Mile Chapter 406-408: (Leisure Story) The Burning Man

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Mile Chapter 406: Leisure Story The Burning Man 1

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Dark Site

「Ah, it’s so boring… 」

 Shortly after Red Oath finished the request escorting the camouflaged merchants (aka spies) to the Albarn Empire back and forth, Pauline wanted Red Oath to take a long vacation because she wanted to visit her home.

Their usual rest time (vacation) only takes about a week give or take, Pauline and Maevis won’t have enough time for a 2-ways trip visiting their home. Thus, Red Oath took a long vacation of 3-weeks.

Pauline and Maevis returned to their home.

Rena went to pay respects to her father and Red Lighting Bolt Party’s graves.

…And, Mile couldn’t return, so she has a lot of free time.

「Something I can do alone and will take time…
Fairy hunt. …Yay (Yatta)
Take care and teach cute girl every detail. …I really enjoy my time with Mareeta-chan (Chapter 2 Extra)
Ah, maybe I should sneak into school “again” and check up on her…

(T.N: Yes, “Mata/again” in raw, Mile, what has you done? Why didn’t you show it to us in Novel)


Almost… no, Mile was totally a stalker…
Stalker… fulfilled her hope(望み) and desires(欲望).

「That’s a Tarkovsky(*) movie you’re talking about! And that only happens in a “Room”, a “Zone” I tell you! And no, it’s not a perverted film, but a proper work of science fiction!」(Mile)

(T.N: Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky was a Russian filmmaker, writer, and film theorist. He is widely considered one of the greatest and most influential directors in the history of Russian and world cinema.)

Suddenly, Mile screams something that no-one in this world understands.
Apparently, Mile seems to have associated with something arbitrarily.
(T.N: break the 4th wall and Tsukkomi to us/Funa)

「But 3 whole weeks, I have too much free time.
Everything in the Capital City can be done on a regular weekly vacation or even when I’m not on a vacation…
Ah, there is one. Shall I go for a lone journey?

Normally, it would be too dangerous for a young girl (Shoujo) to travel alone in this world.
Let alone the bandits and thugs around the world, even an average traveler might have a bad idea (lust) if they see a cute and powerless young girl travel alone.

Or when you travel through the poor rural areas where Villagers can barely eat.
…Among them, there are malicious villages that attack the traveling merchants or where wanted-criminals hide.

In other words, it’s a world full of danger, it’s not sane for such as a young girl to travel alone.

But it has nothing to do with Mile.
Yes, something like this (common sense) doesn’t matter.

「Alright, time to hit the road (*)!」(Mile)

(T.N: yup, I like this so I steal from Shinonome, the raw is just “let’s go/Ikuzo”)

Thus, Mile was traveling alone.
While humming the dubious Enka song in the language if this country…

* * *

「Umu~mu, Good progress, good progress…」(Mile)

Bandits and suspicious people approached her several times, but each time Mile ran away.
Yes, at “full speed”.

Just when you thought her image looked blurred and then before you know it, *Hi~yun*, she was already far away. (T.N: after-image)

…There’s no way anyone can catch up to her.

Yes, if she caught them, turned them to the city, went through the procedure, she would get paid. But it was troublesome and took a lot of time so she decided not to do it.

If she was involved in each and every one of them, the vacation would be over in no time.
Even though it’s three weeks, a week in the world has only six days, so there are only 18 days in total.

But well, if it’s only Mile, it will only take a few days to move. Even if she walks normally.

As a last resort, Mile could just launch herself in the air and use gravity-altering magic “Cavourite” to fall horizontally, she would arrive in a moment. (SpaceX bfr)
But that would be distasteful and would ruin the experience of traveling.
So, like any average girl, she was just walking… twice as fast as usual.

She moved southwest from the Capital city.

Mile Vol 13 Map 2

Following that direction is the place where the three countries’ borders crossed. The Tyrus Kingdom, the Homebase of “Red Oath”, the Brandel Kingdom, Mile, no… Adel’s motherland and Albarn Empire.
More like the place where they are facing each other, the Tyrus Kingdom + the Brandel Kingdom VS Albarn Empire.
The Tyrus Kingdom and the Brandel Kingdom watch each other’s back and keep an eye on the Imperial Army that crosses the border.

…Yes, only “in case the Empire really invades their country”

(T.N: Next part, Shinonome translates even better than me so I copy-paste)

If it’s not a full-scale invasion from the Empire as a whole, but just the Empire’s nobles on the border having skirmishes using their own territorial armies, there was no need for the other kingdoms to get involved.

If such a thing was done, it was natural that the kingdom to whom the invaded territory belonged would launch a counter-offensive against Imperial territory with the support of other countries too, making the whole affair in danger of escalating to an all-out war at a national scale.

For things as small as skirmishes, nobles were expected to do something on their own, or maybe request for assistance from their own country’s national army.

The kingdoms would only dispatch their armies for each other when the Empire started a full-scale invasion aiming for the capital of one of the countries. The finer points have all been outlined in a series of different treaties.

(T.N: End copy)

And at the place where three countries’ borders crossed, there’s a modest town.

It’s not a big town because it’s not a commercial one nor it has a big road passing through, however…

Well, Mile is just in the mood to see the atmosphere at the Border town which is in such a dicey geographic location.

Yes, for Mile, Tyrus Kingdom, where she currently lived with Red Oath. The Brandel Kingdom which was her motherland, and the Albarn Empire where the ancient dragon village and the scavenger base are located. All of these countries were “places where her friends lived.”

Therefore, she tried to stop any senseless killing to occur in any of those places at all costs.


And Mile arrived at her destination at a speed twice of normal.

First of all, she will show up at the Hunter Guild Branch. However, her purpose is to check the information board, she has no intention to take a request now.

「Let see, the information board, unusual information is…
Here it is. Hey…」(Mile)

『There are signs of the Alban Empire’s invasion at the Brandel Kingdom.
Hunters who plan to cross the border please be careful.
However, there’s a high probability that it’s an act of Border’s aristocrats, the Imperial Government itself might not be directly involved.
It seems to be some kind of skirmishes.

「Yeah, it’s too early for the Empire to begin a full-scale invasion…
But who could bring such accurate information and analysis results…」(Mile)

While pondering such a thing, Mile turned and looking at the request board this time.

「Uhm, maybe, at a time like this…
Ah, found it!」(Mile)

『Mercenary Emergency recruitment, 6 small coins per day, Baron Aleymen.』(Request)

There is no number of recruitment nor time requested.
If you want to hire a mercenary, you should ask the mercenary guild instead of this place.

And the reason why there is a request in the Hunter Guild…

「『A Red request』perhaps…」(Mile)

Hearing Mile’s murmur, the nearby hunters had a bitter smile. One of them elaborated:

「Well, it’s pretty much like this:
The other nobles, who dislike facing the enemy directly, all use the baron as a buffer zone.
Every time there’s a skirmish, his land will take all the damage.
While the other nobles only send a token force to drive off the invaders, or something like that.
And the baron himself can’t object to other nobles either since they also need to take care of their own land.
There’s nothing he can do about the location of his territory either…
And every time, the fields will be trampled and young women will be taken away.
It’s the worst imaginable territory there is.
And in such a messy situation, bandits will also try to attack, the soldier or mercenary of that land will need to fight almost on a daily basis.
All for the measly sum of six small gold coins per day.
To make matters worse, your employer is only a small, weak baron.
While your opponents are a territory full of starving peasants willing to fight to the death for their next meal.
You gotta be kidding me (ふざけんな/Fuzaken na)!
At any rate, if you accept, you’ll get put at the front as a disposable pawn.
Naturally, no one at the Mercenary Guild’s gonna accept it.
The same goes for us hunters!

He completely rejected it.

Well, the hunters here wouldn’t expect a young girl, who looks around 12 years old, to take such a request, so it’s more like they are teaching the junior young hunter.

It’s an unfamiliar face and of course, it’s not the age to go on a training journey.
She is alone, so she must wear the used-equipment that her parents bought for her.
Or maybe she is about to register as a hunter.

And a boy party from mid-teens to late-teens was glancing at Mile.
Perhaps they intended to solicit her as soon as she finished registering.

The equipment worn by Mile isn’t too bad for a newbie,
It means that her parents aren’t troubled with money and are willing to help their daughter becoming a hunter.

… And Mile was undeniable cute.

Yes, that how it was to the hunters around here.

Then Mile went to the reception desk, but what she told to the receptionist onee-san was…

「Um, I’m taking the request for mercenary recruitment from the neighboring country!」(Mile)


A loud collective cry echoed throughout the guild. Well, it couldn’t be helped…

Mile Chapter 407: Leisure Story The Burning Man 2

「No, no. There’s no rank limit written, but it’s implied that you must be C-rank or higher to take such a request…」(Receptionist onee-san)

「Ah, I’m C-rank though」(Mile)


The loud collective cry echoed throughout the guild, Again.

Well, at the place where there is no hunter training school, usually you can register as an F-rank hunter at 10 years old. But you can’t rise to C-rank, 3 ranks, in just a few years.
Certainly, there is a skip system at the time of registration, but Mile dressed as a swordsman and her physique didn’t look like she could be skip-registered to D rank or C rank.

If she is a magician, it’s not impossible for her to have ridiculous talent. However, as she dressed as a swordsman, people judged her through her physique, muscles, how she walks, movement of the center of gravity, alertness, intimidation air, and facial expression, etc.
…Everything about her shows that she is an amateur.

If anything, she is E-rank, it’s definitely not C-rank skill.
Everyone here could say so with confidence.

With a suspicious eye, the Receptionist onee-san silently stares at Mile.
Inevitably, Mile pulled out a chained-pendant type from the inside of her clothes.
Then, she showed it to the receptionist.

「Yes, here you go…」(Mile)

「Eh…, Ah, yes… Hey, EEEEHHH!!」(Receptionist onee-san)

Astonishingly, the receptionist’s eyes were opened wide.

Yes, it was a Hunter registration certificate.
The rank will decide what material and letter designed on the front side. While the branch and registration number are engraved on the backside.
Look at it from both sides, you will know the hunter name, rank, job type.

「C-rank Magician~!?」(Receptionist onee-san)

「「「「「「She isn’t a swordsman」」」」」」(Everyone)

So, the request was taken successfully.

The Receptionist and local hunters were desperately trying to stop her but in order to stop a full-fledged C-rank hunter to take a request, the guild master must officially announce the sound reason.
If he did that for no good reason, members of the guild wouldn’t accept it.

But when Mile added more, “That’s my homeland…”, no one stopped her anymore.

And while Mile isn’t related to the Baron, it’s no lie that the Brandel Kingdom is Mile’s homeland.
…Well, even without telling them the reason, they wouldn’t be able to stop her from taking the request.

And then Mile departed.

Crossing the border from that place, normally you need 1 day to reach but Mile is walking twice the normal speed now which means she will only need half a day.
The destination is the baron land…

* * *

Kelvin von Barium

The fifth son of the Baron family in the Kingdom of Brandel, which is by no means wealthy.
He is the son of the second wife.
Even though his mother is called the second wife, she isn’t formal concubine but a maid, who her master got interested in. After she gave birth to Kelvin, she became a mistress.

In this country, noble and royalty’s concubines are officially-authorized wives. Their life will be well-taken-care off, their children’s rights are also recognized.
On the other hand, “Mistress” is a shaded existence and their rights aren’t guaranteed. They don’t know when their husband changed his mind and be thrown away.

But Baron Barium and his wife were considered as good as aristocrats.
Both the maid and her child were welcomed and taken care of as family members.
…They are quite nice people.
Especially the wife.

Kelvin, who entered the Ekland Academy, met his lifelong rival there.

…(or at least) From the perspective of Kelvin.

Far from their rivals, the other side (Adel/Mile) only perceived him as an annoying beetle.

Kelvin was unilaterally hostile to her, but one day, she couldn’t take it anymore and reprimanded him.
He received enthusiastic words about “How to be a nobleman”, no, “how to live like a man” and opened his eyes to his own way of life.

And after graduating from school, as those who are from lower-class Ekland Academy will not be able to succeed (raise high rank), Kelvin avoided the Guard Army that wouldn’t give good treatment to anyone other than those who were from the advanced Ardrey Academy from the beginning.
He decided to join the lord army of his family.

The territorial army consists of general soldiers, noncommissioned officers from volunteers and forced recruitment soldiers,
And of course, as the Lord child, he got the preferential treatment of being an officer.

It’s common to have the third or younger son to join the army and raise them to become mid-level officers for the future. But of course, the command of the entire lord army is left to trusted vassals…

No matter how amateur he can be, it’s not possible to put a noble under a commoner, so even if he is still young and immature, he is still treated as an officer from the beginning.
And if he is a minor, he would be either an officer apprentice or a cadet candidate.

But whether or not he can be recognized as a superior, gets trusted by his subordinates, especially other officers is a different story from the rank given from the beginning.

Kelvin was hired as a cadet by the Baron’s territory army, facing the border with the neighboring Alban Empire.

As for the Baron, he would welcome hiring personnel to take command in dangerous situations, but for Kelvin, he would acquire the knowledge and skills of the field here, so he was enthusiastic.
And he had no intention working as an officer in such a small Baron’s Lord army for the rest of his life.

The Lord of the small territory Lord Army would be the Baron himself, only his heir could become the next Lord.
Any high-rank officer slots will be given to second or third brother.
As for Kelvin, he was hired as an extra officer, who is mostly in charge of chores, troublesome work, and dangerous work.
So no matter how hard you work, Kelvin can never raise his rank.

An aristocrat would never want to get such a job, so, he would gladly let Kelvin, who is in a weak position of the Mistress’ son, to take his place.

And then, one day…

「The Imperial Army is invading?」(Kelvin)

「That’s right!
I will go to ask his Majesty to send the reinforcements.
I hereby appoint you as an officer, so defend my territory until we return with the reinforcements.
It’s not possible to escape!
If you run away, the enemy will chase you,
No, before that, you will be punished for abandoning the territory!
(Baron Aleymen)

Putting all responsibility on Kelvin, who has only been hired for a few months, the Baron planned to escape with his family, his vassals, and subordinates, that’s why he ordered Kelvin as such.

Normally, he wasn’t allowed to escape without permission.
But then appointed Kelvin, his son to be in charge of defending his territory, he could report that his family has fought hard to protect his territory, he could also save the honor of his family.

Suddenly Kelvin was appointed as an officer, although his father insisted “We went to request reinforcements” but Kelvin thought it was rather like “He pressed everything to the apprentice officer”

However, the Barium family has treated him, a mistress’ son like a family member. Running away here would taint Baron Barium family name so Kelvin agreed.

Similarly, some other soldiers of the Lord army, who have been drawn to the bad pick, they have no choice but to protect the territory.

Yes, the soldiers whose themselves, their family and relatives are all from this territory,
The soldiers who could not escape against the lord’s orders.

Information on the Imperial invasion was known at a very early stage.

In this era, it would not be possible to completely conceal military actions.
The country intelligence unit is always paying attention to such things, such as hiring mercenaries, purchasing goods, and preparing for transportation. They will immediately understand.

And, as he has the territory facing the border, the Baron has always been paying attention to the Empire’s news.
It seems like he had eyes at the bar in the Imperial City, something like “If something happens, just let me know and I’ll buy that information.”
He had a lot of time to spare.
He didn’t think it would work but he formally put requests to recruit personnel from mercenary guilds and hunter guilds in the neighboring town.

But the recruitment just extended to a friendly neighborhood town near the borders just around the corner.

…Of course, there are no idiots who want to join in the battle of the Earl’s Army versus Baron’s Army, while the Earl’s Army has been prepared and ready to attack.
On the contrary, looking at the announcement of the Baron’s mercenary recruitment, people might want to join the empire side instead.

Eventually, all the Aristocrats, senior officers fled, leaving only Kelvin, non-commissioned officers, and a handful of recruited soldiers to fight against the enemies at this (a mere small nameless town).

The reason why they don’t fight at the border is, of course, to impose a supplementary burden on the opponent.

And if they fight in the Baron’s territory, the field of the Baron’s Territory will be destroyed.

But well, it’s no use giving priority to not ruining the field if the Lord Army is destroyed in the battle, the territory will be robbed by the enemy.

Mile Vol 13 yone_13_077

「The acting commander has pulled out the poor lottery…」(Senile Officer)

「Acting Commander? Such a big responsibility…」(Kelvin)

Kelvin has a bitter smile when he is called an “Acting Commander” by a senile officer.

「No, all the higher-up guys were gone, you are the only officer left,
And you make a fine Commander!」(Senile Officer)

「…Is that so…」(Kelvin)

When he says it like that, it’s true.
Since Kelvin is the highest rank in the field, he is the commander now.

Kelvin, who is already 14 years old because his birthday is early. Because he is similar to the Western people on Earth, and he had been training since he was a child, so he got a good physique.
So it will be fine even if he fights against adults.

…But still, he still need nearly a year to reach the adult age of 15.

Kelvin was about the age of his grandson but the veteran senile officer has properly recognized him.
Perhaps because he didn’t behave like other high-rank officers, Kelvin has gained “trust from his men” over the last few months.


The Imperial Army has finally arrived in the Baron’s territory.
…Actually, it’s not the Imperial national army, but the Lord army that is adjacent to this land. But for the people of this country, it’s the same because it’s “Invading Army from the Alban Empire”.

「Alright, let’s go」(Kelvin)

This is just a Baron’s land.
The territory is just a small town, there’s no fort or castle.
So, Kelvin couldn’t fight in town, the townspeople would be involved in the battle, which only caused more damage.

Therefore, he went out of the territory and fought in front of it.

Although their annihilation is inevitable, the Lord Army must fight to protect the territory.
So that even after being occupied by the enemy, they won’t be underestimated as a “Coward Town”
And when the Royal Army recaptured it, it won’t be disdained as “the town of traitors who running away without fighting”

…In return the kindness for the Barium family who raised him, a mistress’s child, as a member of the family. And, he considered it’s an honor that he could command the Lord army and fight well to protect the territory even he is still young.

Thinking so, Kelvin led the army and left the territory.

But before that, he told the soldiers:

「If you wish for it, you are allowed to leave this group.
Change to plain clothes and stand among the people of the territory as ordinary people.
And as a commoner, live happily…

And Kelvin led the troops, which had been cut in half, stood up before the territory…

Mile Chapter 408: Leisure Story The Burning Man 3

The difference in numbers was cruel.

Imperial soldiers are unwilling to die in a battle where victory is certain.
They were fighting carefully so that they would not die.
Even so, the overwhelming difference in troop strength is inevitable.
According to Lanchester’s first law, they rapidly cut down the Baron’s forces.

Although Kelvin was a commander himself, he struggled to stand on the front line, however, he also reached his limit. (T.N: He isn’t Cloud)

Even though he had been training swordsmanship from his childhood, and his opponents were just scaredy-cat soldiers, in front of the overwhelming difference in the number of people, he gradually became tired, got more non-fatal cuts, shed blood, his sword’s grip strength gradually weakened, his legs staggered, his eyes blurred, etc. And…

Paki~in! (SFX)

His nameless sword was broken.

And with it his heart…

The imperial soldier didn’t miss the moment Kelvin stopped his moment when his sword broke, and a subsequent slash connected with Kelvin’s body.

Although his armor prevented it from being a fatal injury, it was still as if he were hit hard with an iron rod.
The damage was by no means light.
Having reached his limit, no, having already exceeded his limit, Kelvin fell down on the spot.

But instead of feeling pain and remorse, Kelvin felt at peace that he could finally rest.

(So, this is it, huh…
But I did a good job, I have fulfilled my duty.
As a member of the Barium family, there is no shame…
Even if I die like this, nothing…, nothing…) (Kelvin)

However, Kelvin still had a lingering regret.

(Ah, I’m still haven’t apologized to her…
I want to meet her just one more time and say a few words…) (Kelvin)

Then, in the corner of his field of vision, there was the vague image of an enemy soldier swinging his sword toward him…


Gyi~n! (SFX)

「Uwa~a!」(Enemy Soldier)


Even after a few moments, there was no sign of Kelvin being hit.

…And suddenly, a shadow was cast over his as someone stood before him, blocking out the sun.

「…Who’s this?」(Kelvin)

His blurred eyes could only register the silhouette of a petite person.

However, there’s no doubt in his mind that this person came to help.

「……I received a request for mercenary recruitment. As for me, I’m just an average hunter」(Average Hunter)

Under such conditions, Kelvin never expected that anyone would be agreed to join as a recruit mercenary in losing battle.

However, it was just a request that the Lord prepared so that he could formally say “I did everything to protect the territory.”

The hunter wouldn’t get reasonable amount of reward, whether it’s a combat fanatic or a devoured mercenary.
It’s a terrible request called “Red Request” to the hunters.

Some malicious mercenaries might receive early to earn a daily allowance,
And when it finally became dangerous, they would run away by saying, “We have other requests, so we will abandon this…”
But not even one of those came this time.

It was beyond Kelvin’s expectation that there would be idiots who would accept the request that no mercenaries would have received at this stage.

And that voice… it seems like a young girl’s voice.

It sounds like the voice of a girl in his memory, but it must have been his illusion on the verge of death.
Kelvin thought so, with a slightly hazy head.

「…How many are idiots coming here?」(Kelvin)

Of course, “Idiot” in such cases is the utmost compliment.

「Alone」(Average Hunter)


「It’s only me, alone.
There shouldn’t be many idiots, you know?」(Average Hunter)

Kelvin, who had solidified for a moment, immediately laughed after a while.

「…Haha, that’s true…」(Kelvin)

He will die here. His fate is unlikely to change.
However, he wanted this foolish girl who makes him feel nostalgic to survive.

When he thought so and tried to instruct her to leave here.
The girl spoke first.

「…Is your heart burning now?
Is the soul shining?」(Average Hunter)


Kelvin was stunned by her words.
The word which that girl said on that day which he would never forget…
And there was only one answer to this.

「…My heart is still burning. And my soul is still shining.
Ever since that day, when that girl has brought fire to my heart and soul…」(Kelvin)

「…Who are you?」(Average Hunter)

「I… my name… is…」(Kelvin)

「Hmm, is your name something so cheap that you can say it while crawling on the ground…」(Average Hunter)

Kelvin grinned his teeth against that word.

「My name is… MY NAME IS…」(Kelvin)

Kelvin stood up with his broken sword as a support.

Mile Vol 13 yone_13_001

「Kelvin von Barium, the fifth son of the Baron family,…NO!」(Kelvin)

Shaking your head and scrapped the words he just said.

「My name is Kelvin!

Kelvin, who stood firmly, screamed with his broken sword to the sky.
And, for some reason, both the enemy soldiers and allies stop moving to look at him.

「Let me lend you three things.
First is this fatigue recovery drug」(Average Hunter)

Saying so, Mile took out one vial from the item box.

The contents of the bottle are like “Micros”, but it’s not just a liquid filled with nanomachines, it’s full of nutrients.
And the inside nanomachines have previously indicated the role of curing fatigue and strengthening the body.

「Fatigue pot and flying away, Fatigue pot…
No no no no, “Fatigue flying away pot”!」(Average Hunter)

「…Isn’t that the same…」(Kelvin)

However, she ignored Kelvin’s words.

「Next, let me lend you this.
However, I will take it back later, because it’s my beloved sword!」(Average Hunter)

Saying so, Mile lent the sword to Kelvin after removing it from the sheath.
Not giving the sheath also emphasizes she will get it back later.

And Kelvin silently receives the sword with a serious expression.

Normally, a swordsman won’t entrust his or her favorite sword to another person, unless there’s a special situation.

But Mile didn’t think about that at all.
…Because she is a magician, not a swordsman

「…… And the last thing to lend is
Of course…my power」(Average Hunter)

Saying so, Miles suddenly start simple casting.

「Fireworks, should it explode from below? or Should it explode from the side? Anyway, Rapid Fire!!」(Average Hunter)

Chi~yudo~n, chi~yudo~n, chi~yudo~n! (SFX)

Explosion magic that imitates fireworks that explodes one after another at zero altitudes, that is, on the ground.

(T.N: Just like something from Michael Bay movies)

It has low killing power in spite of the sparks and bursts.
However, the effect of the threat was outstanding.

Enemy soldiers screamed and tried to escape, their formation fell into a mess by collapsing with each other.

Then there was a path leading to the enemy’s headquarters.

Then Kelvin takes the fatigue recovery medicine given by Mile, he stared at Mile’s face with his clearly visible eyes…

「The Burning Man Kelvin, here I come(*)」(Kelvin)

(T.N: This is an un-translate-able joke. “参る”, read as Mairu, the same as “マイル”, Mairu, Mile’s name)

Kelvin thrust into the enemy alone like a Musou game, and Mile followed him.
And the allied soldiers also follow after.

……It was the birth of a hero.

Then, the “soldiers who have deserted with permission” saw it on top of the building in the town. Perhaps they were excited, they came out of the shade of the building and rushed toward the enemies.
They have swords in their hands but they have already removed their armor and changed to ordinary clothes.

…When the people of the town saw it, they thought that was “the ordinary commoners took part in the battle with their weapons”,
They themselves also took the tools, farm tools, and various other things that were close at hand to join the battle.

In normal times, only 1-2% of the territory’s inhabitants will become soldiers who consume various things but don’t produce supplies or money.

Even in an emergency, the limit is 5-10% at most, and that 10% is only temporary. But even that will cause major problems in the development of the country after the war.

The enemies couldn’t bring all their soldiers and left their territory un-defenced.
They could only bring a reasonable number of troops devoted to invasion that in terms of population ratio, it’s not a big deal.

If the whole empire moved, then it’s another story but this is just a part of the Lord Army at the frontier.

And then, they are facing a non-stop ridiculous tactical attack magic.
A Hero appears on the enemy side, and dozens of enemies are mostly citizens.

When humans are afraid of death, the difference in power of the number is lost.

No matter how well-trained a soldier is, he can’t win after being surrounded by dozens of commoners who used bamboo spears, logs, hoes, hammers, knives, etc.

Rout. (T.N: a disorderly retreat of defeated troops)

That was the only choice for the junior soldiers who had little to do with their circumstances, win or lose the battle.

Even if they are losing, don’t they want to live and return to their family?
Or will they struggle for an uncertain win and be killed by commoners in a foreign country?

There is no need to think about which one to choose.

Thus, victory or defeat was decided…

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  1. Thanks for the chapters. Question though…it says this is 406-409 but the last chapter on the page is 408? Is the title wrong or did a chapter not get included?



    Next one please, i would love to read how the capital response.

    And about how Mile revisit her amazing popular student >> it is the extra story chapter in light novel Vol.7 ^^

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    • And about phase around where mile give kelvin her favorite sword to Kelvin.

      If i remember correctly when i read the raw, i assumed that he think that swordman will give their beloved sword only to the special someone (something like their love one or their boyfriend) not the special situation.

      >> and that make it more fuuny when imagine what he was thinking.

      May you consider this please.^^

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  3. sorry shironeko i am still alive, i have been busy reading again some novels from the start. this one also. thanks for the chapters


  4. Now it’s clear. I thought kelvin enlist to different noble army. He’s lucky to meet a goddess lol


  5. Lol, that hero entrance. I though Mile didn’t recognize him, but maybe the micros helped her, lolz.
    Thanks for the chapter! Great translation and editing! God bless you!


  6. RED OATH FTW!!!
    ahah some average gold right here:3
    Shironeko strikes again. Good to see, good to see.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  7. Ah, so FUWA is a man of culture as well
    So, for those wondering about that sudden mention of Tarkovskiy – his most iconic movie is called “Stalker”. Yeah, that’s it. The movie was inspired by Strugatsky brothers’ “Roadside picnic”, some of their book are pretty good by the way – a nice mix of phylosophy essay and sci-fi novel.
    And yes, the game was named after the movie and Urasekai picnic took some inspiration from Roadside picnic (mostly name and that guy from 1st volume, really).


  8. Ah, so FUWA is a man of culture as well
    So, for those wondering about that sudden mention of Tarkovskiy – his most iconic movie is called “Stalker”. Yeah, that’s it. The movie was inspired by Strugatsky brothers’ “Roadside picnic”, some of their book are pretty good by the way – a nice mix of phylosophy essay and sci-fi novel.
    And yes, the game was named after the movie and Urasekai picnic took some inspiration from Roadside picnic (mostly name and that guy from 1st volume, really).


  9. You know, if you are going to steal the chapters while claiming to edit them, at least do some basic editing. I am 101% sure that senile officer was meant to be Senior Officer”


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