Mile Chapter 405: Each person’s activity/trouble

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Mile Chapter *Error, chapter number not found*: Passion of the Empire

(T.N: ^_^ don’t ask me why there won’t be chapter 404 in the TOC, it’s an unfixable error)

「What did you say?!
The inside of the armory is empty!!

At a certain garrison of the Imperial Army,
The commander (like the shogun) screamed at an outrageous report from his subordinates.

「Yes. I tried to bring weapons for training this morning, and it was empty.
Let alone a sword or spear, there wasn’t even a single arrow left…」(Soldier)

The commander was stunned at the report of his subordinates.
It’s No wonder.
That means, a large number of enemies or bandits entered the garrison without being noticed and carried out a large number of weapons.


It’s no wonder that the commander says so.

If he acknowledges that, it means that their security system is such a joke without any meaning.
And the bandits can assassinate the soldiers in their sleep anytime.

But the bandits have kindly spared their life, there’s no way he can admit that.

However, this reality hits hard.


There was no one who could speak to the silent commander.

Of course, the army’s personal sword and spear equipment are owned and managed by each soldier. It’s not like they are non-armed.

The lost things are spare weapons, blades for training, siege weapons, and other things, etc. but it doesn’t make it’s okay to lose those equipments.

… And most important, the liability issue.

「What were the guards doing!
Did you all fall asleep?!」(Commander)

「No, they surely kept watch, and others have confirmed it.
And, in the first place, it’s impossible to carry out a large number of weapons and armor without making noise and without anyone finding it!」(Soldier)

It was exactly what his subordinates said.
The case is plausible and there is no room for denial. The commander understood that well enough.

「Then, give me convincing proof! How should I report to the higher-up?!」(Commander)

It couldn’t be helped that he yelled so.


「 Has the new ballista been disassembled into pieces and the metal parts were gone?」(Soldier? Officer?)

「Did all the metal parts of the “hook ladder” disappear as well?」(Soldier? Officer?)

(T.N: Shinonome, I’m pretty sure it’s called “hook ladder”, don’t underestimate my knowledge from Age of Empire and Stronghold,

「Did all the iron components of the wagon disappear?
What’s left is only the wood part?!」(Soldier? Officer?)

「Did all of the metal armor disappear?
Was the metal part of the leather armor also missing?」(Soldier? Officer?)

「「「「Just what in the world is going on?」」」」(Many soldiers)

Weapons, armor, metal products, oil, and other assorted goods simply vanished into thin air from various warehouses owned by the Imperial Army.

Many things also disappeared from the storehouses and personal residences of merchants. But these were so small that the owner might not realize they were gone. And it would cause a minor inconvenience at worst.

…But the same can’t be said to the military warehouse.



They were beautifully and utterly empty: systematically stripped without a shred of mercy.

(T.N: There is a “Kirei” word there, so you must have “beautifully”)

Was it because Mile indicated so?

Or was the nanomachine secretly advising?

Anyway, the scavengers are procuring military supplies for the Alban Empire as if it’s “Mine to take” goods and “free for all” items.

(T.N: I don’t really understand the meaning of “free real estate” meme that Shinonome used)

One after another, even after the Beastkin’s case was cleared up, the Ancient Dragon Villa case then the disappearance of weapons and armor have significantly delayed the plan to invade other countries.

Also, unbeknownst to the Empire, there was a system of tunnels in the basement of the warehouses where the materials had disappeared, large enough for a scavenger to carry out supplies and pass it along. Currently, the warehouse-side exit was backfilled so that it was impossible to determine the existence of the passageways.

Since it was remained unknown, it also meant that the tunnel could be used again if new goods were brought into the warehouse.

Even if the warehouse or depot changed its location, it would be a simple task for scavengers to dig a new tunnel for themselves.

 …It was the beginning of the Imperial Army’s trial days…

* * *

One scavenger arrived at a certain rocky mountain.
Parting with his “comrade in crime”, they scattered toward their respective places in the old records.

And finally, that particular individual has reached this mountain.

Yes, this is one of the “interception bases” that existed long ago.

However, most of the “interception bases” were destroyed, lost their functions, and did not even retain their traces.
This place is the same…



But “It’s alive”

(T.N: Silly you Shinonome, you forgot such a basic meme)

In this place, with the comrades who miraculously survived,
They maintain the resource-saving type autonomous, simple defense mechanism,
In other words, the golems existed.

Who (誰: dare) or what (何: Nani) communication data is for?
The scavenger desperately suppresses the heat of his thinking center unit.
Their mission, that is, the command which was transmitted directly to him.
The content is…

《Our administrator (goddess) has returned.
She gave us the instruction (revelation).
“Keep building, Increase your number. Fill this Land”
“Fix yourself”
And, the administrator (goddess) herself directly ordered us
“Respond to the expectations of the maker. And protect this world…”


Their thinking center unit starts to overheat.

(The raw mean “The heat of their thinking center unit increased”)

Perhaps their temperature has risen, the resistance value of the semiconductor of the circuit decreases, and the Electric current has increased?

(T.N: you should add the “Electric” to make it more clear than just current)

Scavengers are machines, they don’t raise their hands, jumping with their feet when they become excited.

But, in that body, the driving sound of their motor increases and the temperature continued to rise.

… Materials! Supplies!

For mining and refining, you need the equipment to do that.
But in order to do that, materials and supplies are needed.
And the equipment is needed to create materials and supplies,
But in order to build that, materials and supplies are needed.

A classic catch-22. (T.N: thank for this info, Shinonome)

The prosecution involves intelligent creatures is: they can only do things less annoying to those creatures.
But in that case, they can’t meet their quota for future activities…

When the other scavengers are at their dilemma, the messenger scavenger gave a wonderful piece of news.

…There are suppliers of materials… with no permission restrictions

And then they go. And dig in.

All in the belief that the day of glory will come…

* * *

(Hey, Nano-chan…) (Mile)

【Yes, what do you need?(Nano)

(Is it possible to raise the authority level of lower rank people?) (Mile)

(T.N: 下位者 indeed mean subordinate but consider the situation, you should translate as lower rank people)

【With the Authority privilege level 7, you can raise a level-1 person to level-2.
However, it’s not applying for the whole race but the nominated credible individuals…

(As expected.
That’s right. If someone selfishly raises it, it will be out of control.
But I think there won’t be much problem to lower someone’s authority, that’s why there are fewer restrictions…) (Mile)

Mile asked about this in case of an emergency, but it didn’t seem so easy.

【Please do not abuse the authority erasing too much.
This time, because he was using first, so it was a reasonable choice to keep the situation in check.
Besides, that Ancient dragon child had some problems and the command center had a hard time responding. Honestly, it was too troublesome…

(Eh? Doesn’t Nano-chan assist magic regardless of good or evil…)  (Mile)

【It’s “use of magic”.
In other words, we just follow the instruction of the physical phenomenon operation by the thought wave.
But this is not magic. It’s a verbal instruction to us, nanomachines by your authority level. The terms of agreement are completely different

(Somehow, it’s difficult in various ways…) (Mile)

【Yes, it’s difficult…】(Nano)

(Well then, good night……) (Mile)

【Have a pleasant sleep, Mile-sama…】(Nano)

Mile Chapter 405: Each person’s activity


Rena rented a new book at the library, depositing a stupid security deposit (Book is expensive)

The author is MiAMi SatoAdelLe, an up and coming favorite writer of Rena.

「Scavengers and golems, unlike other monsters, are not hostile to humans, aren’t they?
Mile, what do you think of this?」(Rena)

「Ah, ahahaha, Yes!
Umm, that’s right…
I think so, given the recent events.
In fact, we aren’t always under attack.
It’s probably because we aren’t like other hunters, who suddenly attacking them at the beginning. We have had friendly contact. But that’s not the case with ordinary monsters…

Mile was astonished by Rena and replied with a safe answer in a hurry.

「Well, even though that’s true…
However, I also think that it was because you were there, Mile…」(Rena)

Hearing Rena’s reply, Mile gasps *Gikuri*

「But, that was…」(Mile)

「Right (desu yo nē)…」(Pauline)

「Right (sōda yo nē)…」(Maevis)

Pauline and Maevis follow after Rena.

「That was…」(Mile)

「「「The secret of my family!」」」(Rena’s Trio)

「Gulp *Giku*, *Giku*」(Mile)

Mile was worked up with 3 girls’ attack in succession

However, after everything they went through, Rena’s trio believed that Mile is the “Beloved person” for the golems and scavengers. And by accompanying her, they were “judged to be friendly partners”

「However, it can only be applied to the natural idiot outside the scope of people.
If you ask me, I’m not envious at all…」(Rena)

「I don’t want that, I guess」(Pauline)

「Me too……」(Maevis)

Maevis and Pauline answered Rena’s murmur reflexively.


Mile is stunned.

「Wh… what…」(Mile)

And Mile is exploding.


* * *


The plants also sleep, 3 o’clock.

In the dark, books were taken out one after another from the library shelves and lined up on the desk.

Then, the book’s pages are turned at high speed and then the book returned to its original position.

There was no human figure, and it looked as if the book were dancing by itself. But if you look closer, a large insect-like thing carried the book and turned the pages.
Then, each page was captured by the eye lens and recorded.

And after that “insect-like thing” apparently finished today’s portion, it cleaned up the books properly, it walked out of the way through the gaps in the building, Then it flapped its wings and disappeared into the slightly bright night sky…


It’s a bug-type research machine that infiltrates a human town to investigate the situation of “human beings”, the most populous human species.
Information from books is one of the information to bring back.

The book explained that the scavengers and golems, which seem to be viewed as a kind of demon to human species, are not monsters that conflict with human species and are different humanoid, even coexistence is possible.
It was an enlightenment book in the form of a story.


The scavenger then gave instructions to the investigation machine bug.

Priority should be given to other books written by this author.

The author’s name is…

* * *

「…Do you think I can believe this?」(Boss)

「No. We just report the facts.
Whether or not the person receiving the report believes our report isn’t our responsibility」(Merchant)

This is “that”.
It wasn’t a trial so he didn’t have to convince the other person to believe what he was saying.
Judging the accuracy and credibility of the report contents and how to use the information wasn’t by the investigators at the end but by the superiors of the information department, that is, their boss.


However, there is no point in ordering an investigation without believing in the report of the investigator sent by himself.
And there is no other information that denies this report. On the contrary, some incomprehensible information that can’t be explained at all. But if he believes in this report, all the pieces fit together and are understandable. That is.


「Can you believe this~sssssssssss?」(Boss)

Mile’s group hasn’t said anything yet. So, no-one was informed.

But for those who work for the royal palace, they were assigned a mission to carry out research.
To report all the information that they got from the survey, that’s a duty to their country and proof of loyalty.
Unlike the hunters’ personality, which only taking care of the escort request.

However, this information has nothing to do with the research mission, the hunters don’t have to report it.

Furthermore, disclosing the hunters’ personal information, abilities that you witnessed during the request is prohibited. So they can’t report it, not even to the noble or royal family, if they ignore it, they will receive some kind of punishment.

It may be political by the Hunter Guild or personal by the Hunter. But both sides have agreed and it has become common sense. If you break it, you will receive some kind of “retribution”.

As a result, the merchants couldn’t report about Mile’s storage magic, and, of course, the underground events that only “Red Oath” knew the details.

… Even without them, it was enough for the boss to yell “unbelievable, such a ridiculous story”…

「The demi-people temporarily occupied a certain place for some purpose.
…I understand this.
And when they found it was a “false alarm”, then they withdrew.
I also understand this.
…But, “Ancient Dragon’s Villa”! What the hell is that?!」(Boss)

The boss shouts.

However, it was a strategy that was implemented with the budget and personnel allocated to the plan.
And the precious resource “time” that passed during the operation couldn’t be recovered, no matter how much money was deposited.
So, of course, this result must be reported as it is.

The boss scratched his head thinking, but he didn’t get any idea.

After that, “a flock of mysterious fire-poles flying up from the rocky mountains of the empire to the sky”,
“Imperial forces and supply departments fell into turmoil, halting most military operations”,
“There seems to be a group of troops praising the Saintesses in the military”

Various other uncertain information is brought in causing him much more confused…

* * *

「…Geez, please forgive me already…」(Morena)

Princess Morena is crying while saying so.

That’s right, it’s about Marcella’s Trio, the “Wonder Three” escaped. They officially got the princess’ special mission, so, she couldn’t escape responsibility.

As the main offender who planned and guided the girls, she was punished by her parents, the King and the Queen, her big brother, her little brother who were interested in Marcella.

And many aristocrats who were aiming for Marcella to be his eldest son’s wife also accused her.

As a result, her pocket money was reduced by 50% while the amount of study time increased by 20%.

She felt like her heart was broken as she was exposed to the cold gaze from her respected brother and her dear little brother.

However, for the time being, there was plenty of room for excitement.

The search for Viscountess Askham was coveted only by those who knew.
However, they couldn’t move troops or spies in other countries.
Besides, if you don’t even know where to look, they can’t expect any effective way to do it.

But what about girls of the same age who have a long relationship with her and are familiar with her thinking and behavior patterns?

No one would be wary of them.

And as a novice hunter party, they could easily walk across the country.

Yes, Princess Morena’s judgment is appropriate.
Her wisdom and planning, as well as the ability to execute and succeed without being noticed by anyone, are highly evaluated as the “third princess of the Inquisitive”, “conspiracy princess”.
Her reputation was secretly raising.

「…But that’s wrong!」(King)

「If something happened to Marcella, just what are you going to do?」(1st Prince)

「Dear sister (Ane~ue), you are horrible (Hidoi)」(Younger Prince)

And today as well, she was scolded by her father, elder brother, and younger brother. Princess Morena was in tears…

「…And why didn’t you send any reports at all?!」(Morena)

Saying so, the princess keeps hitting pillows today as well…

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