heard that there was a thread about a cute girl with silver hair…」(Player)

「Rather than that, the one with that NPC is more important」(Player)


Keikaku Doori, they think I’m an NPC!

I did it (Yatta ~ze)

「That okama… Iron-blooded George」(Player)

「He was with such an NPC」(Player)

「There’s also a blonde kimono girl!
I was told that he was only interested in men!」(Player)

「Okama and Princess NPC, and a blonde girl in Japanese clothes…
What a combination!」(Player)

Mina sneaked up behind me like always.

George, I, and Mina made up such a rare PT, we were walking in a line, and then we successfully entered the venue.

I confirmed that everyone got off the carriage, then returned “Silver Spirit horse-drawn carriage” to the figure and stored it in my inventory.

「Even he is just an Okama, I’m so jealous…
No, the Lolicon Bastard!」(Player)

「He is… the Pedo!」(Player)

「Hey, stop it! You don’t want to get on his bad side!」(Player)

「If you get caught up in it, you’ll be traumatic afterward!」(Player)

「If he noticed any man, he will continue to press that man with his Iron fist.」(Player)

「He will continue to the end until your blood and tear come out…」(Player)

「Iron Blood George…」(Player)

U~aa. George, sorry.

And thank you.
I’m definitely grateful…

George didn’t care about the voices around him. Rather, he was walking in front of me, holding out his chest and tapping his hips so that he could show them around.
Somehow I don’t know, but his reputation scared any mercenary player from coming closer.

Even I felt uneasy losing to the strength of adults, I was also relieved that I could avoid getting in trouble like an NPC.

At that moment, there were 2 mercenaries approached me.
I was full of tension and thought, so I didn’t notice until they approached next to my side.

「Yo~o, Taru.
You are doing well.」(???)

Because he suddenly whispered to my ears, I was greatly surprised.


Naughty glasses Ikemen,
The appearance of Kouya makes a crazy voice.

「Taru. No, are you a lady or a princess now? I have come to pick you up Milady.」(???)

Yuuki made a gesture like a servant greeting.

「Yu… Yuu, please stop it!」(Taru)

I suppose they’ve seen everything up to this point.
And when I thought about it.
What an embarrassing scene I had been seen!

「Please don’t talk to me……」(Taru)

In the middle of it, I complained to Kouya and Yuuki.

「Hey hey, we told you to meet up at Michael Angelo’s Fairy Ball, didn’t we?」(Kouya)

「It’s not that easy for us to buy the carriage, you know?」(Yuuki)

I was so nervous and excited that I forgot that we were supposed to meet here.

When I told Yuuki and Kouya that I would attend Michael Angelo’s Fairy Ball, they proposed to be my escorts and enjoy the ball together.

I wanted to consult them about Sage Misora-san and being targeted by “Lone Wolf”

「U~u… I know. Thank you」(Taru)

「If you know then it’s good」(Kouya)

Kouya fixed his glass as usual. I don’t like his great look so I try to fight back a little.

「But if you bully me too much, I’ll cry」(Taru)


If a little girl like me cries, Kouya will surrender!

Moisturize my eyes with all my might, hm, is this done properly?
I often heard that girls can make fake tears and win when they cry, so I tried it, but I feel like my eyes are just wrinkled.

「Sto… This is… Taru, stop it!」(Kouya)

Contrary to expectations, is it working well?
I smirk when I look at Kouya.

Simple Kouya

「Won’t you please accept our sincere apologies, Hime-sama (princess)?」(Yuuki)

In return, Yuuki smiled and kneed on the ground.


As soon as Kouya got wind of what Yuuki was trying to do, he also did the same which dealt double damage to me.


Please stop messing around with the princess part.

It didn’t matter how many players in the game see it, they might laugh it off.
But it’s a different issue that two people who know me in real life can see it.

I want them to forget it if I can.

Because it’s too painful to have classmates seeing a man trying to imitate a princess.

And I was that funny and painful person.

I gave up easily after taking Yuuki’s terrific blow

「Hey. I get it, I get it. I’m sorry you two」(Taru)

As expected, Yuuki is the leader of the mercenary clan.
He is straightforward.

I’m glad to have them with me today.

Well then, I decided to introduce Mina and George.

「Hey, that little girl is talking normally!」(Player)

「Is she a friend of those cursed Ikemens?」(Player)

「She isn’t an NPC!?」(Player)

Yes, busted.

「Who is that girl?」(Player)

「A mercenary with fairies!?(Player)

「Silver-haired beautiful loli mercenary…?(Player)

Witnessed my interaction with my friends, the venue became even louder.


Thank you very much for reading. (Oyomi Itadaki, arigatōgozaimasu.)

Only Mina called Taru “Tenshi-sama” as an abbreviation for the Angelic Genius Alchemist.

From Episode 41 “Encounter with the Lone Wolf”.

I’m sorry because it became difficult to understand ((。><)ノ

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Chapter 48: A set of fierce men

Shortly before we introduced ourselves to each other, we went into a state of high alert.

A while ago, I took the surprising attack “whispering to the ear” from Kouya, and my character acting broke, but I became wary again.

If people know that I’m not an NPC, it’s inevitable that people would come.

In that case, this is a serious march.

George, who leads the way, silently cuts through a flurry of mercenaries.

It’s strange that the mercenaries standing in front of George have a frightening face and open the way for some reason.

Well, George doesn’t stop his foot.
I was wondering if we would get more entangled. But besides Mina and me, there were Kouya and Yuuki who showed intimidation to the surroundings, so no mercenary player was trying to talk directly.

Yuuki grasps the handle of his sword on his waist and shows around him that he can pull out his sword at any time.

Kouya also shows up his weapon, gauntlet.

The two are standing out as fully armed, their appearance isn’t like someone about to attend a ball.

「Those guys, where are they coming from?」(Player)

「That is…the small-scale mercenary clan, “Hundred Knights of the night”, Yuu and Kou.(Player)

「Why are they with Iron-Blood George?」(Player)

“Hundred Knights of the night”, isn’t it?…… Don’t tell me, they are knights who protect the mysterious princess?」(Player)

I can hear the whispers of the mercenaries who make their speculations and impressions.

In the middle of that noisy audience, someone called out to us.

「Don’t you dare thinking of yourself as knights! Youngsters!」(???)

The one who said had the gesture like there was nothing to fear, he stared at us with an irresponsible attitude.

Glen, the leader of “Hundred Demons of the Night”, a boy with fiery red hair wearing a fine robe. Behind him is Yukio, the deputy leader.

「My princess, I come to pick you up」(Glen)

Taru Vol 1 004

(Picture of Taru freezes Glen’s flame)

Taru Vol 1 001

(Picture of Taru’s backstab Yukio)

I wonder what he has come to this place for. The Non-sleeping Mage swiftly interrupted between George and me then kneed.

Glen confidently scratched his bangs with his right hand and extended his left hand.

Somehow, I’m skeptical about the intimate attitude that seems to be obvious.

「Don’t you have a great attitude there, Glen?」(Kouya)

Kouya ridiculed Glen.

「We are at war.
How dare you make a pass on our friend (Taru)?

Yuuki also pursues.
However, Glenn answers with a cool smile as if he doesn’t care.

This is a problem for me and the princess, you have no qualifications to cut in.」(Glen)

No, well, it might be true that he is currently talking to me, but…

「At this ball, I have been decided to play a major role in escorting the princess.
Because the pretty princess herself nominates me as her good friend」(Glen)

I wonder why is Glenn so confident?

If anything, I don’t have good feelings for everyone in the “Hundred Demons of the Night”, a mercenary clan hostile to Yuuki and Kouya.

As I was wondering what to do, George stopped, looked back, and stroked Glen’s ass.

「Hi~ gu~u」(Glen)

The movement is smooth and agile like pure flowing water.
No one on the spot could react.

Watching Glen-san’s awkward voice, George speaks while smiling.

「Ara~n Ara~n.
Man up if you want to work as Tenshi-chan’s escort

To think Okama, who isn’t manly, says such words with weight.

「Don’t you think it’s wasteful to fight between men?
Is Glen-chan an enemy of Tenshi-chan?」(George)


As George got closer and winked (close both eyes), Glen’s voice became muddy.

「We~ll… th~en, isn’t it easy to decide this?
If Tenshi-chan is alright with it, you can go with us and vice versa.」(George)

George glanced at me as he said that.

Certainly, I only have bad feelings after fighting Glen.
However, even if he is hostile against Yuuki and Kouya, he hasn’t done anything bad to me, I think it is okay to let him follow me casually.

「Actually, I’m okay with it.」(Taru)

With my approval, George urged Glen to grab his arms and walk together.

In this way, the person going first is George.
Right behind him are Glen and Yukio.

Yuuki and Kouya on the left and right.
While being protected by the wall of 5 people, Mina and I go deep inside the venue.

The good news is that if we keep going at this pace, we may be able to reach the door of the Royal castle.
If the King of Michael Angelo appears, the place must be near the doors protected by the lined-up God-Soldiers.
I told everyone in advance that I would like to enjoy the ball at the position where we can see the king closest, so I think that everyone naturally knows the destination.
Other than Glen, of course.

However, it’s somewhat disappointing Shizuku and Yurachi aren’t here.

Taru Vol 1 003

(Picture of Shizuku and Yurachi hugging Taru)

The carriage, that “Hundred Knights of the Night” can buy, has a limit of 2 people can ride.

That’s why this time, only Kouya and Yuuki are here.
At a later date, Shizuku and Yurachi will use this carriage to enter the venue, but I feel a bit lonely that we can not experience the first Ball together.

While I was thinking about such a thing.

A big man stands in front of George.

「Yo~o yo~o, yo~ou.
Ain’t it George?」(Man)

The big man greeted George in a friendly manner.

Contrary to that crude tone, the mercenary soldier, who seems to be in his mid-thirties dressed in black formal clothes, showed his trained muscle as good as Okama even from above his black clothes.

Ain’t that “Benten”?」(George)

(T.N: yes, Benten in EN)

The man George called as Benten stroke his hair slowly with both hands.
It seems like his hair is hardened with pomade or something.

In addition, the right eye seems to be cut by a sword or something. He looks like a mafia cadre in a black suit + villainy face.

「It looks like you’re fine, George.
I’m grateful to you, so I’m happy to contact you once in a while.」(Benten)

With his hand on his chin, Benten looks down on us.

(T.N: he is taller so he looks down, not that he underestimates anyone)

「Ara~n Ara~n♪
Are you also interested in that?」(George)

「I’m curious about you,
But I’m more interested in the beautiful young lady here

The big person laughs *Gahaha* loudly is scary, but there is some charm. It sounds a bit cool like an “Aniki”.

(T.N: Aniki and Aneki mean big bro and big sister, but it’s the term for Mafia and delinquent)

I won’t allow it.
Tenshi-chan is a great friend of mine, I won’t give her to anyone ☆ even my old friend, Benten.
Are you trying to get the girls’ friendship?

「Yes, don’t be stupid George. I’m not the same as you」(Benten)

After saying that, Benten Aniki pushed away Glenn and approached me.

「Yo, young miss.
I’m Benten, the deputy leader of the Mercenary Corp “Twilight Sake(Wine) Drinking”.
Nice to meet you.

His right hand is thick and round.
If I shake hands with him, I will be crushed.
There is a considerable difference in physique between me and Benten, and I can see him like a mountain.

So I chose the safe option, grasping the hem of my dress with both hands and lightly fold my knee, lower my head.

「My name is Taru (Polite way of introducing)
It seems like you have a friendly relationship with George.
Pleased to be acquainted with you.」(Taru)

I refrained from shaking hands.

Even though you are a little girl, ain’t you having a big heart?
I’m a good friend of George.」(Benten)

「Yeah, that’s ~right~♪」(George)

「So, young miss. What are those feathered little ones?(Benten)

As Benten approached, he suddenly fumbled.

He stares at the Kobito on my shoulder and head.

「Instead of greeting…
No, please tell me as a sign of friendship.」(Benten)

As expected, it’s this.

This question.

Apparently, the surrounding people are also listening to the flow of the story, they don’t make any noise.

Furthermore, as I noticed, three other tall men wearing the same black suit as Benten are standing around us.

They are probably the same mercenary Clan as Benten.
Moreover, the fact that there are four people in the venue probably means that they entered the venue with a “double carriage”.
The maximum number of rides on that carriage is 4 just like my carriage.

In other words, it must be a mercenary group with some financial strength and power.

How to answer.

If I honestly say that they are fairies, will they release us easily?
At the very least, I wanted to answer these questions after moving to a place where I could see the king well…

「It’s about time for us to move further into the venue.」(Yuuki)

And then Yuuki came to the rescue, he stood between Benten and me with a smile.

「That’s right.
It’s about time our princess gets tired.
We have to move before that happens.
So Old Geezer (ossan), stay here」(Kouya)

Then Kouya also changed his position so as to protect me and Mina.

I think they are taller than most of the first year of high school.

Yuuki is  178cm and Kouya is 183cm.

Since they made their character with a real module, their profile is no different from reality.
In the first place, Clan Clan must make a character with a physical error of less than 5 cm from reality.

Even though these two stood in front of Benten as a wall, Benten was one head high, giving a sense of intimidation like a big bear.

Please walk on your own.
I was talking to George and the silver-haired lady」(Benten)

Benten looks down on my classmates as if they were noisy bugs.

「That won’t do.
Because we are best friends of the said “silver-haired lady”」(Yuuki)

「To tell you the truth, we have no free time for an old man.」(Kouya)

Perhaps he was a little annoyed by the unrelenting attitude of the two, there was a pulse in Benten’s temple.

「Who the hell are you?」(Benten)

「Yuu from “Hundred Knights of the Night”」(Yuuki)

「Same Clan, Kou」(Kouya)

Seeing Yuuki and Kouya stated their name. Trying to catch up, Glen speaks out as if he was in a panic.

「I am a mage who never sleeps…
“You know who you are. The kid with Chuunibyou (Benten)(Glen)

Benten cut Glen’s introduction, then facing Yuu and Kou.

Mina, who was beside me, is standing in front of me even though her hands are shaking.

「You guys are just a weak mercenary Clan that I’ve never heard of.
And you dare to introduce yourself before me? Do you know what is going to happen?

As expected, the mercenary Clan “Twilight Sake Drinking” seems to be the first-class Clan.
If they got their eyes on middle-ranked Yuuki’s Clan and declared “war”, it will be a one-sided massacre.

While trying to push Kouya and Yuuki away, I stared at the threatening Benten.

But then, George who put his hand on Benten’s shoulder and smiled *Ufufu*


「Wha… George」(Benten)

The two of them facing each other.

George is also moderately tall and thick, but he can be compared to Benten in both.

Yuuki and Kouya, who had been ready for war before, turned back and pushing us to go away. While still glancing over George’s direction.

I’m short, and I can’t see what kind of expression George is making.

I was curious, so I tried to peep, but was stopped by Kouya, who had an unusual blue face.

「What’s the meaning of this?
You dare to get in the way of me and my Bois?
These kids are my prey.」(George)

Okama pointed at Kouya and Yuuki.
I feel that George’s Afro swelled 1.5 times.

In addition, the muscles of his upper arm move loosely.
Don’t worry about it, Yuuki and Kouya, “Don’t mind (En)”

As expected of Ikemen, they were targeted by Okama at once.

Really, this is the curse for guys who were born as an Ikemen. Stay strong.

George, you don’t have to make that kind of face.
Isn’t it a special banquet today?
Well, you are going to scare people away.

While Benten’s facial expression on his face remains strong, sweats are starting to flow on his forehead.

「I come here with my friends.
Before my mood gets ruined, make way for us, okay?」(George)

「…Ah, sure. Hey, you three, go away」(Benten)

Hearing Benten, the three men in black went further into the venue.
Yuuki and Kouya finally take a break after they left.

「We were saved by that George(Yuuki)

Glen, who had completely turned into the air before, posed a question to George’s soliloquy.

「But why didn’t you get him sooner?」(Glen)

George answers with a big smile to Glenn, who uses awkward honorifics.

「Because… that boy… is still tasty」(George)

Okama thrilled and threw a kiss on the back of the leaving Benten.

I see.

It was a valuable buyer of the sword made by George.

“Man up if you want to work as Tenshi-chan’s escort” (George’s Quote)

For some reason, George’s words echoed in my head.

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Chapter 49: Whom is the true escort role?

「Hey, Taru…」(Kouya)

When I proceeded to the venue again,
Kouya, who was solidified on my right, whispered in a soft voice.


「Don’t “What?” me, Taru.
How did you know that George-san?

Yuuki replaced the question Kouya was about to ask from the other side.

「Eh, George was my first friend of this game.
Didn’t I say that?」(Taru)

「I haven’t heard…」(Yuuki)

「Me neither」(Kouya)

The two of them make a big sigh.

The way they act make me a little anxious.

It was in middle school, at some “Bisexual (EN)” event, I first realized they tend to avoid such kinds of people like “Okama” and “Onabe”.
(T.N: Onabe is female but has the appearance and behavior like a male)

Was that why they weren’t good with people like George?
In that case, isn’t that the same for me.
Won’t they get away from me if they know what I have become in real life?

「…Is there any problem?」(Taru)

Naturally, my voice becomes smaller.

「No, there is no problem, but I’m surprised」(Yuuki)

「To tell the truth, George-san is a great person」(Kouya)

「Even that Chuunibyou Glen-kun used honorifics with him」(Yuuki)

Certainly, as Yuuki pointed out, Glen seems to have used honorifics that does not suit his character.

「I mean, Taru.
It’s because of George’s help that we’re safely passing through the crowd, right?」(Yuuki)

Although I have guessed it somehow.

I can’t overlook this.
Is he my biggest rival?

Mina grumbles while clinging to my arm.

「Is George that famous?」(Taru)

「Were you hanging out without knowing?」(Kouya)

Kouya fixed his glasses and stared at me as if I said something weird.

「George-san is the Deputy Leader of the Mercenary Corps called “Sadist☆Stick.”(Yuuki)

「Almost all of the members there have first-class craftsmanship, which is great support for the mercenaries who try to capture the front lines.(Kouya)

「Moreover, they have more than enough strength even against fighting mercenaries, which make him the most popular craftsman.(Yuuki)

「George-san is in charge of the armed side of that mercenary clan as well as the leader of their craftsmen.(Kouya)


「All mercenary operated stores with the name having the mark ☆ belong to that mercenary Clan(Yuuki)

The true identity of George revealed here.

I’ve always felt that he wasn’t a nobody, but I’m surprised that he was the deputy leader of the famous mercenary Clan.

He should at least tell me a little.

I mean, all stores have a star, or is it the only thing I can think of?

「This isn’t good information,
But he is at war with a mercenary Clan called “Macho★Stick”

「Long story short, they just want to be bullied」(Kouya)

「Certainly, they are pleased to be attacked by “Sadist☆Stick”,
That’s why they have such a symbol in their name

I generally understood about George.

And now I realize that I have a lack of knowledge about mercenaries.

At this place where powerful mercenaries gather, this lack of knowledge will be fatal. So far, I only paid attention to the so-called item creation and the tactical aspects of PvP. It had completely slipped out of my mind.

I regret that I should learn more about power figures between mercenaries and relationships.

「…Uhm, is there a mercenary group that we should be especially wary of?(Taru)

Right now, I should have a fast grasp of the situation.
People are looking at me, I don’t have time to worry about it. I must stop hiding.

「In case of Taru, it would be “Lone Wolf”…」(Yuuki)

「They are known as the strongest mercenary clan that can control the momentum. After that should be the one specialized in PvP(Kouya)

Yuuki and Kouya thought a little, then they uttered the name.

「「The “head-hunting drunken”」」(Yuuki+Kouya)




Isn’t that my Ane-san’s mercenary Clan?

「Long story short, one of the top Clan」(Kouya)

「First of all, it is also a mercenary clan which is known as a candidate for the military cabinet.(Yuuki)

By the way, they explain to me what a military cabinet is the upper-rank of Clan.
It seems that various bonuses will be granted to the mercenary clan as the rank increases.

Mercenary Clan → Military Cabinet → The system is to upgrade to the kingdom, but currently, there is no information that any mercenary clan has sublimated to the military.

Even so, it’s scary enough that the name of “Head-hunting drunken” appears as the first candidate to enter the military.

What on earth is my Ane-san doing with this Clan-Clan?

「I don’t hear any bad rumors, but there are many really scary rumors」(Kouya)

「They have no opponent as mercenary team clan specializing in PVP?(Yuuki)

Speaking of which, the reason why they didn’t notice that my Ane-san is the famous mercenary Clan leader because my friends have never met my Ane-san in reality.

Somehow it looks interesting, so let’s stay silent.

And when I thought about such mischief, George’s leg stopped.

Thanks to George and everyone, I wondered if we had arrived at the deepest part of the venue, then a certain group seems to be blocking the front.

The place where we are is crowded with people and it’s very noisy in the venue.

It seems that fights have begun to break out in the immediate vicinity.

A beautiful woman wearing a green dress and a gorgeous beauty in a red dress was cursing something.

Following their line of sight, I saw a bright yellow group of people in light armor and cloaks smiling proudly.

The number is 12 people.

The beautiful woman in the green dress bravely took a step closer to the yellow group.

「As usual, you are uselessly flashy, “Golden Clock Executor”」(Woman in Green)

Meanwhile, the beautiful girl in the red dress next to her laughs at the men with the eyes of looking at the garbage.

It’s no wonder that everyone is frustrated.
Because, because of those yellow people, no-one can move forward.

However, the fact that they have 12 people in the venue probably means that they are quite a rich mercenary clan.
After all, they can prepare that many carriages.

「Tch Tch Tch. What have we here?
Ain’t that the “Maiden Association” Clan who keeps fighting with us forever.
Ah, my bad.
It wasn’t all of you (a clan) but just two.
(Man in Yellow)

The one who provoked the female mercenary players is the most yellow among the yellow group.
Rather, he is the only man with a yellow helmet and a beard.

To be honest, it is a crude product that everything is made of yellow like the helmet.
I feel that the yellow hat worn by first-grade elementary school students is still better.

Is that the leader of the Mercenary Clan “Golden Clock Executor”?

「To all of the “Golden Clock Executors” who want to stand out by spending money wastefully.
Everyone at this venue was amazed at the quality and inferiority of the horse’s droppings.」(Woman in Green)

The Woman continued.

「Tch Tch Tch.
Because our whole group wanted to come to this prestigious stage as soon as possible, we just spent a little money.
Speaking of which, “Maiden Association” just outspending every day. To show gratitude to the women who contributed to their beauty for men, shall I pay a small amount as well?
Ah, my bad. Tribute is for women with constitutional but you don’t have such a lofty feeling
(Man in Yellow)

The yellow uncle brushes his beard around his mouth.

「Ara~ Ara~.
I wonder who is the unpopular middle-aged man with a yellow head?
Can’t you understand why we are spending money?
We, “Maiden Association”, only raise funds for weapons and armor.」(Woman in Green)

「Tch Tch.
Isn’t that wasted?
Unlike some small and weak mercenary clan, can’t you understand that our team is now in a situation where there’s no need to increase our strength?
(Man in Yellow)

Both of them are scary mercenaries.

The “Golden Clock Executioner” boarding with a large number of people,
“Maiden Association”, who doesn’t think about the number’s inferiority.

「I’d say you are standing out but not in a good sense.
Compared to the likes of you, just how elegant that young girl is.
(Woman in Green)

And when I was thinking, the woman in the red dress of “Maiden Association” suddenly shifted her eyes and topic to me.

「Tch Tch.
Poor mercenary clan without a single flower to decorate today.
But regretfully, I have to agree with you in the latter half of the opinion.
(Man in Yellow)

He looked at me seriously while brushing his little beard.

And it isn’t just that,
“Maiden Association” and “Golden Clock Executioners” began to move towards me.

「Oh elegant young lady, this is a story unique to us women,
Would you like to enjoy together?」(Woman in Green)

While the two women (nee-san) are playing courtesy, they have a fascinating smile.
I’m kind of shy and wondering why is the fighting atmosphere until a while ago change.

「Tch Tch Tch
Time is money.
But sometimes beauty can be far more valuable than time.
If you please, the pretty young lady who stops the gentleman’s eyes and time.
Would you like to have a talk about yourself, money, and time?
(Man in Yellow)

Besides that, Glenn also joined the conversation.

「Ain’t both of you making such terribly boring phrases.
Milady is the young who will lead a bright future, she can’t keep up with the old-fashioned stories you say.
Generations should be considered.」(Glen)

The same can be said to you, Glen-kun.

To Glen’s sudden remakes, the women frown.

But maybe he doesn’t notice it, he continues.

「The same can be said to you, the Clock Youngsters.
If time is your creed, your persuasive words are supposed to be shorter.
Or you think that you are allowed to waste Milady time with your gold-plated clock?」(Glen)

「Ara, that hurts.
The mage who never sleeps.
Is magic play fun?」(Woman in Green)

The lady asks back without breaking her expression.
Her mouth is smiling, but her wrinkles around her eyes are angry and scary.

「Tch Tch Tch
The little boy who never sleeps.
Your body clock seems to be out of order due to the lack of sleep.
Should I repair it here?」(Man in Yellow)

When he said so, the Yellow Uncle Snapped the metal fittings on his back. I wonder if he meant “repair” by “taking apart”

When other people snapped at him, Glen exhaled a small sigh like getting disappointed.

「I’m tired of watching your self-monkey-play.
It makes me feel itchy.
Isn’t it well-known that “Maiden Association” and “Golden Clock Executioner” are good friends?

Had they been on good terms before even though they had such a fight right now?

「I think you are playing a role to get in touch with my beloved princess,
I won’t let you touch her even one finger as long as I’m here」(Glen)

Glen flaps his robe and smiles while posing.

I mean, I don’t want the mercenary clans here to do such a ruckus play to talk to me in a natural way…

「Even the bad-tempered non-sleeping mage is willing to escort the young lady. I’m getting more and more interested in her.(Woman in Green)

「Tch tch.
The sleepless boy can understand the preciousness of time.
It’s interesting to see what you are made of.
(Man in Yellow)

Glen’s poem seemed to have the opposite effect, and both teams come into terms.

「Ah, what are you guys?
If you’re faking a quarrel, raise your fist higher」(Yuuki)

「I’m not sure what is this but I don’t want to be involved…」(Kouya)

「It’s unethical.
Fake themselves to get closer to Tenshi-sama」(Mina)

Even Kouya, Yuuki, and Mina started confronting “Maiden Association” and “Golden Clock Executors” with Glen.

The expressions of each other are smiling, but the tense air saying that “they are not going to give up at all” begins to drift.

I tried to ask George to stop it.
But when I found him, for some reason, he was looking at another direction.
He gazed deep into the hall.

What on earth are you looking at so seriously?
I got curious and looked the direction Okama was gazing at.


I suddenly raise my voice. And in response to my voice, which can be said to be the cause of the fight in front of me, the eyes of everyone was focused on me.

But that’s not important right now.

Further at the direction I and Okama were looking at…

A female mercenary accompanied by five or six mercenaries.

Some of them are familiar faces.

She cut through the group of mercenaries.
No, she is just walking on her own and the surrounding mercenaries are making the way like “Moses”.
Anyway, despite being in the center of the densely populated venue, the female mercenary naturally creates her own path and slow coming here.

Her long jet black hair is tied up with a fine ribbon with elegant blue embroidery.

Despite being a woman, she is wearing a military uniform and a tailcoat. Should she be described as a handsome girl?

Combined with her beauty, there is no fake nor make-up,
Rather, it was her natural beauty.

There is no stagnation in her calm pace, and she has an elegant movement like a famous actress in Red Carpet

However, her air is showing her anger.

So her eyes become sharp, deep, heavy, intense, and angry.
As if anyone who meets her eyes will be slaughter on spot.
And the mercenaries at the venue are all looking away, trying to avoid contact.

「Eh, that person is…」(Yuuki)

Finally, Yuuki noticed the person I was looking at.
It’s no wonder that Yuuki’s voice shook slightly.

「Why… why was she coming over here…?」(Kouya)

Next, Kouya’s voice is slightly disturbed.

「It’s dangerous… ain’t that hunter Shin」(Woman in Green)

「Tch… tt~ch… tc~hh (His voice is shivering)
“Neck-hun Druken”」(Man in Yellow)

“Maiden Association” and “The Executor of the Golden Clock” were also disturbed.

She was treated as if the sovereignty of fear. She stopped in front of us.

When I met her eyes, her face breaks/melts for the first time.

With that smile, the mercenaries around us, who had reached the peak of their tension, sighed as if they had just momentarily relaxed.

However, the next moment, she gently stroked the twin swords handle on her waist with both hands, it transformed into a tight air.

Everyone becomes silent.

A quiet space where you can hear the sound of swallowing all the raw saliva.
It was clear who took control of this quarrel.

The mercenaries who were faking the fight before became like some frogs who were stared at by a snake. They all have frightened eyes.

The female mercenary responded with a cold look.

「It seems like my Taru got entangled by some weird bugs(Shin)

Taru Vol 1 007

(T.N: Picture of Shin, Taru’s Ane-san)

In particular, she stood with her arms set on both sides,
I feel like she sent a staring look at Yuuki and Kouya…

So scary.

「I don’t mind talking about the preciousness of time…」(Shin)

Suddenly, she murmured.

「It’s good for girl and women to play with each other…」(Shin)

Is she talking about the dispute earlier?

「I don’t mind being smart… you want to get what you want.
It’s a natural providence, eh?」(Shin)

She slowly turns back to Glen.
Her eyes are like a large snake.
Just like the magic-eyes-catching Medusa in mythology, Glen doesn’t move like a stone.

Ignoring him like that, she approaches Kouya’s group.

「I have something I want to protect.
I want to take good care of it.
For example, if my precious silver-haired girl here has some weird bugs, I want to pluck, kill, and crush it.」(Shin)

Gently, her right foot touched Yuuki’s boots.

「Ain’t that right?」(Shin)

With the words as a signal, she slowly put weight on her right leg.

You can hear the squeaking noise of the boots.
Yuuki is terrified with his eyes whitened.
Kouya is fixing his glasses, looking down with a blue face.
It’s a scene that looks like a trauma.

As she stepped on Yuuki, she looked around and quietly then uttered words so that everyone could hear them.

「Listen well, worms which are known as mercenaries.
If you dare to touch my little silver hair here.」(Shin)

Her corners gradually rise and form an arc.
However, the eyes are like the snake that aims at the prey.

「At that time,
We’ll be uprooting and hunting you down to your soul」(Shin)

Slowly heavy angry lines echo to the ears of the audience as if each word carried the weight of a ton.

「And when you bring harm to this child…」(Shin)

Just as the flames of the candles disappeared, a faint voice was heard when her expression disappeared.

「I will hurt your real brothers, sisters, or your family…
I won’t stop at anything」(Shin)

I realized that the venue was already dead.

My sister is scary.

Was she such a character?

Did she go to university and started getting weird lectures?

One mercenary
He sent me a pitiful look.

Please stop.

Like wanting to say “I’m sorry for being entangled with you,
I don’t want to die!”

It’s spicy.

「Come on, my Taro. Let us go?」(Shin)

This with-all-her-heart Chuunibyou Bro-con Ane-san is too painful to follow.
I covered my face with both hands.

Perfectly through the gap of my hand, my eyes are in line with my sister…

Is it possible to cover up my Ane-san with these small hands?

The party venue that was supposed to be more luxurious than anywhere allowed by the privileged class,
Everyone was in a situation where they would be killed more than any of the venues.

Taru Novel Cover
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Chapter 50: Mercenary Ball

In silence, I stare at Shin-nee’s extended hand.

Whether to take this hand or not.

It is not the case when I’m thinking about such an option.

Even though it’s a fair ball, the venue was quiet. Yuuki, Kouya, and Mina who came with me became scared by my sister.

Besides, the three fairies who were riding on both shoulders and head were all hidden behind my back.

This is bad.

The fairies will become more and more scared of humans.
I’m the only one who can manage this place.

「…na (Minna=everyone)」(Taru)

I tried to retort Shin-nee but my tongue didn’t turn well because of my tension, and my words stuttered.


Shin-nee kindly responds to me.

Her expression is cheerful compared to a few moments ago.

Where on earth did her recent creepy Noh face look like that?
It makes me want to tsukkomi.
Anyway, I was encouraged by the usual attitude of Shin-nee,
I try to calm my heart to say what I want to say here.

Okay, it’s okay.

I just need to tell her the rest.

I took a deep breath *Haa~* and stared at Shin-nee and told her my honest feeling.

「…one, Please get along with everyone.」(Taru)

To my loud voice, my sister has a dumb look.
The surrounding area was also caught on *Oh?*
They are raising their voice.

Ane-san… you don’t need to intimidate everyone.(Taru)

Along with my late tsukkomi, Kouya and Yuuki glance at me and my sister.

The mercenaries around me are like “Eh…?”, “Ane-san…?”, “Her Imouto…?”

「No… but Taru.
Some of the guys here may be trying to use Taru」(Shin)

My sister ignores such noisy surroundings completely and tells me the reason.

「Maybe so, but Yuu and Kou are my friends」(Taru)

I touch Yuuki and Kouya who are rigid partitions.

From the shadows of those two, *when, what’s about me?*
Glen is complaining about something like an abandoned puppy, but now I have no time to focus on you.

「My cute Taru is now even cuter than before.
For Okama and Mina-chan, that’s acceptable, but as far as I can see, the boys who are about high school students approaching a young girl character like Taru…
Do you think I can trust such people to let them go near Taru?」(Shin)

During my sister’s words, there are some small voices of support, such as “Yeah…”, “Certainly” or “They are lolicons.”

I sighed as I heard that.

「Shin-nee, both Yuu and Kou know me in real life.」(Taru)

It seems that my sister finally understood the word.

Yuu and Kou are classmates at my school.

「But, but…
It’s safer for me to escort Taro than such a duo」(Shin)

Hai Hai, I’m happy about that and I want you to do so,
If you are the leader of a strong mercenary clan, I would like to request from now on.

Before getting the offer, there are things I need to tell my sister.

「Shin-nee, that’s true. I want to ask you to do that but first of all…」(Taru)

「That’s right, that’s right.
Well then, Taru, let me introduce you to my Mercenary Clan members and enjoy the ball

With her steady movement, my sister turned her body to the back of the venue.
She tried to start as if nothing had happened.

I talked to my sister from the back.

「Apologize to Yuu and Kou, okay?」(Taru)

「Ah, uu…」(Shin)

Shin-nee stopped moving.


Somehow, I understand I put my sister in a hard position.
I knew she was just worried about me.

But Yuuki and Kouya are my important friends, and I don’t want a strange distance between them and my sister.

「Ane, Please (Onegai)」(Taru)

With my repeated requests, my sister can’t stay calm, she turns around…

「Wa… u,… Ah… Ha~i…」(Shin)

(T.N: just some broken letters, I can’t translate any of it so I left it as Romanji)

She said in a small voice, but I’m relieved to know that my reply has been answered.
And when my sister stood next to me, I looked straight into the eyes of my two best friends.

「Thank you for always taking care of Taru.
I’m Taru’s ane-san.
About that…」(Shin)

However, in the middle of her talk, she turns and looks at my eyes instead.
Then my flustered sister lowers her head.

「…I’m sorry」(Shin)

My sister bows to my friends.

「I should have spoken earlier as well」(Taru)

My older sister is the leader of the “neck-hunting drunken”.
Briefly explain it to the two.

Yuuki and Kouya, who received my justification, stroked/scratched their head…

「Haa~ (sigh*)
…When Shin-san glared at me… I thought my future Clan-Clan life was over」(Yuuki)

「Same, I couldn’t do anything…」(Kouya)

If I didn’t plan to give them some mischief surprise, Yuuki and Kouya wouldn’t have been so scared. I did something really bad.

To apologize, I open my arms to them.

Taru Vol 1 009

(Picture of Taru hugging Kouya saying “Don’t bully Kou oniichan”)

「I’m sorry」(Taru)

Right now, it looks like I’m clinging to their waist, I try my best to reassure my friends.

「Taru, as expected this is……」(Yuuki)

「O, ou~uu」(Kouya)

What are you surprised at?
This kind of tricky things, we are doing all the time at school.
It’s like crossing our shoulders.

As I’m looking up at them, they look at me in a restless manner.

Looking at the attitude of those two, I was trying to reassure them, but on the contrary, I made them feel anxious.

I… I want to prove that something will be the same even if they look different, so I forcibly stick to the two.

Then the two looked at each other and lowered their brow ends as if giving up.
Yuuki and Kouya then crouched down to have an equal light of sight as me.

Then Yuuki’s right-hand pressed on my shoulder, and Kouya’s left-hand does the same movement.

「I was scared, but I’ll forgive you」(Yuuki)

「Same goes, I don’t mind」(Kouya)

The anxiety disappeared somewhere.
After all our friendship is immortal.

Meanwhile, the surrounding mercenaries are:
“Sisters in reality? ”
“But that looks…”
“Step-sisters? ”
“Don’t spout stupid things”
“My life will disappear”
“Hey, to think such a beautiful girl”
“Such envious thing”
“God, forgive me!”
They are giving out their own remarks, but let’s leave it alone.

(T.N: Don’t ask me what kind of nonsense is this, that was legit what they said, I just translate)

The surrounding doesn’t really matter.

It feels like I’ve been able to talk to Yuuki and Kouya after a long time, and I’m happy now.

「Taru, you still don’t set your sexual guard yet?」(Shin)

For some reason, my sister’s sullen voice spoils our friendship time.

「I don’t need to set it with my “Friend”, do I?」(Taru)

And while I was wondering, people are like:
“I heard it now!”
“Yes Lolita, no touch!
“If you do that, you’ll be killed”
“But you saw it earlier.  
Even that hunter Shin was bowing her head”
“Imouto was the best!”
Some people started to have a sharp rise in tension.

「Set all sexual guards except me right now」(Shin)

My sister said that with a scary face but I turned to the other side.

「NO (Iya~da~ne)」(Taru)

George, who was watching such an interaction up close, burst out for some reason.
Furthermore, the mercenary clan members who were waiting behind my sister began to laugh.

It seems that the surroundings have decided that this case has been calmed down and are relieved.
They begin to resume each conversation *Blah blah*.

「Anego and Imouto-san are having a fight」(Tom)

「This is a masterpiece, isn’t it?」(Jerry)

My sister’s mercenary members, Tom and Jerry, are playing around.

「「It’s the siblings’ fight」」(Shin+Taru)

By the time I and my sister Tsukkomi were resounded, the liveliness of the venue had returned to normal.



Before I knew it, Celtic music was played by Buzuki (guitar), flute and Irish harp.
The mercenaries are listening with the cheerful mind, they come and go with foods and drinks come in hands.

I was literally *fluffy* and chatting at the back of the venue because of that atmosphere.

「Taru, it would be dangerous if you were dancing so much」(Shin)

The special ability of the dress given by Misora-san,
The effect of making gravity one-sixth inevitably makes me float.
I’m interested.
Especially the condition of the foot is very good.

「Shin-chan, ain’t you overprotective?
Girl won’t find that fascinating, you know?」(George)

I’m a man, George.

But right now, together with Mina’s new Hakama appearance like we are a set, I just think it’s not bad to enjoy this ball.
The best blonde kimono girl. Uplifting mood.

「I asked you to see Taru’s situation,
But you haven’t even said a word about my cute Taru.」(Shin)

Apparently my sister got in touch with George over the past few days
It seemed that the area around me was well-guarded.

It’s surprising that my sister and George were friends,
I’m half appreciative and half amazed that my sister was more concerned about me than I imagined.

「However, you two are really beautiful sisters (siblings)(Benten?)

「That’s right」(Player)

「It’s a sight for the sore eyes」(Player)

「No way, “Neck-hunting drunken” has such a beautiful sister-relationship」(Player)

People praised me and my sister as they came to greet her, the leader of “Neck-hunting drunken”, the first-class PVP Clan.

Among them was Benten-san, the deputy leader of “Twilight Sake Drinking”, George’s friend and also who was provoking Yuuki and Kouya.

「Fu~nn. *SFX of blowing air out of nose*
You are really overprotective.」(Wolf)

And another one is… should I say I expected this.

It was Wolf the leader of “Lone Wolf”, he suddenly interrupted the conversation and muttered his dislike.

When I glanced at the ash-haired boy.

My *fluffy* feeling (mood) went down.

With the useless Mina as partner, she needs to be overprotective」(Viking)

As usual, the provocative and uncomfortable tall man, Viking.
Each of the mercenary Clans around my sister frowns at their remarks.

Especially hostile was Bentens, dressed in a black suit.
A mountainous big man sends Wolf a grieving look.

However, he disregards prey that he is not interested in, so he focuses only on my sister.

「Fu~nn. *SFX of blowing air out of nose*
While the big sister is an unrivaled combat fanatic, the little sister is a useless alchemist with no productivity.」(Wolf)

「It’s just a clown that can’t be used.(Viking)

Wolf and Viking went out in front of me and my sister, as if trying to annoy us.

When I wondered why my sister and other top mercenary clan got harassed by them, the first-class mercenary clan members were the ones who answered the question instead.

「I wonder which one is the clown here.
Maybe he is too impatient because he think it’s a chance to broad about his mercenary Clan

「Tch Tch Tch.
The Bois seemed to get over their head after winning us, Twilight Sake Drinking”, in the previous “War”.

Eh, did Benten-san’s group lose to “Lone wolf”?

「They can only throw a cheap provocation. After all, they ran with their tails between their legs whenever they saw “Neck-hunting Drunken”(Player?)

「After all, they are clever and cowardly little boys who have abused the non-first-attack system to gank up on each person. But such cheap trick won’t work on Shin-san」(Benten)

I see. (Naruhodo)

With my sister’s group, who was said to be the top mercenary Clan.
Even if they gank up on each person, my sister’s group can hold it up and have a good fight, to the point it might become backfire on Wolf’s mercenary clan.

It seems that they will lose when dealing with my sister.

I wonder where is that much confidence.

「Rather, does Taru-san have Alchemy skills?」(Player)

As if the mercenaries treating the “Lone Wolf” like air, they changed topic to me.

「I see. So are these Kobito involved Alchemist skill?(Player)

Oops, that was close.

The Fairies are flying around me while chewing on sweets.

I’m sure people have always been interested in these kids, but it must have been difficult to talk about this kind of topic in front of my sister.

「Fu~nn. *SFX of blowing air out of nose*
For the trash skill like Alchemy, Impossible」(Wolf)

Everyone was starting to get interested,
Wolf started spiting poison again.


Viking agrees with it.

I wonder if their attitude made people lose their patience.
Benten-san, who was talking in the back, came out in front of them.

「Damn kids these days. Don’t cut people talk.
Want to do it now? Huh?
I’m not forgetting even a single one of the mean things you did」(Benten)

Benten gave Wolf a glare at a distance where he could bend his back.
Wolf, on the other hand, had a cool smile on his mouth.

「Fu~nn. *SFX of blowing air out of nose*
I can’t remember weak people」(Wolf)

At that moment, Bentens showed anger and raised his fist.

My sister’s elegant voice controls the scene.

「By the way, what’s the price for asking Taru about Kobito’s information?
It’s not free, right?」(Shin)

It seems that she has restrained the mercenary players around her casually.

Watching my sister protect me like that,
Wolf laughs hard.

Battle mania seems to be greedy」(Wolf)

「Keep your mouth down, mocking wolf.
I can kill you here.」(Shin)

My sister gazes at Wolf with high pressure,
The tall Viking intervenes to block the line of sight.

「Neck-hunter, do you plan to spoil your ball with your proud sword skill?」(Viking)

Saying so, the deputy leader of “One Lone Wolf” looks at God-Soldiers with a smug face.

Why aren’t there any physical issues while so many mercenary clan are gathering?

This is also due to the fact that God-Soldiers, who are all around the venue, are deterrents.

「To break your cheeky nose, that much of catastrophe is nothing」(Shin)

My sister isn’t afraid of God-Soldier’s existence, so she touches the handle of the sword.

「I will lend you a hand, Shin-san」(Benten)

Even Bentens, who had a grudge against “One Lone Wolf,” was about to enter the battlefield following my sister.

Responding to the movement, Mina, George, Yuuki, and Kouya, who were watching the series of flows around, quickly guarding around me. Oh, Glen too.

Wolf snorts and gives me a glance and contempt.

It is often said that the eye speaks more than the mouth.
His eyes looking at me say, “Someone with a useless alchemy skill cannot do anything unless she is so protected.”

I was angry at the insulting expression, so I suddenly stepped in front of everyone.

「Everyone, please wait. Ane-san too」(Taru)

It’s easy for my sister to deal with “Lone Wolf” considering how she is.

However, I have no intention of calling my sister to deal with my problem every time such a person comes out.

That’s something my man’s pride doesn’t allow.

「Everyone, do you know the material “Horse Dropping”?」(Taru)

I thought that I hadn’t talked so far and suddenly asked,
“Horse Dropping”, a trash material that is thought to be of no use.

*What do you try to say, so suddenly?*
Then, a whirlpool of doubts rises around, but it’s okay.

「”Horse Dropping”, such unknown material,
You just pick it up and throw it away, right?」(Taru)

Everyone gives a strangely crisp response, such as “Ah”, “Ou”, or “Uh”.

That’s a valid reaction.

However, I take out a small tube that looks like a toy magical stick from the inventory.

Make full use of alchemy skills to convert “Horse Dropping” x3 to a higher rank, and if it fails, a “black lump” is created. Further, from there, strengthen the fire resistance of the “black lump” with “Torture”.

And it is my only offensive item, “Aiming Fireworks (small)”, which was created by synthesizing “Black Lump”, “Crimson Stone”, and “Crystal Flower” that became special and hot.

「This Cylinder is originally made of “Horse Dropping”」(Taru)

I put a toy stick that kids would use, facing up so everyone could see it.

「It’s just a toy stick」(Player)

「Does “Horse Dropping” turn into sticks……」(Player)

「Tch tch tch.
Is it alchemy or something?」(Benten)

After waiting for the players to pay sufficient attention, I used “Shooting Fireworks (Small)” without any notice.

Then, a small spark popped out of the cylinder, Fireworks shining high in the sky rang.

Everyone who is surprised by the sound and looks up.

The color of the fireworks was a mixture of glitter, green and red. They could be seen even in the blue sky in the daytime and scattered very beautiful lights.



「Is it fireworks?」(Player)

「Eh, isn’t that an attack-item」(Player)

「A signal of the beginning of a ball?」(Player)

「I mean, Is that really Alchemy?」(Player)

「Really “Horse Droppings” can be used to make such an item?」(Player)

「I’ve never heard…」(Player)

The fairies smirk when they see the beautiful fireworks.
I mean, my body was supported by Kouya.

Because, although it was good to press the fireworks even at the low position of my height, but I preffered to do it at a higher place and Kouya accepted that. He crouched down and I was stepping on his back.

It was nice to launch it above.

If I used it poorly like a horizontal line, It might hit people.
Thanks to the special ability of the dress given by Misora-san, my body is unusually light so I don’t put a burden on Kouya.

While the surroundings were paying attention at the fireworks, I immediately thanked Kouya with just my eyes and corrected my posture so that I wouldn’t expose my strange appearance.

「Even “Horse Dropping”
In this way, it transforms into a glittering item.」(Taru)

I raised my hands up as if to speak to the public.

「It is not just things that change, but people as well.
Even if you’re like dog-monkey* now, you may eventually build better relationships, right?

(T.N: Japanese use dog and monkey, equal to dog and cat fight in English)

Benten and the Wolf had a provocative smile, a stubborn attitude.

They suggested that Mina and my Alchemy are useless.
But all of it may change.

I do not mention here who is the dog and the monkey.
I stare at the leader of the “Lone Wolf”.

「I don’t say anyone is like “Horse Dropping”, but it’s a place full of smiles.
Let’s use this as an opportunity to deepen our fellowship」(Taru)

While the surroundings were noisy, I show a big smile to my sister.
My sister smiled happily as well.

You surprised me there… Shin’s Imouto-san

Benten muttered with deep emotion, looking at Shin-ane and me.

The indignation on his face disappeared, and he seemed impressed somehow.

It’s nice to be calm and not making the fairies scared.

But I’m not an Imouto…

「「It’s the Otouto (brother)」」(Shin + Taru)

My sister and my voice overlap.

In addition, Kouya and Yuuki laughed out loud, turning around as if to respond, and sent a lukewarm gaze with their mouths grinning, like they could see our close siblinghood.

「Good joke. Both sisters」(Player)

Someone muttered so.



Then, we ignored “Lone Wolf” and chatting.
I don’t mean I’m underestimating them but I’m a little satisfied that alchemy could see the light of day.

Something like that.

System Log:
“Fairy ball” has started
Everyone, enjoy the feast

Logs flowed.

At the same time, the door to the Royal castle, which was guarded by about 30 God-Soldiers, opened.

God-Soldiers split in two to create a path with a fine movement.
It shows that the person who will make an appearance from the other side of the door has unwavering leadership.

Then an elegant old man (Oji-sama), who walked leisurely among the God-Soldiers lined up on the left and right, was a man wearing a luxurious cloak and dressed in a formal dress/clothes.

Although he is in his early 40s, he has a fearless look that doesn’t make him feel weak.

With gray eyes, hair, beard, I can imagine that this man is a samurai from his angular build.
However, he held a cane rather than a sword in his hand and wore a large ceremonial sword on his waist.

He has a crown on his head, he taps his cane to the ground.

All the mercenary players at the venue burst out.

「Eh, that’s the king, right?」(Player)

「It’s the King」(Player)

「Michael Angelo’s King…」(Player)

If you look closely, you can also see the figure of Duke Theary next to him.
On the other side is an old man wearing a robe and holding a cane.

In the middle of the roaring crowd, the ash-haired king quickly raises his right hand.

「This one is the Demi-god (Human God 神人) who governs the pioneering city Michael Angelo(King)

I feel that all the mercenary players at the venue were shaken by the word “Demi-god”.

Certainly, in the world of Clan Clan, Moon’s Tea was set to be ruled by Demi-gods.
Is the said Demi-god the uncle in front of us?

「This one is called the Ash King Kaguya Morpheus(King)

He didn’t say that much, but the king’s name went well as if directly to your head.
Everyone is the same, they keep quiet while the king is speaking.

Clan-Clan, where information is the most important.
And here is where the first-class mercenary players gather.
Everyone was seriously listening listen to each word of the King.

「You did well, coming here.
Young…, no young human beings who crave for power

With a severe smile, the King was slowly looking over all the mercenary players in the venue.

But for some reason, the King looked up and stared at the cloudless sky like he was worried about something.

There the king muttered in a low voice.

Did a strange guest visit?」(King)

The King keeps looking at the sky as he is.

「I don’t remember sending the invitation, but… I have the greatest guest over.
God-Soldiers, give out the signal.

After interrupting his own greetings and utterances, the King suddenly issued such an order to God-Soldiers.

By the King’s order, the four God-Soldiers with a long cane and the old man jumped into the air.
We are all looking up to the flying Soldiers.

In addition, the canes, which they are holding, begin to release explosive flames, ice blocks, tornadoes, and lightning into empty skies.
The magic was so large that I had never seen it before.

We, mercenary players, witnessed the terrifying magical power of different attributes in succession, could only stare at the scene.

The extraordinary magic distorts and disappears as if it hit an invisible barrier for some reason.
However, the sky is shaking unnaturally.

The blue sky becomes the surface of the water, undulating as if stones had been dropped in it.

Somehow, it looks like something I have seen before. 

I recalled my memory.

That’s right, the distortion of that space is the sky of Misora’s forest!
The entrance to the jewel-producing forest, Crystalize, has such barrier-like magic.

If so, Misora-san is likely under attack.
At the same time that I was able to predict that much, I was concerned about the safety of Misora-san.
Even though she is an NPC, I’m angry with the King who might injure Misora-san.

However, the King doesn’t care about magical attacks like a storm in the sky, suddenly he looks at us again and talks.

「A banquet means eating a perfect treat,
Does it mean that you get drunk with bravery or with a glass of sake/wine?
Or dreaming for a moment of peace while kneeling before me?
Shall we dance?」(King)

The king asked the mercenaries who were fascinated by the God-Soldiers, who cast a series of magic in the air.

「Mercenary Youngsters, I ask thou/you」(King)

When people’s eyes focused on him, the Ash King Kaguya Morpheus challenged.

「Can such mediocre mercenaries still fight?
Are you worth hiring?

Then, he gallantly pulled the ceremonially decorated large sword on his waist from the sheath.
The magnificent works have no gaps and are exactly from the king itself.

Then he turned God-Soldiers in blue armor.

「The soldiers dressed in blue armor here are not soldier Vessels yet.
Should I call them disciplines to become God-Soldiers?

The King swung his large sword, pointing at the waiting God-Soldiers.

I mean, are they apprentice God-Soldiers?

「Their abilities are less than one-third that of God-Soldier, but they still pose a threat(King)

So was that why their armor’s color is lighter than the God-Soldier we usually see?

I think of the chatting from George and Mina in the carriage.

「Usually, I won’t have the audience at the innermost part of the Royal castle…
By the time this banquet is over, if you, the mercenaries, step into the central area of the castle by foot…

The apprentices God-Soldiers swiftly set up weapons and shields at the same time as the Ash King said his words.

「God-Soldier will treat you as an enemy and will eliminate you(King)

As if he was satisfied with the movement of the apprentice God-Soldiers, the Ash King nodded.

「So to speak, to you, mercenaries, it will be the highest difficulty dungeon itself.」(King)

Suddenly, while looking at the Ash King, the mercenary players unconsciously remember to equip their weapons.

Of course, I also held the “Kodachi, Impure Evening” with my left hand, and with the paint equipment on my right hand, the “Shooting Brush”.

Everyone here notices.

This is a limited quest given to privileged people.

「What I want to say,
It seems that the wise men have already understood」(King)

The first-class mercenary players who are fully armed are confronting the King and his apprentice God-Soldiers.

「That’s right. I, the King of Michael Angelo is here」(King)

The one, who kills the king of Michael Angelo will take the throne?

People don’t need to capture the dungeon, but just need to deal with the apprentice God-Soldiers who guard around the King.

That’s right, it’s an opportunity for everyone.

「…Human power, sexuality, desire…(King)

Ash King Morpheus laughed softly and closed his eyes.

「The 50 years of human beings…
The possibility of a person who kept struggling in the lower heavens.
How much did you grow up in your eternity?
Show me your answer」(King)

Eh, the King smiles at me?

「Oh Fairy-dono, the days that you are robbed were already over.
Even if any barbarians attack you, we will never give in, we will hold hands with our friends and protect you.
And I’ll prove here that I have the power to pledge it.」(King)

Apparently, he was talking to me, not the fairies who were flying around me.

「Our Michael Angelo isn’t sweet enough to be ruled by other human beings」(King)

The king stabbed his sword into the gray cobblestone.

“Breakthrough the apprentice God-Soldiers and get to this point if you can.
Until then, it’s not worth using this sword yet so I stabbed into the ground.
There’s no need to prepare against the weaklings who can’t pass.”

The king’s will was transmitted to us.

In other words, it was that kind of setting.
He wants us to take it seriously.

And, I also feel that the fighting spirit is raising from the back and surroundings.

The opportunity to take control is right in front of your eyes.
Who can suppress their excitement?
For men, for mercenaries.
Until you challenge this arrogant king.

(T.N: Yup, players are so stupid. The King already told them this is the highest difficulty dungeon.)

「Well, there’s no need to speak to you anymore.
Let’s start a true feast.

With the signal of the one-sided feast from the King, the God Soldiers start to move.

The God Soldiers in light blue armor start to surround us.

「Uwaaaaa!?」(Merc 1)

「Not good!
These ones are strong!」(Merc 2)

「It’s do or die!」(Merc 3)

「Uooooooo!」(Merc 4)

The mercenaries screamed and raged, their voice shook the venue.

A magnificent dance has started for the lives of the mercenaries.

MUHAHAHA. You think you get a nice batch release?

Too bad, it’s me, your hateful CLIFF HANGER.

In case you don’t know this is a Jojo reference.

Actually, I chose 6 chapters because Shin made her appearance here.

Taru Vol 2
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